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What is the landscape like before the change?

A forest is somewhere there are lots and lots of trees and in a forest
nearly everything there is natural. A forest is somewhere there are high
densities of trees it is fresh, calm, relaxing and quite. The air is filled with
chirpy birds and different sorts of animal noises. Even before humans
live, a forest was very peaceful, clean and there were no pollution. But
now it no longer feels the same because when humans pollute the
world and cut down trees it now doesn’t look like nature. If humans
keep on polluting the world it will cause global warming, bush fires and
the world’s temperature will drop, that will cause fire burning in the
forest. In the past, a forest was a place to live for humans but now
when humans get rich and build houses they don’t care about nature.

What causes the landscape to change?

I think what causes a forest to change is global warming, pollution, bush
fires, humans throwing garbage and humans cutting down trees. The
reason I chose to write these words are because when humans throw
rubbish on the floor especially cigars, that will cause fire burning and if
that happens to much that will cause global warming. That affects a
forest by bush fires happening so that kills lots of trees.

What happens during the change?

During the change trees die and now all the trees are cut down and
carried away to build things. Sometimes humans use a big crane and
dig up the soil to make a hotel there.

This picture shows what happens

when it is about to fall.

This is a closer look of when

The tree is about to fall

What happens after the change?

After the change when all the trees get cut down or dies there is no
longer anything to protect the forest floor. So that means that when
there is a flood or heavy rain falls the soils will quickly wash away with
the rain and slowly disappear.

This picture shows after all the

trees are cut down and what it
looks like.

How does this change

impacts people and nature?
This impacts nature by the water cycle, the soil erosion and places for
animals to live. This impacts people because when all the trees get cut
down there is not enough oxygen for everyone to breathe in, and if
nature is destroyed poor people or people who struggles don’t have
fresh water to drink. Nature also builds a shelter for some people and
the wood that we use to build our houses is also made from cutting
down trees.

This picture shows a

water cycle and if it is
destroyed by humans
then the trees won’t grow
because there is not
enough rain and it affects
us by having less oxygen.

Forests are really important because they are very useful resources.
Both humans and nature rely on trees as a way to live and make things.
Trees cleanse and filter carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. If
humans are destroying trees and not replacing them we will face a
very challenging future. Forests are considered to be the ‘lungs’ of the
Earth. We need to conserve and protect this wonderful resource.

By Petanque 5CW