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First Issue, January 2009



The Teacher would like to extend his New Year wishes to everyone in the God Kingdom 1 family.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! May God give you the strength to truly follow God’s message without any
spiritual battle. God is going to answer many of your prayers, but you have to remember that
prayer involve organisation, discipline and perseverance through any negative things that may
face you. The only power the Teacher has is the power that God has granted him, which is
obeying the will of God. Anybody reading this teaching can get the same power and more if they
obey God. This is the promise of God. The Teacher would like to thank everyone for their hard
work during 2008. Anything we learnt good or bad need to help us move forward. There is no
point to dwell in what has been, neither for the mistakes of 2008 nor the good things we
achieved. What happened did so for a reason. In 2009 we have a whole new agenda that God has
promised to direct step by step. The Teacher will outline the vision God has given him to follow for
2009 below. No one should be surprised of anything!

Agenda 2009

The Teacher is advising everyone in GK1 that they already know everything they need to know
regarding taking care of themselves. Guidelines on the food and the spiritual teaching are written
down in “Your true Kingdom”. No member of GK1 should waste their time trying to convince
another member to put anything they learnt in the book into practice. The book that the Teacher
designed is not a book to read, but a book to practice. God is so good that there is nothing more
to explain. All you have to do is to follow the book step by step. Anyone who calls the Teacher this
year with small things and problems of the body is not doing what they are suppose to be doing in
terms of practicing the book. Hence God will not be pleased.

The message the Teacher received for 2009 is that God is going to appoint the Teacher some high
people such as Kings, Queens, business leaders and spiritual leaders (such as the Pope) to convey
the message to. The Teacher is currently busy writing letters to many of these people with the
help of Brenda an active member of the Knightsbridge community. It is then up to God to put into
these peoples hearts to welcome the Teacher and his message. According to the message of God,
the aim of these letters and visits is to raise capital for GK1. Capital can be money or buildings
which are exempt from tax, thus giving us the possibility to establish the teaching of GK1 in every
important part of the world. As this is a big task, it is crucial for anyone who is part of the GK1
family to work hard on themselves this year by eating the right food, meditating and improving
their practice of the Five Principles. The Five Principles is your salvation. Do not just read it,
practice it and God will do His part! Be honest to yourself as God is the judge of your honesty with
regards to your practice.
All of you possess an inner power

When friends, family and acquaintances come to you this year with their problems, do not waste
your time listening to their problems when you have the solution in your hand. When they start
talking to you about their problems, simply direct them to the book “Your true kingdom”. You can
only help them after they agree to adhere to the principles otherwise you will be cheating God.
Do not fall in the trap of feeling pity for people this year when you have the power in your hand to
help them solve their problems. Please understand that by helping those people your power will
increase. Do not call the Teacher to design diets for anyone; just make sure that those who need
the diet buy the book and the CD. Remember, the message conveyed in the book and CD is what
saved you! Your purpose in 2009 is to make a commitment to yourself to at least convey the
message to 10 people during the year in a spiritual meeting. It is not by feeling pity for people
that you will help them. They will only be helped by practicing. Jesus clearly stated that His family
are those with whom He prayed. Please put this into practice and you will be saved from much

In 2009 God has promised to design the steps that the Teacher will need to take in order to bring
GK1 to the masses through the internet and into the streets (streets also include spiritual centres
and shops). This mission is reaching out to more than one country. There is a lot of work a head
of us. Everyone in GK1 have a role to play, even though this might not be clear at the moment.
One thing can be said for sure and that is that your role is about being faithful to God. Your
commitment to The Five Principles will direct you on your path.

Once again Happy New Year! May God bless your house hold, family, friends and acquaintances!
May you be a blessing for them! Commit yourself to God by practicing everything you already
learnt through your hard work. Let God show Himself to you through the answers He will give to
anyone you truly engage with by God’s method. Do not just read this letter once and put it down.
It is your guide through the whole year. Look at it at least once a Month because it might be the
only talk the Teacher will do all year. The rest will be in practice not talking. It is your job to help
your Teacher to be able to use all his time to listen to God and truly follow what God wants him to
do without interference.



