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H Taxi-driver software to

guide you through

Ever marvelled at a taxi-driver's knowledge of a city's short cuts? Well, you can now be happy, as
soon you would be able to take advantage of that know-how in your own car.

Initial tests of a virtual cab driver have suggested that it could shave over 10 per cent off journey times
through crowded urban streets, reports New Scientist.

The system, known as T-Drive, starts by monitoring the routes taken by cabbies at different times of day.

To test their idea, the researchers used three months of movement data, representing 400 million kilometres
of travel, from a fleet of 33,000 taxis in Beijing.

The taxi trajectories were merged to reveal the roads that cab drivers prefer. Given a request to navigate
between any two points in the city, the system could then choose a route based on the roads that are popular
with cabbies at that time of day.

For a real-world test, the Microsoft engineers asked a pair of drivers to travel between two
locations in Beijing: one was given a route suggested by T-Drive, the other used Google Maps.

Averaged over 30 trials, the two systems produced routes that were roughly the same in length. But T-
Drive seemed to know how to avoid stoppages: it produced average drive times of 23 minutes, almost
4 minutes faster than Google Maps.

Yu Zheng, an engineer at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, said the advantage comes from the
drivers' intimate knowledge of Beijing streets.

There is a new Nikon model in the market – the Nikon Coolpix P100. It’s really quite
extraordinary, you have many shooting options which are built around a high-speed CMOS
sensor, and a 26x megazoom lens.

Samsung takes the cake with the advanced touchscreen which it has developed using the
TouchWiz interface which is unique to Samsung.

Nintendo has gone another step forward and released a new kind of game for the Dsi in Japan.
This game is in 3D and utilizes different kinds of technology.

Google is looking to develop the features of its Street View and further enhance it by
refreshing the images every year from now on. To be able to keep up with this constant
changes happening in the cities, this move was decided upon by Google.

Lots of people all over the country will be heaving a sigh of relief as PayPal will finally be
resuming their services back in India from the 3rd of March.

The new Lenovo ThinkPad T410 is the very latest in its range of business notebooks. This 14.1
inch laptop, with its Core i5 CPU and sleek design, promises high levels of performance.
3 ...
Japan based consumer electronics manufacturer Toshiba has announced the world´s first 3D
Flat panel-TV without glasses. Toshiba has launched two 3D TVs with a screen size of 12 inch
and 20 inch in Japan’s biggest consumer electronics show, CEATEC 2010.
Toshiba claimed that the new integral imaging system helps the users to experience 3D videos
without wearing 3D glasses. The new Toshiba 3D TV uses a perpendicular lenticular sheet, an
array of small lenses that directs light from the display to nine points in front of the set. If a
viewer sits within the optimal viewing zone, the brain integrates these points into a single 3D
Japan based consumer electronics manufacturer Toshiba has announced the world´s first 3D
Flat panel-TV without glasses. Toshiba has launched two 3D TVs with a screen size of 12 inch
and 20 inch in Japan’s biggest consumer electronics show, CEATEC 2010.
Toshiba claimed that the new integral imaging system helps the users to experience 3D videos
without wearing 3D glasses. The new Toshiba 3D TV uses a perpendicular lenticular sheet, an
array of small lenses that directs light from the display to nine points in front of the set. If a
viewer sits within the optimal viewing zone, the brain integrates these points into a single 3D

Dell has just launched its smartphone-tablet device Streak in India. This device is available
with Tata DoCoMo post paid connection with 500MB Free data connection usage for the first
six months. A blend of tablet with smartphone, Streak can actually make and receive voice calls.
Dell has added ultra-intelligent facial proximity and ambient light sensors that auto-adjust the
screen brightness and also save the battery life accordingly.
Specifications of the Dell Streak:
 Sharp 5-inch capacitive multi-touch Gorilla glass scratch resistant display WVGA (800x
 1GHz Snapdragon ARM-based mobile processor from Qualcomm along with 512MB ROM
and 512MB SDRAM.
 UMTS / GPRS / EDGE class 12 GSM radio with link speeds of HSDPA 7.2 Mbps / HSUPA.
 5 MP auto focus camera with dual LED flash
 VGA front-facing camera enables video chat functionality down the road
 User-removable (and replaceable) battery
 3.5mm headphone jack
 Integrated 3G + Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) + Bluetooth 2.1 (think headsets, external keyboards,
stereo headsets, etc.)
 Micro SD slot expandable up to 32GB.
 2GB internal storage meant only for file system and OS.

