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Birthday Trivia
1. I was born on November 29, 1955 in Kingston,
Ontario, Canada. I am a stand-up comedian, televi-
Vol. 5 No. 2
Don Hemple, Publisher
sion host, and actor. I hosted “Deal or No Deal” and Nancy Spencer, Editor
BAD FADS am currently a judge on “America’s Got Talent”. Who A monthly publication for
am I? Allen, Auglaize, Putnam,
5....REMEMBER WHEN...1949 Logan, Mercer and Van Wert Counties.
2. I was born Nov. 28, 1943 in Los Angeles. I am a For editorial information:
songwriter, best known for film scores to films such Nancy Spencer: 1-800-589-6950 Ext. 134
6....FABULOUS FOOD SHOW as: “Toy Story” and “Cars”. I also wrote the hit song Email -
“Short People”. Who am I?
For advertising information:
7... REALLY BIG EATS 1-800-589-6950
3. I was born Nov. 1, 1960 in Navojoa, Mexico. I
Marilyn Hoffman Ext. 131
8....BY LANTERN’S LIGHT was a left-handed pitcher who pitched for six differ-
Stacy Prine Ext. 129
ent teams during my Major League Baseball career.
I became the only player in Major League history A DELPHOS HERALD
9...ROTH IRA CONVERSION to win the Rookie of the Year award, the Cy Young PUBLICATION
Award, and the Silver Slugger Award in the same 405 N. Main St.,
DEADLINE APPROACHING season (1981). Who am I? Delphos, Ohio 45833

10...IN THE SAME BOAT... 4. I was born on Nov. 12, 1944 in Brooklyn, New
York. I am an American television sportscaster. I
LIPSTICK SITUATION have many years of calling play-by-play of National Birthday trivia answers
Football League games, including nearly two decades 1. Howie Mandel 3. Fernando
11...CROSSWORD FUN: CLASSIC GAMES with Monday Night Football. Who Am I? 2. Randy Newman Valenzuela
4. Al Michaels

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NEW & USED The Area’s
Only Dual
Ford Lincoln/
Mercury Dealer!
Proudly Serving
The Area
Since 1922!
CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED • LEASING 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008

• Service & Repair • Parts & Accessories

• Owner Advantage Rewards • Body Repair & Painting 419-692-0055 11260 Elida Rd. Delphos

2 – GOOD TIMES • November 2010
Golden Living Alzheimer’s Care...
Enhancing the quality of Life
“Home is where the heart is.”
Through our Alzheimer’s Care by Golden Living program,
we’ve created a nurturing, home environment, where an in-
dividual can live an independent life in a safe and secure
By threading the elements of home with innovative features
that aid in daily activities, we offer a place where people not
only live well, they live with dignity and self esteem.

Golden Living philosophical

approach to Alzheimer care:
•Honoring each person’s uniqueness
•Building on individual strengths
•Interpreting the language of behavior
•Understanding that “life is an activity of being and doing”
Alzhiemer’s Care
•Creating an environment that nurtures their feelings
•Eliminating the factors that cause disability
by Golden Living...
•Enabling freedom of movement and expression
•Providing continuity of care and services throughout
all stages of the disease
More that just
•Entering into “partnerships” with family members and others another eldercare program!
who touch our residents’ lives
We have the knowledge and experience to
provide the right care for your loved one.
And because we consider you–the family–as
valuable members of our care giving team,
we will show you ways to better understand
and communicate with your loved one.

Let us help you,

LIMA, OH 45804 ST. MARYS, OH 45885
Phone: (419)227-2154 Phone: (419)394-3308
November 2010 • GOOD TIMES – 3
Those Were The Days
Fashion Fads
From Leisure suits to Platform Shoes
Did you ever say “I can’t be- sure suits of their own.
lieve I wore that?” Many strange The leisure suit was the first
styles have come and gone (thank choice of young, sports-minded
goodness). In the next few issues men who preferred the casual
of Good Times we will take a clos- and comfortable. The suit could
er look at just a few of our more be worn with the jacket open or
“infamous” attire trends. closed, and the shirt (often bright
and patterned) open (perfect for
LEISURE SUIT peace symbols). Leisure suits were
The leisure suit, defined as a all the rage at the disco’s.
casual suit with a shirt-like jacket The leisure suit height of popu-
and matching pants, was devel- larity was in 1975, but fell from
oped as casual wear for men. fashion around 1980.
Around the time of World War II,
casual suits became more popular. THE NEHRU JACKET
The casual suit--of cheaper cottons The Nehru Jacket was named
or synthetics, less formal, easier to after Jawaharial Nehru, the first
clean--was the forerunner of the Prime Minister of independent In-
in Allsuit.
Then, about 1974, the dia.
leisure suit burst on the scene
the Simplified-Issue Whole
lapels open and chains dangling.
withLife Policy Life insurance
It began to be marketed as the
Nehru jacket in the West in the

