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Fall 2009

The wait is over. Tyler Robinson
and his Alcoa teammates lead the
charge of PrepXtra teams set to kick
off their quests for state championships.

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It’s a whole new ball game INSIDE

New class system adds pionship. Alcoa...........................4 Heritage.....................43
mystery to ’09 season Will the Rebels be able to re-
bound in a higher classification Anderson County..6 Jefferson County...43
News Sentinel staff againstthelikesofFarragut,Cath- Austin-East...............7 Karns ..........................44
olicandBearden? Bearden.....................8 Lenoir City.................45
ForKnoxville-areahighschool Will its Blount County neigh-
CAK .............................10 Loudon.......................47
footballteams,theroadtothestate bor and rival Alcoa be able to reel
championship got a lot shorter off a sixth consecutive state title? Campbell County ..11 Maryville...................48
—inmileage—overthesummer The Tornadoes were bumped up Carter.........................12 Morristown East....50
whenTennesseeTechUniversity to 3A after having been the head Catholic......................14 Morristown West..51
inCookevillewasapprovedasthe There’sonlyoneplacetowatch oftheClass2Aforyears.
host site over Middle Tennessee thatunfold:onthefield. Can Fulton recapture its state- Central .......................16 Oak Ridge..................52
StateinMurfreesboro. And this season’s PrepXtra titleformafterhavingmissedout Clinton........................17 Pigeon Forge............54
But the 15-game journey will Magazine will shed some much- on the playoffs last season for the Farragut.....................18 Powell.........................55
still seem like a marathon, with needed light on just which teams firsttimesince1992?
wrong turns and pit stops along are set to excel, which ones prob- Start to find the answers in Fulton..........................20 Sevier County..........56
theway. ablywon’tandwhichoneswillbe thesepagesthenfollowtheseason Gat.-Pittman............21 Seymour....................58
Withthecreationofnewclassi- rebuildingundernewcoaches. on, East Tennes- Gibbs...........................22 South-Doyle.............59
ficationsandabrand-newplayoff What’s more: for the first time see’sleaderinhighschoolsports. Grace Academy.....24 Webb..........................60
system set forth by the TSSAA, since the 2004 season, Maryville Check the site daily for feature
everyone — from fans to players enters on a losing streak — albeit stories, game stories, Xtra Credit Halls.............................41 West ...........................61
tocoaches—seemstobewaiting a one-game slide — after having blogs, photo slide shows, video Hardin Valley............42 William Blount ........62
in the dark to see how it will all its74-gamewinstreaksnappedin interviews and highlights — and
playout. lastseason’sClass4Astatecham- evenTwitterfeeds.
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PX4 Coach: Gary Rankin (293-60, 4th season at Alcoa) | Lastyear: 14-1 (Class 2A state champions) | ReturningStarters: 13 (7 on offense, 6 on defense)

Heroes: Tyler Robinson (TE/DL,
senior, 6-4, 250, Mr. Football
Tornadoes travel rugged route SCHEDULE
lineman winner, PrepXtra at Bell Co. (KY)
defensive player of the year, Di- Alcoa moves up to 3-A those first five games.
“It’s going to be demanding.”
vision I prospect), Jaron Toney
(RB/DB, senior, 5-9, 165, 846
in search of sixth title in row But its hard not to predict the same results. Maryville
yards and 18 TDs last season), BY JESSE SMITHEY Alcoa returns a bundle of playmakers on of- Sept.4
Taharin Tyson (FB/LB, junior, fense, which could mask some of its shortcom-
5-11, 230, 779 yards and eight *at Loudon
ings with some defensive newcomers.
TDs in 2008). If Alcoa rips off a sixth-consecutive state Maybe no player will be relied on more Sept.10
Breakout Players: Quarterbacks championship this season, don’t be surprised than senior Tyler Robinson. The 6-foot-2, 250- at Fulton, MyVLT2
Austin Tallant (junior, 5-11, 175) to see an asterisk attached to pound tight end/defensive lineman is one of
and Ryan Stoutt (senior, 6-0, Sept.18
185) likely will shine on offense.
its streak. the state’s top players and recruits. *Scott County
Tallant and Stoutt double as But its lone purpose would While he has much attached to his name
be as an indicator that the first — including a Mr. Football award and scholar- Sept.25
defenders (in the secondary).
Others: Steven Isom, (WR/DB, five championships were won ship offers from Virginia Tech and Kentucky at Howard
junior, 6-1) Chaz Barnes (wide in Class 2A and the sixth in 3A. — he doesn’t want to be remembered as part Oct.2
receiver, senior, 6-3), Lajuan Under the TSSAA’s new of the team that halted the title streak.
Warfield (5-10, sophomore, *at Kingston
classifications for 2009-13, Al- “Seniorclass,youdon’twanttobetheoneto
WR/DB). coa was bumped up and will ruin it, mess it up, you know?” said Robinson. Oct.16
What’s Good: Alcoa has three Robinson test its program on a higher “You can’t take it for granted. *Stone Memorial
senior starting offensive line- stage. “You can’t take anyone lightly. What did Oct.23
men, and its backfield is as
deep as any program’s in the
That has some of the Alcoa players excited; Maryville win — 74 in a row (until is lost last McMinn Central
state. While Toney and Tyson they may actually get to play in the second half year in the 4A state championship)? You can’t
will log a majority of the car- more frequently. take anybody lightly.”
ries, Vanderbilt Hambrick and Coach Gary Rankin didn’t build in any fluff RunningbacksJaronToney(Alcoa’sleading *at CAK
Darrell Warren are no slouches. into the lineup of opponents, adding Chatta- rusher last year) and man-child Taharin Ty- *conferencegames
Help Needed: Alcoa is young noogaHowardinJulytocompletethe10-game son (5-11, 230) will carry the offense until new allgames7:30p.m.
in the secondary. It not only schedule. quarterbacks Austin Tallant and Ryan Stoutt
lost to graduation a coach and “We don’t have very many easy games,” he find their comfort zones and go-to receivers
playmaker on the field in said. “We’ve had too many of those in the past, are sorted. KEY GAMES
wide receiver/defensive back maybe. Our non-region schedule is what’s a “(Tyson) used to be a little chubby and have
Sam Thompson, it also lost Aug. 21 at Bell
its kicker and punter. Alcoa’s
killer for us. We open with Bell County, who is that baby fat on him,” said Toney, who scored County, Ky., Aug. 28
only trusted pass-catcher is a 4A state champion out of Kentucky. They’re 18 touchdowns last season. “But he’s slimmed vs. Maryville, Sept.
Robinson. a good, good solid football team. Then you down and gotten his speed up. So I think that 10 at Fulton.
got Maryville, Fulton, Howard and Loudon in will help out a lot this year.”