Pillete, Matthias Lange’s newest device of Bluetooth headset is so tiny; it’s almost
invisible to the untrained eye when you are wearing it. This tiny pill-sized headset rocks
a high-performance microphone and twistable design for awesome voice-quality in a
super-cool and unique form factor.
It is really an unbelievably amazing device, when headsets shrink down to the size of a
pill! Pillete boasts to be the world’s smallest Bluetooth headset so far. Capsulated in a
form factor that is almost the size of a pill, featuring high performance microphone and
at the same time maintaining optimal voice quality with a twistable design, Pillete is
certainly one of those gadgets capable of making heads turn. This almost invisible
Bluetooth headset is turned on when folded in to an ‘L’ shaped ear-bud and returns to
the off mode when made straight.

Logitech has unveiled a new solar-powered wireless keyboard - the K750
The slim, wireless K750 sports a couple of solar strips above the row of function keys which provide
the keyboard's power. The company says that it can draw energy from internal lighting as well as
the sun, and will keep on going even after being kept in the dark for a few months.
The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is the company's first keyboard powered wholly by light.
In addition to sunlight, the device's integrated solar panel will also be able to draw power from
ambient, indoor light.
The chiclet-type keys benefit from Logitech's Incurve design, which is said to provide a little extra
keying comfort by supporting "the shape of your fingertips, while helping guide your fingers to the
right key."
The K750 is a cordless keyboard and connects wirelessly with Logitech's low profile Unifying receiver
over a 128-bit AES encrypted, 2.4GHz connection.
The company has also developed a solar power app that includes a lux meter to help position the
keyboard in the best sunbathing position, and gives useful information about the keyboard's battery
levels. It'll even send out an alert when power gets low.

Quirky has a cool new product in the works called the Trek Support. The
thing is a backpack that can hold your gadgets and a notebook, but with an
added bonus. The gadget section has pockets for four different items and the
thing can charge three items at one time.
The notebook sleeve is removable and is held in place with Velcro. Inside the
backpack is a battery that you charge from the AC outlet in your home or
hotel. That battery charges the gadgets and is good for 7 hours depending on
what you are charging. The laptop section will fit machines with up to a 15-
inch screen.

: 5-
The binocular/digital camera combo is a great gadget, packed with some cool
features like a flip-up 1.5″ LCD display for viewing the camera images, 8X digital
zoom and 5-MegaPixel digital camera.
The onboard memory is only 32MB but this can easily be expanded up to 2GB and the
USB port makes it easy to get photos moved onto your computer. It uses 2 AAA
batteries. Also it provides clear night vision and can record video upto 1 minute.

Dotpen pro from Candle Dragon seems to have everything to be the perfect digital
pen, meaning it allows you to write simple text, detailed sketches and draw anything
you want, on any type of paper, sending all wirelessly, in real-time, to the design or
office applications on the computer or your smartphone. It allows you to read on the
display as you write and, more than that, you can use the dotpen pro as a mouse and
stylus as well.

Answer of brain strain- Abominable


Wuala is secure storage for all your files.
Wuala is secure online storage, a haven in the cloud to
store your files. You can safely access and share your
files with friends, family, and co-workers.


Photoscape is a fun and easy photo editing software that
enables you to fix and enhance photos.