Soon, not only were men wearing mid-1960s; it was briefly popular
leisure suits, but teenagers, young there in the late 1960s and early Leisure suits were all the rage in the early 70’s.
boys, and toddlers were being out- 1970s, its popularity spurred by
fitted to look just like dad in lei-
for seniors.
growing awareness of foreign
cultures, by the to their jeans. The most common boots with a broad heel that were

e insurance CAFE minimalism of artwork to find on these jeans were either bright white leather or vi-
the Mod lifestyle, collages of their favorite rock nyl. They originated from the

ecially for seniors. D

and, in particular,esigned
just for those collection of Andre Courreges, a

by the Monkees In the early sixties, these jazzy Parisian. His collection introduced
and the Beatles,between jeans themade
ages ofa50comeback with the white dresses three inches above
who popularized flower children. Men and women
the knee coupled with white mid-
the garment.
and 80, this affordable
both Simplified-
became slaves to this fash- calf boots - called “kid boots”.
205 W. Pike St., Jackson Center, Ohio
igned just for those between the ages of 50 and 80, this ion by spending weeks to get their That year his collection overshad-
Issue Whole Lifejeans
policyto offers up toperfect - skintight
Whole LifeSpecials
policy offers up to
$50,000 of protection—extra
and faded. Unlike the decals of the
owed such seasoned designers as
Coco Chanel.
Meals: Feature JEANS forties, jeans from the disco era
Teenage girls had a more drug-oriented flavor, In 1965, Nancy Sinatra topped
protection—extra Garden
security for theSalads
ones you love. security for the ones you love.
started the trend as leafy hemp plants and cigarette music charts with her smash hit
❦Fresh Soups ❦Gourmet Sandwiches in the Applying
1940’s for
by coverage “These Boots Are Made For Walk-
logos couldn’t
grace thousands
be of legs.
couldn’t beCoffees
or coverage & Espresso
easier, there are Applicable
adding in
every- All States ing.” The record sold almost 4 mil-
❦Selection of Wine & Beer To promote
thing from the Simplified-Issue Whole Life Policy
easier, there are no qualifying exams BOOTS
GO-GO Life in
lion copies -- she will forever be
ng exams and only three health
❦Delightful Desserts paint, and patches Go-Go boots were calf level the poster child for go-go boots. espec
you’re 50 or older,
and only three health questions
o answer. For a customized for se
to answer. For a

you’re infor
all our agency today.
D es
and 80, this af
CHRISTMAS PARTY We promise you and your guests hen you insure you home with us,
80, this Auto-
call our
esigned just for those between the ages of 50 Issue Whole L
We also offer off-site catering! Owners Insurance Company, we’ll save you money!
will taste the difference. affordable Simplified-Issue Whole Life policy offers up to
agencyStatistics show that your age group experiences fewer $50,000 of pro
OPEN NEW YEAR’S EVE ❦Banquet facility reservation - anytime security for th
with a less-costly
$50,000 of losses,
protection—extra allowing
security for theus
love.the savings on
you. Contact our agency today forarea customized proposal Applying for
Agency Namemenu! Hours: Closed Mondays, T-Fr 11 am to 3 pm.; for coverage couldn’t be easier, there
GROVESeasier, there a
Agency address on your homeowners insurance protection.
Open Th.-Fr. and Sat. Evenings for Dinner 5-9 no qualifying exams and only three health Insuranceand only three
Agency phone number
questions to answer. For a customized Agency to answer. Fo
❦ Social Gatherings ❦ Healthy Nourishment ❦ Cultural Enhancement proposal, call our agency today.
105 W. Third, Delphos
TOM GROVES 419-692-6906