No.Name Pos Class No.Name Pos Class No.Name Pos Class No.Name Pos Class
84 Anthony, Mustafa DB/WR FR 76 Franklin, Shane DT/OL FR 74 Marsh, Justin DT/OL SR 8 Stoutt, Ryan DB/QB SR
14 Bach, Corey LB/QB FR 65 Gibbs, Matthew DT/OL SO 52 McBrayer, Braxton DT/OL FR 21 Strissel, Brandon FB/LB FR
72 Bailey, Tyler DT/OL FR 11 Goodson, Hogan DB/QB SO 99 McGlothlin, Tyler DT/TE JR 57 Sudderth, James DT/OL SO
9 Barnes, Chaz DB/WR SR 90 Hall, Davey DE/TE FR 27 McMurray, Brendan LB/WR FR 16 Talent, Austin DB/QB JR
63 Birchfield, Jon DT/OL SR 96 Hawkins, James DB/WR F0R 43 McNear, Treman FB/LB FR 68 Tate, Colby DT/OL SO
59 Bledsoe, Chip DT/OL SO 29 Hembrick, Vanderbilt DB/RB SO 54 Miles, Nick DE/OL SO 62 Tatham, Ben DT/OL FR
80 Brown, Parker LB/RB JR 46 Henderson, Damion DT/OL FR 31 Newring, Justin DB/WR JR 15 Toney, Jaron DB/RB SR
42 Brown, Justin DB/RB FR 85 Henry, Jonivan DE/TE JR 51 Ogle, Zac DE/OL FR 3 Turbyfill, Landon DB/QB FR
86 Burnette, Blake K FR 28 Herbert, Deontra FB/LB SR 91 Owenby, Dalton DE/TE FR 2 Tyson, Taharin LB/RB JR
64 Cameron, David DT/OL SO 67 Hodge, Kelsey DT/OL FR 39 Patrick, Jordan FB/LB JR 61 Walden, Marcel DT/OL SR
35 Campbell, Jonathan DB/WR FR 4 Isom, Steven DE/RB JR 48 Prindiville, Vance DT/OL FR 81 Warfield, Lajuan DB/WR SO
93 Castro, Roberto K JR 24 Jett, Jared LB/WR JR 55 Rankin, John Tucker DT/OL SO 1 Warren, Darryl DE/RB JR
44 Chapman, Zack LB/RB SO 60 Johnson, Stanley DT/OL JR 94 Revels, Davon DE/TE SO 79 Weatherly, John DT/OL SR
47 Coffin, Georgio LB/RB SR 58 Kerr, Darwin DT/OL SR 40 Richardson, Jacob LB/RB SO 69 Weber, Tyler DE/OL SR
95 Cooper, Joe DE/TE SR 12 Koko, Ezekial LB/RB 8G 37 Roberts, Chase DE/TE SO 10 Wheeler, Dalton DB/WR JR
13 Copeland, Tyler DB/QB SO 30 Lajuett, Caleb DB/WR FR 6 Robinson, Nathanial LB/WR SR 97 White, Dorian DE/TE FR
33 Crenshaw, Jarod LB FR 78 Lee, Tyler DE/OL SR 5 Robinson, Daniel LB/WR SR 98 Wilson, Cole DE/TE FR
18 Cunningham, Brooks DB/WR SO 34 Lewis, Cody DB/WR SO 89 Robinson, Tyler DE/TE SR 77 Wilson, Josh DT/OL SO
50 Cunningham, Taylor LB/OL FR 82 Lewis, Devonte DE/FB JR 25 Rockymore, Daniel DB/WR SR 36 Wilson, DJ DB/WR SO
23 Dean, Kenny DB/WR FR 87 Lewis, Romey DB/WR FR 88 Roy, John DB/WR JR — Woodruff, Robert DB/WR FR
49 Dijini, Noel DT/OL FR 71 Long, Corey DT/OL FR — Sankey, Brandon LB/RB FR 45 Woody, Colton DB/WR FR
19 Dunlap, Brett DB/WR FR 92 Loy, Thomas DE/TE FR 26 Shareef, Ahmad FB/LB SO 41 Yost, Spencer DB/WR SO
66 Evans, Derrick DT/OL JR 73 Mangum, Caleb DT/OL JR 38 Soule, Alex DB/OL FR 83 Zachary, Davon DB/WR JR
17 Ferguson, Jordan DB/WR FR 75 Manuel, Steven DT/OL SO 56 Stephens, Adam DT/OL JR
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Good Luck to Blount County Teams!

269 Kings Court, Alcoa, Tennessee 37701
PX6 Coach: David Gillum (14-16, 1st season at Anderson County) | Lastyear: 8-4 | ReturningStarters: 13 (6 on offense, 7 on defense)
Heroes: Josh Wilson (6-3, senior,
wide receiver). Wilson accounted
Gillum catches up after belated start
for more than 500 yards receiving
and seven touchdowns during
Anderson County’s new staff junior quarterback Tanner
Williams (5-11, 180) gets a
the regular season in 2008. He’s puts in long days this summer firm grasp of the offense and Aug.28
garnering interest from Middle the speed of varsity foot-
Tennessee State University. His BY JESSE SMITHEY Morristown East
jumping ability makes him valuable ball.
around the goal line and on deep “(Hicks) is a big, strong Sept.4
balls. When David Gillum left as head coach kid. Physical,” Gillum said. *at Campbell County
Breakout Players: Senior running at Scott High School to take over his alma “It’ll be hard to see one per-
Blakely Sep.11
backs Drew Hicks (6-0, 195) and mater Anderson County, he knew he had son tackling him. They were
Chad Blakely (5-9, 160) will get long work days ahead. unfortunate last year that he *at Central
a load of opportunities to make Gillum was hired in June, got hurt (wakeboarding), because he would Sept.18
plays in Gillum’s system. Hicks, meaning he didn’t have the have helped them.
a more powerful runner, missed *Powell
luxury of spring practice to “(Blakely) is a little bit of a change-up.
last season due to injury. Blakely, a install his new offensive and He’s really quick. He’s not going to be danc- Sept.25
transfer from Halls, gives the Mavs
a quick back to mix up the pace out defensive plans. So he spoke ing in the hole. He’s going to make one cut *Halls
of the backfield. Defensive back of long hours he and his staff and get vertical.” Oct.2
Dylan Sain has impressed with his would log so the Mavericks Opponents won’t be able to stack the box.
uncanny ability to be in the right could catch up with other Out wide will be 6-3 veteran receiver Josh *Oak Ridge
place at the right time. Gillum programs. Wilson, who can make a quarterback look Oct.9
What’s Good: Coach Gillum is ex- He backed his word. all-world. at Livingston
cited about his offensive weaponry, “The first few weeks,” “He’s such a big target,” Gillum said. Academy
namely Wilson, Hicks and Blakely. said Gillum, “I was getting “You’re going to complete some balls if you
The defensive line is solid, and the Oct.16
to the office at 7 (a.m.) and get them out there around him.
team psyche doesn’t seem to have leaving at 9:30 that night. ... “We’re going to stretch the field. People *at Karns
been damaged during a tumultu-
ous offseason. We put in a lot of time, and are going to have to respect us vertically.” Oct.23
we’re still putting in a lot of Gillum has been impressed with his *Hardin Valley
Help Needed: The offensive line is
young, which could hinder AC’s run time. team’s attitude thus far, which has been
“But I feel good about stable despite losing long-time coach Larry Oct.29
game at times if it doesn’t catch Hicks
up to speed of playing in District where we are.” Kerr to retirement in March and then re- *at Clinton
3-AAA. Gillum and staff also are If Gillum had his druthers, he’d have four placement Tony Lambert to resignation in MyVLT2 TV
trying to develop depth to be a con- or five wide receivers spread across the field late May.
sistent 5A playoff contender. Junior *conferencegames
this fall. Instead, he’s tailored his prefer- “Anderson County, in general, I don’t
quarterback Tanner Williams (5-11, ences to his skill players. think anybody comes in there to play and allgames7:30p.m.
180) is learning a new offensive “Well be in more pro-style sets,” Gillum puts that helmet on not expecting to win
system under Gillum. Since Gillum
said. — even with the coaching changes,” he said.
was hired late, Williams and crew
That’s because he plans to feature senior “You never have to motivate. The commu- KEY GAMES
have been cramming in the new
playbook. running backs Drew Hicks (6-foot, 195 nity is so football crazy. The kids grow up Oct. 2 vs. Oak Ridge,
pounds) and Chad Blakely (5-9, 160) while wanting to win and expecting to win.” Oct. 29 at Clinton.