 Viewer: View photos in your folder, create a slideshow

 Editor: resizing, brightness and color adjustment, white balance, backlight
correction, frames, balloons, mosaic mode, adding text, drawing pictures,
cropping, filters, red eye removal, blooming, clone stamp
 Batch editor: BatchWEBSITE :
edit multiple photos
 Page: Merge multiple photos on the page frame to create one final photo
 Combine: Attach multiple photos vertically or horizontally to create one final
 Animated GIF: Use multiple photos to create a final animated photo
 Print: Print portrait shots, carte de visites(CDV), passport photos
 Splitter: Slice a photo into several pieces
 Screen Capture: Capture your screenshot and save it
 Color Picker: Zoom in on images, search and pick a color
 Rename: Change photo file names in batch mode
 Raw Converter: Convert RAW to JPG
Presidential State Car

The current presidential limousine entered service on January 20, 2009. According to GM, the
manufacturer, the "2009 Cadillac Presidential Limousine" is the first not to carry a specific model
name. The vehicle's outward appearance is that of an enlarged Cadillac DTS limousine; however, the
vehicle's chassis and driveline are actually sourced from the GMC Topkick commercial truck. Styling
elements are sourced from a variety of GM vehicles; for example, the car uses Cadillac
Escalade headlights, not DTS units. Although a price tag has not been announced, according
to London-based newspaper The Guardian, each limousine cost the U.S. tax
payers US$300,000. During his presidency, Barack Obama has also
used the limousine of former President George W. Bush
consistently, during visits nationwide and internationally.

General specifications
Most details of the car are classified for security reasons. It is completely fitted with military
grade armor at least five inches thick, and the wheels are fitted with run flat tires. Due to the
thickness of the glass, much natural light is excluded, so a fluorescent halo lighting system in
the headliner is essential.
The car can seat seven people, including the president. The front seats two, and includes a
console-mounted communications center. A glass partition divides the front from back. Three
rear facing seats are in the back, with cushions that are able to fold over the partition. The two
rear seats are reserved for the president and another passenger; these seats have the ability to
recline individually. A folding desk is between the two rear seats. Storage compartments in the
interior panels of the car contain communications equipment. The Secret Service refers to the
heavily-armored vehicle as "the beast".
The United States government also operates similarly designed limousines for VIP guests,
visiting heads of government, and heads of state.

Shivam Goyal

Nishant Arora

Deepika Mittal
cosmic spiral,eclipsed sun and more

The pictures, taken between March 2000 and August 2009, come together to
reveal colorful details in the star-forming galaxy, which lies 68 million light-
years away. The galaxy's dusty arms are lined with young star clusters (blue)
and glowing hydrogen clouds (pink) where new stars are being born

Slated to launch November 1, Discovery and the STS-133 crew will carry
supplies, spare parts, and the humanoid robot Robonaut 2 to the
International Space Station.

The dark disk of the moon partially eclipses the sun in a new picture,
released October 7 by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. The orbiting
telescope captured the lunar transit as the craft was taking pictures of the
star in extreme ultraviolet light.

Emerging from the darkness like a deep-sea jellyfish (pictures), the planetary
nebula NGC 6210 shows off its oddball structure in a new picture from the
Hubble Space Telescope. The nebula sits about 6,500 light-years away from
Earth in the constellation Hercules. Planetary nebulae actually have little to
do with planets. Instead, the clouds of dust and gas are leftovers from the
quiet deaths of sunlike stars. These medium-size stars shed their outer layers
as they perish, leaving behind dense cores called white dwarfs, which are
surrounded by nebulae of different shapes and sizes.
It’s only about 1meter tall but
a single hop can cover
one kilometer!
It's called a penguin.

But this is no ordinary penguin.

It’s the lunar penguin - a squat,
four-legged lunar lander that
looks nothing like a penguin. It
has a few tiny jump boosters
underneath it and on its sides to
propel it along.

So why was it called a penguin?

Probably because it was first
designed to land on the South
Pole of the moon to search for ice.
But scientists can see all sorts of
other possibilities for the hopping
Its design has been based on
tactical weapons technologies –
the rocket engines have been
developed from ground-based
missile defense systems, and its
guidance system comes from the
Tomahawk cruise missile.
Everything has been adapted for
moon work.

So are we soon going to see lots of penguins hopping around the moon?
Not until the year 2012 at least, when these robotic scouts will be used
to search for safe landing spots and useful minerals for colonists to mine.
How much time do you spend at School? Not much
really. Have a look at these figures.

Saturday and Sunday are holidays. Together they

equal 104 days a year.

If u sleep 8 hours a day that adds up to 2,920 hours,

or 122 days a year.

You would probably spend about 2 hours a day

eating which adds up to 30 days a year.

