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uniquely brother rice 0

uniquely brother rice
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a 3 Strong Growth for
Our Students
4 Science and Computers
5 Eddie Olcyzck ‘84

a publication for alumni • family • parents

uniquely brother
uniquely rice
brother rice
Great things are happening at Brother
Rice! We have seen many positive
changes take shape over the past couple
of years. As a result of the efforts and
generosity of many people, our students
now enjoy new academic opportunities
and state-of-the-art facilities, which
will help to prepare them for success
in life beyond high school. Robotics,
virtual experiments, and computer
Members of the Congregation programming are today a reality at
of Christian Brothers are those Brother Rice.
spiritual sons of Blessed Brother
Edmund Rice. Founded in Ireland
Some things which remain unchanged,
by Edmund Rice in 1802, the
Congregation now serves the however, are the special spirit and love
Church in countries throughout for Brother Rice, which has been passed
the world. on from one generation of students to
the next. They are the intangibles which
For over 50 years, Brother Rice give Brother Rice its unique identity and
High School has been fostering
remain at the core of who we are and all
a community of faith where
that we do. As we enter the holy season
each young man is accepted,
recognized, valued, and of Christmas, we will celebrate these
challenged to grow while Acting special gifts which God has bestowed on
Manfully in Christ Jesus. Brother us. We are indeed thankful that we are
Rice has created a Catholic Brother Rice.

Kevin Burns
destination where young men
have come to learn, compete,
and profess their faith. It is with
this tradition and commitment
Dr. Kevin G. Burns
to excellence that Brother
Rice is positioned to continue
Brother Rice High School
its leadership in academics,
athletics, spiritual guidance,
and service to others. Brother
Rice has been recognized by the
Educational Services for ACT as
one of 382 schools across the
country, and one of only 2 high
schools in Chicago, that met
the ACT’s exacting criteria for
rigorous core courses.

brother rice high school
Brother Rice Begins a New Era

growth for
our students
In these difficult economic times, many
schools have especially felt the strain. Many
of the public school systems have faced
teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, and
discontinued programs.
Our children are our future, and all of us at
Brother Rice are happy to say we’re growing
stronger and working even harder for our
students’ futures.
Beginning in 1956, when our First Class Crusaders,
the Class of 1960, led the way, the Brother Rice way
has been a unique linkage of the past with the present
in order to provide the best possible future for young
men. We did not invent Catholic education, nor did we
invent specializing in educating young men in Catholic
high schools, but we learned from Leo High School,
our fellow Christian Brothers school, established in
1926, and found our unique way to introduce and
produce in our young men a sense of what it means to
Act Manfully in Christ Jesus. Every change since then Take a moment and read
has contributed toward the evolution of Brother Rice’s
through the next few pages
emerging as the first choice for boys becoming men in
very carefully. There is a new
a Catholic high school.
spirit here at Brother Rice – an
Perhaps our most significant recent change began last
excitement and energy that
summer when Dr. Kevin Burns became our second
permeate everything we do
president, wasting no time linking the past with the
present in moving Brother Rice High School forward. here. From our new president
and energized board of
directors to a new admissions
AP Scholars director, our school has a
81% of our 2010 graduates were
admitted to their first college
vibrance that is being felt
throughout the community.
This year alone almost 380

96% of the class of 2010 continued

on to college.
students attended our Shadow
Day. That is almost 3 times

$7.1 million was the total amount of

academic college scholarships
the previous year!

awarded to last year’s seniors.