No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr.
59 Alley, Cody DL/OL 5-10 225 SR 14 Harmon, Xavier DB/WR 5-10 175 SR 81 Phillips, Lucas DB/WR 6-0 170 JR
1 Beaty, Nick K 5-8 180 SR 33 Hicks, Drew LB/RB 6-0 205 SR 21 Reynolds, Keenon DB/WR 5-9 185 SR
22 Blakley, Chad DB/RB 6-0 185 SR 11 Hodge, Micah QB 5-9 165 FR 3 Roberts, Zane DB/WR 5-9 170 JR
22 Branham, Anthony DB/RB 5-7 165 SO 52 Hughes, Luke DL/OL 6-4 240 SR 5 Sain, Dylan DB/QB 5-10 170 JR
88 Byrge, Brandon LB/TE 5-11 185 FR 4 Hutson, Creighton DE/RB 5-9 185 SR 72 Sawyer, Matt DL/OL 5-10 220 JR
10 Chadwell, Talor DB/WR 5-9 180 JR 55 Idles, Michael LB/OL 6-0 200 SR 18 Scudder, Jeremy DE/WR 5-10 170 JR
86 Clowers, Jeremiah DB/WR 5-7 170 SO 73 Jones, Eric DE/OL 5-9 170 SR 65 Shelley, Zack DL/OL 5-10 225 SO
83 Collinsworth, Blake DB/WR 5-9 175 SO 31 Kesterson, Jeremy DE/WR 6-0 185 SR 50 Smith, Alex C/DT 5-10 170 FR
51 Copeland, Zach LB/OL 5-11 185 JR 42 Lindsay, Toby DE/RB 5-9 175 JR 77 Smith, David OL 6-1 220 SR
48 Cullison, Jordan DB/WR 5-10 170 FR 40 Lintz, Andrew DB/RB 5-6 165 SO 12 Smith, Logan DB/RB 5-7 170 SO
80 Disney, Jacob DB/WR 6-1 190 SR 44 Long, Andy LB/RB 5-9 165 FR 7 Sturgill, Kyle DB/QB 5-8 175 SO
76 Dison, Tyler DL/OL 5-9 210 SR 58 Long, Zack DL/OL 5-9 200 JR 16 Sulfridge, Kenton DB/RB 5-9 160 SO
85 Duncan, McKenzie DB/WR 5-7 150 SO 8 Mabe, David DE/RB 5-9 190 JR 2 Sulfridge, Tyler DB/RB 5-8 170 SO
35 Duncan, Micah DB/WR 5-9 160 SO 66 Marlow, Blake DL/OL 5-9 225 SO 60 Towe, Jon DL/OL 5-11 225 JR
75 Edwards, Kendall DL/OL 6-1 220 SR 15 Mayes, Josh DB/WR 5-10 190 SO 9 Williams, Tanner DB/QB 5-11 180 JR
32 Graves, Dylan LB/RB 5-10 205 JR 19 McAfee, Zack SS/WR 6-1 195 JR 6 Wilson, Joshua DB/WR 6-4 210 SR
64 Griffith, Nick DE/OL 5-9 175 SO 34 McCoy, Trey LB/RB 6-0 225 SO
26 Hamel, Alex LB/RB 5-9 175 FR 56 Pack, Carter DL/OL 6-4 240 SR
Coach: Kwayu Graham (33-17, 5th season) | Lastyear: 10-3 | ReturningStarters: 14 (5 on offense, 9 on defense)

Heroes: Travei Pryor (DE, senior, 6-7,
246), Devonte Hawkins (LB, 5-11,
A-E’s goal simple: Win state SCHEDULE
at Morristown East
230), Ravon Farris (LB, 5-11, 225):
Pryor is a beast on the outside: quick, Experienced defense, talented sophomores will play key roles — but Gra- Aug.28
powerful and athletic. Hawkins plays
middle linebacker and Farris plays
offense drive Roadrunners “Offense,skill-wise,theseguysarespecial, at Ooltewah
outside linebacker; both are thick, BY DAVE LINK very special,” he said. “We’re at a situation Sept.4
strong and punishing tacklers. where if you miss practice, you could lose *Fulton
Breakout Players: Jyshon Forbes yourspot.”
(WR, sophomore), Curtis King (RB, Sept.11
Austin-East High School’s football team Senior linebacker/tight end Ravon Farris
sophomore), D.J. Oggs (athlete, hasthehighestexpectations. isn’t bothered by the state championship at Catholic
sophomore). All three were key
players on Austin-East’s undefeated Nothingshortofastatechampionshipwill expectations. He’s heard the same thing the Sept.18
freshman team that averaged 47 satisfy Roadrunners coach Kwayu Graham, pastcoupleofyears. *at Carter
points per game in 2008. Oggs, the whose team lost to Catholic “That’s our goal,” Farris said. “I think this
team’s fastest player, could be the in the 2008 state quarterfi- year we have the team that can do it. We Sept.25
quarterback. nalslastyear. were disappointed (last year), but we’ve got Brainerd
What’s Good: The defense is loaded. “Until we win it, my ex- tobouncebackthisyear.” Oct.9
Matthew Walker (5-9, 215 senior) pectations were to win it,” Ifittakestheyouthfuloffensesometimeto
is quick and powerful at defensive Graham said. “At Austin- getclicking,Grahamcancountonanexperi- *at Union County
tackle, and Josh Sawyer (6-2, 215 Oct.16
senior) combines with Pryor to give East, our goal is to win the enceddefensetoholddownopponents.
the Roadrunners two experienced state championship. Those Onlythreestartersaregonefromthe2008 *at Gatlinburg-
and explosive defensive ends. The aremyexpectations.” defense that posted three shutouts and held Pittman
Graham Graham,thedefensiveco- threeotheropponentstoonetouchdown.
secondary is talented, but young. Oct.23
David Rucker started as a freshman ordinator for Austin-East’s “Defense is what we hang our hat on,”
at cornerback, but will move to 2001 state championship team, believes he Grahamsaid. *Pigeon Forge
safety because of an abundance of hasthetalenttogoalltheway. AndGrahamwantstoridethedefenseand Oct.30
cornerbacks, led by senior Sheldon Sophomore D.J. Oggs entered the pre- explosiveoffenseallthewaytoastatetitle.
Wade. *Gibbs
What’s Needed: Austin-East will
season battling senior Ricshon Johnson for “I’mreasonablewithit(theexpectations),”
thestartingquarterback’sjob.IfOggsdoesn’t he said. “I’ve had teams I didn’t think could *conferencegames
start plenty of sophomores. Their
inexperience is the biggest concern. getthatjob,hewillstartatanotherposition. getthere,butatAustin-Eastweexpecttowin allgames7:30p.m.
The offensive line must improve, but “Slot,receiver,somewhere,”Grahamsaid. state championships. You have to get some
Graham says it has the potential to “D.J. is probably one of the most versatile breakstogetthere,butthelast10yearswe’ve
be outstanding. How long it takes for players we’ve had in years. He’s one of the provedthatwe’rerightthere.” KEY GAMES
the sophomores to get accustomed fastestonesinthecity.” Sept. 4 vs. Fulton,
to Friday night is the big question. The offense might be young — many DaveLinkisafreelancecontributor. Sept. 18 at Carter.

No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr.
