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I studied at secondary grammar school in Rajec from 2001. I spent eight years with my classmates and
had a wonderful time of our life. This study was something new. In the beginning I only had few
friends at Rajec. The Rajec is a small town with 6000 inhabitants and everybody knows each others.
My school was not so far away from my home, it was about 600 meters and it took me about 7
minutes by walk. It was an advantage to me that my grammar school wasn't so far away but my other
classmates had to attend from the surrounding villages. This school was Catholic and on each holy
feast we went to church together. We still dreamed up something new with my classmates and we did
some shenanigans at that young age. Our grammar school organized many tours where we could to
sign in. I remember a couple of trips which was an unforgettable experience.

For example: a trip to Banská Štiavnica. I really fell in love with this city. We visited the museum of
animals which was incredibly beautiful. I saw many animals like deer, roes, bears, hares, owls,
squirrels. I was a child then and I liked animals very much at that time.

We went to the mine where they displayed different types of stones such as conglomerate, diamond,
magnetite, silver, gold, pyrite and amethyst. I was more rushed, but this was the best. We went to the
cottage house at the end of our school year. All year we were delighted because we know that we are
going to have fun and something we could take together. We went to the forest along with my teacher
for a night. I was just a little bit scared because it was dark everywhere. We were 31 students and
some teachers who had come to control the students. We talked till morning during this trip. It was a
great time. When I was 15 I missed my school many time because of my health problems. It was hard
period of my school time because there was a lot of learning at that time. Because of my health
problems I could not go to school, I had headache, stomach ache and I used to take strong tablets.
Fortunately everything turned out well and I'm glad it's gone.

When I was 17 years I attended the last grade in school. We prepared for the celebration for two
months. We invited guests, parents, teachers and partners. We ordered a hall, we developed a program
and we found fantastic chefs and waitress. It took a lot of time for us to organize. In October we had a
celebration. There were about 140 people had good fun and enjoyed evening with classmates, friends,
teachers and parent. Everyone was having fun until the morning at that night. It was one of the most
beautiful evenings of my life.

Then came a period when I had to learn a lot regarding my graduation. It was very tough. I did exams
in Mathematics, English, Slovak and Geography. I was very stressed out. I learned from morning till
night almost every day. I mixed up many school curriculums in my head. Suddenly I had to learn a lot
of information but at the end everything went well. I graduated at my secondary grammar school in
Later on I sent an application form (request) to the University of Žilina. I knew exactly what I want to
study - it was air transport. I prefer air transport because I have traveled many times so far and I really
like this kind of travelling [journey]. Why aviation? When I was younger I wanted to be a Vet for a
long time, later on a lawyer and then a flight attendant. Actually I liked several professions. I also
imagined myself to be a business woman as well, but definitively my dreams are aircraft, airports.
This feeling is incredible. I would be a pilot, but presently I do not have enough money for that maybe
sometime in the future I will arrange it. I'll be satisfied with the work at the airport to achieve that I
have to learn a lot. The studying field of air transport takes 3 years full time and part time form of
study and after completion, there is a possibility to continue in an engineering course. The graduate is
able to analyze problems and possibilities in operation processes, mainly in the field of civil aviation,
air transport and its components. The course is designed to cover a wide range of operational issues in
aviation. Students of the air transport engineering course are prepared mainly in operational, technical
and economic disciplines focused on specialized managerial positions in civil aviation. Subjects
enable the students to profile their professional career in the field of operation, both technically
(applied mathematics, human performance, air traffic management, airport design and operation,
crises management, airline company operation) and economically (operational and business activities
in aviation, airline marketing and management). The core areas of research and consulting activities of
the air transport include: airport capacity and operational assessments, civil aviation security,
meteorology and weather hazards, airline operations and economics, human factors, safety of general
aviation, air traffic management.

Entrance exams were quite difficult especially in mathematics. I got to aviation and I was very happy
and satisfied as well. I got a chance to know many interesting people and friends. I am very satisfied
with the university I like the teaching style, environment and availability of teaching materials in the
library. I have to pass exams such as: mathematics, physics, informatics, general theory of economics,
The recto rate has a new building and it is really gorgeous. Everything is new built, clean and serves as
the main university building. It has good technical equipment. During leisure at the University we can
use cafeteria, where I can buy some food and drink. There is a great advantage at the University we
have Wi-Fi internet so during our spare time we can see new information.
I am in my third semester right now studying at the University of Žilina. I have to travel every day to
the university but at least I can be at home with family and friends and I have privacy compared to
others classmates who live in the college hostel. At first instance I wanted to live in college hostel as
well but I am glad that I am not with college hostel right now.
The way the teachers teach at the university compare to my secondary grammar is very different. The
human access to students is different. The teachers require full-time from students to ensure them for
their future employment. Some teachers are strict, some are friendly. I prefer the friendly teachers. I do
not like the fact that exam begins immediately after Christmas, because I like when I can pay my
family to visit relatives and friends to help with preparations for Christmas Eve and New Year I can be
with my friends. But at least this way the university teaches us discipline, because sometimes things
do not come out as if we wanted. At this time, if we want to be successful, must work hard even
though it may be every day. I believe that this university is great and teaches me a lot. Only thing I
dislike is the location of schools. In my opinion it is a quite far away from downtown of Zilina. The
surroundings of the University of Zilinahas have many trees that have a great influence for fresh air to
circulate all around the place. I am glad that I chose this university and I hope that I will fare best. I
have a lot to learn for my future occupation.