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Salary and Benefits Survey

Job Classification - City Manager

Analysis & Summary - Atascadero

December 2010

M. Brennler
Rankings - TotalAnnual Compensation - 2010

San Luis Obispo $3O9,471.00

Atascadero $254,593.00
Paso Robles 5230,974.00
Pismo Beach 5zzt,o+7.00
Morro Bay
< Median (s21s,8s7.oo)

Arroyo Grande $tgg,g+0.00
Grover Beach 5t64,L92.00

Atascadero is 14.44%o above the average ($222,549.00) and 17.99% above the median ($215,857.00)

Component data and computations are recorded on Page 15 Addendum - Page 1
Rankings - Annual Base Salary - ZOLO

Annual Monthly Hourly

San Luis Obispo 22L,520.OO 18,460.00 106.50

Pismo Beach L6L,40O.00 * 13,450.00 77.60
Atascadero t57,173,AO L3,098.00 75.56
Paso Robles L55,744.00 12,979.00 74.88
Morro Bay 155,351.00 L2,946.00 74.69
Arroyo Grande 136,596.00 11,383.00 65.67
Grover Beach t23,443.00 * L0,287.00 59.35

Atascadero is 1.17% below the average ($159,009.00) and L.OS% above the median (g155,457.50)

x Notes:
Pismo Beach - Potential salary increase to $L72,966.g0 scheduled January 201L
Grover Beach - Top step salary for City Manager is 152,280.00
computations for Monthly and Hourly data - Addendum - Page 2
Summary - City of Atascadero

Although the base salary for the Atascadero City Manager is ranked third, total compensation is
ranked second, due in part, to disparities in other agency paid compensation. The Atascadero
City Manager's total compensation is 14.44% above the six city average and 17.99% above the
median point.

Atascadero contributes 529,859.00 for a 457b and 401a plan. This contribution is
approximately 747% above the six city average of 53,526.00. lt is of interest that the City of
Atascadero contributed over 3L,000.00 in year 2009 and that city payments since year 2003
exceed 5154,000.00.

Atascadero contributes approximately 59,910.00 for the City Manager's insurance policies
incf uding a long term disability policy. This is approximately 2!4% above the six city average of

53,161.00. The primary reason for the disparity rests with the annual contribution for the City
Manager's long term disability policy, which is approximately 909% above the six city average of

Atascadero's contribution for other categories of compensation is $9,738.00, which is

approximately 94% above the six city average of 55,016.00. This disparity exists due to
contributions that fund a membership to a health club, as well as an annual cash option for sick
leave. None of the other cities have such annualized benefits.

program. The City Manager receives

A significant disparity exists in Atascadero's vacation leave
35 days vacation which is approximately 64% above the six city average of 21 days.

An even greater disparity is noted with administrative leave, wherein the City Manager is
allowed 142 hours (17.75 days)) of administrative leave, compared to the six city average of
58.66 hours (7.33 days). The annualvalue of this administrative leave is approximately

The total leave granted to the City Manager is 65 days (not including sick leave). This total
feave is approximately 56% above the six city average of 41 days.

The disparities noted above were primarily a result of contract addendums agreed to in years
2OO3,2004 and 2005. The Council Members who approved the addendums include Jerry Clay,
Tom O'Malley, Wendy Scalise, George Luna and Becky Pacas.

Of interest are several city resolutions that record the following language:

Addendum - Page 3
"The City will match an eligible employee's contribution to a deferred compensation
program. The match will be up to a maximum of 51,000.00 annually for executive
management employees and 5500.00 annually for management employees."

ln the City Manager's maximum agency paid contribution was 51,000.00 per year. This

fact, combined with the resolution language may have led the public to believe that the City
Manager is categorized as an executive management employee who is entitled to the annual
S1,000.00 contribution. lt is apparent that the City Manager's employment agreement
addendums supersede the resolutions thus allowing him to receive the significantly larger
agency contributions.

One can argue that the public and other city employees have been misled in reference to the
city's contribution to the City Manager's deferred compensation plans.

As mentioned in paragraph two, since 2003 when the first addendum took effect, the city
contributions to the City Manager's deferred compensation plans have exceeded S154,000.00.

An additional fact of interest is derived from data reported in the San Luis Obispo County
Tribune, which published its own total compensation survey in August 2070. The data may be
accessed at salaries/atascadero/#ixzzl4QxWlEUv

The Tribune survey included all city executive managers, which in Atascadero's case, includes
the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Assistant to the City Manager/City Clerk, Police Chief,
Fire Chiel Administrative Services Director, Community Development Director, Community
Services Director and the Public Works Director.

When compared to 20L0 generalfund revenues (S16,924,240.00l'these nine executive

management job classifications approximate between 9 and tO% of said revenues.

Also noted is the fact that only three of the seven San Luis Obispo County Cities fund a job
classification of Assistant City Manager. These cities are San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and
Atascadero. Both San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles have significantly larger general fund
revenues, thus it can be argued it is easier for these cities to fund the position.

ln Atascadero's case, the position of Assistant City Manager has an annual cost of
approximately S L75,000.00.

Addendum - Page 4