Add on about 30 minutes a day for showering, doing your hair and
cleaning your teeth - that equals 8 days.

School holidays equal about 10 weeks, or 70 days

Add all these days together and you get 364.That Leaves you just
one day to go to school. And we haven’t counted national holidays!

What’s wrong with these figures?

Boris the bull has just swallowed a time bomb and Its going to go
off in about 5 minutes. Not much time to get out of his way – or
get the time bomb out!
Which of the following four words best describes
the situation?

ANS: In the same edition…

MMEC ALMANAC- Recommended Literature

The beloved, bestselling

international author of The
Alchemist returns with
another haunting novel—a
thrilling journey into our
constant fascination with the About the author:-
worlds of fame, fortune, and
The Brazilian author PAULO
COELHO was born in 1947 in the
city of Rio de Janeiro. Before
A profound meditation on dedicating his life completely to
personal power and innocent literature, he worked as theatre
dreams that are manipulated director and actor, lyricist and
or undone by success, The journalist. In 1986, PAULO COELHO
Winner Stands Alone is set in did the pilgrimage to Saint James
of Compostella, an experience later
the exciting worlds of fashion
to be documented in his book The
and cinema. Taking place
Pilgrimage. In the following year,
over the course of twenty- COELHO published The Alchemist.
four hours during the Cannes Slow initial sales convinced his first
Film Festival, it is the story of publisher to drop the novel, but it
Igor, a successful, driven went on to become one of the best
Russian entrepreneur who selling Brazilian books of all time.
will go to the darkest lengths Other titles include Brida (1990),
to reclaim a lost love—his ex- The Valkyries (1992), By the river
wife, Ewa. Believing that his Piedra I sat Down and Wept (1994),
life with Ewa was divinely the collection of his best columns
ordained, Igor once told her published in the Brazilian
that he would destroy whole newspaper Folha de São Paulo
worlds to get her back. The entitle Maktub (1994), the
compilation of texts Phrases
conflict between an
(1995), The Fifth Mountain (1996),
individual evil force and
Manual of a Warrior of Light
society emerges, and as the (1997), Veronika decides to die
novel unfolds, morality is (1998) and many more…
In KURTAS collection one can find Sherwani, Kurta, Indo Western Sherwani, and
Accessories, that are intricately hand and machine crafted, using the ancient
techniques of embroidery like zardozi and aari work, patch work, single needle work,
doriya thread embroidery etc.

In WOMEN ETHNIC one can find varities of chaniya cholis, traditional salwar kameez,
punjabi suits, indo-western garments, kurtis and dress materials

Saree, the eternally fashionable and elegant drape from India, has defined Indian
womanhood for over 5000 years. Its charm lies in its simplicity and flowing grace
available in countless fabrics, patterns and colors.

REMEMBER to choose garments with individualistic looks, uncompromising quality

and creative strength. Chose only the best fabric, meticulous quality control.

For more fashion guidance

and fabric guidance send
your queries to
REVEALED Machu Picchu, the "lost city of the Incas,"
was not a true city but rather a pilgrimage
center symbolically connected to the
Andean vision of the cosmos, an Italian
study has concluded.

"This island had a very important sanctuary

which was a destination of pilgrimage. An
Machu Picchu may have been less of a apparently insignificant rock was believed
city, than a spiritual destination for the to be the place of birth of the sun, and
Inca. New research argues the therefore of the Inca civilization," told
ceremonial path into the city was NATGEO News.
conceived as a replica of the path
followed by the first Incas in The Inca, who ruled the largest empire on
cosmological myth. Earth by the time their last emperor,
Atahualpa, was garroted by Spanish
conquistadors in 1533, believed that the Sun
God was their ancestor

Theories about the city's function abound.

Machu Picchu has been wrongly identified
as the traditional birthplace of the Inca
people, their final stronghold, and a sacred
center occupied by virgins devoted to the
Sun God.
"Magli's argument that Machu Picchu was a
pilgrimage site and not a royal estate is well
worth considering, although it is in need of
a much more substantial proof. There is no
reason to believe that it could not have been
both," Protzen, a leading expert on Inca
architecture, told NATGEO News.
In every home there are candle stubs that are too short to
light and too long to throw away. These stubs are very useful
as they are made of wax that melts at low temperature and
burns at high. When wax cools and hardens, it forms a
moisture-proof barrier and it can be a great lubricant in some
uses. These stubs are a great household resource for some
simple solutions. Let's explore the uses of these stubs that are
just lying in a drawer.

