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Public letter to Timothy Clifton

i believe Timothy Clifton will become a recognized conventional authority in the theory of
gravitation and general relativity. He submitted his doctoral dissertation at King's College,
Cambridge University in August '06. The title of his dissertation is Alternative Theories of
Gravity. i'm reading it now. There's one statement that stands out to me: "It seems that GR is
unique not only in satisfying all of the conditions listed above, but also in being the simplest
relativistic metric theory of gravitation that can be conceived of." .. i've written to him personally
but believe some things, like this letter, should be part of public record.

The Natural Philosophy Alliance is a good place/forum for alternative physics ideas but we have
a tendency to get sidetracked and confused (forum conversations) .. The two greatest honors i
have there is meeting other open minded people who are critical of convention and the chance to
air mine (criticisms etc). But we have our weaknesses. We have a tendency to push our
individual ideas at the expense of others'. We tend to have unbalanced perspectives.. This is the
disadvantage of 'living on the fringe'.. Personally, i'd rather we got integrated into mainstream
physics, found some kind of support individually, and published in mainstream journals. i'm not
referring to Physics Essays (this journal is somewhat fringe itself). Considering the world
economic situation and hoarding tendencies of human beings, it's unlikely my desire will realize..

But any of us in NPA deserves a chance to air our ideas to 'the rest of the world' and so i've tried
to diligently maintain my relationship with NowPublic and Scribd .. My scholarpedia essay on
"Bosonless Particle Physics" has been deleted as anticipated .. Articles there are "by invitation
only". The intention is good but .. again i'm unfairly dissed .. Iam space deserves serious attention
from cosmologists and particle physicists.

Previously, i gave a brief history of Iam space but i need to rewrite it in English so that laypeople
can have a chance for understanding.. It all started when i was studying electromagnetism (for
engineers) at Florida International in Miami. Something clicked in my mind and i was shown*
something difficult to appreciate. i could write the equation here but it's better if i write it out in
English: charge moment is impeded spin. i know, the word 'moment' throws you.. It refers to a
higher order 'something' relating to whatever you're talking about.. Moment typically refers to
inertia - as in moment of inertia. But moment can also refer to charge indicating a measure of it.
So again, a measure of charge is directly related to spin via impedance. This is actually
astounding if we ponder it .. This was the beginning of my path toward Iam space. *shown as in
divinely inspired

Continuing this line of investigation, i found that elementary particles can be modeled by dual
flux vortices and screw-dislocations in space (dual structures with two manifestations). Markus
Lazar has independently investigated this (more formally than i have). Once i had discovered his
work, i realized that anything i did would be ignored - if he also was ignored (since he is part of
conventional research). So i compiled the ideas in a booklet (available at Scribd) called N and
Omega. i did other things for a while..

While i was doing other things, i could not forget physics no matter how hard i tried.. It would
grab me in the shower.. It would wake me in the middle of the night.. At some point, i was
shown other things .. That: space was measurably distorted by elementary particles (you can
calculate the exact distortion). So mass behaves like self-confined energy.. Thinking like this
reveals many things.. It verifies Einstein's famous equation. It verifies the importance of special
relativity.. It forces you to try to understand 'what's really happening' with accelerated particles.
So NPA's auto-rejection of SR and Einstein is unfair.. It's misplaced..

There are no people i more greatly admire in science than Feynman and Riemann. They are like
'gods' (or angels with divine intellect) to me.. Their perspectives and contributions to science are
unrivalled. But.. i question Feynman's perspective and assumptions.. Because of all the 'holes'
and ad hoc methods in the Standard Model, i've been forced to search for more elegant 'solutions
to the problem' (of unification) .. The path above finally led me to Iam space and the centrality of
temporal curvature. Once i realized that 'time can store energy' (like space proposed above), the
most startling revelation of all hit me directly in the face: theoretically, you don't need a separate
force for 'nuclear glue', gravitation, theory for SR,.. All you really need is temporal curvature. If
indeed particles are 'localized time warps', SR is explained by enhancement of that via kinetic
energy; the kinetic energy in a particle exactly equals its relativistic energy; its relativistic energy
can be looked at as - an amplification in the temporal distortion. Why does 'time slow down' for
speeding craft? Because they're amplifying the temporal distortion in all their particles. Combine
these realizations with the idea that gravity is simply a 'far field' effect of all the particles' (that
make up the gravitating body) temporal distortions - and you get a comprehensive, simple, and
elegant theory.

So with all due respect to Timothy, his statement above is clearly incorrect. GR is not the
"simplest relativistic metric theory of gravitation that can be conceived of." (Metric refers to a
fixed measure allowing measure within a space.) {R4, c, t0} is a metric space since c defines
measure on space and t0 on time. (The first 'space' is a mathematical term and the second 'space'
is a physics term.) .. i'm waiting for his reply..

We still need to name this 'new branch of science' .. (No one has written me with any
suggestions.) Maybe .. it just occurred to me .. TR (temporal relativity)? ;)

i need a few encouraging prayers..