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Selva Kumar - (404-514-8032)-selvaatusa@hotmail.

• 12+ years experience as an Architect, Developer, Programmer, System
Administrator and Quality Analyst, and skilled in a wide range of business domain
knowledge, toolsets, process, procedures, languages and environments.
• Exceptional expertise as an Application (Java J2EE) architect.
• Outsourcing Manager and Developing or helping to create a wide
variety of commercial and business B2B applications.
• Strong on J2EE containers like WEBLOGIC, WEBSPHERE, IPLANET and JBOSS
Application Servers with added expertise on BEA/WELOGIC Suite of
products, including WEBLOGIC and WEBSPHERE Portal frameworks.

Technical Skills:
• MQ SERIES (5.0), MQSI, MQ Workflow.
• Rational Rose, Poseidon UML, Argo UML, Rational ClearCase, PVCS
Tracker, Visual SourceSafe, CVS.
• DB2, Informix, Oracle, SQLServer
• HARDWARE SKILLS - Sun, HP, Mainframes, Compaq, Dell, AS400.
• OS SKILLS - Sun Solaris, HP-Unix, Digital-Unix, Linux (REDHAT) and Windows.

Professional Experience:
Sr Java/J2EE Developer, Boeing,
08-06 – Present - Seattle, WA

FIODS – Functional data store is collection of web services which was build on top of
AXIS2 framework to transfer data from multiple data sources for building 787 electrical

Environment: Oracle Application Server, Tomcat, Eclipse.

Responsibilities include design, develop, requirements gathering, working with the

testing team. A large part of the work involves identify the manufacturing needs and
build custom client tools for needs of the engineering team. Developed the backed

Bell South – AT&T

Sr. Weblogic Integration Specialist
10/5 – 08/06 , AT&T, Atlanta, GA. Functionality added for bundling the services together, building middle
layer which interacts with other web services and integrating it with
Environment: Weblogic server (WLI) domain with workshop

Responsilibities include design, develop integration framework for market tracking and
integrating with custom controls for the service oriented architecture.

Build the edocs framework for document management solution

Integrated with sibel crm solution.
XML transformation implantation using jaxp.

Black box and White box testing.

Building test scripts using Test tools like Test Director, Load Runner, Jmeter, Jprobet
Validating test plans

Sr. WebLogic Integration Specialist

10/5 – 10/05 , Cingular Wireless, Seatle WA.

Project: Common Services Interfaces

Common Service Interface (CSI) is a collection of defined web services
which provides the ability for multiple clients to place various
requests to the Cingular backend systems.
CSI consists of both Public Interactions and Private Interactions.
Public Interactions are exposed to clients and are used to send requests into CSI.
Private Interactions are used by CSI to call external systems
(i.e. CARE, Telegence) or receive incoming responses.

WebLogic Integration (WLI) 8.1, Weblogic Workshop IDE, MDBs, Contivo
Transforms Suite, Altova XMLSpy, Jack Track, Oracle 8i and CVS.

• Integration framework design for the various web services in the
Common Services that provides a SOAP based client and a J2EE based
integration Architecture.
• Involved in the integration of CARE billing system using Weblogic integration
• Used the control architecture to integrate database, Backend Systems.
• Developed the workflows and web services required for the
• Developed Business Process using JPDs.
• Created MBs for the queues for Async process.
• Created EGs to trigger messages to the application channels.
• Developed EJBs in Weblogic Workshop IDE.
• Designed Schemas/XSDs pertaining to the CSI interfaces.
• Developed transformations using Contivo suite.
• Worked with XMLBeans to parse the request/response documents.
• Worked with Tibco RV/EMS to configure Remote Queues for the Async operations

Sr. WebLogic Consultant

05/5 – 10/05 , Cingular Wireless, Atlanta.

• As a Lead Consultant, maintained WebLogic production environment
which includes setting up and configuration of multiple text search server,knowledge
servers, portal updates, iplanet61 reverse proxy setting,clustering of iPlanet and
WebLogic 8.1, maintain unified user profiles, Clarify CRM maintenance, development on
struts framework.
• All these technologies were used to maintain Cingular sales portal
(, which is used by all call center and retail
locations. Also pseudo Documaker solution for customer billing solutions using Docustudio
• Integrating Documaker server with iPlanet WebServer using reverse
proxy. Trial building of Documake rules processor (which includes
Docucreate and Docuworkstation).

Sr. Weblogic Specialist

07/02-03/05, First American Real Estate Solution.

• Setting up the offshore development process, team (including
recruitment, training), infrastructure and environment.
• WEBLOGIC and JBOSS server clustering, migration and Implementation on
development, staging and production environment.
• Setting up the workflow process using JMS, MQ Series) with both
design and implementation along with MDB)
Product Migration from Microsoft to J2EE standards with design and
implementation using POSIDON and ARGO UML.
• WEBLOGIC Server clustering, tuning for production load, production monitoring,
Database clustering for fail over and load balancing.