• Teachers trip to France and Sweden

Teacher has during December 2008 visited both France and Sweden.
In France Teacher’s mission was to translate all the GK1 documents into French to convey the
message to the high society of France. GK1 is looking for capital in the same way as we will do in
other parts of the world God sends us too. Likewise the Teacher is looking to send all the GK1
documents to the high society of Sweden. Whilst in Sweden Teacher also made a visit to the GK1
Sweden meeting as outlined below.

• GK1 Stockholm (update from Teacher Emily)

1. Please note that we have changed our meeting time from Monday evening to Sunday at 4 p.m.

2. GK1 Stockholm had a special visit from the Teacher last week, who held a seminar on “Our
senses”. It was very successful and fruitful. He also conveyed an important message from God to
GK1 Stockholm, which lay ground for a new business project- “Project Saft Stockholm”.

Background: Saft Stockholm is the name of an up and coming Swedish music artist. The person
behind this is called Lena who Teacher Emily has been working closely with and coaching
spiritually for the last 6 months and who is also part of our Swedish community. Lena is a very
talented young woman who writes and produces all the material herself. With her first album out,
she is already making a name for herself in Sweden. However, the lack of time and
funds prevents her from concentrating on what she is good at- writing and producing music.
We created a team of people within the community the same day that are willing to invest their
time and money in helping her progress in her career. Once again, God works in mysterious

• Messages from Teacher Emily to GK1

1. To the company/budget group:

The type of company formation you need to research is a Charity (or similar). The message that
we should pay little or no tax for the work our organisation does has come through the Teacher.
Teacher Emily has also received similar messages in her dreams.

2. A dream for the whole congregation

“I was in a room with Teacher. I was sitting on a chair and he lay down on the floor. He told me
to close my eyes and that he would do the same so that we could call the spirits. He advised me
to keep my eyes closed as I might get scared when they arrived. With my eyes closed I suddenly
heard people around us talking etc. I opened my eyes after a while (by mistake!) and then saw
these characters that looked like normal people. They were business people I could tell by the way
they were dressed and their behaviour. They were discussing business and especially one woman
stood out as the leader. They were all very sharp and possessed authority. The discussion was
around GK1. As these people already had a big business they were kind of negotiating to
outsource or lease a part of it to us, in order to help us. There was mention about creating a
CD. But they wanted to act fast, and had no time to waste.”

Teacher Imran, please forward this to the Maryland congregation. Can everyone in the Henley and
Maryland congregation please meditate on the message and discuss at your next meeting. It is an
important message to us all. If you have any questions regarding the discernment of the dream
please contact Teacher Emily.

• GK1 Business progress

Following on from our brainstorming sessions about GK1's future as a business and the results of
everyone’s individual skills, we divided you into groups:

Company/Budget- Imran, Judith, Yaohua & Jean-Louis (contact: )

Website-Emily (contact:
Fruit Delivery- Imran & Jean-Louis (contact:
Music Production and GK1 Radio- Colin, Coles & Judith (contact:
Spiritual coaching- Emily & Imran (contact:
Godism Book- Emily & Judith (contact:
Recipes and cooking- Emily, Judith & Yuko (contact:

Please email the contact for each group in regards to anything business related!
More groups might be added later as we will progress.


• Company/ Budget
The company/budget group have had a second meeting and continued its work with outlining the
costs for different projects such as the Fruit Delivery Business, CD production and book
production. The group is still waiting for some of the costs to be able to progress with its work.

We have decided to open one company to start with, we can always expand later. Although the
ultimate aim is to have a Charitable Organisation we have decided to start with opening a
company so that we are able to buy fruit at whole sale prices etc. This is a practical decision so
that we can get started with many of the things we need to get on the road while we get a lawyer
to start the process with a Charity.
• GK1 Website
Though target dead line has not been reached, the development is certainly going in the right
Still outstanding the following details requested last month:
-Fruit delivery estimates
-Real result quotes
Please communicate this information ASAP.

-We need some people to take ownership of the GK1 Radio that is to be responsible for the
internet radio station. The best is to incorporate this responsibility into the already existing music
production group as these mixes should be played on the website. As this group’s responsibilities
now have grown they also have to consider how they want the radio station to work and be
structured. Please get together and discuss and liaise with Teacher Emily.

