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Curriculum Vitae

Nama : Dr.Ir. Evy Damayanthi, MS.

Tempat/tgl. Lahir : Jakarta, 04 Desember 1962
Pendidikan :
— Teknologi Pangan & Gizi, Fateta, IPB, tahun 1986
— Magister Ilmu Pangan, IPB tahun 1991
— Doktor Ilmu Pangan, IPB tahun 2002
Jabatan :
— Staf Pengajar S1, S2, S3 & peneliti di IPB
— Sekretaris Bagian Gizi Dasar, Dep. Gizi Masyarakat
— Pembimbing skripsi/ thesis/ disertasi IPB
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 1
How to Increase Awareness in Cancer
through Healthy Lifestyle
Empowerment in Community

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 2

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 3
The 2007 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas)

— National situation in 12 years (1995–2007)

epidemiology transition process as well as
demography transition.
— An epidemiological transition : indicate with
transition in increasing mortality because of
infectious diseases towards NCDs.
— An Demographical transision : indicate with
transition death proportion from the structure of
younger age towards older age.
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 4

80% Others
Death Proportion

60% Maternal
40% Neoplasm
20% Infection

1980 1985 1992 1995 2001

Household Health Survey

Rank Disease National Prevalence
1 Sendi 30,3%
2 Hypertension 29,8%
3 CVD 7,2%
4 Dermatitis 6,8%
5 Asma 4%
6 Rinitis 2,4%
7 DM 1,1%
8 Stroke 0,8%
9 Buta warna 0,7% Riskesdas 2007
10 Hemofilia 0,7%
11 Mental health 0,5%
12 Glaukoma 0,5%
13 Tumor/cancer 0,4%
14 Bibir sumbing 0,2 %
15 Talasemia 0,1%
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 6
— Prevalence of tumor in Indonesia : 4,3‰. Prevalence
according province: 1,5‰ in Maluku - 9,6‰ in DI
— There is 11 provinces with prevalence of tumor >
nasional score, e.g. Sumatera Barat, DKI Jakarta,
Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, DI Yogyakarta, Jawa Timur,
Banten, Bali, Sulawesi Utara, Sulawesi Selatan and
Sulawesi Tenggara.
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 7
The result of Basic Health Survey (Riskesdas )
2007 :
— Tendency prevalence of tumor increases
with age.
— By education background prevalence of
tumor, the highest prevalence is passed of
undergraduate level group.
— Relation between degenerative diseases
with social economic status in community
(education, poverty, etc), exception
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 8
Breast Cancer
— Women in the world have breast cancer incidence rates
that rank as the highest (Globocan /IARC 2002). Incidence
rate 38 per 100.000 women and mortality reach 14% per
year (Dir. NCDs Control, MOH RI. 2007).

— Malignant breast neoplasmapatient cases : (highest rank)

5.196 cases, benign breast neoplasma4.746 cases (MOH RI

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 9

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 10
When cancer problem is high;
…. inadequate of cancer knowledge;
…. Coverage of early detection in
cancer is low,
…. family awareness & health
seeking behaviour is poor;
Healthy Indonesia 2010

• To provide the skills, leadership and
support necessary to facilitate a smooth
and effective transition into a
decentralized health care system.
• To promote preventative delivery services
at every level in the health system.
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 12
Important role in order to someone
want to change her/his daily habit
toward better manner.

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009

Long term objective in community
empowerment program :

To encourage people in community for

doing healthy lifestyle and better food
intake for prevention diseases, esp.

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 14

• Technical Departments programs
• How higher education institutions can
contribute in community empowerment for
cancer prevention?
• Three comitment universities in Indonesia
(Tridharma) : education process, research
dan dedicated to community.
Preliminary study for “Breast cancer
prevention at women in Jakarta (2009)”
1. To increase nutrition and healthy
knowledge, esp. in cancer
2. To facilitate community to apply
healthy lifestyle and food
consumption pattern.
3. To know the obstacles/
limitations if this program will be
expanded (lesson learn)

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 16

Activity :
1. Extension in nutrition and lifestyle related to
breast cycts lesion and cancer
2. Assessment of nutritional status by
anthropometry, nutrition knowledge, daily
activities and dietary patterns.
3. Intervention with antioxidant rich drink, e.g.
tomato juice and rice bran drink
4. Assessment of health and nutrition : breast
cycts lesion by USG, pain perception and
cholesterol level in plasma
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 17
Healthy lifestyle:
ü Eat healthy food
ü Maintain body weight (nutritional status)
ü No smoking and alcohol beverage
ü physical avtivity and exercise

Evidence: can reduce cancer risk

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 18
• National prevalence less eating fruits and vegetables in
population aged > 10 years is 93.6%.
• National prevalence less physical activity in population
aged > 10 years is 48.2%.
• National prevalence family with behaviour clean and
health live is 38.7%.
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 19
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 20
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 21
Activity : teaching
urban women
community about
early detection
breast cancer by
palpation (BSE)
Aim : the women
can detect any
disorder or
abnormal in breast
since earlier
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 22
Action research :
a reflective process of progressive problem solving led
by individuals working with others in teams or as part
of a “community of practice” to improve the way they
address issues and solve problems.

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 23

In America ….
Action Research :
“National School Lunch program”

Provide nutritious lunch with reasonable price for students

Aim : better nutrition status and eating habit with

balance diet.

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 24


In Indonesia….
Multicenter : 10 cites in Indonesia

Objective : Promoting balance diet, physical

activity and healthy lifestyle among school
age groups
Activity in 2009 : to develop extension or guidelines
modules nutritional education to teacher, mother,
students for facilitating the process of developing eating
habit and lifestyle with balance diet.
Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 25
ü From : “4 Sehat 5
sempurna “ to
balance diet
ü Development of CIE
materials and
message campaign

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 26

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 27

ü There is need more action research or develop

the research in order to empower community
for cancer prevention through nutrition, food
and lifestyle control.
ü The challenge : to incorporate those guidelines
into our own lives.

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 28

Thank You
Terima kasih

Evy Damayanthi IPB 2009 29