Brother Rice Begins a New Era

science computers &

At a time when others do less, Brother Rice provides more.
Prior to the January 8, 2011, Entrance Exam, the administration will
have organized more than 20 Meet-and-Greet home parties this year,
with families from neighborhoods near and far from campus, hosting
coaches, school leaders, and board members, each taking turns relating
what is uniquely great about Brother Rice. Admissions Director Tim
O’Connell ‘03 is visiting more schools than anyone has in recent years
and has gladly accepted the standing offers of Tom Harrigan ‘64, Bob
Alberts ‘85, and Jim Casey ‘70 to represent their alma mater at a few
of them, reinforcing the efforts of Pat Richardson and Steve Nye ‘81.
Early results are rather promising, as there has already been a sizable
increase in the number of boys visiting Brother Rice on Shadow Day
and at Open House.
Everyone who presents Brother Rice as the first choice for boys
becoming men has more to talk about this year. This past summer,
Marty Grogan ‘73 helped install new computers (a total of 300) in every
classroom and in 6 dedicated computer labs in time for the beginning of
school, when O’Connell and Brian Barkowski ‘95 also introduced the
use of iPads for recruiting and classroom enhancements.
On Thursday, November 18, 2010, Dr. Burns, former President Brother
Karl Walczak, VP Mike McShane ‘87, Science Department Chairman
Brother Hayes and the science teachers, and Board Chairman Burt
Odelson and fellow board members, along with IA alumni and staff,
were on hand to host alumni, parents, and other benefactors for the
dedication and blessing from Bishop Gorman of the new science labs.
Along with the impressive grounds improvements made to the stadium
and baseball field in 2009, the 2010 technology and labs once again
position Brother Rice as the best choice for 2011, especially when
considering the amazing results that take place in the classrooms.

4 w w w. b r o t h e r r i c e . o r g
Circle of Champions

Two years ago, while as the dean of faculty,

Dr. Burns began emphasizing and supporting the efforts
of Athletic Director Phil Cahill, Brother Ickes, Bob Jacob
‘67, Shaun Jacob ‘93, and a host of school and alumni
volunteers to launch the school’s first athletic hall of
fame, officially named the Circle of Champions and
announced at the first Homecoming celebrated under the
new administration.

always continuing
connecting the tradition
Like the Circle of Champions, another concept In appreciation for alumni and friends participating
considered for many years finally materialized under in the Endowment Classic XIII at Beverly Country
our new leadership, as Eddie Olcyzck ‘84 can now Club on August 30 and those attending the
be recognized as a Brother Rice graduate. Eddie’s 26th All-Alumni Reunion Dinner on November 12,
first major move toward becoming a hockey legend Dr. Burns rose to thank everyone and invite them
as a player and now a broadcaster, began in Canada to visit the school to view the new science labs,
at age 16, but like most graduates, Eddie never forgot computer labs, stadium improvements, and new
Brother Rice. He remained so close that Dr. Burns and parking lot, all made possible through the generous
Principal Jim Antos were pleased to make it official, contributions of some of the graduates in attendance,
by presenting a diploma to him this fall in front of the and to also ask all who were present to give what
entire student body. The students swelled with pride, they can during the most difficult economic period in
and Eddie himself was moved to tears, at the surprise Brother Rice’s history.
presentation of the diploma and a Brother Rice hockey
Dr. Burns is excited about introducing himself to
jersey. This accomplished man, whose own unique
more alumni, while encouraging them to come
story of making good choices inspired the students,
back and meet today’s faculty, administration,
can now unequivocally claim Brother Rice as his own
and Institutional Advancement (IA) alumni, now
alma mater!
spanning five decades of graduating classes with
the addition of Admissions Director Tim O’Connell
‘03 and Executive Director Tom Harrigan ‘64, who
joined Vice President Mike McShane ‘87, Alumni
Director Jim Casey ‘70, Director of Annual Fund Gus
Sundermeier ‘76, and Director of Media and Public
Relations Brian Barkowski ‘95.

uniquely brother
uniquely rice
brother rice

caring dedication
never changes
& 1
Take a moment and look through these
photos. Recognize anyone? Some faces
are from the past, some are new, and
some have changed. What hasn’t changed
is the caring, dedication, and comradery
that exist among the members of the
Brother Rice family.
3 4