• Fruit Business
Teacher Imran is working on finding suitable wholesaler to cut the cost of buying the fruit. We
have already established which wholesalers would be suitable from a “best fruit in town
perspective”. We will only be able to get a price range estimate of the fruit as prices fluctuate
during the year. Hence the price per weekly need to be set with this and the delivery costs in
mind. We divided the responsibility of contacting all the wholesalers between the group members.
Coles also offered to help with some contacts.

With regards to the delivery costs Teacher Imran is responsible to check prices with City link,
which are deemed to be the cheapest delivery service in London. Jean-Louis is currently
responsible for picking up the fruit for GK1 England.

Teacher Imran has also been asked by the Teacher to locate suitable premises on Brompton Road
for a “GK1 City Centre” which would among other things be selling fruit.

It is suggested that the Budget and Fruit delivery group meet again on the 11th of January for a
progress meeting at 2.30 p.m.

• Music Production
Brother Colin has already produced a soulful house mix of spiritual music and is now working on
the second mix which will be more world music oriented. The plan is to release several
compilations under the same brand. The group has agreed on a title of the compilation series to
be “Soul Synergy” with different subtitles. We have agreed on a symbol to represent the
compilations. Design of the symbol has been requested. We have also found someone who can
master and print the albums when we are done. We are working on costing as we are estimating
how many albums we would actually print. We are assuming that some distribution will be digital.
We are also working on copy-write issues.

The Music Production group is now also responsible for the GK1 Radio station as this area neatly
falls into what the group is trying to achieve. Some of the work done already can be re-used for
the Radio station. However, there are some additional issues to consider which the group needs to

It is suggested that this group meets again on Sunday the 25th of January at 2.30 p.m.

• Godism book
Teacher Emily and Teacher Judith are working on a book about Godism. The final title is now
established as “Learning to live through spirituality”. Work is progressing and some work has
been handed over to Agata for layout and design. First design stage is due end of February. As we
had some delays we now aim to be finished for printing before the summer.
• Spiritual Coaching
Teacher Emily and Teacher Imran who have both done spiritual coaching in the past are to think
about what are reasonable rate for the “Spiritual Coaching” business. Please discuss this and
report back to the budget group. This work is still outstanding and needs to be done.

• Recipe book
This will be a later project as we need to finish what we have started first. Teacher Emily, Teacher
Judith and Sister Yuko would be suitable to set up this group at a later stage.

• Testimonies/Quotes
All of you are encouraged to write your testimonies or a quote. This will be used in GK1 material
for example in books or the website as discussed months ago. Yet to this day we have only seen
Lisa from Canada’s testimony (which she offered without us asking). Several of you were positive
to writing a testimony or a quote. I hope that you will take this encouragement into writing it. If
you need help to type a quote or testimony please let us know and we will arrange this. If you feel
it difficult to write a full testimony a quote is also very valuable for the prosperity of GK1. It is the
people and the real tangible results they had that are one of our strongest selling point and the
key into re-connecting more people to God through the practice of the Five Principles.

• Other
Everyone needs to step up their game to get all the projects on the road. Costs and timeframes
need to be set ASAP and reported back to the budget group. You might not have all the figures
yet but you can report those figures you do have or estimates.

Teaching requests
If there is something you want us to touch on the Sunday meeting please email GK1.

Please email all information, suggestion or questions regarding GK1 business, to the relevant
group directly (there is a contact for each group as above.)

Anything a part from that, i.e. teaching requests, testimonies and general queries goes to: . The inbox will be accessed by both Teacher Emily and Teacher Judith.

Thank you from the Teacher (in no particular order)

- A special thank you goes out to Teacher Bernice for all the teaching she has done on the Five
Principles. Being a Teacher in GK1 demand practice of what you are teaching. Although she is still
working hard to reach the optimum goal she tries very hard. As she is the elder in the UK, the
Teacher wants all the GK1 family to keep Teacher Bernice in their everyday prayer so that God
can continue to bless her and keep her going in the direction determined by God. As we might
understand sometimes we have a lot of time at our disposition and it looks like we are not doing
anything. For God to form us and give us the power we need, we will be tested through our
patience. God has His time, and for one to truly follow the step of God, one can not complain
about waiting for God. Please keep the commandment God has given you and there will be a
great future for Teacher Bernice. Preaching is hard work. May God bless you for your efforts
during 2008!

