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Dear Santa,
ATR’s 2010 Naughty & Nice List
Click on the underlined links below to find out why they made the list!

Naughty Nice
President Obama The American Electorate
Broke his promise not to raise “any form of taxes” on those making < 250k.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs The 14 New and Re-elected Governors...
For misleading the public about Obama’s broken tax pledge. Who signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels The Tea Party Movement

For flirting with a VAT as the solution to the overspending problem.

For lying about the Taxpayer Protection Pledge & getting busted. For calling out the DCCC for lying about the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Lisa Jackson New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

For trying to backdoor cap-and-trade after Joe Manchin killed it. For staring down government union bosses.

Senator Ben Nelson Snooki

For pushing the Cornhusker Kickback For calling out the President for his Obamacare tanning tax.

Craig Becker Gene Simmons

For his union organizing after being rejected by the Senate. For wishing he could take his Obama vote back.

Julius Genachowski Keith Richards

For his relentless and unnecessary campaign to regulate the internet. For showing the world that international tax competition matters.

Alan Simpson & Erskine Bowles Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

For thinking tax hikes will solve the overspending problem. For cutting spending while defeating Democrat efforts to raise taxes.

Senators Judd Gregg, Tom Coburn, & Mike Crapo Senator Tom Coburn
For voting for the Simpson-Bowles commission’s trillion dollar tax hike. For offering a spending cut offset to the UI extension in the tax bill.

Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength. Senator Mike Crapo

For wanting to pull up the ladder of opportunity for the rest of us. For his amendments to strip Obamacare of its < 250k tax hikes.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist The 1553 Signers...

Must we really explain? Of ATR’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell Texas Governor Rick Perry

For pushing a job-killing energy tax, among many other things. For his defense of taxpayers and man’s best friend.

Google Dick Morris

They know why. For giving voice to the Tea Party push for spending cuts, not tax hikes.

Senator Chuck Schumer Utah State Senator Dan Liljenquist

For attempting to restrict First Amendment Rights. For switching an entire state government from DB to DC pensions.

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue Congressmen Paul Ryan, Jeb Hensarling, & Dave Camp
For calling taxpayers a “special interest”, among other things. For standing firm against tax hikes in the Simpson-Bowles report.

Blue Dog Caucus The Cato Institute

Pelosi’s poodles: housebroken and obedient. For devising the only other budget plan that doesn’t raise taxes.

Chevy Volt Chevy Volt

Because 75% of its manufacturing costs are borne by taxpayers. For being America’s first full production coal powered vehicle.

Recovery Summer Aric Nesbitt, Rich Zipperer, Jonathan Miller

For being DOA. ATR alums elected to public office.

Greg Mankiw Eloise Frazer, Lena Liberty Wirtz, Lucy Ellis, & Virginia Butler
For advocating net tax hikes under the guise of tax reform. 2010 ATR Babies.

Free Press & Public Knowledge John Fleischman & Michael Quinn Sullivan
For efforts to place the Internet under de facto government ownership. For leading efforts in Calif. & Texas to get candidates to sign the Pledge.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Mary Adams, chairman of the Maine center-right coalition
For trying to ban plastic bags in the state of California. For her role in flipping Maine from blue to red in 2010.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg Congressman Charlie Rangel

For proposing a paternalistic soda tax. For lowering at least one American’s tax burden.

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