55 Alexander, D.J. DL/OL 5-11 260 JR 14 Harbison, Lajuan DB/WR 5-9 165 SO — Peck, Thomas FR
13 Allen, William DB/PK 5-9 160 SR 42 Hawkins, Devante LB/TE 5-11 230 SR — Pruitt, Paul DB/WR 5-10 150 SO
— Bailey, Menes FR 70 Henderson, Jarod DL/OL 6-2 230 SO 33 Pryor, Travei DE/TE 6-7 245 SR
— Bailey, Jesse FR 2 Holland, Charles DB/WR 5-8 155 JR 57 Ragland, Fred DL/OL 5-10 245 JR
— Bassett, Chris FR 18 Isom, Cedric DB/WR 6-2 160 JR 41 Riddles, Khiry DE/TE 6-2 215 JR
7 Bishop, Maneus DB/WR 5-9 160 JR 36 Isom, Enasiatin LB/RB 5-10 180 FR 84 Robinson, Tremond RB/WR 6-2 175 JR
20 Blair, Travious DB/RB 5-5 150 JR 34 Johnson, Lawrence LB/RB 5-8 180 SR 82 Roebuck, Diarra DB/WR 5-6 125 SO
50 Blair, Devon DL/OL 6-2 275 JR 6 Johnson, Ricshon QB 6-0 215 SR 11 Rucker, David DB/WR 6-1 180 SO
— Bolden, Elijah FR 87 Johnson, Deraun DE/TE 6-0 190 SR 5 Sales, Devonte DB/WR 5-9 160 SR
54 Boyd, Lamont DL/OL 5-10 225 SR 77 Jones, Jordan DL/OL 6-3 310 SO 31 Sawyer, Josh DE/TE 6-2 220 JR
16 Burchett, Samoree DB/WR 6-1 160 SR 32 King, Curtis LB/RB 5-8 165 SO 23 Smallwood, Darius DB/RB 5-9 155 SO
— Carter, Devon FR — Manning, Jamal FR — Spring, Devin FR
— Carter, Chris FR — Matthews, Dalton FR 17 Sullivan, Kent DB/WR 5-10 170 JR
52 Clark, Malcolm DL/OL 5-9 245 JR 24 Matthews, Marcus LB/RB 5-10 185 SR 26 Swain, A.J. DB/RB 5-8 160 JR
— Cornelius, Toms FR — McGill, Dejon FR 68 Troutman, Jabar DL/OL 6-0 225 FR
32 Cox, Cordy LB/RB 5-8 185 SO — Monroe, Terrance DB/WR 5-7 140 JR 4 Wade, Sheldon DB/WR 6-0 180 SR
— Crenshaw, Greg FR — Monroe, Kevin DB/WR 6-1 170 SR — Washington, Rickey FR
63 Drake, Eric DL/OL 5-9 240 JR — Moore, Sam FR — Watkins, Tyberious FR
8 Farris, Ravon DE/TE 6-0 225 SR 62 Noel, Dominique DL/OL 5-9 170 SO — Wilkerson, Juwan FR
9 Forbes, Jyshon DB/WR 5-9 165 SO 75 Nolan, Demarcus DL/OL 5-9 220 SO — Williams, Devin FR
35 Gbendah, Josh LB/WR 6-2 180 FR 17 O’Conner, Daniel DB/TE 6-1 170 SR — Williams, Zachary FR
85 Glasper, Matthew DB/WR 5-11 160 JR 15 Oggs, D.J. DB/QB 5-8 165 SO — Williams, Richard FR
— Goines, Julian FR 64 Paschal, Kilo DL/OL 6-1 220 SO 80 Williams, Jeremiah LB/TE 6-1 185 SR
— Groce, Trazell LB/RB 5-7 160 SO 81 Patterson, Darian DB/WR 5-8 155 JR
43 Hampton, Marlon DB/WR 5-9 160 SO — Peck, Tomoriea FR
PX8 Coach: Brad Taylor (20-5, 3rd Season) | Lastyear: 8-3 | ReturningStarters: 14 (6 on offense, 8 on defense)
Heroes: Devrin Young (RB/CB,
junior, 5-7, 165, 1,366 rush-
It’s brave new Bulldogs’ world SCHEDULE
at Walker Valley
ing yards, 17 rushing TDs, BY DAVE LINK
168 receiving yards, two TD
seen. Aug.28
catches, one kickoff return “We’ve had some good ballplayers but he’s at Jefferson Co.
for TD, one punt return for TD, It’s a whole new ballgame for Bearden’s foot- definitely special,” Taylor said. “Just his explo-
three interceptions), Davis Tull ballteam. siveness. In recent years I don’t think we’ve had Sept. 4
(TE/WR/DE, senior, 6-3, 212, 20 There are new opponents, no more trips to anybodyasexplosiveasheis.” * at William Blount
catches, 240 receiving yards, KingsportandJohnsonCity,andgamesthatoffer Andit’snotjustoffensively. Sept.11
three TD catches). plentyofintrigue—likethoseagainstMaryville “Inthesecondary,Devrincanmakeplayslike Rhea Co.
BreakoutPlayer:Kyle Riemer andCatholic. (Tennessee’s)EricBerrydoes,”Taylorsaid.
(QB, junior, 5-10, 160): There are Sept.18
“We’re excited,” Bearden coach Brad Taylor Now that’s a hefty comparison, and Young
high expectations for Riemer, * Lenoir City
last year’s backup to 1,000-yard said. “I feel we have some potential. To us, it’s heardhiscoachsayit.
allnew.” “It’sgoodtobecomparedtohim,”Youngsaid, Oct.2
passer Ryan Potter. Riemer’s
varsity playing time was limited It’s new because the TSSAA reclassification “butIthinkI’vegotalittlemoreworkbeforeIcan * at Maryville
in 2008, but he was the junior put the Bulldogs in Region 4 (Class 5A and 6A) becomparedtoEricBerry.” Oct.9
varsity QB. with Farragut, Heritage, Catholic, West, Lenoir Youngenteredthe2009preseasoninjuryfree. * Farragut
What’sGood: Bearden’s defense City,MaryvilleandWilliamBlount. Hesaidthenicksandbruisesincurredlastseason
should be outstanding — per- Oct.16
Beardenhasnoneofthesameteamsfromlast aregone,andthebonebruisehesustainedwork-
haps coming close to the 2007 year’s region that included Kingsport Dobyns- ingoutinthespringis“prettymuchgone.” *Heritage
defense when it was among Bennett, Johnson City Science Hill, Jefferson Can he match or surpass his breakout sopho- Oct.22
the state’s best. The secondary
returns starting cornerbacks County, Sevier County, and Campbell County. moreseason? *at West
Young and Stephon Stevens The Bulldogs do play at Jefferson County Aug. “Idefinitelyhopetosurpassthat,”Youngsaid. MyVLT2 TV
and free safety Michael Wil- 28inanon-regiongame. “I know we have a tougher season, tough oppo- Oct.30
liamson. “The travel’s not as bad,” Taylor said. “I think nents, strong opponents, but if everybody does
Helpneeded: Depth is a concern theteamsareeverybitasgoodandthereisdepth theirjobIhopetosurpassthat.” * at Catholic
at offensive line, although three (intheregion)acrosstheboard.” If he does, watch out for the Bulldogs, whose *Conferencegame
senior starters return: center Bearden should be a contender for the region teamstrengthshouldbedefense. allgames7:30p.m.
Bradley Ternes (5-11, 245), right title thanks to a staunch defense and one of the “I think we have a really good group of cor-
guard Greg Hopkins (5-11, 215), area’stopplaymakers,juniorrunningback/cor- nerbacks and depth at linebacker,” Taylor said.
and right tackle Edward Pena
nerbackDevrinYoung. “I think our defense will hopefully keep us in KEY GAMES
(5-11, 280). Riemer takes over
as the starting quarterback and Taylor has been with the Bulldogs’ program ballgames.” Oct. 2 at Maryville,
will need to get comfortable. since 2001 when he came as an assistant coach, Oct. 9 vs. Farragut,
and he says Young is one of the best threats he’s DaveLinkisafreelancecontributor. Oct. 30 at Catholic.