- Thank you Teacher Imran for all the hard work and all the travelling that you have done during
2008. You have shown great obedience to God. The Teacher asks everyone in the GK1 family to
please pray for Teacher Imran and his whole family. Pray that God will release certain blockages
within so that he can find strength to continue to do what God has assigned him. He has received
his assignment through a vision from God himself. His position has been decided by God. The
Teacher knows that the enemy does not like to see anyone be assigned to such a task. Teacher
Imran need to understand that if God assigned him he must continue to go forward with
confidence so that all the tricks “the enemy” wants to play on him will fade away. Teacher Imran
will only understand this as he goes through it. Although the task might seem huge, God does not
let His people down.

-A special thank you goes out to Brother Jean-Louis and Sister Yuko for becoming strong in a
short period of time when faced with the challenge of understanding the Five Principles. They
have left many of their bad habits behind and the Teacher would like to complement them for
God’s glory shining so strongly in them. The Teacher wants the GK1 community to pray for their
whole family and for God to continue to bless them in their business and give them the power to
fulfil God’s plan.

-A grateful thank you to Brother Colin for his hard work and commitment and for the special
work he is doing putting together the music compilations for GK1. May God bless him! The whole
GK1 family should pray for him to find the time necessary to do his meditations and eat the right
food (especially eating more fruit) as the calling that is on him is large. He will only be able to
achieve the full result of his calling by fully respecting the principles which have been designed to
help him. Brother Colin is a true blessing as he has come far and is looking healthier and more
glowing every day. With God’s principles in his life he will continue to glow in every aspect.
Brother Colin, The Teacher prays that you will stay under God’s will during 2009. God first!

-A large thank you goes out to Teacher Emily for all the dedication she has shown to God and
the Five Principles. Teacher Emily is truly a visionary with the ability to see God’s plan through
dreams and visions. Teacher Emily had the courage to totally quit her job and embark on her
spiritual journey into the unknown. The whole of GK1 should congratulate her for this as you
have all benefitted from this decision. She has experienced that someone that truly follows God
will never be let down. Please keep Teacher Emily in your prayer so that God continue to give her
the strength that she needs to direct the hard work God put into her hands without ambiguity.
Teacher Emily is always in the Teachers prayer. May God bless you with everything you wish for
and grant you the discernment needed so that the blessing does not seem as hardship for you!

-A special thanks to Jay for all the hard work he put into GK1. May God continue to bless him and
to give him the true discernment that he needs to continue his huge task! Once again thank you
Jay. Please, as a GK1 member, keep Jay in your prayer for God to give him satisfaction, stability
and discernment. May God Bless you Jay!

-Teacher Yaohua, congratulations you finished 2008 with God in your corner without your old
habits. You can truly see through your visions today what God is able to do for you when you give
Him time. May God continue to bless you through visions and give you the capacity to respect and
follow what is in those visions, without falling in the trap of your past and without comparing
yourself to anybody else! God has a different assignment for everyone, and your assignment will
be a blessing for many people, even those people who criticise you today for your new found
belief. As you understand today there is an engine inside a human being that hold great
knowledge and that engine can tell you about your future, and can show the true nature of the
people surrounding you. However, you have to be faithful to it, and you need to respect the
information that is given to you for you to continue to receive more. With God everything is
possible! May the whole GK1 family pray that Teacher Yaohua can follow the direction of God
without stumbling!

-Sister Lisa, congratulations to you! Now you understand the seed the Teacher planted whilst
you were in England continues to grow in Canada. Thank you for your testimony and may God
continue to bless you and grant you all your wishes and desires of your heart. A small piece of
advice to you; be careful what you wish for because for God to give us what we wish for he is
obliged to educate us in the process. One of His major tests is to check your patience. Do not
have any doubt that Teacher prayed to God to grant you the patience you need as he knows that
with that in hand you are a true blessing for many people including Adam. Happy New Years
“Eva”! May all the GK1 members pray for you and your continuing growth in God’s system and in
your personal life!
-Happy New Year Sister Lena! The Teacher is sure that you with your own hard work have your
own testimony of the reality of the message the Teacher is conveying. With God everything is
possible, if we just do our part without fear. God is not in theory. You now know that by practicing
you can discover a lot of things about the true power hiding in you. May 2009 bring more
blessings to you. You always have to keep in mind that your own salvation start when you tell
other people what you have been through and what God has given you. If you see anyone in
distress you have a power they do not know of. The power is just to tell them to experience what
you have experienced by practicing the Five Principles and join you in meditation. Everyone is
already praying for you in the GK1 family world wide. Do your part and be faithful to yourself.

