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Retail: Wholesale Growth

Indian retail market is the fifth largest retail destination globally.

The industry raked in $ 25.44 billion turnover in 2007-08 as against $
16.99 billion in 2006-07, a whopping growth rate of 49.73 per cent.
The industry is estimated to grow from the $ 330 billion in 2007 to $ 427
billion by 2010 and $ 637 billion by 2015.
Modern retail is likely to increase its share in the total retail market to 22
percent by 2010.
India has one of the largest number of retail outlets in the world. Of the
12 million retail outlets present in the country, nearly 5 million sell food
and related products.
Organised retail has increased its share from 5 per cent of total retail
sales in 2006 to 8 per cent in 2007.
The fastest growing segments have been the wholesale cash and carry
stores (150 per cent) followed by supermarkets (100 per cent) and
hypermarkets (75-80 per cent).
The organised segment is expected to account for 25 per cent of the
total sales by 2011.
There is a paradigm shift from traditional forms of retailing into a modern
organized sector.
Mall space, from a meager one million square feet in 2002, is expected
to touch 40 million square feet by end-2007 and an estimated 60 million
square feet by end-2008.
The number of operational malls is estimated to be more than double to
over 412 with 205 million square feet by 2010 and further 715 malls by
2015, on the back of major retail developments even in tier II and tier III
cities in India.
India's luxury market, estimated to be the 12th largest in the world.
It is growing at the rate of 25 per cent per annum.
The Indian luxury retail market is estimated to leap-frog from around $
3.5 billion to $ 30 billion by 2015.
The branded segment comprises $ 701.7 million of the total kids' apparel
market-size of over $ 3 billion.
Kids' retailing segment is expected to touch annual growth of 30-35 per
Internet promotes e-tailing-the online version of retail shopping.
An estimated 10 per cent of the total e-commerce market is accounted
by e-tailing.
The e-tail market is estimated to grow by 30 percent to $ 273.02 million
in 2007-08, from $ 210.01 million in 2006-07.
Retail franchising has been growing at the rate of 60 per cent in the last
three years and is set to grow two-fold in the next five years.
Rural retail market is estimated to cross $ 45.32 billion mark by 2010
and $ 60.43 billion by 2015
India's vast middle class with its expanding purchasing power and its
almost untapped retail industry are key attractions for global retail giants
wanting to enter new markets.

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