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And Iam praying that the January 2007 order of Undersecretary Marcius Corpus to BFP

NAtional Office to investigate the administrative and criminal charges filed at the office
of the ombudsman including the accesory girls of Inspector Arcangel must be released to
the public (10-12 officers were affected on this letter and 6-10 non officers (letter of
Marcius Corpus from the time it was circulated and puiblished to BFP central office was
a delightful moments for my family (and BFP legal and internal affairs office went to our
house and check in in HOTEL ROMA for a week (they cannot get the testimony of Supt.
Soriano because he was hiding on that time and other key officers)
Despite eventhough I forgive those mistakes or wrongdoings in the eyes of Justice there
must be a fair and due decision..its been three long years that the investigation result was
not transmitted to DILG and must be forwarded to the office of the ombudsman. On this
delayed result the ombudsman has only kept their silent but to the eyes of God the hatred
is still the families of victims and future victims including the
PEOPLE could invite me to share your grievances/comments and suggestions to
my FB and you will be shocked that those
manning the BFP Regional office of Tuguegarao has various pending criminal and
administratice case filed at the ombudsman that the office of the ombudsman since
JANUARY 2007 after the fire razed near COLONEL CUNTAPAY house somewhere
October-November 2007 that destroyed 10 million properties-the latest is just stone
throw of Colonel Cuntapay house(December 20, 2011)
Protected them and they only sacrifices one sacrificail lamb who was based here in USA-
Miami , Florida-Inspector Jane BArtolome Arcangel.....i HAVE a sympathy and empathy
to the 16 BSN graduates who died recently at the Fire in Tuguegarao City(YOU TUBE
SORIANO December 15, 2010).I was one of those living witness till now...The fire
Station has lots of corrupt officers ...those officers are still now manning the
system...those sinibak sa pwesto are only Non -Officers..majorityof those I filed in the
office of the ombudsman are officers - SSUPT Soriano and others officers I filed commit
crimes as 1.) Command Responsibility 2.) Abuse of Authority 2.1) he has a Business
manning all the salaries of firefighters without tax and permit which is a crime on which
a Government Employeee must not have other interest being have a Director job as well
3.) the BFP central office gave her two-three position being the ongoing Regional
Finance /Budget Officer as well as Regional Director in the past in which he got 10-20
thousand gas allocation per month
4.) he allows part time job for his friends and relatives during office hours in which he
only sacrificed Inspector Jane Arcangel as sacrificial lamb to stop the grievances and
querries of the whisleblower Mr. Tumbali...then 5. Supt Soriano was protected by DILG
and Ombudsman in which his crime was whitewash despites there are solid evidence to
show that he is practivcing a full blast (money laundering crime) and even accumulating
millions of check a month to the salary of firefighters without their signature in which
this is a major crime...6.) he instructed all stations to declare their firetrucks
unserviceable in order that the gas allocations will be put in the pocket..and if fire
happens he instructed such fire stations to call the CHINES VOLUNTEER FIRE
BRIGADE ...7.) the worst here is SUPT SOriaano when he took the office as Regional
Director he was only a major without trainings etc...
And he has varietues or various administrative and criminal charges in the office of the
ombudsman for the past 3 years and yet he managed to forged his documents declaring
no pending case thats why he was promoted to superintendednt and senior
superintendednt and maybe next year General because its only three months he was
pardoned and won the cases against him..imagine ongoing case he must be suspended
and now he still belong to the promotable candidate.....8. HE also pocketted gas
allocations on every municipal and city fire stations since 1993 being Provincial Fire
Marshall (the technique he will advance the cash allocation to each firmarshall instead of
gas with 50 percent interest (fire marshall who is in need for money would deal with
selling their gas allocation in advance and sacrificing to be declare unserviceable because
the gas was already gone in advance and not to worry they have alternatives.....
Flat tire the firetruck and call back-up the VOLUNTERR GROUP THEY FORMED
(Chinese Volunteer Group) these revelations in 2007 was submitted to ombudsman and
was given various criminal and administrative case number ...BELIEVE IT OR NOT the
fire in Tuguegarao was only given 15 days to have a final result of the investigation with
this case I filed it was until now no result being made specially the investigation and
committee formed by Marcius Corpus of DILG..the decision of the ombudsman just went
on release after the fire happened and Inspector Arcangel in the sacrifical lamb out of 30
officer and non officers I sued....- no wonder the gas/diesil company connive with her
including the bank PNB for his pautang) and to save his ambitious lifestyle and not to be
scrutinized he joint the FREE MASONRY brotherhood to protect his criminal and
administrative charges he/she is facing in the past..I hope Noynoy Aquino would formed
a committe that would have no MASONRY members in order htat this fugitive or
hoodlum in the eyes of our creator would be removed from service including those
accesory girls to the crime of Inspector Arcangel and officers who protected Soriano
from the time he already corrupt taxes or peoples otherhoomoney being Provincial fire
Marshal from 1993-2007
And being Regional Fire Marshal of Tuguegarao from 2007-present if Noy noy Aquino
would change the system of Bureau of Fire Protection TYuguegarao City he must first
check if they belong to evil belong to evil brotherhood as FREE MASONRY because if
still Soriano is the Regionl Fire Marshall all firefighters suffered because of the pautang
and 5-6 interest he practice in which is a criminal offense to our constitution....he put his
wife a his alibi..he dont pay taxes ..he dont have license...and he put all city.municupal
finace officer to collect those money direct to his or her account in the bank wiothout the
signature of the owner of the check the firefighter..If you gonna believe me interview 30-
40 thousand officers and they will tell me yes tSoriano receive the check without our
signature...(he is also having a criminal case of forgery and tampering) aside from the
criminal case of anti money laundering act..
This Mason Officer should be hang and in Japan every Government employee with only
a petty crime committed hang himself instantly in the eyes of the public..but Soriano
tactics pay those people who keep on questioning her and also become an active FREE
administrative filed at me by fellow firefighter last 2007...Soriano has already been
complaint in the 1990's aside from being complaint in 2007 . in the 1990's being a BFP
central office finance officer he already made the same corupt year 2007 his
fellow driver and the same time bagman complaint her and now it was again being kept
silent by the office of the ombudsman...IF PINOY WOULD HERE THIS please sibakin
po nyo agad etong Regiuoonal Diredctor nnang BFP Tuguegarao para mahinto napo ung
mga pera na binabayaran nya sa mga pumoprotekta sa kanyang illegal far he
is maintaning a maintenance fee of 5-10thousand on all highest rank government
employee from media to the head of ombudsman and DILG just to protect his pautang
and gas cutting to declare unserviceable firetrucks and also allowing his relative to do
dual work during office hour and sacrificing Inspector Arcangel as sacrificial lamb to
make my family happyyy...she was able to save those accesory girls of Inspector
Arcangel because two of them are his own blood relatives....Fire Officer Lenette
Malupeng....Mabuhay Noynoy...I believe In God The Father Almighty creator of Heaven
and Earth (hope and birth of new era)