10 11

6 w w w. b r o t h e r r i c e . o r g
recognize anyone? the answers are in this box.
To m D u M a i s ‘ 6 6 w i t h
1 s o n D r. B r i a n D u M a i s ‘ 93 12
Admissions Director
2 Tim O’Connell ‘03
Executive Director
3 To m H a r r i g a n ‘ 6 4 a n d
Vice President
Mike McShane ‘87 9
J u n i o r o f t h e Ye a r
4 Bill McGivern ‘11 with
mom and sisters
Fr o m l e f t t o r i g h t -
5 Pa u l N a p l e t o n ‘ 7 6 ,
Jerry Napleton ‘73,
Ed Napleton ‘69,
Bill Napleton ‘81,
Mike McShane ‘87, and
8 7
P r e s i d e n t D r. K e v i n B u r n s
Ed and Jerry Napleton
Rico Hill ‘94,
7 Assistant Principal
Bob Alberts ‘85, and
Sidney Holmes ‘00
To m G o r m a n ‘ 8 5 a n d
8 D r. B u r n s
B r i a n Ly n c h ‘ 8 0 ,
9 B o b Tw a r d y ‘ 6 5 a n d
Mike Coffey
To m B i l l i s h ‘ 6 4 a n d
10 Steve Ruff ‘64
Wrestling Coach
11 Yo n M u r z y n
Al Radz ‘70
survivor of Tarawa (the first American offensive in the Pacific region,
where more than 3,000 Marines perished),” Vince proudly added.
Mr. Cainkar obviously instilled a lasting sense of tradition and
local connection into his family, as Vince’s son, Joe Cainkar ‘96,
is also a vital member of the team of attorneys that carry on his
grandfather’s name.
“For good or for bad, our father had few hobbies. His life was his

their generosity work and us kids. His legacy is his family,” Vince said at the end of
his eulogy. “Nothing more and nothing less,” he added.
Fortunately for many parents and grandparents from our shared
Long before he died on April 20, 2010, Louis Cainkar and his community, the Louis Cainkar legacy of living and working for his
wife Ruth, who died in 2006, had left a lasting legacy through a kids and grandkids extended outward to sons and grandsons
series of donations that not only kept them on the top of our donor who attended Brother Rice and who should long remember the
list throughout most of the 90’s, but also kept Brother Rice High Cainkar generosity.
School ahead of the competition in providing media and computer
educational enhancements for our students.
Much of what the Cainkars provided was clearly visible in the form
of a wide collection of multi-media software, televisions on wheels,
and the computers in the state-of-the art Cainkar Computer Lab,
alumni updates
named in memory of Joe Cainkar ‘68. Much of their generosity Robert F. Weiland ‘60 – Retired from IBM after 35 years in 2002. Moved from
was not overtly visible, as their donations also paid for the Kansas City back to Raleigh area of NC.
connections of cables that ran above the ceiling tiles, from one
John A. Gorman ‘86 – Has worked for AT&T since 1993.
end of the building to the other. And yet, like the invisible cables,
their generosity made inspiring connections with students and Brian Gomez ‘95 – District Manager at CDWG, focusing on state and local
entities in PA and TX. Son Brady Daniel Gomez is two years old.
teachers that have left a lasting sense of what can be possible, as
Brother Rice continues to lead the way in providing state-of-the art Jourdan Sorrell ‘00 – Currently works for Kraft Foods in Addison, Illinois. Job
technology that brings the world to our campus. responsibilities include managing 10 warehouse branches in four states for
product supply issues with their Nabisco (Oreo, Chips Ahoy, etc.) product line.
Louis was 44 years old when the construction of Brother Rice was Christian Kelsey-Sledge ‘02 – Recently obtained 1st B.S. degree and 2nd A.S.
near completion. He was an established municipal attorney, laying Degree. Member of the USAF Presidential Honor Guard.
the legal groundwork for burgeoning suburbs in the area, while
Peter Leverette ‘06 – Currently attending the Illinois Institute of Art.
settling two blocks away from Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church
and School, where his five children attended grammar school.
In his eulogy to his beloved father, Vincent Cainkar ‘67, the
eldest of four sons, including Joe, Jim ‘69, and Mike ‘75, and one
What new with you?
daughter Louise, said that in “the 1950s, mayors of Evergreen If you have changed jobs, been promoted, received an important honor, been
Park, McCook, Hometown, Hodgkins, and Oak Lawn relied upon his recognized in your career, been married or had kids, please share your good news.
legal advice when those communities were first growing. In later Have you moved? Please help us update our records by completing this form and
years, he gave advice to other mayors in Burbank and Hickory Hills, returning it.
besides numerous park districts and other elected officials.” Mail to: Rice Review, Brother Rice Alumni Association,
10001 S. Pulaski Road, Chicago, IL 60655-3356
Vince added, “He was a trusted advisor to many and a teacher E-mail:
to many young lawyers in the field of municipal law. In fact, the Go to Alumni link for on-line updating.
highest compliment paid to him is that I have never ever heard
anyone say anything bad about him. In this world, all of us Name___________________________________Class of_______
should be so lucky! As one lawyer once said, ‘He forgot more
than I ever learned.’” Address______________________________________________
Vince acknowledged and expressed gratitude for his father’s
generosity to his children and grandchildren, adding that “his City________________________State______Zip Code_________
kindness was not restricted to his family. He gave sums to Brother
Rice High School, Mother McAuley High School, and DePaul College Home Phone (_______)___________________________________
of Law. One his proudest moments was his establishing the
first computer lab at Brother Rice and serving on their Board of Business Phone (_______)________________________________
Directors. Later (January 17, 1995) he and my mom were named to
the Brother Rice Hall of Fame.”
Mr. Cainkar enlisted into the United States Marines and “worked
his way up the ranks by being smart and dependable,” Vince Comments or attach brief story _____________________________
learned and shared with family and friends. “He served in WWII, …a