• Integrating business applications (B2B) across web and legacy system

J2EE based framework design and Implementation using STRUTS framework
and design patterns.
Production Monitoring, Trouble shooting (Billing, Performance - CPU and
memory leaks) and Performance tuning using profiler (JPROBE) and memory

WebLogic Portal Consultant

01/02 to 07/02 , NCS Pearson PX, AZ.

• WebLogic Portal Developer doing integration, configuration of a
portal application used for online testing applications used for schools
• Configured Cocobase, jquerry, liquid data mapping using XML and
Oracle 8i.
• Designed, developed and deployed the Portal using WebLogic Portal Framework.
• Implemented security framework using JAAS, JCE and developed the
Single Sign authentication process for Portal.
• Portal Administrating, monitoring and campaigning on the production environment.
• Developed Portlets, controls (Web Services with soap) and designed page flow on
the portal.

Sr. Portal Consultant

12/01-1/02, General Motors CA.

• Configured the development staging and production environment for

Sr. WebLogic Portal Consultant

Amgen 04/01-12/01

Project: Clinical Trials Analysis.

• Software development lifecycle responsibility for creating and
delivering a new Clinical Trials Analysis software product for Amgen.
• Instrumental in defining the design/development standards &
methodology; the requirements gathering and preparation of the Use Cases.
• Cost & resource estimation, data analysis, environment configuration.
• Accomplished the application architecture and design using Rational
rose design strategies and tools such as Activity Diagram, Sequence
Diagram, Class Diagram, Object Diagrams, generating pseudo code.

• Responsible for application development, bug fixing, bug tracking

using CLEARQUEST, application
Product packaging, documentation, and security recommendation LDAP,
• Designed and developed the Authentication filters based on J2EE Form
Authentication, and utilizing web.xml and WebLogic.xml application
• Responsible for installation and configuration of Chart Image Server

Sr. WebLogic Portal Consultant

04/01-12/01, Amgen CA.

Project: Business Financial Reports.

• Instrumental in the design, development, installation and
configuration for secure (LDAP) fast tract portal.
Accomplished WebLogic Portal integration with legacy application using
ELINK integration adapter.
Successfully migrated WebLogic Portal v. 3.5 WebLogic Commerce Server)
to v. 4.0.
• This effort included migration planning, migration of the code and
the data, and XML configuration including Placeholders, Discounts, and
Deployment Descriptor.
• Migrated the JSP’s (Java Server Pages), and the Java code, Portlets,
and events though EBCC.
Accomplished the Webflow configuration, migration verification and the
integration with content management using Interwoven.

Systems Architect
12/00 - 2/01, Xcare.Net.

• As a System Architect, designed and configured the B2B integration
with legacy system of
• Performed configuration and customization of Ariba Buyer product and its
integration with external systems
Customization of E-Procurement.
• Developed business process documents to capture AS-is business
process in the process areas of requisitioning and customization of Supplier
• Provided User Interface customization by extending Ariba’s object model to
accommodate capturing of extra information initiative on every
requisition line item with defaulters, validates and actions.
• Scheduled and tested Integration Events using TIBCO Integrator and Adaptor.
• Developed custom Integration events using TIBCO Message Broker.
• Extracted test data from Legacy systems using TIBCO Developed custom reports
using Ariba Query Language API.
• Utilized XML to customize the user interface, and JavaScript to make approval

WebLogic Architect
07/00 – 12/00 Sun Microsystems Professional Services CA.

• As a WEBLOGIC Architect, designed and deployed EC3 (eCommerce 3rd generation) to
provide core infrastructure for Experian's Internet
initiatives: NCAC, eVerify, Credit Expert, ICS-DIRECT, ICDS, FRS.
• These projects have been developed for Experian with standards as set by Sun
• WEBLOGIC Integration with Personalization and Commerce Server.
• Designed the EC3 Server Architecture with iPlanet, Weblogic,
Websphere and IIS servers.
• Designed EC3 Configuration standards, and EC3 Fail over Clustering Configuration.

• Designed and implemented App Server Clustering.

• B2B Integration (EJB App Integration).
• Web Application Environment set up for Development, Testing.
• Staging and Production for WebSphere and WebLogic Servers.
• Designed Server Monitoring Tools for 24*7 production ready.
• Migrating projects from WebSphere to WebLogic.
• Integrating WebSphere, IIS, CGI-Gateways to EC3.
• WebSphere portal server testing and evaluation.
• WebLogic Commerce server 2.4 migration (WebLogic Portal Server ).
• Integrating Web App Servers Development debugging tools like JPROBE.
• Porting from WebSphere Projects from 2.5 to 3.5.
• Integrating WebSphere with Message Queues (MQ Series).
• Clustering of Queue Manager, workflow configuration MQ Series
Workflow UDB/DB2 Version 5.0 6.1Database
• Configuration and Entity Relationship modeling. Application and Net Driver
Configuration for Connection pooling across DB2 Database from Websphere and WebLogic.
• Migration from Websphere 3.5.1 from Test Database to Production
• Integrating Websphere Tools like log Analyzer, Name Tree Browser,debugging tools
for Socket Level T Tracking, DB2 Database Administrator for switching of Admin Database
• Integrating with IBM Tx Series (Transaction).
• Built the tunnel from WebSphere to Weblogic handshaking.
• NSAPI bride between IPlanet web server and WebLogic.