No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr.
75 Aliff, Michael DT/OL 6-0 237 SO 14 Grisham, Nick DB/WR 6-0 160 JR 9 Reimer, Kyle DB/QB 5-9 152 JR
81 Archer, Aaron DB/WR 6-2 188 JR 11 Guthe, Max LB/WR 6-1 185 SR 55 Reynolds, Dayton DT/OL 6-1 246 SO
92 Barth, Chris DB/WR 5-9 132 JR 23 Haney, Josh DB/RB 5-8 159 SO 51 Riner, Travis DT/OL 5-10 175 SR
30 Burns, Will LB/RB 5-11 184 SO 60 Hobby, Matt DT/OL 6-0 264 JR 70 Rivera, Joey DT/OL 6-3 275 SO
76 Burrell, Calvin DT/OL 5-10 313 SR 68 Hopkins, Greg DT/OL 5-11 223 JR 91 Robertson, Adam LB/TE 6-1 188 SR
20 Cakmes, Michael LB/RB 5-6 172 SR 50 Jackson, Chris DT/OL 5-10 342 JR 63 Rucker, Alec OL 5-11 190 SO
86 Caldwell, Michael LB/TE 5-11 182 SO 95 Jenkins, Grant DE/WR 6-4 SO 72 Sackett, Austin DT/OL 5-8 215 JR
3 Callaway, Tyler DB/WR 5-10 157 JR 83 Jenkins, T.J. DB/WR 6-0 162 SO 15 Scalf, AJ DB/WR 5-11 171 SR
88 Candela, Logan LB/WR 5-10 170 JR 65 Kennedy, Davey DT/OL 5-10 211 JR 31 Shuler, Trey LB/RB 5-10 164 JR
77 Cantely, Ryan DT/OL 5-10 225 JR 21 Landers, Peyton LB/RB 6-1 181 JR 43 Singleton, Jordan LB/RB JR
5 Carter, Cisco DB/WR 6-5 208 SR 10 Mann, Josh DB 5-10 166 JR 90 Sisco, Ben K 5-11 150 JR
32 Chisholm, Ty’Shon LB/RB 5-10 186 JR 18 Manuel, Samuel LB/TE 6-0 167 JR 58 Sparks, Hayden DE/OL 5-10 169 SO
45 Clark, Jody DB/WR 5-10 163 SO 35 Marschke, Corbin LB/TE 5-8 165 SO 1 Stephens, Stefon DB/WR 5-11 150 JR
24 Coffin, Jacob RB 5-7 163 SR 25 Mayo, Taylor DB/WR 6-1 185 JR 56 Stewart, Jalyn DT/OL 5-11 255 JR
6 Cooley, Cameron LB 5-11 175 JR 93 McCammon, Tyler DB/WR 5-8 141 SO 54 Stokes, Kevin DT/OL 5-11 200 JR
17 Crabtree, Cory DE/QB 6-2 191 JR 73 McKay, Peter DE/OL 6-3 215 JR 64 Ternes, Bradley DT/OL 6-0 235 SR
82 Dampf, Jacob DB/WR 5-10 150 SO 41 Moore, Kevin DE/RB 5-9 175 JR 19 Terry, CJ LB/RB 6-0 192 JR
7 Dove, Toddrick DB/WR 5-17 155 SR 57 Mortimer, Michael DE/TE 5-11 220 JR 87 Tull, Davis DE/WR 6-3 205 SR
84 Eaken, Alex DB/WR 5-11 160 SO 67 Mosely, Dylan DT/OL 6-2 284 JR 8 Tyler, Kasey DE/QB 6-1 194 SO
66 Epperson, Tyler DT/OL 5-10 182 JR 52 Mullins, Devin DT/OL 5-9 172 SR 74 Wells, Zack DT/OL 6-2 242 JR
16 Evans, Aaron DB/QB 5-8 154 SO 22 Muqiqi, Liridon DB/RB 5-7 139 JR 4 White, Tyler DB/QB 5-10 172 SO
79 Farmer, David DT/OL 6-2 216 SO 61 Myers, Kyle DT/OL 6-1 196 SO 80 Wilker, Dillon DE/RB 6-1 183 SR
62 Goltry, Mark DT/OL 6-1 215 SR 85 Natour, Tony DB/WR 6-2 157 JR 34 Williams, Michael DB/WR 6-0 162 SR
2 Graham, Tyler FS/WR 6-1 182 SR 12 Parisi, Brett DE/FB 5-11 183 SR 42 Williamson, Drew LB/TE 6-2 205 JR
53 Green, Andrew DT/OL 6-2 242 JR 71 Patty, Harry DT/OL 6-1 257 JR 33 Young, Devrin CB/RB 5-7 155 JR
44 Griffin, Dustin LB/RB 5-11 179 JR 78 Pena, Edward DT/OL 5-11 278 SR 59 Zivi, Sam DT/OL 5-10 205 SR

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PX10 Coach: Rusty Bradley (16-8, 3rd Season) | Lastyear: 7-5 | ReturningStarters: 12 (5 on offense, 7 on defense)
Heroes: Blake Houser (WR, senior, 5-10,
Warriors excited about moving up
173, 39 catches, more than 500 yards),
Davis Burton (WR, senior, 5-6, 160, 11 Offense must fill big holes left waittoplaythemagain.” SCHEDULE
Bradley knows he might not match the tal-
catches, 132 yards, three touchdowns),
Tyler Eichholtz (ILB, junior, 5-10, 180,
behind by Kolinsky, Fromke entorathleticismofanAlcoa.Otherteamsin Aug.21
102 tackles, 51 solo, 51 assists, two BY DAVE LINK the new Region 4-3A are Kingston, Loudon,
caused fumbles). ScottCountyandStoneMemorial. at Grace Christian
Breakout Players: Zac Sharp (OG, junior, Bradley says the strength of his team is its Aug.28
5-11, 240), Carson Pegram (RB, junior, ChristianAcademyofKnoxvillemovesup intangibles. Seymour
5-9, 165), Marcus Walker (RB, junior, 5- inclassificationfromClass2AtoClass3A,and “I think the biggest thing is our passion for
10, 160). Sharp started as a sophomore guesswho’smovingupwiththeWarriors? playing,”Bradleysaid.“Ican’taskforanything Sept.4
on the offensive line in 2008; and, after It’s none other than Alcoa, which has won morefromourplayers.Theyarerelentlessin *at Stone Memo-
a strong offseason, he will anchor that rial
unit. Pegram, who ran for 101 yards
fiveconsecutiveClass2Astatetitles.TheTor- their preparation. We’ve pushed them and
and a touchdown last season, is a fast, nadoes have knocked CAK they’ve responded in a positive way. They Sept.11
elusive back. Walker, a good athlete, out of the state playoffs in haveapassionforplaying.” Carter
played cornerback in 2008 and moves eachofthepastfouryears. Some big holes need filling, particularly
to running back this year. Still, CAK coach Rusty at running back and quarterback. Bradley Sept.18
What’s Good: Sharp is the only returning Bradley welcomes the chal- must replace powerful running back Keenan *Loudon
starter on the offensive line, but Brad- lenge. Kolinsky and quarterback Michael Fromke. Sept.25
ley has confidence the new starters “I don’t think as a football Thetwocombinedformorethan3,000yards
will give the Warriors a solid front. The team we’d be as good as we offenselastseason. Sequoyah
linemen are athletic, know the system are without Alcoa,” Bradley Bradley isn’t necessarily looking for a Oct.2
well and had a great offseason. CAK Bradley said. “They have made us get balanced offense. He wants to do whatever
has plenty of speed at wide receiver, *Scott County
led by Houser and Burton. better.Ihavesomuchrespect works. Oct.16
for Alcoa. It’s a challenge for us. It keeps us “For us, being balanced isn’t 50-50 in run-
Help Needed: The Warriors replace *at Kingston
graduated quarterback Michael humble.” ning and throwing,” Bradley said. “It’s being
Fromke, who threw for 2,200 yards Bradley has passed that kind of thinking efficientonoffense.” Oct.23
and 16 touchdowns in 2008, and alongtohisplayers. Themoveupinclassificationwillcertainly at Elizabethton
completed 54 percent of his passes. “Personally, I enjoy playing Alcoa,” senior be a test, but you won’t hear the Warriors
Four players entered the preseason offensive tackle Rad Dieter said. “It’s the big- complaining. They knew it was coming, and Oct.30
competing for the QB job: J.D. Arnett, gest game of the season. It makes us play our withthatinmind,itwasagoodoffseasonand *Alcoa
Quinn Epperly, Jordan Ritchie, and best. You get better blocking guys like Tyler spring.
