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Faiza says:

A∂αм says:
Can u add
to this convo?
Faiza says:
i think so....tho im not sure how
who shall i add?
oh manaza
A∂αм says:
I dnt kno how to do it
Faiza says:
ahh okay
leemmee try

Faiza is calling you.

Accept (Alt+C) Decline (Alt+D)

Faiza says:
clicking random stiff

You declined the call from Faiza.

A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
im clicking invite...but it calls instead
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
sorry i dont know how to....
A∂αм writes:

Faiza says:
not like we have mutual friends on this anyway
how did u do that???
A∂αм writes:

Faiza says:
u could have written something proper u retard
i wanna do that
now ur jus showing off
A∂αм writes:

Faiza says:
Faiza writes:

Faiza says:
im a geeniusssss
Faiza writes:

Faiza says:
A∂αм writes:

Faiza says:
how did u get differne font colour
Faiza writes:

Faiza says:
a car
A∂αм writes:

Faiza says:
thats pollutions there by the way
wot the
Faiza writes:

Faiza says:
ok i couldnt get rid of it
i dont use this msn much....but i think i will. flippin ace! lemme write to manaza
one sec
hahahaa artistic insulting
this is brilliant
A∂αм writes:

Faiza says:
what the hell is that?
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
u play chess?
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
i used to play draughts...
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
MASHALLAH! and shes tony blairs sister in law!
this is brilliant, im surprised theyv even reported it!
no doubt her experience in palestine, meeting, living with the people there helped.
Allah guides.
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
i wanna know her story.. what was this spiritual experience?
have u ever wondered?
A∂αм says:
well it was
in Iran
She works
for press tv
Faiza says:
like do all non-muslims have this experience at some point in their life? but its if
their hearts respond to it...
A∂αм says:
she may be Shia
hu alom
Faiza says:
well.....who knows.....thing is shes a step closer to islam..
i hope shes not a shia tho...
i suppose....if ur a non-muslim and u never come to islam...even if u were never
really exposed to it....u would still be held accountable..
never mind..
my minds wandering leave it.
A∂αм says:
If uve never thought about creation
and why
den dats ur enviroment
if u hav
u'll naturally come to Islam
Faiza says:

...the most important thing is belief in a creator
but what about not knowing islam?
the shahdah is what it is
A∂αм says:
Den u dnt kno
I dnt think
u can be held accountable
for something
u dnt kno.
defies logic.
Faiza says:
wow this is great news though about this woman! can u imagine how she could
inspire sooo many people???!!
shes like...high profile
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
had to read it 3 times to understand what its about! but hmmm
its interesting he picks these artists for case studies
because well the one i know of....vincent van gogh
he was crazy
even salvador dalli..they were not psychologically fit....and it reflected in their work it says here..
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
Wilson's attempt at a "great synthesis" in which he justifies his belief that western
philosophy is afflicted with a needless "pessimistic fallac
btw...i dont know if iv got the wrong end of the stick here
it seems really complex
have u read it?
A∂αм says:
Got the wrong end of what?
Western philosophy
Has been refuted
by Islamic scholars
read their work instead
Its a load of bukwass
Faiza says:
yes ofcourse! haha
A∂αм says:
And this book
confirms that
that ultimately
dey wer all looking
for a connection
with God
the end.
Faiza says:
i soo agree with. at every level...whether u look at psychology, sociology,, woteveer! theyr always rooting for a God...
most problems they outline....their resolve lies in Islam. we can see it...but we dont
all have the same eyes
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
thing is..its worse now....back then at least they were looking for something and
studied about it...
but now...
i recently read an article about....
drinking alcohol being linked with intelegence
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
anyway...a girl wrote this comment...
that smart people drink because they know the horrors of the world..and need to
numb their perceptions
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
its this willfull ignorance
people have now
it wasnt the same then
back then*
ya know wot i mean?
well anyway....western philosophy i dont know much about...but some did
apparently inspire our muslim scholars...
i think.....aristotle was one of them
A∂αм says:
Vice versa
we inspired dem
Faiza says:
..go on...
A∂αм says:
We always had the basics
but we ddn't have some of the tools
i forget which
bu we got alot
frm the greeks
but den
was a major
Faiza says:

A∂αм says:
and is seen
as the father
of modern
no secularism
seular thought
i think
Faiza says:
ibn sina?

i dont know of this.....

