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colors: 14 dichroic colors+white

gobos: 14 gobos + open beam
100% electronic dimming feature
strobe: 1-7 flashes per second
pan movement: 180 degrees
tilt movement: 90 degrees
5 high quality stepper motors
lamp: EL C 24V/250W lamp
master/slave mode
music mode with built-in microphone
6 channel DMX operation
streamlined design with light alloy and plastic
weight: 16.5lbs.
fuse: 5amp GMA(fast) 5mmx20mm size

User Instructions
1) Unpacking unit

Unpack unit carefully, and inspect unit for any damage or missing pieces. Items included are:

1pc...light fixture
1pc…ac power cord
1pc…XLR/XLR cable
1pc…owner’s manual cable

2) Lamp Installation

- Be sure AC power to unit is disconnected before continuing.

- Unscrew the 4 piece allen cap screws on bottom cover housing.
- Insert lamp into lamp socket, be sure lamp is fully seated into lamp socket. Insert lamp assembly
into side clips located on metal plate in unit. Be careful not to touch the actual bulb itself with your
fingers, just the glass reflector housing around the bulb, to prevent shortened lamp life.
- Reinstall the 4 allen cap screws on bottom cover housing.

3) Hanging unit and placing of the unit

- Attach a heavy duty clamp (not included) to mounting bracket and tighten all hardware.
- Attach a safety cable (included) to mounting bracket of unit and a secure point to where you plan on
hanging the fixture from such as truss, lighting stand, etc. Be sure these hanging locations can
handle the weight of the fixture.
- Use unit in a dry, indoor location only.
- Keep minimum distance of at least 12” – 18” around unit for proper airflow operation. Do not block the air
flow to the fan.
- Keep unit away from flammable objects such as curtains, drapes, etc.
4) Data Cable (DMX cable) Requirements

This fixture requires a standard 3-pin XLR connector for data input and data output. Be sure cable is a 2
conductor shielded type
construction. Also, be sure that the cable shield is not connected to the ground lug or allow the shield
conductor to come in contact
with the XLR’s outer casing. Grounding the shield will cause a short circuit and erratic behavior. Also
remember that DMX cable must
be daisy chained and cannot be “Y” split.

5) Master/Slave Music mode

- Be sure AC power to all units is off before continuing next steps.

- Daisy chain your units via the XLR conductors on rear side of units. Remember that the Male XLR
connector is the input
and the Female conductor is the output.

- The first unit is the chain (Master) will use the Female XLR connector only. And the last unit in the chain
will use the
Male XLR connector only.

- Set (Master Unit) dipswitch #10 on only, all others off. All other (Slave units) set dipswitch #1 on only,
and all others off.
- Be sure only (Master unit) has dipswitch #10 on, and not any of the (Slave units) to prevent damage to
- Plug units into AC power source.

- Units will run in sync operation by sound being picked up by the microphone in the unit.
- The RED LED located near dipswitch will pulsate to audio beats on (Master unit) only indicating audio signal
detected and flash constantly on (Slave units) indicating the unit is receiving signal.
- See Master/Slave dipswitch chart section #8 for settings.

6) Single Unit Mode

Set dipswitches #9 and 10 on only. Unit will go through its self-programmed internal programs with no music

7) DMX Controller Mode

- The units use 6 DMX channels to operate

- DMX Ch. 1 = color wheel
- DMX Ch. 2 = gobo wheel
- DMX Ch. 3 = mirror rotation and speed
- DMX Ch. 4 = pan
- DMX Ch. 5 = tilt
- DMX Ch. 6 = dimmer
- RED LED located near dipswitch will flash constantly when receiving DMX signal.

8) Dipswitches in DMX mode

This unit uses dip switches to assign a DMX address. East dip switch represents a binary value.

Dipswitch 1=1 Dipswitch 4=8 Dipswitch

Dipswitch 2=2 Dipswitch 5=16 Dipswitch
Dipswitch 3=4 Dipswitch 6=32 Dipswitch

Each dip switch has preset value. A specific DMX address is set by combining the dip switch that sum up your
desired value.

For example, to achieve a DMX address of 22, you must combine dip switches 2, 3 and 5. Since dipswitch 2
has a value of 2, dip switch 3 has a value of 4 and dip switch 5 has a value of 16. The total sum of them
create a DMX value of 22.

Set DMX address 22 Set DMX address 101

Dip switches on #2=2 Dipswitches on #7=65
Dipswitches on #3=4 Dipswitches on 6=32
Dipswitches on #5=16 Dipswitches on #4=4
Total = 22 Total = 101

9) Master/Slave dip switch chart

M a s t e r S l a v e
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
on on
off off

10) Cleaning

- Keep the unit clean. Disconnect the unit from AC power source.

- Use normal glass cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe down the outside casing.

- Use a brush to wipe down the cooling vents and fan grill.

- Clean the lens and mirrors with glass cleaner and soft rag.
- Be sure to dry all parts completely before plugging the unit back into AC power source.
channel 1 color wheel
position dmx trait description
1 0-17 white
2 18-35 red
3 36-53 yellow
4 54-71 magenta
5 72-89 green
6 90-107 orange
7 108-125 blue
8 126-143 pink
9 144-161 lite green
10 162-179 lite blue
11 180-197 lite red
12 198-215 lite yellow
13 216-233 lite magenta
14 234-251 blue/red
15 252-255 green/yellow

channel 2 gobo wheel

1 0-17 open
2 18-35 3 hole
3 36-53 pie
4 54-71 bullseye
5 72-89 flowers
6 90-107 barbells
7 108-125 spokes
8 126-143 atom
9 144-161 zizzag
10 162-179 x
11 180-197 bubbles
12 198-215 arrows
13 216-233 diamonds
14 234-251 pyramid
15 252-255 lines

channel 3 shutter
0-14 blackout
15-29 full open
30-250 strobe slow-fast
251-255 full open

channel 4 pan
0-255 pan

channel 5 tilt
0-255 tilt

channel 6 dimmer
0-255 0-100% full on