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There are many situations where pupils are required to interpret diagrams or pictures.
It is not always clear that they understand or 'see' the picture in a consistent way.
This activity helps to ensure that pupils have a consistent understanding.

■ Have a set of cards that relate to diagrams and images from the current topic.
■ The cards can contain images or words that relate to images. For example, a set of cards
that have pictures of cells on them.
■ Pupils are divided into groups of 3.
■ One pupil has to describe the picture to a second without saying what it is. The third
person acts as a judge.

The object is to describe as many pictures as possible in a given time.

Articulate organised in different ways

Cards containing words relating to a particular concept or key idea can be used instead of
images. These require pupils to formulate and communicate their understanding of the
concept clearly.