Contoh cerita Recount Text : A Visit to a Sheep Property Last holidays I visited a sheep property.

I helped in the shearing sheds and in the yards. On the first day the Merino wethers were crutched. I helped by sweeping up after the rouseabout picked up the wool pieces. Shearers start early (at 7.30 am). After lunch, we started shearing the lambs. There were more than 400 so we didn't finish until the next day. Once again I was sweeping and picking up dags. I was tired by the end of the day in the shed but our work wasn't finished. We all had to help to get the wethers and lambs back into the paddocks. As well, we had to get a mob of ewes and their lambs into the yards for shearing the next day. Then it was time for tea (that's what my nanna calls dinner). This was a very long day but I enjoyed it a Holiday at lot.

Anyer Beach

At the end of first semest

er, there was holiday

which was very long

Previou .about two weeks.

sly. I was just thinkin .

becaus .g about my study.

e on the next semest .

er would be held an hard .

examin ation. But. I change .

d my mind to take refreshi .

which .ng at the beach.

had I could get many .

happin ess. Becaus e. if I .

just studyin g and studyin .

it would be possibl .g.

e if I would get stresse .

As soon.d. I called .

my friend and asked .

him where we will go at .

So.this holiday . my .

friend had an idea that we .

.will go to Anyer Beach.

So we called other friends .

and invited them to go .

togethe r. And I was very .

happy becaus e. other .

friends came too. So. we .

planne d our departu re to go .

to Anyer Beach. And it .

had been decisio n. The .

day was Monda y until .

On Monda .Tuesda y.

y. we had been ready .

When .to go to Anyer beach.

we arrived at Anyer .

Beach. I was very fresh .

.and enjoye d the scene.

Playing with the sand .

and water beach was .

very happy. We stayed .

at the hotel for tow days .

We enjoye .one night.

.d our holiday at this time.

But. we didn't forget the .

examin ation either. .

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