Great Lubricant
Candle wax can be used a
lubricant for drawers, sliding
doors and windows, smooth
New Candles from Old
running of cutting tools like It takes only a few minutes to save some bucks and excite your
saw and drill bits. Simply scrub brains.
the wax to dresser drawer
sides and bottom and see the The easiest way to make new candles from leftover candle stubs
magic. is to melt them in a boiler. Once the wax totally melts and
becomes liquid, remove any foreign particles and burnt wicks.
Dip a new wick (a thick twisted thread) in hot wax, tie one end
to a pencil and lay the pencil over a Styrofoam cup so the wick
hangs straight to the bottom.

Now pour the liquid wax in to the cup and let it harden. Now,
peel off the Styrofoam cup and your own-made candle is ready

Fire Starter to spread light around you.

We often face problem while

setting campfire while outing
and picnics. Candle stubs are
great fire starters and we
always have some left at
home. Just throw some
candle stubs in to the
firewood and light it. By the
time the stubs are consumed,
the fire will be blazing.
Vocab Capsule
Hi friends!!

This month let us learn some catchy and funky slangs used nowadays…

 Blimp:-Well this one can be a bit offensive for

someone who is fat.
Blimp is a slang used for a fat person.
For example:-My boss is a blimp.

 Catch some rays:-If you are really in the need of a

tan then u may just hear this from someone.
It means to get some sunshine.
For example:-Go to a beach and catch some rays.

 Glitch:-Do you have a minor problem with

your TV, stereo or your PC then such minor
issues maybe given a small term known as a
Glitch is a minor defect.

 Heave:-Feeling dizzy in the theatre after

watching Raavan??
Then you better heave up before sitting in my
Heave means to vomit. Well who won’t after
seeing all that.
 Yank:-Call someone yank means he’s of
american origin.

 Veg out:-Feeling lazy on a Sunday morning

then why not vegetate in front of the TV. Well
that means to veg out.

 Sunnies:-This one is very cool. It means your shades or sunglasses.

 Snookered:-It means being cheated by someone.

Perfecting the Art of Group Discussions

The Management institutes and Companies Structure of Group Discussions

organize Group Discussions for the purpose As obvious from the name itself, Group Discussions take place
admissions and recruitments of freshers. The within a group of people. (say 10 to 30)
purpose of GD being: - A Debatable Topic or Problem is presented either in writing
 To judge the leadership qualities. on a blackboard or is stated verbally by the person in charge,
 Analytical abilities. representing the organization.
 Problem solving capabilities. This person is called the Moderator or Coordinator or
 Communication Skills. Facilitator.
There is also a panel of judges, who just silently observe and
evaluate the candidates.

Responsibilities of the Moderator are: -

 To introduce the topic to the group of candidates.

 Guide and control the flow of discussion among the group members.
 Maintain discipline, as the discussion may get too aggressive or even unruly at times.
 Keep the time-as only a limited period; say of 20-30 minutes is assigned to each session.
 To also judge and evaluate the candidates on the basis of their initiative, capabilities and other
factors of importance (This is valid when the moderator is also acting as a judge)
Tips for Effective Participation in a GD

 Keep your knowledge of current affairs-especially ‘hot’ topics up to date.