4 – GOOD TIMES • November 2010 call our

Remember When... 1949
By 1949 the United States had made Soon television would come along
giant strides economically. Gone were the to show people more and more things to
severe shortages endured during World War want.
II. People were beginning to buy not just •KDKA-TV becomes the first local, on-
what they needed but what they wanted. air television station in the US.
Sugar, rationed during the war, was now •The first Volkswagen Beetle to arrive in
plentiful for less than 10 cents a pound. If the United States, a 1948 model, is brought
you lived in town, you paid about 25 cents to New York by Dutch businessman Ben
a dozen for eggs, 80 cents for a gallon of Pon. Unable to interest dealers or importers
milk, and 45 cents a pound for hamburger. in the Volkswagen, Pon sells the sample car
The prices in 1949 sound low today, but to pay his travel expenses. Only two 1949
the average income was less than $3,000 a models will be sold in America that year,
year. convincing Volkswagen chairman Heinrich
Almost everyone wanted a new car, Nordhoff that the car has no future in the
even though it cost half a year’s pay. More U.S. (The VW Beetle goes on to become the
people saved up and paid cash in those days. greatest automobile phenomenon in Ameri-
People paid cash for most things, although can history.)
almost everyone had to take out mortgages •The B-50 Superfortress Lucky Lady
for the $5,000 to $10,000 that bought a de- II under Captain James Gallagher lands in
cent house. Fort Worth, Texas, after completing the first
A teenager could expect to pay about non-stop around-the-world airplane flight
$25 for a very nice store-bought dress or a (it was refueled in flight 4 times). EDSAC, the first stored-program computer, begins operation at Cambridge Uni-
passable winter coat. A candy bar or a bottle • The North Atlantic Treaty is signed in versity.
of pop cost five cents, and admission to a Washington, D.C., creating the NATO de-
movie (a double feature on Saturday after- fense alliance. •The last 6 surviving veterans of the on January 25, 1949, but solely to honor
noons) ran anyone over 12 about thirty-five •EDSAC, the first stored-program com- American Civil War meet in Indianapolis. shows produced and aired locally in the Los
cents in small towns and about sixty cents puter, begins operation at Cambridge Uni- •Red Scare: Celebrities including Helen Angeles area. Shirley Dinsdale has the dis-
in cities. versity. Keller, Dorothy Parker, Danny Kaye, Fre- tinction of receiving the very first Emmy,
dric March, John Garfield, Paul Muni and for Most Outstanding Television Personal-
Edward G. Robinson are named in an FBI ity, during that first awards ceremony.
report as Communist Party members. •The first telethon, benefitting the Da-
mon Runyon Cancer Fund, is hosted by


TELEVISION Milton Berle and lasts for 24 hours.
•The first Emmy Awards were presented •For the first time, the Sears & Roebuck
catalog includes televisions
•Bozo the Clown and The Lone Ranger
WapaTheatre Brown Building MUSIC
19 Willipie Street, Wapakoneta
LOCATED AT THE CORNER OF WILLIPIE WE BEAT •Ghost Riders in the Sky by Vaughn
Monroe tops the charts for 11 weeks.
Hours:10-5 Tuesday thru Friday;10-2 Saturday
ANY QUOTES! •Other top songs: Mule Train by Frankie
Laine; I Can Dream, Can’t I? by the An-
drew Sisters; Rudolf the Red Nosed Rein-
567-356-7269 deer by Gene Autry. Buttons and Bows by
YOU CAN PROFIT FROM Dinah Shore and Some Enchanted Evening
by Perry Como.
Top movies: Samson and Delilah star-
Buying Flatware Buying broken, unused gold jewelry ring Hedy Lamarr and Victor Mature;
Battleground with Van Johnson and John
Sterling Silver Buying pre-1964 silver coins
Hodiak; and Twelve O’Clock High with
Gregory Peck.
Flatware Academy Award: Best Picture: All the
King’s Men. Best Actor: Broderick Craw-
Paying from $400 ford in All the King’s Men and Best Actress:
Olivia de Havilland in the The Heiress.
to $1400 Per Set Shirley Dinsdal is remembered for
•Cleveland Browns 21–7 San Francisco
This Month! her dummy, “Judy Splinters”, and for
the early children’s television show that
49ers for the All-America Football Confer-
A Comf ortable Place To Do Business ence championship. After the 1949 season,
bears that name. In 1948, she received the the Browns, 49ers and original Baltimore
first ever Emmy award for Outstanding Colts all joined the NFL for the 1950 sea-
Television Personality. son.
November 2010 • GOOD TIMES – 5
Day Tripper...

wonderful places to visit just
a short drive away!