A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
A∂αм says:
as they call him
he wafflers
Faiza says:
yeh, they changed names to latin to hide that knowledge came from muslims
i have read of several names in our history soooo manyyyy. cna never remmebr
which is which! but to say he found secular thought?
im shocked!
well anyway maybe......some of these great muslim philosophers did have a level
of negative influence in the ummah...
people like....rumi....he often speaks in his poetry about wine and being drunk
A∂αм says:
my mistake
Ibn Rushd
is considered
the father
of modern secular thught
Faiza says:
so many ibns!
A∂αм says:
I kno!
Faiza says:
i can remmber the name,but not what hes about.
have u been to the 1001 inventions exhibition?
this book the outsider...looks quite good tho
A∂αм says:
I did
went with a dear friend
it was good
Faiza says:
i had mixed emotions when i went there. i know, wot a loser....but then i thought
well...wots the point of crying over ollddd dayss gone by
i suppose u learn from the past. maybe thats the point of it all.
i wished it wasnt sooo hmmm ... digital tho
it lost that 'heritage' feeling...hahah yeh i do think that, tel me to shut up
A∂αм says:
I didn't really care for it
these peope
were problems solvers
and Allah gave them the guidance and knowledge
to solve these problesm
but what propelled them
was deen
and love for Allah
Faiza says:
A∂αм says:
Atleast I hope so
What we do
is we put people
on pedestools
Every problem
you've gone thought
in life
in unoriginal
is has been done
it has been accounted for
and a solution has been provided
it is up to you
Faiza says:
A∂αм says:
too seek that
and administer it
And move on.
Always look to move
because if wer not moving forward
den what r we doing?
Faiza says:
u need to be a writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A∂αм says:
Its crazy dude
Faiza says:
wot are u doing wasting ur time on msn???
go and wrtie an article
A∂αм says:
When I am on my own
I dnt have a clue
what to write about
but den
when I have a conversation
and the passions are stirred
I write well.
Faiza says:
well save ur conversations...and re-read them...and then write. u hve no idea the
potential u have
i promise u, u can make alll the difference!
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
theres not many ur age who have that ability
A∂αм says:
High praise indeed!
Imma start a blog
but ony if you do too!!!
Faiza says:
do that.
A∂αм says:
blogs don't just have
tp be pure written word
it can be
Faiza says:
i have one...but its lame!
A∂αм says:
You always find
awesome stuff!
I loved that Mr Wind
How unusual looking was that guy?!
Faiza says:
aint it brilliant! ur probbly my only friend who liked that
i know
A∂αм says:
I thought he was perfect for that role!
You kno what mde
that briliant
the whole thing?
the bloody simplicty of it all!
Faiza says:
welll hhahhaha
i clicked 5 seconds after the film finishes
and i was like oh WOWWWWWW
A∂αм says:

Faiza says:
but yes i see what u mean
when i realised the meaning behind it....its not alll about jus wind power
its anyyytingggg
A∂αм says:
Let me take a look
Faiza says:
A∂αм says:
at ur blog
Faiza says:
its jus things i think are inspiring for me. dont laff tho okay?
tumblr is soo addictive tho....i tell u
u can find anyythingg on here
thing is....writing is a veryy personal thing....
i find it hard to share thoughts with random people,,,its kinda scary
A∂αм says:

some of ur pictures
are amazing!!!
Faiza says:
glad u like it! thanks
A∂αм says:
i love this one
Faiza says:
i knowwwww i can make that!!
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
mom made it since i was a kid
A∂αм says:
Imma have a cheese toastie
Faiza says:
theres a technicque
its egg
with salad leaves
cheese works too
cheese with sweetcorn! divine
A∂αм says:
Faiza says:
YEH! try it
and a touch of salt and pepper
thats alll