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Christi Marlene Belcourt.1 (b.

Christi Belcourt is the initiator and Lead Coordinator behind Walking With Our Sisters: A Commemorative Art Installation for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of Canada . This is a large collaborative art piece which displays over 1, !! pairs o" #occasin tops or $va#ps% co##e#orating and representing an esti#ated &'( )boriginal wo#en and girls who have been #urdered or gone #issing in Canada since 1961. The art is currently installed in *innipeg and is being held at the +rban ,ha#an -allery "ro# .arch '1 to )pril 1', '!1(. This pro/ect is about these wo#en, paying respect to their lives and e0istence on this earth. They are sisters, #others, aunties, daughters, cousins, grand#others, wives and partners. They have been cared "or, they have been loved, and they are #issing. 1ach pair o" va#ps represents one #issing or #urdered indigenous wo#an. The un"inished #occasins represent the un"inished lives o" the wo#en whose lives were cut short by #urder. 2ver 13!! artists, so#e who are "a#ily #e#bers o" the wo#en who are #issing or #urdered, have created these va#ps. The e0hibit, which started in '!13, will tour "or seven years. The artwor4 and "unding has all been crowd5 sourced as a co##unity e""ort.

Christi Belcourt, .etis painter, cra"tsperson, and writer, was born in ,carborough, 2ntario in ,epte#ber, 1966, the daughter o" Tony Belcourt and 6udith 7ierce5.artin (n8e ,treatch). 9er siblings are graphic designer ,u:anne Belcourt and "il##a4er ,hane Belcourt. 9er "ather was the "ounding president o" the ;ative Council o" Canada (19 1519 (). 7revious to that he was vice5president o" the .8tis )ssociation o" )lberta (1969). 9e recently retired "ro# his position as president o" the .8tis ;ation o" 2ntario.

This is an e0cerpt "ro# L.6. Bar4well (1d.) Women of the Metis Nation. *innipeg< Louis =iel >nstitute, '11!.

Belcourt is recogni:ed within the .8tis co##unity as one o" the pree#inent .etis artists in Canada. >n '!!1, art curator Catherine .attes included Christi in her review o" .etis art and artists saying< $1#erging .etis artist Christi Belcourt has been re"ining the#es within her paintings, which re"lect, renewed .etis pride and a strong sense o" )boriginal heritage. 9er the#es are in three topic areas, ?lorals @ inspired by .etis beadwor4 patternsA *ater @ honouring the sacred relationship o" all creatures to waterA and .etis 9istory @ depicting .etis people and events.%' Christi is the author o" Medicines to Help Us: raditional Metis !lant Use: Stud" !rints and #esource $uide (,as4atoon< -abriel Bu#ont >nstitute, '!! ). The prints and co#panion boo4let are based on Christi BelcourtCs painting o" the sa#e na#e. There are contributions to the te0t on traditional plant use by .etis 1lders =ose =ichardson and 2live *hit"ord. The boo4Cs .ichi" language translations are by =ita ?la#and with >le D la Crosse dialect translations by Laura Burnou".

So Much Depends Upon Who Holds The Shovel (detail view) )crylic on Canvas, (&E 0 96E, '!!& 7er#anent Collection o" the >ndian and >nuit )rt Centre


Catherine .attes. $.etis 7erspectives in Conte#porary )rt.% Metis %egac" (1ds.) Bar4well, Lawrence 6., Leah Borion and Barren =. 7r8"ontaine. *innipeg, .B< 7e##ican 7ublications, '!!1< 19'.


Christi presented at the 9th )nnual ;ew ,un Con"erence on )boriginal )rts< Something &lse Again' *hich too4 place at Carleton +niversity ?ebruary ' , '!1!. 9er "loral #uralF M" Heart (Is )eautiful*Fwas been used "or the con"erence poster. 9er wor4 has been co##issioned by the Louis =iel >nstitute, the -abriel Bu#ont >nstitute, the ;ature Conservancy o" Canada and the Centre "or Traditional Gnowledge H .useu# and ;ature, and is "ound in the per#anent collections o" the Thunder Bay )rt -allery, the Louis =iel >nstitute, the -abriel Bu#ont >nstitute and Canadian .useu# o" Civili:ation, ?irst 7eopleCs 9all. Christi is a past recipient o" awards "ro# the Canada Council "or the )rts, the 2ntario )rts Council, the Chal#ers ?a#ily ?und, and the .8tis ;ation o" 2ntario.

Co#piled by Lawrence Bar4well Coordinator o" .etis 9eritage and 9istory =esearch Louis =iel >nstitute