Colby Maddux. Epperly, a junior and a *Conferencegames
left-hander, was named the starter in
Robinson (Alcoa’s Division I prospect tight “I actually am excited about it,” Bradley
end). Personally, I enjoy playing them and said. “It forced us to get better. I think the allgames7:30p.m.
late July. Also gone is the workhorse
at running back, Keenan Kolinsky, I look forward to playing them again this change has been good because it forced us to
who led the team with more than 900 year.” get better. It’s forced us to take a hard-nosed KEY GAMES
rushing yards and 10 touchdowns, and SodoesseniorlinebackerTylerHardin. approachtotheoffseason,theplayersandthe Aug. 21 at Grace
leading receiver Taylor Moran. Zach “It’s fun playing against (Alcoa),” Hardin coaches.Ithinkit’sbeengoodforallofus.”
Mead, Phillip Pardue and Zach Scott Christian, Oct. 30
said. “They’re a great team. They make us vs. Alcoa.
will step in at receiver spots. push ourselves. I love playing them. I can’t DaveLinkisafreelancecontributor.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
61 Alford, Mike DT/G 6-0 235 JR 60 Hoover, Joshua DT/OL 5-10 240 FR 54 Rhodes, Chip DL/OL 6-4 194 SO
6 Arnett, J.D. FS/QB 6-2 156 SR 21 Houser, Blake WR 5-10 173 SR 11 Ritchie, Jordan FS/QB 5-10 140 SO
31 August, Russell DE/FB 5-8 144 FR 16 Howell, Davis FS/WR 5-11 150 FR 7 Scott, Zach CB/WR 5-11 136 JR
24 Bailey, Cody LB/TB 5-8 143 FR 64 Jaeger, Chris DL/OL 5-10 227 SR 51 Sharp, Zac DL/G 5-11 235 JR
70 Blackwell, Nick DL/OL 6-3 294 SR 50 Johnston, Stephen DL/OT 6-2 223 SR 43 Shipley, Ben DE/LB 6-1 185 SR
15 Burton, Davis WR 5-6 142 SR 39 Leinius, Bryson DE/WR 6-1 176 JR 25 Smith, Josh CB/WR 5-7 121 FR
20 Collett, Aaron CB/TB 5-9 142 SR 18 Maddux, Colby LB/QB 5-10 177 SO 19 Smith, Zac FB/LB 5-9 190 SR
74 Dieter, Rad DL/OT 6-2 195 SR 41 Matlock, Reagan FB/LB 5-9 149 FR 45 Smith, Matthew DE 5-10 173 SR
82 Duncan, Reece LB/WR 5-7 157 FR 33 McMillan, Joshua LB/WR 5-10 163 SO 56 Sokolowski, Derek DL/OL 5-6 163 FR
42 Duncan, Jacob FB/LB 5-10 188 JR 27 Mead, Zach WR 5-9 151 JR 34 Wagner, Sean FB/LB 5-10 165 FR
44 Eichholtz, Tyler FB/LB 5-10 193 JR 68 Morgan, Charlie DL/OL 6-0 173 SO 23 Walker, Marcus CB/TB 6-0 183 JR
2 Epperly, Quinn FS/QB/WR 6-1 185 JR 35 Morse, Daniel FS/LB/WR 6-0 166 SR 78 Walker, Shawn DL/OL 6-1 186 JR
67 Fortner, Steven C/DT 6-0 250 JR 5 Murchison, Franklin CB/WR 5-7 129 FR 85 Warren, Matthew K/PK 5-9 140 SR
52 Gass, William C/DT 5-10 204 FR 87 Newman, Brian DE/WR 6-0 176 JR 59 Weichbrodt, Denali DL/OL 5-11 168 SO
76 Hardesty, Logan DL/OL 5-9 232 JR 3 Pardue, Philip CB/WR 5-10 146 SO 57 Weichbrodt, Tyson DL/OL 5-11 164 SO
26 Hardin, Tyler LB 6-1 184 SR 8 Pegram, Carson CB/RB 5-10 155 JR 77 White, Logan C/DL 5-11 213 JR
22 Henson, Josh DE/FB 6-0 176 SO 75 Powers, Clay DL/OL 6-5 237 SO
12 High, Charlie QB 5-10 165 FR 1 Redford, Doug CB/TB 5-5 134 SO
Coach: DeWayne Wells (25-58, 9th season) | Lastyear: 5-6 | ReturningStarters: 7 (3 on offense, 4 on defense)

Heroes: Keenan Evans (C/DT,
Trying to build a better Cougar SCHEDULE
junior, 5-10, 220), Ben Muse
(OG, senior, 5-10, 220), Taylor
Duncan (OG, senior, 6-0, 215):
Platoon system should put more forthemtostepintostartingrolesnow.” Loudon
The Cougars have several new opponents
All three have started in the gas in Campbell County’s tank due to the TSSAA’s reclassification of regions.
flex-option offense and should They’renowinRegion3(5A/6A)withAnderson at White Co.
help the new starters at the BY DAVE LINK
skill positions become accus- County, Central, Clinton, Halls, Happy Valley, Sept.4
tomed to the offense. Karns,OakRidgeandPowell. *Anderson Co.
BreakoutPlayer:Trevor Nolan CampbellCountycameclosetohavingawin- The two teams that handed
(QB/FS, senior, 5-9, 160): ningseasonin2008,buttightlossesprovedcostly. the Cougars their worst losses
Nolan started at free safety The Cougars lost by two at Jefferson County, by last season — Johnson City Sci- *at Karns
in 2008 and led the team in sixagainstClinton,andbysevenagainstBearden ence Hill (26-7) and Kingsport Sept.18
tackles. He is the frontrunner tofinishtheregularseason5-5. Dobyns-Bennett(28-6)—areno *Hardin Valley
in preseason to take over at Cougars coach DeWayne Wells has a plan he longerintheirregion.
quarterback while keeping his hopes will sway those close games in his team’s “I mean, we’ve played some Sept.25
spot in the defensive second- favor. tough people in the past,” Wells *at Clinton
ary. He has speed, athleticism Amburgey
and game experience. “The last couple of years we’ve had to play said. “I think it will be a very Oct.9
kids on both sides more than we like to,” Wells competitive district. Clinton
What’sGood: The offensive
said. “Our hope is to two-platoon as much as obviously has a lot of weapons *Central
and defensive lines have
experience. All returning possible. That (wearing down) hurt us in close coming back. As far as every- Oct.16
starters are linemen except ballgames.” body else, the only teams I’m *at Powell
for free safety Trevor Nolan This preseason was a test for Wells, who familiar with are Karns and Oct.23
and senior middle linebacker was forced to replace the key components for Powell. Really, I think it’s wide
Brad Hicks (5-11, 196). Keenan the flex-option offense due to the graduation of open.” *Halls
Evans started on both sides. quarterback Phillip Wells and leading rusher The new rivals have the Cou- Oct.30
Campbell County will try to go TylerAlbright. B.Hicks garsexcited.
