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AIESEC’s Internship Programme

The Concept

• flexible and reliable recruitment and integration process

• enabling companies to hire global talent

• to fill vacant positions

• to strengthen the leadership pipeline

• to improve the competitiveness

• to foster the spirit of innovation

AIESEC’s Internship Programme
The Process

Profile Matching Selection Internship

• Needs Analysis • Global Database • Candidate Application • Evaluations

• Contract Sign • AIESEC Preselection • Company Decision • AIESEC Service

AIESEC’s Internship Programme
The Roles

AIESEC Company

• Sourcing available top talent from a global pool • Providing challenging project assignments

• Facilitating Reception & Integration Process • Interviewing pre-screened candidates

(including VISA, accommodation, etc.)
• Paying salary and program fee
• Providing cross-cultural skills, internship
preparation and societal integration for the
chosen students

• On-going support based on continuous

communication and evaluation of the intern
and internship
AIESEC’s Internship Programme
The Costs

Raising Realisation Monthly Fee

• Admin Fee: 5.000 SEK • Matching Fee: 5.000 SEK • Intern Salary **: 12.000 SEK

• Visa Fee *: 1.000 SEK • Programme Fee: 2.000 SEK

* if a visa is needed
** including taxes, excluding social security fees
AIESEC’s Internship Programme
The Benefits

• Access to global talent from 107 countries

• Customized solutions based on organizational needs

• Easy and cost effective sourcing of required competencies

• Fast intern integration through

• AIESECs reception service

• Flexible internship periods from 2 to 18 months