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Basic Cisco ASA configuration
J Sanchez
– March 26, 2010Posted in: Networking, Technology

A few days ago we had a need for a router, we did not have one handy, but we did have a Cisco ASA
5505. While I’ve configured my fair share of routers, I never had the need to configure a PIX or
ASA. It turns out that while there are difference when configuring a security device and a router or
switch, the commands are very similar.

Here is the scope of I what I needed to accomplish:

Inside network =
Now Reading
Outside network ip =
Default route via
Hostname = ASA
All traffic should be allowed
Exec password must be set to cisco.

Here is how we accomplish this very basic configuration – Please note that all commands are in

After you get into Global configuration type the following:

ciscoasa(config)# host ASA – This will change the host name to ASA

Configure passwords:
ASA(config)#enable secret cisco – This will set our privilege mode password to cisco.

Configure the interfaces:

ASA(config)#int fa0/0 – to configure the interface Fastethernet0/0
ASA(config-int)#ip add – This will assign as the ip address of our
ASA(config-int)#nameif inside – This will label that interface as our inside network.
ASA(config-int)#no shut
ASA(config-int)#int fa0/1 – this will take us to interface configuration mode for interface
ASA(config-int)#ip add – This will assign to the
ASA(config-int)#nameif outside – This will label the interface as the outisde interface.
ASA(config-int)#no shut – This will enable our interface FA0/1.
ASA(config-int)#exit – This will take us back to global configuration mode.

Configuring NAT/PAT
ASA(config)#nat (inside) 1 – This tells the ASA to translate all addresses on the inside
ASA(config)#global (outside) 1 interface – This tells the ASA that all translated addresses should use
the outside interface ip for PAT.

Configuring the default route:

ASA(config)#route outside 1 – This configures the default route the the
specified ip using the outside interface.
Twitter Updates
Allowing traffic:
ASA(config)#access-list traffic extended permit ip any any – This will permit any traffic to and from RT @etherealmind: To all my
any ip address.

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Basic Cisco ASA configuration

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