8 w w w. b r o t h e r r i c e . o r g ____________________________________________________
Rest In Peace
Brother Rice
Alumni and Student
James Borke ‘60
of Chicago, IL., July 30, 2010
Brother of John ‘74
John R. Bercier ‘61
of Elmhurst, IL., May 5, 2005
Brother of Edward J. ‘60
honoring Alexander V. Pizza ‘64

those who of Blue Island, IL., March 7, 2010

Father of John A. Pizza ‘89

make it possible Chuck Rufa ‘66

of LaGrange, IL., September 8, 2010
In building on the past, the Alumni Association saw fit to honor and pay tribute
to the men who make all of our unique accomplishments possible, those who Bob Holland ‘67
have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty to keep us safe and free. Father of Matt ‘97 and brother of Pat ‘69
The full text from the program booklet and video of the November 12, 2010,
Thomas Chaps ‘69
All-Alumni Reunion Dinner can be found on-line at At the of Michigan, August, 2007
dinner, a special induction was made to John Knight, Class of 1978, shot and
killed on January 9, 1999; Alejandro Valadez, Class of 2000, shot and killed Daniel E. Flynn ‘70
on June 1, 2009; Jared Stanker, Class of 2006, killed by a roadside bomb of Brodheadsville, PA., September 7, 2009
on October 27, 2009, while serving in Afghanistan; Brian “Boo” Carey, Class
J. Thomas O’Hara ‘70
of 1999, killed in a fire on March 30, 2010; and Thomas Wortham IV, Class
of Evergreen Park, IL., January 23, 2010
of 1998, shot and killed on May 10, 2010. Proud and deeply grateful alumni, Brother of James C. ‘61, W. Patrick ‘67,
represented by Harrigan from the 60’s, Sundermeier from the 70’s, Alberts and Kevin M. ‘72.
‘85 from the 80’s, Barkowski from the 90’s, and O’Connell from the 2000’s,
simultaneously presented Alumni Hall of Fame plaques to the families of the Timothy J. Roche ‘70
three slain police officers, the army specialist, and the firefighter, as Donn of Orland Park, IL., October 23, 2010
Domico ‘90 completed the tribute with a reading of the inscription.
James L. Augustine ‘72
of Orland Park, IL., April 23, 2010
At the Alumni Dinner, the Alumni Association
Brother of Jerome T. ‘78. Member of the
also honored Joe Terrell ‘70 for his tireless and Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame and a Tony
innovative work with the Dads’ and Alumni Dads’ Lawless recipient.
Clubs and Tom Gorman ‘85 for his unwavering
John C. Gorman ‘72
generosity and his selfless and inspired of Los Altos Hills, CA., October 14, 2010
leadership as a member and chairman of the Uncle of Brian A. O’Connell ‘04
Board of Directors. Both men were honored as
Ralph W. Arnold ‘77
2010 Men of the Year and thereby inducted into of Oak Lawn, IL., November 14, 2010
the Alumni Hall of Fame, since they are graduates. Son of former staff member Mary Kay Arnold.
Acknowledging what is, what has been, and Brother of faculty member Michelle England.
what can be uniquely great about Brother Rice is Uncle of Russell T. England ‘10.
embraced and emphasized across the spectrum Thomas E. Wortham IV ‘98
of potential resources, from the school board of Chicago, IL., May 19, 2010
to the alumni board, from the administration to Brian Colin Carey ‘99
the faculty and staff, from the Class of 1960 to of Evergreen Park, IL., March 30, 2010
the Class of 2010, and from our parents as well Brother of Kevin P. ‘05 and cousin
as our students. Everyone has latched onto the of Daniel J. Panfil ‘95
enthusiasm of what is uniquely Brother Rice! Kirklinn J. Fowlkes ‘09
See website for complete of Chicago, IL., July 23, 2010
articles about honorees and for a list of friends Jarrett X. Rowe ‘11
and relatives resting in peace. of Chicago, IL., September 22, 2010 9
First Class Crusaders Lead the Way Again