-Sister Coles, congratulations you have passed your first Christmas without habits. What an
achievement early in your spiritual journey! Congratulations for now understanding why everyone
was telling you “wait you will understand…” As you can see God is not in theory, God is in the
practice. Can everyone in GK1 please keep Coles in your prayer for God to continue to bless her
with the understanding and direction! Pray that she can continue her spiritual journey, without
interference of the worldly things that comes back to hunt her time to time. Your visions have
already shown you that you will be a true blessing for many people in California, South Carolina
and other places. The teacher is not afraid for you as he knows that when God promises
something he will deliver. The rest only depend on the obedience of the person following every
message. Teacher knows deep in his heart that you are an important soldier with many blessings
on you. Do not worry you will achieve all of them.

-A celestial thank you to all the GK1 family through out the world in countries such as Italy,
Denmark, Sweden, Venezuela, Martinique, France, Benin, South Africa, Gabon, Togo, Cameroon
and Nigeria for the great work they have done by following the principles that changed their lives.
May God blessing stay on them to be able to change other people’s lives as their lives was

-Heavenly thanks to Teacher Judith for her devotion to the work of GK1, for putting her house at
disposition for a lot of work conducted by GK1 team in England, her patience, hospitality and for
never moaning when many students passed by. Let everyone in GK1 put her in their prayer so
that God will give her the power to sustain the acrobatics of dealing with the rotation of students
in her home. The Teacher is sometimes wondering if we are in fact in the hotel business. May God
grant her wishes and give her the power to continue to do the good work she is doing. Give her
the strength and everything that she needs to totally work for GK1 so that the business projects
she is leading become successful. The Teacher prays that with all the discernment that God will
give her she does not feel the weight. Can the GK1 family keep her in your prayer so that she are
able to respect her meditation. If we do not meditate we bring hardship on ourselves no matter
what we do for God. God is the only advisor for anything he put you in charge of. Ones again
thank you for everything. God Bless!

Thank you for all your efforts in 2008 and Happy New Year 2009!

Please find a spiritual road map for 2009 as a last page.

Please view this everyday. Show your obedience by practicing the below.

1. Ask God to give you the power of patience.

2. Pray for your teachers and ask God to give them the strength they need to do
what God command.

3. When you wake up in the morning, think of something that you can do to make
the family of GK1 progress.

4. Do not gossip! If anyone calls you to gossip cut them short by asking them to
meditate. Use the time they want to gossip to teach them something useful like
meditation and eating properly. Tell them about the third Principle.

5. To run the church this year is easy. Do 30 minutes of lecture only and use the
other 30 minutes of meditation inside the church. Let God heal the people inside
your meeting. Anybody in the congregation that God blessed with time at
disposition should go to your meeting place at Wednesday and Friday at 1 p.m. to
meditate. Through this you will experience the manifestation of God. It does not
matter if you are alone you should still meditate.

6. You should tell anyone that comes to you with their problems that their problems
will be solved when they buy the book of the Five Principles and practice what is in
it. If they are truly serious about solving their problems they should come inside
the Church on Wednesday and Friday at 1 p.m. for meditation because the power
that will heal them is already inside the Church waiting. They should not miss
church on Sunday and be on time.

7. Continue to pray for the wellbeing of the Teacher. Do not argue with him. Do not
take his time for nothing. Do not bring other people’s problems in front of him. You
have the power to heal other people. If there is something you can not resolve,
and the Teacher has to intervene, make sure that you teach the person with the
problem how to behave in front of the Teacher. Practice with the person at least
15 days before that person can have access to the Teacher. If you do not keep this
rule you are cheating yourself, God and everyone else in the GK1 family. Make
sure that anyone you bring does not come empty handed. For 2009 the Teacher is
following the steps God gave him with no mistakes and with no ambiguity.