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h) staff
Training: Training of employees 1 contract workmen is the responsibilityof

i) Secrecy: As a Bulk Drug Company secrecy of technology is most important

thing for survival. So all employees should see that, no process is leaked out
by employeesand if they find any leakage, they should infonn the Management

j) Emergencies: Essential department should attend the calls from the factory,
especially Maintenance Department.

k) Cost Reduction Measures: The company will always encourage all employeesl
employeesmembers to come out with cost reduction measures since it will be a
profit to the company.Any good suggestionwill be suitably rewarded.

1) Job Rotation: It is agreed and accepted that the Union and the employee~ will
extend full co-operation in ensuring that every workman will perfonn duties
'"' 1jobs
assigned to him at optimum level of efficiency. In pursuance of this objective and in
order to train all employees in various fields, the Management will be doing job
rotation as and when required and for which it is also agreed that tota.~co operation
/ would be extended by the Union and the employees. I

m) Safety: The employees, while working, shall use proper safety equipments
provided by the Company, failure to use the safety equipments will be considered as
misconduct. The employees will maintain properly at peroper place and in good
working condition the safety equipments in general and individually.

n) DISCIPLINE: The workmen will maintain and adhere strict discipline at the
workplaceat all times.

0) Shifts: Shift timing , meal/tea, rest intervals and other condition of employment shall
be as per the provisions of the Model Standing Orders.


It is agreed by the employees that since they are already in receipt of conveyance
allowance in lieu of transport facility, in spite of the same, the employeeswere allowed
by the Management in its sole discretion the use of transport vehicle pmvided by it for
the Management staff, with a clear understanding that the employees can avail this
facility only if there is space available in the vehicle after all the Management staff has
occupied the seats in the vehicle and if no ve,hicleis provided to the Management staff
then the employees will make their own arrangements and at their own cost to reach
factory on time. The union and the employees agree that existing transport arrangement
with the above understanding is acceptableto them and they will not raise any demands
of whatsoever nature any time on this count in future including any demand 1 issue
involvingfinancialburden on the Company. "


It is agreed by and between the parties that all the employees listed in Annexure I and II
shall be covered under the Mediclaim policy. It is agreed that the Workman, Spouse and
two dependant children and in case of unmarried workman his parent shall be covered
under the mediclaim policy with the tnaximum insurance coverage of Rs. 25,0001- (
Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) per person i.e. maximum ofRs. 1,00,0001- (Rupees
One Lakh only) for maximum of four person or whichever is less.

It is further agreed by and between the union and Management that the insurance
premium shall be equally contributed by the company and the employees. "
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