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Semester 2 January 7, 2011

Hawaii Technology Academy
From the HTA Administration, Staff, and Teachers.

Social Networks: Here to Stay

Yes you've heard about it. Xanga, MySpace and now Facebook, the
most popular social networking site to date. It does today what the
postal system and telephone did throughout history to allow humans Dates to Know
to stay connected to each other. The Internet allows us to stay in
touch in real time and across the globe. But just as with mail and Jan. 10 Classes at Oahu
Learning Center Resume
telephones there are dangers to be aware of and misuse of the tools
of communication. How do
you prepare to guard against Jan. 17 MLK Day NO
these dangers and potential ATTENDANCE
misuse? Do you stop service?
Jan. 22 ONLINE Learning
Would you stop the mail Coach Workshops
service or cancel your phone
after getting pranks calls or Jan 29 ONLINE learning coach
chain letters? That would be workshops
giving in to the perpetrators
and terrorists instead of Feb. 21 Presidents Day – NO
finding ways to fight back or SCHOOL – NO
safeguard your privacy and well-being.
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Japanese classes will resume next week. Japanese Cultural Enrichment:

MON 3:00-4:00, Elluminate (Kauai): TUE 10:00-11:00, JPN I: WED 9:00-
10:00, JPN II: WED 10:00- 11:00, JPN III: FRI 10:00-11:00

ONLINE Learning Coach Workshops

Saturday, January 22 or 29 at 3:00pm
Email for details

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Lorem Ipsum Dolor Spring 2012

Welcome Back! Hopefully each of you had a wonderful holiday break.

K-8: You have made it to the half-way point. Let’s finish strong.
During your face to face you should have received the school calendar
with the weekly percentage expectations on it. Use this calendar to
finish strong. Try this:

1. Go to your progress

2. Pick a specific subject

3. Identify how many lessons you have left to complete (WHITE

4. Divide this number by the number of weeks left in this semester
5. Stick to that number of lessons per week to stay on track with
percentages HTA PTSA received their
HIGH SCHOOL: Taking a snapshot of your computer generated quiz first Box Top Check for
results is a great way to stay on top of your grades. In addition, this this school year. The total
tool provides you with documentation when technological issues arise.
was $232. THANK YOU
If you have a great learning coach tip, send it to Libra Forde at CONTRIBUTED TO THE SUCCESS. KEEP

Social Networks
The bottom line, however, is to have good communication with
your child and set up agreements regarding chores, homework
and recreation. Going over safety issues and privacy matters is
as important as going over emergency procedures at home.
Banning and restriction often leads to more problems and
insubordination. Some schools block these sites for security and legal
reasons. However, with strict enforcement and guidelines, social networks can be
used in schools when related to student achievement.

There are guides for parents who have concerns about social networks used by their children such as
Facebook. A good website is found on the Federal Trade Commission site:
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Renew and Refresh Spring 2012

Hi Students and Parents

Happy New Year! The start of a new year gives us a time to reflect,
renew, and refresh. We have a brand new beginning, a fresh start, a do
over of sorts. Let us take time before school begins to reflect on how we
can refresh and renew our goals, lists, or resolutions. If you didn’t have
a great start, think about how you and your child can better succeed this
semester. Think about what worked and what didn’t work. How can
you tweak what worked and make it even better. Toss out what didn’t
work and think of other strategies that may fit with your schedule. When
planning, start with -------1.Objectives---------- 2.Activities--------- and
lastly, 3. Materials. Planning ahead can make the day shorter for
everyone. Involve your child in the planning process by allowing them
to char their own progress. Make a visual chart and allow your child to
add stickers or mark off assignments. Most importantly, do not keep
harping on the past. If your child made a mistake, move on. Hopefully,
they learned their lesson. The past is finished. All we can do is focus on
the present and the future. So, take a deep breath and dive in.
Remember, to constantly renew and refresh your plan. Life is all about
surprises and rolling with the punches. Give yourself a break as well.
Parenting is tough and no one is perfect!

Mrs. Buford
K-8 School Counselor

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