J2EE Architect
03/00- 07/00, A.G.EDWARDS,St Louis, MO.

• As a Java Application Architect, instrumental in designing the
architecture of Portfolio Management Tool to be used by Financial Consultants and
Portfolio Managers. This project was developed by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) for
A.G. Edwards.
• Building Fixed Income Trading Systems
• Implementation of FIX client

• Developed an application to store and maintain T-Bonds, Mortgage-back

securities, government, and agency bonds. Involved with development of the functions
utilized for calculating prices, yield curve for traded securities.

• Designed classes and wrote functions in Java, Sql(Sybase) and perl to calculate the
sensitivity of bonds and Mortgage Back Securities prices according to the variance of
interest rates, the sensitivity of bonds prices according to the variance of yield-

• Extensively worked with design and development for tradings of different types of
mortgage backed securities such as Pass-thru securities, CMO and Strips using Java and
Shell Scripting for the purpose of calculating PVs & FVs of given bonds.

• Used different kinds of quantitative formulas to design main functions to calculate

the present and future values of given bonds and implemented them in a real time
• Designed classes and components using C++, Java, STL(Lists, Hashtables) Sql, Shell
Scripting and Oracle to transfer messages containing Positions, Prices for traded
• Designed the Model View Controller architectural framework of Swing Components.
• Developed JC Tree Table components of KL Group Libraries.
• Instrumental in Design and Development of Sorting and Parsing
• Designed and developed Event Messaging and Errors & Exception
Handling Mechanisms.
• Developed the architecture for HTTP Tunneling Mechanism for
communication across different tiers of application.
• Designed the container based entity beans and Servlet-Session Bean integration.
• Designed the Domain Objects for Data flow across different tiers.

Sr. J2EE Consultant

6/99 3/00 , Universal Studios, CA.

• As a Consultant, built Integrating modules for on-line sales.
• This project was a joint venture project made between AT&T, MEI and Universal.
• Worked on clustering of several components of WEBLOGIC server with EJB and
• Designed and developed the n-tier model.
• Developed Application Logics on WebLogic servers using EJB.
• Used WebLogic server class, client libraries, XML Parsing.
• Oracle Database access, retrieval and dynamic report preparation.
• Workflow control using ACL.
• Addition of new business rules.

Sr. J2EE Consultant

4/99 - 5/99, Netscape Corporation, NY.

Netscape's E-commerce product developed using Kiva Enterprises server

needs Customization as per the client's need.

• Customization for bank application (change of workflow and addition of new
business rules), application was developed using Netscape,application builder using
various Kiva class libraries for three-tier architecture building.
• Java was coupled with NAS FCL.
• Designed and developed the three-tier model.
• Developed AppLogics with Web Servers.
• Used NAS Foundation Class and Open Client Libraries.
• Oracle Database access, retrieval and dynamic report preparation.
• Work flow control using CORBA.
• Addition of new business rules.

Sr. Programmer / Analyst

4/97 - 3/99, Barco Belgium

Universal Computer Aided Manufacturing System (UCAM). Implementation

for Barco’s Electronic Tooling Systems Division UCAM. A Leading cam
system for the Worldwide Printed Circuit Board industry.
With customers like Via Systems, Ericsson, Indal, and Siemens etc.
Running on Solaris, HP-UX and AXP developed in Java.

• Used various types of uses in this system in pre-engineering and post
manufacturing stages of PCB design, with its toolkits on Mania,
HydelBerg and ATG.
• Component Development of UCAM.
• Developed PIX, a Java version of UCAM.
• Used CORBA to develop the above.
• Developed in Java Native Interface.
• Conversion of ECAM-DPF format.
• Test queue of Fault Station.

• Mania-bin Automation, Mania-Mop Automation IPC Viewer, HydelBerg

• Image Compression Algorithm like RLE, TIFF Viewer, etc.
• DTL language was used for developing GUI.
• Database Access and Retrieval from Informix and Oracle.
Programmer / Analyst
Indian Space Research Organization 9/94 3/97 India.

Project: Image Filters and Recognizers.

Filtered various tiff images by its spatial Frequencies using Low Pass,
High Pass, Median, and Noise Filters and recognizing the contents of
the image by Pattern recognition algorithm.

• Designed and developed Noise and Image Filters.
• Designed Pattern Recognizers using FFT algorithms.
• Implemented Convolutions of Image Arrays with Filter Matrix.
• Implemented Pattern recognition for Bi-level images using Cosine and Fast
Fourier Transforms.

• Bachelor Degree in Communication Engineering. Specializing in
Computer Science and Electronics.