first class crusading

The Class of 1960 led the way at the dinner on November 12, just as they
have been our First Class Crusaders all along, reuniting with 70 of their
classmates, some bringing wives, with Ron Trepac ‘60 bringing a table
full of family members, and Tom Blanchfield ‘60 bringing Sacred Heart
Upcoming Opportunities Pastor Emeritus, Father Robert McGinnity, whose first parish assignment
Dr. Burns’ plans include joining was Most Holy Redeemer and who is pictured in some of the first photos
Harrigan, Casey, Sundermeier, taken at Brother Rice, capturing the opening dedication of the school.
Alberts, McShane, Barkowski, Father McGinnity was busy all night, greeting MHR graduates who knew
him when they went to Rice in the 60’s and 70’s. The First Class came
and O’Connell for various alumni
from coast to coast, with seven guys standing when Jim Casey asked
events: December 9 at the those who came from more than 500 miles to do so.
Beverly Woods restaurant to meet
The second largest group at the dinner was “Boo” Carey’s family and
alumni from the 60’s, with similar
friends, uniting many graduates like Boo’s uncle Pat Condon ‘66, a 2006
events for the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Man of the Year, Boo’s cousin Dan Panfil ‘95, one of the latest additions
and 00’s to follow; February 11 to the Brother Rice Counseling Department, and Boo’s friend 2009 Alumni
for Alumni Night; March 16 for Hall of Fame Inductee JJ Konstant ‘99, who, along with the John Doody
Career Day; April 16 for the Circle family and many others, brought more than 80 people.
of Champions Athletic Hall of Bob Demes ‘70 had almost 50 classmates call in and say they were
Fame Induction; June 17 for the coming because of his phone calls, including 2005 Man of the Year Tom
26th Alumni Golf Outing. Palmer ‘70, with the 1969-70 student council president Ed Keeley ‘70,
making the trip from Easton, Kansas.
Dr. Burns and his team of
See more on the 26th All-Alumni Dinner the Circle of Champions and much
alumni administrators – twelve
more at the alumni link at
other alumni on the faculty and
staff, spanning from 1964 to
2003 – will be here, there, and
everywhere, linking the past and
present, building a better future
for our young men, so they too
can benefit from an education
that is uniquely Brother Rice.

