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Adolf hitler born in Brunau austria at 1889, little hitler has a dream to be an artist
painting just like pablo picasso if we know,. But unfortunatelly his father not
allowing little hilter to be an artist painting. Its make little hilter get one big shot of
punch of his heart. Hitler grow up with painfull of his life because his familiy doesn’t
rich, and get more shot when his mother dead in 47 years old. At the first world
war he join in marine. And with succesfull get 2 gold medalions.

The defeat of Germany make him devastated and angry. In the year 1919 when the
old stepping thirty years, he joined a small right-wing party in Munich, and the party
immediately changed its name to Nationalist Workers' Party of Germany (Nazi
summarized). Within two years he rose to be leader without a rival in the German
nickname called "Fuehrer."

Under the leadership of Hitler, the Nazi party with incredible speed into a force and
in November 1923 failed kupnya experiment. Coup known as "The Munich Beer Hall
Putsch." Hitler arrested, charged with a traitor, and proven guilty. However, he was
released from jail after languishing there for less than a year.

In the year 1928 the Nazi party is still a small party. However, major depression
make people dissatisfied with political parties large and established. In these
circumstances the Nazi party became more powerful, and in January 1933, when
the age of forty-four years, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

With the title, Hitler quickly and efficiently establish a dictatorship by using
government officials confront all opposition groups. Keep in mind, this process is not
over civil liberties and the erosion of rights to defend themselves criminal charges,
but worked with slashes of lightning and very often the Nazi party did not bother
with the procedure in court at all. Many political opponents beaten, even killed on
the spot. However, before the outbreak of World War 2, Hitler won the support of
most of the German population since he managed to suppress the amount of
unemployment and make economic improvements.
Hitler then set up road to conquests which ultimately brought the world into the
cauldron of World War-2. He won his first regional wars virtually without passing at
all. England and France, surrounded by various kinds of economic difficulties,
because it was so wanted peace so that they do not give a damn when Hitler
betrayed the Versailles agreement by building the German Armed Forces. Similarly,
they do not take care when Hitler occupied the fort and strengthen the Rhineland
(1936), and so also when Hitler annexed Austria (March 1938). Even they have
received while nodding when Hitler annexed the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia
border stronghold. International agreement known as the "Munich Pact" that the UK
and France are expected as a result of the purchase of "Peace of all time" left to be
trampled, and they were dumbfounded when Hitler seized Czechoslovakia in part
because several months later Czechoslovakia utterly helpless. At each stage, Hitler
cleverly combines arguments to justify his actions with the threat that he would be
a war if the desire is considered quiet, and at each stage of democratic countries to
feel discouraged and weakened back.

However, the UK and France determined to defend Poland, Hitler's next target. First
Hitler protect themselves by signing a pact "not to attack each other" in August
1939 with Stalin (essentially aggression treaty agreements because they agree on
how to split the Polish for the interests of each). Nine days later, Germany attacked
Poland and sixteen days after the Soviet Union do the same. Although England and
France declared war on Germany, Poland soon be conquered.

Intensity peak years of Hitler was in 1940. In April, the armed forces confront
Danish and Norwegian. In May, he hit the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
In June, French bend the knee. But in England the same year survive the death of
the German air attack, known by the nickname "Battle of Britain" and Hitler was
never able to set foot on British earth.
German forces conquered Greece and Yugoslavia in the month of April 1941. And in
June the same year Hitler tore up 'agreement not to attack each other "with the
Soviet Union and opened the attack. German Army could occupy a very large part
of Russian territory but was unable to completely disarm before winter. Although
the fight against England and Russia, unmitigated Hitler declared war with the
United States in December 1941 and several days later Japan confront the United
States, ransacked the naval base at Pearl Harbor.

In mid-1942 Germany had controlled the bulk of European territory that could never
be done by anyone else in history. Moreover, he controlled North Africa. The turning
point occurred in half of the war both in 1942 when Germany was defeated in a
complex battle at El-Alamein in Egypt and Stalingrad in Russia. After this setback,
good fortune which had been gradually umbrella-German troops are still left
gradually. However, despite the German defeat seemed inevitable, Hitler refused to
surrender. Not that he was more afraid, even penggasakan continued for more than
two years after Stalingrad. The bitter end of the story occurs in the spring of 1945.
Hitler committed suicide in Berlin on 30 April and seven days after the Germans

When hitler be a diktator in german there is many genoside in jerman especially

yahudi, not perfect human just like down syndrom etc MURDER BY HITLER, and
those who not germany original BURN ALIVE until dead, and over all there all 6
MILION people who did murderer by hitler.

But germany has fast progress in military weapon, there are..

1. Windkanone Wind Canon

Wind Cannon was also developed by a factory in Stuttgart during the war. He
is the type of weapons that would issue a jet of compressed air against
enemy aircraft. Cannon worked from a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.
Experimental trials of the cannon at Hillersleben showed that 25mm-thick
wooden boards can be damaged at the distance 200m

3. LandKruezer P.1000 Ratte

The Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte (Ratte = mouse) is a WWII German Nazi

design for super-heavy tank, weighing 1000 tons, or 1,000,000 kg. By
comparison, an Abrams tank weight 61.4 tons. Bruhathkayosaurus, which is
probably the most severe animal ever lived on earth, has a weight between
175 and 220 tons, several times smaller than Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte

Adolf hitler found dead with his wife eva braun in a bunker in germany,
hitler dead by himself, he shot his mouth with gun when he lose the second
world war, after that those people who love adolf hiler kill their self without
any order.