 If it is a fresher’s interview for an industry or bank etc. then one should gather knowledge about their
mission, systems and challenges etc.
 It may be useful to hold mock group discussions with friends or classmates.
 Preparedness and self-confidence are the keys to success in a group discussion.
 Grab an opportunity to speak but never lose sight of the main topic.
 Be aggressive in presenting your viewpoint but do not be arrogant.
 Speak clearly and loudly enough for everyone to hear what you are saying.
 Don’t just say that you agree or disagree with a particular person-present your viewpoint with clear
 Remember that in a discussion a person is judged for the leadership qualities and original thinking.
Hence speak fast and sensibly.
 Listen attentively to others so that an important point is not missed out. Sometimes if any speaker
cannot explain the point properly, you can adopt and explain the point as your own.
 You get evaluated not for your thinking but expressing your viewpoint and in the manner you do so.
 If you perceive that the discussion is moving towards its end, try to quickly take an opportunity to
summarize it and draw logical conclusions.
 During the discussion try to maintain an eye contact with the other speakers and do not focus
attention on the moderator alone.
 Your confidence and communication skills are the best tools in a Group Discussion. Use them deftly
and expertly.

Group Discussions are interactive. Remember that you will be interrupted and be prepared to
hold your ground by making your points clearly and forcefully.
This is the largest and the most costly single-family home ever built. It belongs to MUKESH
AMBANI who is currently the richest man in India (5th in the world) with an estimated net worth
of 43 Billion (Forbes: Richest Men March 2008). He is owner of Reliance Industries which is the
number one producer of steel in the world.
The Ambani home, named Antilla, has no two single floors alike. Neither the plans nor the
materials could be used twice as requested by Nita Ambani. This massive home finished in January
of 2009 and encompasses some of the most breathtaking architecture and amenities imaginable. It
costs upwards of 1 billion US dollars. It towers 550 feet over the city of Mumbai, India, that is twice
as high as the tallest building in Mumbai. Located off the western coast of India overlooking the
Indian Sea this building stands 60 stories tall. But in fact it only has 27 stories and each story is just
over double the size of a standard one.

1. In the lower section it has 6
floors dedicated solely to
parking his unique exotic cars.
It can fit 168 cars in total. Just
above the parking structure is a
service center.

2.This house will have a staff of

600 employees. And there will
be only 6 people actually living
there including Mukesh, Nita
(His wife), their 3 children and
his mother.

3.The structure was designed by

architects Perkins + Will and
Hirsch Bedner Associates.

4.It has 400,000 sq. ft. of

interior living space.

5.There are two helicopter

landing pads on the roof.

6.A home theater with a seating

capacity of 50.

Antilla's distinctive shape is based on Vaastu, which is 7.80% of its ceilings are
an Indian tradition similar to Feng Shui. It is said that it covered in crystal chandeliers.
moves energy beneficially through the building by
strategically placing materials, rooms, and objects. 8.It has nine elevators, a health
Which is obviously crucial if you are one of the world’s club, a swimming pool, an ice
richest men and have billions of dollars. In our opinion room (fake snow), and a
it's perfect and embraces every item an aspiring fullscale 3 story garden.
billionaire would want to have in their home.
ALMANAC News Focus
----News Grab-----

• Champions Trophy
(Cricket tournament)
organized in MMU



• MMU Students Wins

Overall Trophy in Inter-
College Technical Fest

AIESEC Visits MMU Campus Swami Ramdev visits MMUCampus

“To live life for

Yog Guru Baba Ramdev visited MMU trivial pursuits is

AIESEC visited MMU campus on campus on 22.10.10. an insult to life. If
07.10.10 and gave a presentation to Swami Ramdev has ushered in a new
2000 students and had a tremendous
we make full use
era of hope for people suffering from
response. Present in over 107 countries different kinds of ailments, even the of our potential,
and territories and with over 50,000 incurable ones. The impact of Ramdev
we can become
on lifestyle is to such a great extent
AIESEC is the world‟s largest student-run that, the entire nation is getting swept great persons,
organization. away by the healing techniques taught apostle and super
by Swami Ramdev. His healing therapy
mainly consists of yoga Pranayams and persons.”
Ayurvedic medications. Read on to
One day workshop on Phoenix know more about the influence of
Training Program organized by Swami Ramdev on people and their
Dept. Of Physics lifestyle.
Indian Navy Shortlists students from
One day workshop on Phoenix Training MMU
Program was organised by Dept. Of
Physics (M.M.E.C) on 11.10.10.
Indian Navy has selected seventy six
The event was sponsored by Inter University (76) students for S.S.B from MMU.
Accelerator Centre (New Delhi)
Placement drive was organized by MM
T&P Cell on 17.08.10-18.08.10 and
students enthusiastically participated in
this event. Swami Ramdev
-Yog Guru
MM University Management
congratulates all the selected students
and T&P Cell for this wonderful