The Fabulous Food Show is appearances by celebrity chefs,
the nation’s largest “Taste, Try, cooking demonstrations by local
& Buy” culinary celebration fea- chefs, wine and food tastings, and
turing celebrity chef appearances, lots more to interest Ohio food
wine, beer, and spirit sampling, lovers.
local restaurants, retail, live mu- Celebrity Chefs: The 2010 Ce- perform live in the 1500-seat fountain, and chocolate martinis, and cooking season!
sic, demonstrations, free seminars, lebrity chef line-up for the show Main Kitchen Theater. Each guest among other treats. There will also If you want to learn more about
and many other delectable indul- includes the Food Network’s Anne will be able to attend at least one be live demonstrations by candy- The Market Place products, and
gences! Burrell, Guy Fieri, Alton Brown, of the six or seven daily celebrity makers, chocolatiers, and cake de- how you can use them to spice up
The Fabulous Food Show re- and Giada de Laurentis as well as events. signers. your holidays, stop by the Ohio
turns to Cleveland Ohio Novem- Cleveland’s own Iron Chef Mi- Other great events and areas to Proud Market Place Stage!
ber 12-14, 2010 at the Cleveland chael Symon. Audience members explore at the Food Show: Fabulous Food
I-X Center. The event features will be able to watch these chefs Marketplace: Hours and
The Grand Tasting The culinary marketplace fea- Admission:
Pavilion: tures more than 200 exhibitors. The 2010 Fabulous Food Show
The Grand Tasting Pavilion What a great place to start your is open Friday, November 12 from
will be hosted by the American holiday shopping. 10am - 8pm, Saturday from 10am
Wine School. This area features The Market Place features ex- - 8pm, and on Sunday from 10am
more than 250 wines as well as pansive carpeted aisles with ex- - 6pm. General admission is $25
spirits and beers from around the hibit booths highlighting the finest in advance ($30 at the show) plus
world. The pavilion includes a in retail and cuisine. $10 for the wine tastings.
Wine Shop where visitors can buy An assorted collection of over
wine and beer, an International 225 companies will sample and For complete information on
Wine Bar for tastings, and a Wine sell products and services in antic- participants visit www.fabulous-
Theater. A $10 passport entitles ipation of the year’s prime holiday
visitors to a crystal souvenir tast-
ing glass, six one-ounce tastings,
and a tasting booklet for notes.
Additional sampling tickets will
be available for purchase.

Meet and Greet

and Book Signings:
The event also includes a sec-
tion where you can meet and greet
your favorite celebrity -- or have
him or her sign a book for you at
the Book Signing Pavilion. The ta-
ble is open throughout the day and
stocked books by all of the partici-
pating celebrities. Guest chefs and
celebrities will take turns manning
the pavilion. Autographs are free
and available on a first-come, first-
served basis.

Professional chefs from area restaurants will be on hand to The Chocolate Bar:
The Dessert Pavilion fea- Booths offering all types of foods, spices, sauces and cooking es-
give advice and demonstrate how they make some local favorite sentials fill the Fabulous Food Show. Many will be offering samples
dishes. tures cakes, cookies, a chocolate
as well.
6 – GOOD TIMES • November 2010
Enjoy eating? Is being a member of the baked potato, salad, roll and 22oz bever- based) plus a side of french fries - all of
clean plate club not enough? Try visiting age. Eat it all IT’S FREE!!!! If not the which must be downed in 30 minutes.
or participating in one of the many restau- cost is $29.95 Prize: a photo added to the “wall of
rant sponsored eating contests in the area. Please give 24 hr notice if you would fame” at the Northeast Side restaurant
These competitions challenge participants like to try the challenge. A ten dollar de-
to eat everything from a 5 pound burger posit is required. Melt Bar and Grilled, Lakewood, OH
to a sundae with 42 scoops of ice cream. •Challenge : 4 lb grilled cheese sand-
Contest winners receive various prizes •Roc-a-fella’s Pizzeria, Centerville, OH wich Melt Challenge
and awards such as a free meal, their name Bronx Bomber 30 min Challenge to eat Sandwich has 12 cheeses
on a plaque or a commemorative t-shirt. a 18-inch double-crust pizza Prizes: 1: Free T shirt if all completed
You decide if the pain is worth the Prizes: Its Free if eaten by 2 person
gain. team in under 30 minutes E-I-E-I-O Food Challenge
Following are just a few examples of •Oink-A-Doodle-Moo E n g l e w o o d ,
these popular food contests: •Gresso’s, 961 S. High St., Columbus OH
Meal: The “Gresso Burger” at the Two pound sandwich w/Brisket Tips,
Cleats Club Seat Grille in Cleve- Brewery District hangout is a three-layer sliced brisket, pulled chicken, pulled pork,
land— creation with two 10-ounce patties, four half chicken and a full slab of ribs and 3
Take the “Garbage Dumpster” chal- slices of bacon, three cheeses, lettuce, on- side dishes of any choice.
lenge at any Cleats restaurant in the Cleve- ion and barbecue sauce served alongside 1 Eat it all in a one hour or less, get your
land area. The sandwich consists of a 5 pound of french fries. picture on the wall and get it all for free.
pound burger on 2 pounds of bread. True Prize: a T-shirt and a photo on the res- (A $44.95 Value).
to its name many items are “dumped” on taurant “wall of fame ... or shame”
this burger including cole slaw, french The $30 Spaghetti & Meatball
fries, cheese, bacon, tomatoes, grilled on- •Acme Hot Dog & Sausage Company, Challenge
ions and more. The sandwich is divided 4989 Cleveland Ave., Columbus •Padrino in Milford, Ohio
into five slices making it easy to handle. •Meal: The “Double Dog Dare” sand- 2lbs. of spaghetti +1lb. of meatballs
Eat it in one sitting and there is no charge wich ($12.50) consists of two quarter- + 1 lb. of marinara & garlic knots
for the sandwich (a $29.99 value). pound hot dogs, four mozzarella cheese Finish it and it’s FREE! Plus receive a
sticks, two chicken tenders, lettuce, to- free t-shirt and your picture on the wall of
Main St. Saloon, Akron, Ohio mato, onion, coleslaw, barbecue sauce and fame. 45 minute time limit... No excusing
The Challenger Steak - 80oz steak, “Area 51” sauce (mayo- and chili pepper- yourself from the table

