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(c)1983 Shaun Southern/ Mastertronic

This game was published initially as "Ad Infinitum" (in the US?)
by Mastertronic. Probably was published in Europe as
"Astroblaster" due to conflict of name with another game made in
England. (But there is now a conflict with a pinball game!)
From the Author:
"This program was written by Shaun Southern over a period of ten
weeks... it seemed longer..! It is comprised of 256 different
screens of aliens attacking in formation."
(This was an early game by Southern, known for other games.)
Use a joystick in either port to move and space or fire to shoot
the aliens. You start with 6 lives.
You will lose a life
--- if you are hit by an alien or a bomb,
--- if your laser overheats or
--- if you run out of fuel.
Double points are awarded if your fuel status goes critical.
In-between levels you must dodge asteroids, but collide with
fireballs for extra fuel. You cannot shoot asteroids. Also dock
with the mother ship to refuel but don't hit anything!
Find out how to earn secret bonuses on each level.
You can pause the game while the aliens are attacking by pressing
"Q". Press Q again to restart.
The level you are on is shown in hexadecimal notation instead of
a decimal notation to make it fit on the screen...
Continuation Option:
After the game is over you can press "C" within 5 seconds to
continue the game that has just been played with six extra lives
for each player. If you do not press C then the high score screen
will appear, and then when the game is restarted the scores and
levels will be reset. Scores achieved using the continue option
are not eligible for the high score screen.
If you complete all 256 levels with only six lives you will
receive a "large" bonus....
Select number of players (1 to 4)
Press F7 to start.
More from the author:
Thanks to everyone at (blank) college who suggested ideas for the
different screens. Thanks to Radio 1 and Radio Luxembourg
especially Steve Wright and the Afternoon Boys.
Anyone wishing to copy this program should bear in mind that it
is 56 k long and half of it is hidden under ROM!
Many thanks to Roland Rat, Kevin and Errol... Yeeeee Ratfans!
Thanks also to the Jam, Ultravox, the Cure, Visage, the Style
Council....... Garfield Rules o.k....
Thanks to Commodore for inventing the 64 without which I could
never have completed this program....
The highest score I have reached with six lives so far is 101820
on level 5B (92 decimal). if anyone finishes all 256 levels with
only six lives let me know!!!!


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