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Your new generation

MATE is here
Inverter technology
Portable with more power and control
The MagMate 180P offers infinite voltage and inductance control for optimum
control of welding parameters. That means welding is easier than ever with a
MagMate. Inverter technology also means this machine is smaller and even
more portable weighing only 20 kg.

MagMate 180P is designed as a general purpose MIG welder and is suitable

for a wide range of operations.

The new 180P is as robust and well made as ever. It’s a machine
that gets the job done, no fuss. The MagMate 180P is great
value for money and includes a surprising range of features
and benefits.
Features that deliver more benefits
Inverter technology Electronic wire sharpening
Delivers higher duty cycles at higher amperage Provides better arc starting and reduces burn backs.
compared to conventional MIG power sources. The
Invertor technology gives you additional power allowing Quick release gas connector
infinite voltage control which is critical to the welding of Allows fast removal of the gas hose connection when
thin gauge material. transporting.

Euro torch connection Service and warranty

Allows easy connection and removal of the torch. The entire MagMate range has been developed
with local expertise for local conditions. Plus, your
Infinite voltage control MagMate includes an 18 month warranty and is backed
Just like an automatic transmission on a car, the more by a national distribution network and excellent after
selections that are available will allow greater control sales service.
and a smoother running arc across the range.
Infinite inductance control Ideally suited for MIG welding of thinner sections (e.g.
This is the first machine in the MagMate range to feature panel steel). Performs exceptionally well on 0.6 – 0.9 mm
inductance control that, combined with the infinite diameter wire. Suitable for use with steel, stainless steel,
voltage control, allows even greater fine tuning of and gasless flux core wire.
welding parameters.
Ideal for panel beaters, exhaust fitters and air
Lightweight and portable conditioning ducting and any other sheet metal
Just 20kg and more compact – easier to move. applications.

Part No. MAG180P

Input Power (V) 240 ± 15%
Single Phase
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Input Plug Fitted with Industrial
Heavy duty 15A
Output current adjustment (A) 50–180
Output voltage adjustment (V) 14–26
Generator requirements for maximum 9
output (kVa)
Duty Cycle (%) 60 @180A
Power Factor 0.73
Efficiency (%) 80
Wire speed (m / min) 2–15
Maximum spool size (mm) 200
Wire diameter (mm) 0.6/0.8/0.9
Housing shielding grade IP21
Insulation grade F
Suitable thickness (mm) 0.6–8.0
Weight (kg) 20
Dimensions (mm) 482 x 197 x 466

Common Materials Welded with BOC MIG wire

Material BOC MIG Wire

Mild Steel
AS/NZS 3678 & 3679.2 grades 200 BOC Mild Steel MIG Wire
to 450
CE Approved
AS/NZS 1594 & 1595 up to grade 400 BOC Mild Steel MIG Wire
Warranty – 18 month warranty covered by BOC
AS 1163 grades C250 to C450 BOC Mild Steel MIG Wire
Endorsed and supported by BOC
AS 1397 grades G250 to G450 BOC Mild Steel MIG Wire
Stainless Steel
Included Accessories Grade 304 BOC Stainless Steel 308Lsi
• 3m MB15AK Torch Grade 316 BOC Stainless Steel 316Lsi
• Regulator and gas hose
Wire Size Amperage Rate (A)
• Work lead
0.6 mm 40–100
• Primary cable
0.8 mm 60–150
0.9 mm 70–220

Material thickness Recommended

Material Shielding Gas

Mild Steels
1– 8 mm Argoshield Light
Stainless steel
Up to 6 mm Stainshield
The MagMate 180P is available at your local BOC Gas & Gear store.
For your nearest location, please contact BOC Customer Service Centre on:
Australia New Zealand
131 262 0800 111 333
Email: Email:
BOC Limited ABN 95 000 029 729 BOC Limited WN007748
Riverside Corporate Park 970–988 Great South Road
10 Julius Avenue Penrose, Auckland
North Ryde NSW 2113 New Zealand

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