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Aquaponics is a new concept which is combining Aquaculture

(fish farming) and Hydroponics (growing plants without soil) in one

system producing fish and organic vegetables.
The fish waste is treated and then used to fertilize hydroponically
growing plants.
The only inputs are fish fry, fish food, seeds and potting media
Aquaponics offers a method of naturally filtering the fish effluent AQUAPONICS GROW BED MEDIA
by the use of a media-based growing setting (such as expanded
clay = AQUAPONICS GROW BED MEDIA) on the other hand BY Easy Green Division of
supplying the necessary nutrients to the plants roots and at the Ökotau GmbH
same time creating a filter and providing freshly cleansed water to
the cultured fish through recirculation. These nutrients – amongst
others generated from decomposing fish feed – are harmful
substances that would otherwise build up to toxic levels in the fish
tanks but instead serve as fertilizer to hydroponically grown plants.
A media based system is indispensable to allow colonization of
beneficial bacteria which break down the ammonia present in the
fish waste into an applicable shape. Our medium AQUAPONICS
GROW BED MEDIA used within the Hydroponics grow beds will
act as a biofilter stripping off phosphorus, ammonia, nitrite and
nitrate accumulations utilizing associated rhizosphere bacteria
hence the water can then be recirculated back into the fish tanks.
The nitrifying bacteria -living in AQUAPONICS GROW BED MEDIA
– along with the plant roots are playing a critical role in nutrient

pics by courtesy of

cycling – these microorganisms are crucial for an effective opera- Ökotau Easy Green GmbH
tion of the whole system.
Georg-Büchner-Strasse 5
made from 100 % natural clay D-65760 Eschborn
good plant and root support Germany
(sustains proper oxygen levels around the root zone) the most essential Hydroponics component
higher plant growth & yield Tel.: + 49 6173 67500
better water buffering / excellent drainage Fax: + 49 6173 68950 for your Aquaponics System
medium will act as a biofilter (great for growing all plants: vegetables,
round shaped / pH neutral / lightweight
not containing any toxic chemicals and compounds herbs, fruits and flowers)
contains noo nnutrient
(Expanded clay pebbles – GROW MEDIA)

an ideal grow bed media

used as the growing media in your flood and drain systems
ready made grow bed media that has a proven track record for
expanded clay pebbles - manufactured from special types of clay AQUAPONICS GROW AQUAPONICS GROW
that have low soluble salt content hence particularly suited for use
in Aquaponics systems production process particular manufacturing method
high porosity and high air content at 1200 cent.
inorganic, neutral pH value, fungus free. do not rot
light and visually appealing grain size 4 - 16 mm 8 – 16 mm
using AQUAPONICS GROW BED MEDIA will decrease many applications backyard systems, aquaponics kits,
kilograms of the total weight of the system balcony aquaponics kits, hobby systems
no excessive water viz. no mold
particularly nice to work with in your Aquaponics systems bulk density ~ 440 kos / m∑ ~ 425 kos / m∂
media is very handy when planting out new seedlings
packaging 50 ltr bags
crops come out of the grow bed nice and clean
Big Bags, bulk/loose on request
easy to transport - packed in 50 ltr bags