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JANUARY 2011 Mdm Rasheedah Mohd Jin

Issue 1 D.I.D: 63516179

Back to School
First of all, a big and hearty welcome to all
parents and children of 3 FAITH to Kuo
Chuan Presbyterian Primary School. Bits & Bites
I have been with KCPPS for the last
Contents Indeed, I am very delighted to see the eight years. I am 31 years old and have
children all happy and excited on their been married for five years. I love
Back to School 1
first day of school. reading and traveling during leisure and
Bits & Bites 1 the school holidays.
It is really heartwarming to know that
Upcoming Events 1 many of the 3 Faith’s children are looking Throughout my years in KCPPS, I have
forward to come to school and some are been the form teacher for the lower
Class News 1
already anxious to start learning. primary classes as well as the subject
Gearing Up 2 teachers for the upper primary classes.
As their form teacher, I really hope the
This is my first year as a form teacher
Subject Teachers 2 children will enjoy their learning and
in the morning session However,
Let’s Blog 2 discovery processes in KCPPS.
whether it is the lower or the upper
2 Truthfully, it is a great transition for both primary, I have always enjoy teaching
the children and I. Therefore, I hope as children and seeing them doing well in
parents you will give us time to adapt to every aspect of their lives in KCPPS
the new level, new curriculum hours and gives me a lot of satisfaction and
Upcoming Events syllabus as well as teaching styles. With motivates me to do my best for them.
your kind support and understanding, I am
Feb 3 & 4 (CNY Hols) Also for the last four years I have been
very sure we will grow and shine.
assisting the Discipline Master in
 Feb 15 (Total Defence For that, I would like to thank you in matters relating to discipline and pupils’
Day) advance for all your support and development in the afternoon session as
understanding in maintaining this tripartite the Assistant Discipline Mistress
 Feb 21-25 (Maths relationship. (ADM). This year since our Discipline
Week) Master has moved on to another school,
Once again, before we begin the year,
I have been placed in charge of
here’s wishing all of you, a joyous, glorious
discipline and taken the role as the
and prosperous year 2011.
Discipline Mistress (DM).

Class News
Do take note that each child will have to buy a school diary. Children will have to bring the diary daily. The diary will
include notes on what to bring, homework activities to be completed and important information for parents.

I really seek your cooperation by monitoring the diary every day and signing it as a form of acknowledgment. You may
also include any messages for me in the diary with regards to your child/ward’s progress in school or any other

Please be informed that I take pride in ensuring that the notes are acknowledged by parents.
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Gearing Up Subject Teachers

 Children have been told to wear PE These are our class subject teachers.
attire during PAL and PE lessons. This
Chinese Language (CL)
is to facilitate comfort and feasibility
to move around during the lessons.  Core

 Children are expected to have a Name: Mdm Ng Siew Chin

folder/file of their own called
‘homework file’. This homework file is
use to keep all learning sheets, letters DID: 6 3516 155
or any form of paper materials to be
 Reinforcement
returned to parents/teachers.
Name: Ms Ong Siew Ling
 For the next 3 days, children are
expected to bring all their activity Email:
Every child has his books to school and to be kept in the
DID: 6 3516 141
colour and is unique. classroom.
 Enrichment

Name: Mdm Lim Kah Gek

Let’s Blog DID: 6 3516 153
Hey! We’re on the Web! I would like to inform you that I have a class blog on Blogspot.
Tamil Language
Therefore I extend this invitation to all of
Name: Mdm Yogeetha Ramerchandra
you to visit the site to receive timely
updates of the class activities, children’s Email:
progress, school events and other
DID: 6 3516 276
information deemed useful.

You may also download any media uploaded

on the site (e.g. pictures, audios, videos etc.) Art & Craft

However, I would like to seek your patience Name: Mdm Yap Shiaw Fang
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian and understanding in the maintenance and
Primary School updating of the website.
DID: 6 3516 120
Address Finally, I thank you for all your kind support
8, Bishan St 13 and perseverance towards me and the class.
S’579793 I really hope your child/ward will have a Physical Education
Phone smooth journey in KCPPS and together we
6259 5396 will make learning fun, exciting and fruitful. Name: Mrs Jessie Ng

E-mail God bless you. Email:
Sincerely, DID: 6 3516 273

Mdm Rasheedah Mohd Jin


“FAITH is taking the first step Name: Ms Sim Pueh Gek

even when you don’t see the Email:
staircase” DID: 6 3516 273