with a platoon system. *at Oak Ridge
SeniorTrevorNolan,whostartedatfreesafety “I’m anxious to play all of
HelpNeeded: All of Campbell in2008,likelywillalsostartatquarterback.Soph- them, especially Anderson County,” senior line- *Conferencegames
County’s top skill players were allgames7:30p.m.
seniors in 2008, including omoreTuffyShoupe,whoalsowasvyingforthe backer Brad Hicks said. “We’re just right down
quarterback Phillip Wells and quarterback job in the preseason, will move to theroadfromthem.”
running back Tyler Albright, wide receiver if Nolan wins the starting job. Se- Despite all the new starters in the offensive
who are both playing for the niorArnieMeredithisathirdquarterbackandhe backfieldandsecondary,WellsexpectstheCou- KEY GAMES
University of the Cumber- hasthemostexperiencerunningtheoffense. garstobecompetitive. Aug. 21 vs. Loudon,
lands (Ky.). Albright rushed for Three running backs are expected to fill the “I expect us to be pretty good,” Hicks said. Sept. 4 vs. Anderson
1,200 yards and 15 TDs and void left by Albright’s departure: seniors Joe “We’ve got a lot of people to replace, but I expect County, Sept. 25 at
Wells 800 yards and 11 TDs. Goins (5-10, 180) and Zack Ward (6-0, 170) and ustobebetter.” Clinton.
Replacing that kind of produc-
tion won’t be easy. juniorWesleyCook(5-9,185).
“Thosekidshaveplayed,”Wellssaid.“It’stime DaveLinkisafreelancecontributor.

No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr.
52 Amburgey, Tyler 6-0 215 SR 18 Kennedy, Brandon 5-5 135 JR 50 Paul, Chris 5-9 185 SO
30 Asher, Phoenix 5-5 150 SO 42 King, Tyler 5-10 160 SO 36 Peake, Joe 5-6 125 SO
36 Black , Charlie 5-9 130 SR 59 Kirby, Savon 5-3 165 SO 46 Ray, Anthony 5-4 100 SO
17 Clotfelter, Micah 5-9 150 JR 67 Lay, Josh 5-6 235 SR 48 Ray, Tracy 5-6 135 SO
33 Cody, Kerry 5-5 120 SO 16 Long, Donavan 6-0 180 JR 34 Reinert, Jan 5-10 175 SR
— Cornutt, Dylan 6-0 200 SO 74 Lynn, Taylor 5-11 260 SO 64 Reneman, Kurt 6-2 205 JR
56 Dozier, Josh 5-6 150 SO 63 Magnum, Tyler 5-5- 155 SO 75 Sebby, Cody 6-2 315 SO
54 Evans, Keenan 5-9 220 SR 19 Marshall, Matt 5-4 130 SO 28 Shaneyfelt, Chris 5-8 160 SR
10 Goins, Joe 5-8 160 SR 65 Matchell, Steven 5-3 210 SO 23 Sharp, Reid 5-7 180 SR
62 Green, Tyler 5-8 210 JR — McDonald, Torey 5-7 140 SO 32 Shoffner, Lucas 5-8 140 SO
57 Henderson, Victor 5-7 160 SO 14 Meredith, Arnie 5-7 150 SR 8 Shoupe, Tuffy 5-9 160 SO
40 Hicks, Bradley 5-9 180 SR 20 Miller, P.J. 5-9 145 JR 70 Strohl, Raymond 5-9 160 JR
60 Hicks, Chris 6-1 185 SR 61 Munsey, Bryan 6-0 225 SR 71 Tye, Chris 6-1 235 SO
72 Jefferies, Ethan 5-7 255 JR 15 Nolan, Trevor 5-8 140 SR — Wallen, Daniel 5-10 180 SO
68 Jones, Anthony 5-8 175 SO 27 Partin, Colby 5-11 150 SO 12 Ward, Zack 6-0 160 SR
PX12 Coach: Heath Woods (42-34, 8th season) | Lastyear: 6-5 | ReturningStarters: 8 (5 on offense, 3 on defense)
Heroes: Shannon Meady
Running strong with Meady SCHEDULE
(RB, senior, 5-11, 187, 1,676 Hardin Valley
yards rushing and 17 TDs
last season), Jacob Wright
All-State back gives Hornets “Ilikerunningoverpeople,”hesaid. Aug.28
Much to the dismay of Carter’s opponents this
(OL/DL, senior, 6-0, 270, something to get going on fall, Meady said he has improved his speed for
at Grainger
Carter’s best offensive Sept.4
lineman), Andrew Howard BY MIKE BLACKERBY 2009.
(MLB/TE, senior, 6-2, 225, Meady is the beneficiary of a rock-solid offen- *Union Co.
two-year starter). sivelineledbyJacobWright. Sept.11
Breakout Player: Phillip AfteranothersterlingperformancebyShannon TightendAndrewHowardandlinemanBran- at CAK
Whitaker (QB, junior, 6-1, Meady late in the 2008 season, all Carter coach don Johnson (6-0, 220) are two-year starters up Sept.18
215, saw limited playing Heath Woods could do was let the superlatives front. Joe Wilhite (5-11, 260) is another key line-
time in 2008 behind Landry flow. man. *Austin-East
Stanton, but appears to “ShannonMeadymightbeone A big key is quarterback. Phillip Whitaker has Sept.25
have the inside track in of the best football players that allthetools,Woodssaid. South Doyle
a three-player battle for has ever played at Carter High “Hehasagreatarm—hehasgotacannon.”
quarterback). Oct.2
School,”saidWoods,afterwatch- Otherthanthemuch-decoratedMeady,Woods *at Pigeon Forge
What’s Good: Carter should ing Meady ramble for 248 yards saidCarter’sstrengthisitsoverallsolidness.
have no problems moving and three touchdowns in a 29-28 “That’s one of the great things about this foot- Oct.9
the ball with a solid of- *at Gibbs
fensive line and the hard Week10winoverGrainger. ball team. We don’t have a lot of superstars, but
running of Meady, who was Meady Woods’ evaluation might just we have a good group of guys who have worked Oct.16
named All-State in 2008 by be spot-on as Meady, who was hard.” *at Fulton
both the Tennessee Sports namedAll-Statebytwoorganizationslastseason, Wright, a 6-foot, 270-pound senior two-way Oct.23
Writers Association and the returns for his senior season after rushing for al- lineman,fitsintothatcategory.