Oct-Nov. 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 2●News Focus-MMEC ALAMANAC

MMU Students Wins Overall Trophy in Inter-College
Technical Fest YO INFOTSAV 10
MMU Students won the Overall Trophy in Prizes are as follows:
Inter-College Technical Fest "YO
INFOTSAV 10 ,organized by JMIT Radaur First Prizes
on 21st-22nd October,2010. Students 1.General Quiz : Divya Gupta
from 16 different colleges participated in Jyoti Khocker
this event.
In addition to OVERALL TROPHY FOR THE 2.Technical Quiz : Nirdesh M ani Sharma
INSTITUTE, MM University students Deepak Jain
bagged Five 1 st positions, Two 2nd
positions and one 3rd position in 4.Fortune Wheel : Rajesh
technical and communication skills.
5.Live Project: Nirdesh M ani Sharma
Deepak Jain

6.Ripple Disorder : Sunil Prakash

Second Prizes

1.Technical Rangoli : Tejbir, Rajesh

2.Probuzz : Nirdesh M ani Sharma

Third Prize

1.Technical Rangoli : Divya Gupta

Jyoti Khocker

Skyscrapers organize MODOTECH

Skyscrapers, a society of Civil Engineering students,
organised a futuristic event „M odo Tech: Tomorrow‟s
Technologies‟ in the University Premises on 29th Sep. 2010
under the patronage of Dr. Vikas Garg, the President
„Skyscrapers‟ and Head, Department of Civil Engineering
and Prof. Upain Bhatia, Vice President „Skyscrapers‟. The
grand success of the function can be gauged by the fact
that a large number of students enthusiastically participated
in this event with their creative and innovative ideas.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Baldev Setia, Principal, MMEC M ullana

couldn‟t bless the students with his invaluable guidance but
sent his good wishes to the organisers of the event and
exhorted the today‟s visionaries and tomorrow‟s architects
to take awareness, discipline of thought and commitment in
their stride to keep their mind on the present moment to
achieve their goal as

“Woods are lovely dark and deep

but they have promises to keep,
and miles to go before they sleep,
and miles to go before they sleep”.

Guest of the Honour Dr. Deepak Gupta, Programme

Director, Diploma B.Tech. Integrated Programme,
appreciated and encouraged the organisers that
„M odoTech‟ is an honest endeavour of young, would be
scientists of today, not only to look into but also to alter and
better our tomorrow. He further expressed a sense of
satisfaction that our past, present and future are in safe and
competent hands with long sight and deep insight.

M ODOTECH-Skyscrapers

Oct-Nov. 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 2●News Focus-MMEC ALAMANAC

Inter College Cultural Events (Rangoli, Poster making &
MMEC Almanac Cartoon making) organized in MMU.
Various Inter College events which
Room 329,
involved Rangoli, Poster making and
Engg. Block 1,
Cartoon making were organized by MM
MM Engg. College,
University Cultural Committee on 13.10.10.
MMU Campus
Mullana, Ambala Winners:
Rangoli :

Phone: MM College of Education

+91-9896004436 Poster making:
+91-9017379349 MM College of Dental Science

Cartoon making:

MM Engineering College
Inter College Basket Ball
Champions Trophy (Cricket
tournament) organized in MMU. Tournament held on 4th Oct - 6th
Web Site: Oct, 2010
Champions Trophy Cricket tournament
was successfully organized in MMU Inter College Basket Ball Tournament was Cricket ground from 08.10.10 to 10.10.10. held on 4th Oct - 6th Oct, 2010 in Indoor
Teams from M.M.E.C, M.M.I.M, Sports Complex, MMU.
M.M.I.M.S.R & M.M.C.D.S.R participated A total of 12 matches were held in the
in the tournament. Tournament.
MMEC won the trophy.
M.M.I.M won the trophy.

Here is everything you

need..the change we

Oct-Nov. 2010 ● Volume 2, Issue 2●News Focus-MMEC ALAMANAC

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