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Take the next step…

in a safer direction with Steri•Safe.

Make the commitment
to reduce hazards and manage your risk.

OSHA compliance is a critical factor in the work you do. It’s not only important from
a legal standpoint, but it’s crucial to the safety and health of your employees and
your business. And proper disposal of your regulated medical waste (RMW) is just
the first step in being compliant. There’s a myriad of other regulations you need to
“Reducing workplace be aware of and address. If you don’t, it can impact your bottom line in many ways.
injuries and illnesses
What do accidents cost your business?
conserves critical
Besides the direct costs of an accident or exposure incident—treatment
resources and and higher workers’ compensation—you end up paying for many indirect, unin-
improves the use sured and out-of-pocket costs, including…

of those resources. • Lost time from work (both injured and fellow employees)
It saves money, • Overhead costs while work is disrupted

avoids unnecessary • Training costs for new/replacement workers

• Damaged morale and reputation
costs and ultimately
maximizes returns on What are the dollars and cents?
business investments.” Here’s an example: If an employee has an accident that costs you $5,000, at a 2%
—John Henshaw, profit margin, you would have to sell an additional $250,000 in products or services
Assistant Secretary to cover that loss. Just take a look at this chart to see the impact for yourself…
of Labor, OSHA

Sales to cover costs*

Accident Costs 1% Profit Margin 2% Profit Margin 3% Profit Margin

$1,000 $100,000 $50,000 $33,000

$5,000 $500,000 $250,000 $167,000

$10,000 $1,000,000 $500,000 $333,000

*Source: OSHA’s Safety Pays Web Site, 2004

Discover the answer with Steri•Safe. SM

While many healthcare facilities run a tight ship, gaps in compliance are a daily
occurrence. In fact, the average number of potential OSHA violations that a Stericycle®
Certified Occupational Safety Consultant identifies in a mock OSHA inspection is 17.
To stay compliant and protect your business, you need to be up-to-code on everything
from Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to fire and evacuation plans to eye wash sta-
tions. And that’s where the Steri•Safe program from Stericycle steps in.
“Medical waste isn’t garbage.
You have a duty to manage your waste
responsibly with 100% compliance.”

Choose Steri•Safe SM

and you’ll never have to worry again.

One way to ensure that you’re on-track with your RMW disposal and OSHA compliance is SM
“Steri•Safe helps me
to give us a call today. We can help determine where you are at risk for non-compliance.
With that knowledge in hand, you can then choose a Steri•Safe program that suits your
navigate through the
needs and budget. confusing and frequently
intimidating maze of OSHA
Steri•Safe provides:

rules quickly and easily.”

• An actionable plan and easy-to-use tools so you know you’re doing everything
right when it comes to RMW and OSHA compliance. —West Coast
Radiology Center
• Predictable budgeting for your RMW disposal and annual compliance expenses.
• Reduced risk from illness and injuries in the workplace.
• Peace of mind knowing you’ve provided your employees with the safest possible
work environment—and your business is protected because your waste is properly
managed by one trusted supplier—the RMW industry leader.

Take the fastest, easiest route, guaranteed

for OSHA compliance with our Preferred Level of service.

>Our Highly-Acclaimed, On-Site Bloodborne Pathogens and OSHA Training

An on-site meeting conducted by your personal Stericycle Consultant provides your
staff with the required annual Bloodborne Pathogens training, as well as information
about what to do in the event of an occupational exposure such as a needlestick.

>An On-Site Mock OSHA Inspection

If you were to experience an unscheduled OSHA inspection today, would you
be ready? Our comprehensive On-Site Mock OSHA inspection gives you and your
staff a one-on-one opportunity to identify and discuss violation risks, so you’re O U R G UA R A N T E E
100% compliant. All results are then recorded by your Stericycle Consultant
As part of our Preferred
and returned to you with our written recommendations.
Service, we also guarantee
that should you experience
an OSHA inspection, you’ll
Call to speak to a Stericycle representative today.
be 100% in compliance…

866.783.7422 or we pay your fine as

it pertains to Bloodborne
Or for more information, visit Pathogens and Medical
Waste Management Practices.

Comply with
Choose the Steri Safe level

• OSHA Standards!
Steri•Safe helps you satisfy

that’s right for you… these OSHA requirements:

> Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
> STANDARD LEVEL INCLUDES: > Hazard Communication Standard
> Emergency Action Plan Standard
OSHA Compliance Program Manual > Fire Protection Plan Standard
This easy-to-follow manual is your roadmap to OSHA compliance.
It contains the most up-to-date information and forms possible, It’s your best defense for
so there’s no research for you to do. Our interactive CD organizes all protecting employees and
35 forms, the required Exposure Control Plan and Emergency Action creating a culture of safety.
Plan documents as required by OSHA, so you can easily complete,
print and save them on your computer.

Bloodborne Pathogens Training CD

This CD, presented as a full-motion video in four modules, is a great
interactive way to teach the BBP Standard to your employees.
Employees work at their own pace, while the program keeps track
of their progress and allows you to print a record of their training.


Hazcom Identification Posters and Labels
Remind your employees how to stay safe by dis-
playing these colorful posters prominently in your
Quarterly Audio Safety Meeting (QASM) CD
office. You also get 36 durable, chemical resistant
Listen to what the experts have to say about Fire
labels to mark additional safety hazards.
Safety, Back Injury Prevention, Safety Needles,
In accordance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard
Ergonomics and more. Presented in convenient
15-20 minute audio meetings, it’s perfect for
use in groups or individually.
In accordance with OSHA’s General Duty Clause

Online Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) System

The simplest way to access over 800,000 materials. The system
is updated continuously and can be searched by manufacturer,
product name or key word and printed from your computer.
In accordance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard


On-Site Mock OSHA Inspection “All my questions were
Conducted by a Stericycle Certified Occupational Safety Consultant (COSC),
this mock inspection helps pinpoint risk potential and provides you with written answered—and our
employees actually enjoyed
Annual On-Site OSHA Training
This on-site meeting keeps you and your employees current on OSHA regulations
the training. Now there’s
through interactive training with your Stericycle COSC. no doubt in my mind as to
And, we guarantee 100% OSHA compliance or we pay what I should be doing as
your fine as it pertains to Bloodborne Pathogens and
Medical Waste Management Practices.
an employer to protect my
employees and myself.”
Take the Next Step in a Safer Direction!
—Dr. Dean
Call 866.783.7422