Christmas at the Orr Mansion Open House

At the Logan County Museum,
521 E Columbus Ave., Bellefontaine
Holiday Shopping Package December 4th & 5th
Columbus/Polaris and
9100 Lyra Dr, Columbus, OH 43240
$139/King December 11th & 12th
from 1:00 to 5:00 pm
Hotel Located next to Polaris Fashion Place $159/Dbl Queen
Package Includes: 614.841.9100
 Deluxe overnight accommodations in a King
or Double Queen Suite*
 Complimentary shuttle service to and from & ORR MANSION
Polaris Mall beautifully decorated for the holidays
 Two complimentary cooked-to-order ** VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE ADULT TREE,
breakfasts from our Reflect Restaurant STUDENT TREE, & FAVORITE ROOM
 Two drinks from our Reflect Lounge or ** FAMILY CRAFT ACTIVITIES
Visit us online at ** FREE ADMISSION & PARKING
**For more information call 937 937--593
Valid Friday-Sunday and based upon availability

Share the Spirit of Christmas with us!

*upgraded suites are available and at an additional charge
**Not valid with any other offers or discounts**

November 2010 • GOOD TIMES – 7

By Lantern’s Light....
Area historical site invite you to experi-
ence the upcoming holiday season in a “dif-
ferent “ light.

Holiday Lantern Tours... at Sauder Village
(By Reservation Only)
Date: Saturday, November 27; Friday, De-
cember 3; Saturday, December 4; Friday, De-
EXPECT THE MOST WHEN cember 10; Saturday, December 11, 2010
YOU TRAVEL WITH THE BEST Time: Tours last roughly 90 minutes and
will be repeated every half hour from 4:00 –

2010 Schedule 8:30 p.m.

Admission Cost: Adults $10.00, Students
$6.00 (Ages 2-16); Adult Members $8.50,
Student Members $5.00 (Ages 2-16); Group
•Fri., Nov. 12 - Rates Available - Call for details.
“FABULOUS FOOD SHOW” - Cleveland, Ohio Parking: Free
- this is the Midwest’s Premier Culinary Event. If you
love the art of food & want to learn the latest cooking Come join us for this special holiday ex-
techniques from world class chefs, collect new recipes perience... an opportunity to experience a
& taste great food & wines; then this trip is for you! It turn-of-the-century Christmas at Sauder Vil-
features celebrity chef appearances with live cooking lage! The flicker of a candle-lit lantern will
demonstrations daily. $69.00 light the way as our costumed interpreter, Participants will also “meet” people from the
•Thu.-Fri. Nov. 18-19 - “OGLEBAY FESTIVAL through a personalized, guided lantern tour, past as part of the program. Because this is a
OF LIGHTS” - Wheeling, West Virginia - Oglebay’s takes small groups on a journey to meet his- personalized guided tour, guests will be en-
Fantastic Winter Festival of Lights sets the year-round resort ablaze with a daz- torical characters in the 1910 Homestead, the couraged to ask questions and interact with
zling show guarantee to brighten even the brightest of spirits & enrich this already District 16 Schoolhouse, Villages’ St. Mark’s their guide.
beautiful season. You’ll have shopping time at different locations plus over night
Church and the Train Depot. At the church, all will join in a hymn sing
Guests will be invited to experience the and receive a special gift appropriate to the
accommodations at Wheeling Island Racetrack & Gaming Center. (MUST HAVE
holiday customs and celebrations of the late 1800s. We hope you will join us for this
1900s in Northwest Ohio as along the way, new holiday experience at Sauder Village.
your guide will share stories about Christ- Pre-registration and pre-payment is re-
•Tue. Nov. 23 - “3 REDNECK mas’ past and the history of Northwest Ohio.
TENORS CHRISTMAS quired. Call 800.590.9755 for more details.
Stranahan Theater--Toledo-- This is
These real life Broadway & Opera stars
are ready to liven-up your holidays with
classic, pop & deep-fried fest musical
delights. Laugh with the Boys, marvel at
the music. Enjoy a festive lunch before
show. $89.00 Meal included.

