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National Headquarters

' W O \V Lawiente A M ; Sic 300

Schiller Paik. Illinois 60176 1 2 l(>
I'll (847) 928-9687,
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Carol J. Spizzirri
Founder / President

August 25, 2008

Grand Victoria Foundation

230 West Monroe Street, Suite 2530
Chicago, IL 60606

Dear Grand Victoria Foundation:

Save A Life Foundation (SALF) is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to training

school children in life supporting first aid skills (LSFA). With the motto..."Trained hands save
lives", SALF is the only national affiliate of the Department of Homeland Security's Citizen Corps
specializing in emergency preparing school-age children and youth. Since its inception in 1993,
more than a million school-aged children and youth have been trained, in SALF basic LSFA

Carol J. Spizzirri founded SALF following an automobile accident that claimed the life of her 18-
year-old daughter Christina. Ms. Spizzirri working with the IL General Assembly was
responsible for the passage of SB1477, which mandates first aid / CPR training for all Illinois
police officers and firefighters. In 1994, with the assistance of Dr. Peter Safar (father of CPR)
and Dr. Henry Heimlich (Heimlich maneuver), Ms. Spizzirri developed age appropriate K-12
training modules, which are typically taught in our schools by local emergency medical service
(EMS) professionals.

Save A Life Foundation is requesting a grant of $5,000 from Grand Victoria Foundation in order
to provide age-appropriate basic life supporting first aid skills training, including: recognizing
emergencies, activating emergency medical services, scene safety, bleed control, rescue
breathing, burn treatment, treatment of shock, abdominal thrusts for choking victims,
cardiopulmonary resuscitation and an introduction to use of automatic external defibrillators, to
students with Community Unit School District 300 in Illinois.

Community Unit School District 300 is primarily located in Kane and McHenry Counties, with
small portions in Cook and DeKalb Counties. The municipalities wholly or partially within the
district include Carpentersville, Algonquin, Cary, Lake-in-the-Hills, East Dundee, West Dundee,
Hampshire, Pingree Grove, Sleepy Hollow, Elgin, Hoffman Estates, Barrington Hills and Fox
River Grove

The District has fifteen (K-5) elementary schools, one intermediate school, four middle schools,
two combined elementary and middle schools and four high schools. There are a total of
19,502 students, with 9,508 in elementary, 4,378 in middle and 5,616 in high school. Save A
Life Foundation and the Village of Carpentersville would like to train 800 students in the
Community Unit School District 300 with focus on grades 5m and 6,h grade enrolled at Lakewood
Elementary and Liberty Elementary schools.
The implications this program would have on the students are numerous. The lessons learned
early in life establish behavioral patterns for the rest of our life and become a part of a person's
core beliefs and values. Not only will the children trained through Save A Life be able to take
action to save their own lives, minimize injuries and lend aid to the injured or ill following an
accident, but they will be learn how important a life truly is, leading to possible reductions in
youth violence and gang activity. This program will teach the students of District 300 that a life
is worth saving and is therefore a positive way to put these children on the right path in life.

The Carpentersville Fire Department has been trained by Save A Life Foundation to carry out
training throughout Community Unit School District 300. All of Carpentersville's instructors are
credentialed EMS professionals; teaching skills used every day as first responders, emergency
medical technicians, paramedics and firefighters. Chief Schuldt will work with the SALF Illinois
State Office to coordinate instructor schedules, course materials and equipment for training of
the students. The state health and education approved courses being provided are time
sensitive and can easily be arranged to accommodate a classroom teacher's schedule,
requiring only 1 hour of classroom instruction for grades 5th and 6th, A substantial portion of
the course is dedicated to hands on practice of abdominal thrusts and CPR skills utilizing infant,
child and adult mannequins. SALF has found that, after three months the average student
retains 97 percent of their LSFA skills, and 57 percent of these children demonstrate an
increased desire to assist others in a medical emergency. Save A Life Foundation programs
have a proven track record of producing bystanders who will act due to increased knowledge,
confidence and a desire to come to the aid of others in emergencies.

Save A Life Foundation and the Carpentersville Fire Department are eager to work with Grand
Victoria Foundation in order to enhance and expand youth development within your service
area. The life supporting first aid skills training has a proven record of positively affecting youth
who are involved in the programs resulting in their preparedness for emergencies, possession
of increased awareness of dangers prior to and following accidents, an improved willingness to
respond, and utilization of life supporting first aid skills.

Thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may


Carrie Viehweg
\ I
-/ Mayor Bill Sarto
State Director Village of Carpentersville, Illinois
Save A Life Foundation 1200 L.W. BesingerDr.
520 E, Capitol St. Carpentersville, IL 60110
Springfield, IL 62701 847-426-3439
Program Budget:
SALF Life Supporting First Aid Training for Community Unit School District 300

Item Description Item Cost Total Cost

Student Kits 800 X $4.75 = $3800.00
(Includes Student Training Manuals,
Scantron forms, and student completion
Instructor Stipend $800.00 $4600.00
Travel Expenses $400.00 $5000.00
Total $5,000.00

SALF will pay training expenses in excess of the $5000.00 projected budget.