10 w w w. b r o t h e r r i c e . o r g
delivering and
showing results
Established events like Career Day and the Larry Platt ‘68 Essay
Contest are showing that more alumni than ever are making
meaningful connections with the students of Brother Rice. It’s all
about connecting alumni with our teachers and young men, who not
only choose to come to Brother Rice, they also choose to succeed
here. In 2006 twelve of the students who took the entrance exam
scored in the 96th percentile or higher. By the time they took the
ACT and SAT and graduated in 2010, 26 members of the same
class scored in the 96th percentile or higher. (Stop and reread the
previous sentence; then ask yourself what that says about Brother
Rice.) The Class of 2010 earned 7.1 million dollars in academic
scholarships to major universities, such as Notre Dame, University
of Chicago, Northwestern, Illinois, Ohio State, Purdue, Michigan
State, Wisconsin, Washington U in St. Louis, the United States
Naval Academy, Boston College, Georgetown, Loyola, Marquette,
St. Xavier, and many more, large and small. Some graduates had
already earned enough college credits to begin their sophomore
year, thereby saving thousands of dollars in tuition.

Ad Book Sponsors : 2010 All-Alumni Reunion

Emerald Page ($1,000) Full Page ($150) Denny Goggin ‘60 John McVey ‘94 Business Card ($60)
Dr. Kevin G. Burns The Barton Family Raleigh Kean ‘60 Donriver, Inc. Brdar Decorating
United Association Mark Battaglia, P.C. Gus Sundermeier ‘76 Michael ‘92 and Hicks Insurance Group
Automotive Painters Supply Baker Tilly Brian ‘95 McVey Annie’s Ltd.
Front Inside Cover ($400)
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Law Offices of
McLaughlin and Century Ear, Nose and M/R Plumbing Mary Hospital
Louis F. Cainkar, Ltd.
Associates, Inc. Throat/Head and Neck Mart, Inc. Barry Gaw ‘66
Back Inside Cover ($400) Edward J. Zabrocki Surgery Midland Federal ReMax “10”
Odelson & Sterk, Ltd. Mike’s Barber Shop Michael Elwood ‘74 Bill McGann ‘68 Daniel Toner ‘75
Back Outside Cover ($600) Standard Bank and Baird & Warner Beverly Woods Daniel Toner &
Crusader Alumni Trust Co. Paul Duggan ‘68 Schramm Family Associates
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Teachers Association Jenny’s Steak House & Pub Prospect Federal Village of
Gold Page ($250) Farrell, Tracy & Farrell Dr. John McInerney ‘75 Savings Bank Evergreen Park
Bartz & Bartz Dental Hilton Oak Lawn Gleneagles Country Club Jack & Pat’s Food Service
Crawford Roof/Exterior American Import Tiles, Ltd. Larry Heavey ‘71 and Athletex Sports and Professionals
Building Maintenance Lowery Tile Company Dan Petrik ‘77 Orthopedic Physical St. Laurence High School
The Lexington House Cardinal Pallet Co. Village of Melrose Park Therapy Center for Psychological
Mike Gilmartin ‘95 William Quin & Sons, Inc. First Personal Bank Bremen VFW Post 2791 Services, Ltd.
Chuhak & Tecson, P.C. Kenwood Wine & Liquors Br. Rice Alumni Dad’s Club Hayes Beer Park Lawn
Beverly Bank & Trust Broderick Insurance Joe Kenny ‘87 Distributing Company Valley Fire
Company Group, Inc. Coldwell Banker The End Zone Tap Protection Systems
Dr. Michael Lynch ‘73 Thomas Broderick ‘78 State Senator Kevin P. Camden ‘90 Chatham Glass &
The Redemptorist and Family Edward Maloney Eduardo Coronado ‘80 Mirror Co.
Renewal Center Pickens Kane Kevin M. McCarthy ‘69 World’Vest Base, Inc. Robert J. Sheehy &
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Peloza Construction Half Page ($100)
Levin & Brend, P.C. Br. Rice Dads’ Club
Querrey & Harrow, Ltd. r.p.m. Cellular 1/8 Page ($40)
Shirey Cadillac Drs. Van Lente and
The Brother Rice Telephone, Inc. William J . Petzel ‘61
Joseph W. Brosnan ‘71 Leahy and Associates
Mothers’ Club Complete Plumbing, Inc. Walsh’s Service Station
Butler Orthopaedics Park Promotions, Inc.
Fernwood Printers, Ltd.

Non-Profit Org
10001 South Pulaski Road
Permit No 486
Chicago, Illinois 60655-3356 Fox Valley, IL

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