•Fri.-Sat. Nov. 26-27 - “CHICAGO SHOPPING” - Chicago, Illinois-

-Do your Christmas shopping on this special shopping excursion. Staying at
Doubletree Hotel on Ohio Street. $213.00 PP DBL

•Thu.-Sat. - Dec. 2-4 “BILTMORE ESTATE” - Ashville, North

Carolina - A candelight tour of the Biltmore, guided tour of Ashville, lunch buffet
at Historic Grove Park Inn & visit the National Gingerbread Competition while
there. A very nice trip.

•Thu., Dec. 9 - CLIFTON MILL - Clifton, Ohio - For over 20 years Clifton
Mill has celebrated the Christmas Season in a special way. The light display is
one of the county’s finest with over 3.5 million lights illuminating the mill, the
gorge, the riverbanks trees & bridges. There is even a 100 foot “waterfall” of
twinkling lights! $87.00 meal included.

•Thu. Dec. 16- A HOLLYWOOD CHRISTMAS - Eastlake, Ohio -

Enjoy the FOUR PREPS & the new Chordettes after a family style lunch. These
groups will bring back the memories with beautiful costumes, elegant choreog-
raphy & silky smooth harmonies. $89.00 Meal included.

Call 419-423-9160
For a detailed itinerary on any of these tours or a complete schedule.

12657 C.R. 8, Findlay, OH 45840-9268

8 – GOOD TIMES • November 2010

Roth IRA conversion decision deadline approaches
2010 marks the first The coming deadline Future tax risks actions of Congress. ing that money today in re-
year that many individuals Under current law, the Some are concerned turn for tax-free withdraw-
are able to convert existing ability for anybody to con- that the government’s de- Paying for the conversion als from a portion of your
IRAs (or workplace sav- vert regardless of income sire to find new sources of A key hurdle to making savings in retirement.
ings plans) to a Roth IRA. level is a “permanent” tax revenue to offset current the decision to convert is the One more reason to con-
Income limits that previ- change in the tax law. But debt and future demands tax issue. You must come up vert before the end of the
ously prevented individuals a deadline of December 31, on programs will result in with money to cover the tax year – if you change your
or couples with Adjusted 2010 is fast approaching changes in tax policy. Could liability. The conversion is mind before October 15,
Gross Incomes of more than for those making a conver- this mean that Congress will most likely to work to your 2011, you can “recharacter-
$100,000 from completing sion who want to capture require that Roth IRA distri- long-term benefit if the tax ize” your Roth IRA, return-
a conversion no longer ex- a significant, one-time tax butions lose their tax-free bill can be paid utilizing ing the money to a tradi-
ist. The opportunity is now advantage. A conversion status? Nobody can pre- dollars available in exist- tional IRA and avoiding the
open to everybody to poten- completed in this calendar dict for certain what would ing taxable accounts. This tax consequences of conver-
tially benefit from tax-free year qualifies for a special happen. It is just as pos- allows you to maximize the sion. This opportunity for a
growth of earnings. If you deferral of payment of the sible that Congress could tax advantages of your Roth “do-over” reduces the risks
haven’t taken a closer look By JoAn Smith, CFP tax due as a result of the decide to alter the rate of IRA by keeping your retire- involved with giving a Roth
at a Roth conversion, now conversion. taxation levied on distribu- ment savings invested. conversion a try this year.
might be the time to do so. It The Roth IRA may also You can choose to tions from traditional IRAs Here is a way to justify a
could allow you much more claim the income from the or workplace savings plans Roth conversion in today’s ###
be a useful instrument in
flexibility in managing cash estate planning. Because conversion on your 2010 (such as 401(k)s). In other market. An extended period Brokerage, investment and
flow needs in a more tax-ef- income tax is paid on con- tax return. Alternatively, words, making decisions of market volatility has re- financial advisory services are
ficient way when you reach you can claim half of the today about your financial sulted in a number of inves- made available through Ameriprise
tributions upon conversion, Financial Services, Inc. Member
retirement. they may be passed onto income generated by the future can’t be based on tors keeping money on the FINRA and SIPC. Some products
What’s the appeal? your beneficiaries income conversion on your 2011 sheer speculation. You have sidelines in cash-equivalent and services may not be available
Perhaps the most attrac- tax-free. (Estate taxes may tax return (in 2012), and to use the best available in- investments. Rather than in all jurisdictions or to all clients.
tive feature of a Roth IRA still apply to Roth IRA as- the other half on your 2012 formation that exists today. wait to reinvest these dol- Ameriprise Financial does not
is that earnings grow on a sets). tax return (filed in 2013). That means your interests lars in the market at a later provide tax or legal advice. Consult
tax-deferred basis and dis- However, while a Roth This not only allows you to will be best served by work- date, consider using those your tax advisor or attorney.
tributions are tax-free. This IRA can provide you with delay tax payments, but by ing with the tax laws as they funds today to pay the tax © 2010 Ameriprise Financial,
could be particularly advan- significant tax advantages spreading out the impact on are currently defined rather on a Roth IRA conversion. Inc. All rights reserved.
tageous if you anticipate when the time comes to take your total income, may cre- than trying to predict future This has the effect of invest-
that your tax bracket will distributions, there are cur- ate the potential to retain a
be higher than it currently is rent tax consequences when lower tax bracket in both of
by the time you begin with- converting. Generally, a those years, reducing your
drawing from the account. conversion to a Roth IRA overall tax liability.
Contributions will be from your traditional IRA The actual tax you pay
taxed at your current tax or other eligible retirement could be subject to many
rate when you make the plan will be taxable. If your variables, including poten-
conversion, but you will tial changes to tax rates in
be able to recuperate all of
the investment growth you
traditional IRA or workplace
retirement plan contains future years and the pos-
sibility that other forms of
It’s not how much you save.
accumulate in the account,
tax-free, once holding peri-
after-tax dollars, money is
distributed pro rata. Check income may increase sig-
nificantly in 2011 and 2012,
It’s how much you keep.
with your tax advisor to
od requirements are met. (If help estimate the actual tax pushing you into a higher Call me today at 419-695-7010 to learn if a Roth IRA conversion is
requirements are not met, liability that would apply to tax bracket for purposes of
taxes and penalties may ap- calculating your Roth con- right for you.
your conversion.
ply). version tax liability.
JoAn M. Smith, CFP®
Financial Advisor
227 Nor th Main Street
Delphos, OH 45833
(419) 695-7010


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November 2010 • GOOD TIMES – 9

In the Same Boat

Lipsticky Situation
A recent conversation overheard in my find The Perfect Lipstick with the assistance
house: of three highly-trained professional cosmetic
Wife: I need to go shopping. I’ll have to counter ladies. I just knew one of them held the
make hotel reservations, double check the secret to matching my skin tone, lifestyle and
available balance on the credit card and fill the hydration factors. I was convinced they would
van up with gas. I’ll see you in a few days. be able to teach me how to make my super thin
Husband: Wow. Christmas shopping al- lips look super full like the super models. But
ready? thirty minutes later I walked out into the sun-
Wife: No. I need to buy new lipstick. light wearing my new $45 color and I scared
Husband: What?? small children on the street.
Wife: You know it’s a change of seasons Husband: Oh yeah.
and that means major transformation around Wife: But I did get a lovely free tote bag
here. The décor gets switched, the summer with my purchase.
purse gives way to the fall purse, the shorts Husband: Uh huh.
are exchanged for the jeans and…it’s time to Wife: I can tell you’re not taking this quest
pick a new shade of lipstick. seriously. You have no idea how hard it is to
Husband: Yes, but why all the fuss? find the right shade, texture and finish of lip- new 3-D look on my lips!
Wife: Well it has to be done right. And you By Mary Beth stick. According to the internet, a woman’s Husband: Honey, relax. You’re putting too much pres-
know I’ve struggled with this decision over Weisenburger correct choice of lipstick color is critical! It di- sure on yourself! The last time I looked, your lips were al-
the years. rectly correlates to the level of happiness she ready 3-D. Though there was that one time when you were
Husband: As evidenced by the multiple tubes of lipstick experiences, determines whether she will meet the perfect stung by a bee, and I’m pretty sure your lips swelled to at
falling out of your purse, overflowing the container on your man and when she will win the lottery. I’ve already gone least 5-D at that point.
vanity and randomly appearing on the dressers, the kitchen online to take the recommended personality test. After an- Anyway, you already have the perfect man.
counters and the dashboard? swering questions about what type of shoe I prefer (Strappy Wife: How true…but there’s always the lottery thing…
Wife: No, as evidenced by the “Chicago Incident of sandal? Running shoe?); what song I would sing at my de-
2008.” Don’t you remember?? but in a karaoke bar (Madonna? Billie Holliday?); and what Mary Beth Weisenburger lives in Putnam County and is
Husband: Vaguely… kind of game I would play on a rainy Sunday afternoon with still searching for the perfect lipstick. See what else she’s
Wife: I was with my girlfriends at a big downtown de- friends (What game? I’m taking a nap), I will get my final up to at or email her at Marybeth@
partment store cosmetic counter, determined to finally results by certified mail. Then I’ll be able to create the hot



L o 50’S Diner
Gasoline Alley Museum Located in downtown Delphos
Enjoy food just like your mom and grandma used to make
while listening to the sounds of the ‘50s on the jukebox. Hundreds of square feet of all types of numis-
matic items: Proof and mint set, proof & unc
•Great Burgers and Daily silver and gold eagles, US coins from the 18th
century forward, foreign cons and paper, an-
BLUE PLATE SPECIALS! cient coins, bullion gold & silver, coin supplies,
books, complete sets, all your “new” quarter
needs, US Commemorative coins, currency,
•Delicious Sunday Breakfast tokens, misc. Coin Exonumia, Indian artifacts,
estate jewelry, nice collectibles, bags of uncir-
BUFFET ...8am-1pm culated cents & rolls, coin albums
and boxes & boxes of coins.
Check out our great collection of memorabilia and
take a trip back in time in our Gasoline Alley Museum.
& Blue Suede Shoes
Coins, CurrenCy & ColleCtibles
238 N. MAIN ST., DELPHOS, OH 45833
Banquet Room
HOURS: SUNDAY OPEN 8-8 - BREAKFAST BUFFET 9-1 Available! MEMBER OF Mon.-Fr. 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
MONDAY 7-8, TUES-CLOSED; WED, THR., FRI. 7-8PM Sat. 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
email us at Personal appointment
1533 Celina Road, St. Marys, Ohio 419-394-4959
can be arranged.
Visit us at:

10 – GOOD TIMES • November 2010

1. Sour in taste 1. Part of circle
6. Pre-1947 British rule over India 2. *Steve Jackson game, pre-dating “Junta”
9. Chieftain in Arabia 3. Guidance counselor ____ Pillsbury of
13. “Wherefore art thou _____?” “Glee”
14. Ostrich-like bird 4. Third _____ under Hitler
15. Female reproductive organ 5. Clever remark
16. Spice used in cuisines of many cultures 6. Horse control
17. Author ___ Fleming 7. American Medical Association, acr.
18. Roman king’s abode 8. Rule of military officers
19. *Eats Blinky, Pinky and Inky 9. Never without “n”
21. *Colorful pieces fall from above 10. Biblical gift-givers
23. Open box attached to a long pole 11. Van Gogh’s famous flower
24. Sometimes used to describe cupboards 12. Swedish shag rug
25. Given name of famous ballplayer who 15. President of Nicaragua
had ALS 20. William Penn _____ Rogers, a.k.a. Will
28. It can have a soft or hard shell Rogers
30. Ends of shoe laces 22. Geological period
35. One who is playfully mischievous, pl. 24. Support or strengthen
37. Bodily disorders 25. Popular spring flower
39. A in AV 26. Largest city in Nebraska
40. Inhabitant of Lappland 27. _____ deck
41. Deceptive maneuvers 29. *Crime fiction board game
43. ____-do-well 31. Moon in Spanish
44. In advance 32. Organ swelling
46. Et alii, abbr. 33. Associate or connect
47. Alternate spelling for #9 Across 34. *Game of apologies?
48. Formal agreement between competing 36. Capone’s shoe cover
firms 38. Notary Public’s mark
50. Twelfth month of civil year 42. Found on winter roads
52. “___ day now” 45. Befoul
53. *Connect ____ 49. ___ Angeles
November: National Homecare & Hospice Month 55. Distress signal 51. One of a set of parallel slats on shutters
57. *Children’s card game 54. Yeah or aye

Complete Home Health

60. *Ladders go up, and these go down 56. Upright stone monument
63. *Boxing match ends when this is thrown 57. “Going, going, ____!”
in 58. Actor Wilson
64. Quality of a color 59. Matted fibers

and Hospice Care 66. Soft palate

68. Administer oil, often in ceremony
69. Large pot, sometimes for making coffee
60. Lincoln coin
61. A late time of life, pl.
62. Edible fat
70. Often considered wise 63. *Popular children’s game
• Visiting Nurses 71. Port city in Belgium 65. Upper respiratory infection
72. *Battleship game success 67. *___. Peacock of Clue fame
• In-home & Inpatient 73. *A player _____ after yelling “safe!”
Hospice Care
• Therapy Services
• Personal Care & Assistance
Community Health Professionals Saturday, Nov. 13
Registration begins at 11:30 am,
Celina: 419-586-1999 Tri-County: 419-738-7430 with appraisals beginning at noon.
Serving Mercer/Auglaize Co. Serving Wapakoneta & Auglaize Co. Dolls, manuscripts, pictures, etc.

Delphos: 419-695-1999 Van Wert: 419-238-9223 No coins, books, oriental rugs, baskets, stamps or military items.
Serving Allen/Putnam Co. Inpatient Hospice: 419-623-7125 Appraisals $5 each, limit 3 appraisals per person.
Sponsored by Spencerville Historical Society

November 2010 • GOOD TIMES – 11

Corn • Gas • Wood • Pellet • Electric

Nothing burns like a Quad

•Fireplaces •Stoves •Heaters •Logs
•Outdoor Fireplaces
•Gas Grills •Saunas & Spas
5217 Tama Road 4147 Elida Road
SR 127, 5 Miles North of Celina, 419-224-4656
1 Mile West of Tama
12 – GOOD TIMES • November 2010