Tennessee Football Coaches most1,700yardsand17touchdownslastseason. “Hisleadershiphasbeenhugeforus.Hisknowl- *Gatlinburg-Pittman
Association. Meadyclosedout2008withaflurry,rushingfor edgeofthegamehasneverbeenquestioned…he’s *Conferencegames
Help Needed: The Hornets morethan200yardsineachofhislastthreegames anoffensivelinemainstay.” allgames7:30p.m.
return only three starters foratotalof683yards. Wright said the close-knit aspect of the team
on defense. On offense, the “Shannonrunstheballhardforus,”saidMeady. shouldserveCarterwellthisfall.
ground game will be potent,
“The best thing about Shannon is his yards after “It all starts with camaraderie — it’s a team ef- KEY GAMES
but Carter is breaking in a
new group of quarterbacks contact.” fort,”saidWright. Aug. 21 Hardin Valley
and wide receivers. The5-foot-11,187-poundMeady,whoisathree- Academy, Sept. 4
yearstarter,couldn’tagreemore. MikeBlackerbyisafreelancecontributor. Union County.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
13 Adams, Logan DB/WR 5-11 161 JR 70 Gaylon, Devro DL/OL 5-10 205 SR 30 Ortiz, Pablo DB/RB 5-6 125 SO
76 Allen, Davey DL/OL 6-2 262 SO 8 Gibson, Lonzo DB/WR 5-10 154 SR 6 Phillips, Jordan DB/WR 5-8 135 SO
33 Allen, Celeb DB/WR 5-6 120 FR 23 Goodman, Carlos LB/QB 5-8 139 FR 19 Phillips, Josh DB/WR 5-9 150 SO
53 Allen, Jonathan DL/OL 5-10 246 SO 34 Gordon, Xavier DB/WR 5-11 122 FR 62 Porter, James DL/OL 5-11 171 JR
35 Arden, Devin LB/TE 5-10 180 SR 21 Hayes, Tim DB/RB 5-11 151 SR 36 Reed, Zack DB/RB 5-5 125 FR
80 Bales, Tyler DB/WR 5-10 161 JR 86 Howard, Andrew LB/TE 6-1 219 SR 47 Roach, Nathan FB/LB 4-11 130 FR
64 Blakely, Anthony DL/OL 5-7 190 FR 42 Hughes, Travis DB/WR 5-2 115 FR 81 Romines, Eric LB/TE 5-6 160 JR
63 Boling, Chad DL/OL 5-7 226 SR 16 Hurst, Aaron DB/WR 5-8 132 JR 5 Rose, MaCaleb FB/LB 5-10 148 SO
58 Branch, Josh DL/OL 5-9 194 SO 79 Johnson, Matt DL/OL 6-0 218 FR 46 Rose, Matthew LB/RB 5-10 145 SO
60 Brown, Zack DL/OL 5-6 171 SO 78 Johnson, Brandon DL/OL 5-11 198 SR 10 Rudd, Josh DB/WR 5-11 171 SR
71 Burchell, Hal DL/OL 5-7 282 FR 31 Johnson, William DB/RB 5-10 135 SO 32 Rudd, Jacob FB/LB 5-9 185 SO
52 Burgins, Kenneth DL/OL 5-10 236 JR 27 Jones, Zack DB/WR 5-9 146 SO 77 Rutherford, Chris DL/OL 5-10 295 SR
12 Burns, Chase LB/QB 5-10 156 SO 56 Keck, Beau DL/OL 5-10 271 SR 40 Sharpe, Zac FB/LB 5-10 192 SO
65 Caldwell, Taylor DL/OL 6-1 271 SO 18 King, Dominque DB/WR 5-8 134 JR 49 Simpson, Josh LB/RB 5-10 161 JR
55 Canada, Anthony DL/OL 6-3 159 FR 87 Kirk, Dillon LB/TE 5-10 181 JR 83 Smith, Josh DB/WR 5-9 170 SR
22 Chunn, Andrew DB/WR 5-6 128 FR 14 Kirkland, Ryan DB/QB 5-9 161 FR 50 Spoon, Brandon DL/OL 5-9 185 SO
59 Clabough, Jacob DL/OL 5-8 210 SO 61 Leath, Deric DL/OL 6-1 232 JR 1 Stiles, John DB/WR 6-0 165 JR
29 Clemmons, A.C. DB/RB 5-6 120 FR 25 Legreair, Charles DB/RB 5-5 131 FR 11 Stuart, Logan DB/WR 5-8 142 SO
15 Combs, Reese DB/WR 5-10 152 SR 24 Lewis, Anthony DB/RB 5-9 141 SO 84 Tidwell, David DB/WR 6-2 145 JR
57 Cooper, Isaac DL/OL 6-2 255 JR 43 Maples, Billy LB/RB 6-0 180 SR 4 Troutman, Dwayne 5-11 200 SR
17 Davis, Ben K 5-10 145 JR 2 McCoy, Dylan DB/QB 5-6 131 SO 38 Weleski, James DB/RB 5-11 156 SR
37 Davis, Kenny DB/RB 5-10 151 FR 51 McLaughlin, Skylar DL/OL 5-11 200 SR 9 Whitaker, Phillip QB 6-1 204 JR
73 Davison, Corey DL/OL 5-6 187 FR 28 Meady, Shannon DB/RB 6-0 185 SR 54 Wilhite, Joe OL 5-11 245 JR
39 Duggan, Tyler DB/WR 5-4 127 FR 41 Mitchell, T.J. FB/LB 5-9 144 JR 3 Willard, Tyron FB/LB 5-11 200 JR
67 Dunn, Taylor DL/OL 5-10 250 SO 48 Neal, Daniel LB/RB 5-5 135 FR 20 Wollard, Zack LB/WR 5-10 155 JR
86 Emert, Christian DB/WR 5-7 140 SO 45 Newton, Quentin DB/WR 5-6 122 FR 72 Wright, Jacob DL/OL 5-10 260 SR
7 Ford, Matt FB/LB 5-9 184 JR 74 Nicely, Drew DL/OL 5-10 229 JR
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2009 Schedule*
8/28 West @ Hardin Valley Academy
9/4 Fulton @ Austin-East
9/11 Carter @ CAK
9/25 Catholic @ Webb
10/9 Farragut @ Bearden
10/23 Oak Ridge @ Clinton
10/30 Fan Choice between
Bearden @ Catholic
Central @ Halls
Gibbs @ Austin-East
Karns @ Hardin Valley Academy
Rockwood @ Harriman
*Schedule subject to change
PX14 Coach: Scott Meadows (88-35, 1st season at Catholic) | Lastyear: 15-0 ( Region 2-3A championship) | ReturningStarters: 12 (7 on offense, 5 on defense)

Irish adjust to Meadows’ system SCHEDULE
at Rhea Co.
forfirsttimesince2007); BY JESSE SMITHEY Sept.3
DorianCozart(RB,senior, players.He’sdefinitelyafootballplayer. *at Farragut
5-9,195;984yardsand “Very smart. He picked up the offense really MyVLT2 TV
nineTDson142carrieslast Catholic High School quarterback Tyler Wil- quick. Can move some guys around that need to Sept.11
season);TylerWilliamson liamson averaged 8.9 pass attempts per game last be moved around. Throws the ball really well. I’m Austin-East
(QB,senior,6-2,210;7-for-9 season. lookingforabigyearoutofhim.” Sept.18
passingfor134yardsand But that was in the wing-T used by then-head Meadowsmightgetabigyearfromrunningback *William Blount
twoTDsinstate-champion- coachMarkPemberton.InnewcoachScottMead- DorianCozart.Withmultiplereceiversspreadwide
shipwin);SpencerMackle Sept.25
(WR/DB,senior,6-2,180; ows’ spread offense, Williamson is liable to log 8.9 andahugeoffensiveline,Cozartshouldhaveplenty at Knoxville Webb
363receivingyards,56 attemptsperquarter. ofroomtooperate.Henearlytopped1,000yardslast Oct.2
tackles). The6-foot-2,210-poundWilliamsonisn’thaving seasonwhilesplittingtimewithJordanHowanitz. *at Lenoir City
BreakoutPlayers:Michael to ice his arm. “I used to play baseball,” he said. “So Butthisseason,heheadlinesastableofbacksthat Oct.8
Bonfini(DB,junior,5-10,160; it’sallright.”Butheiscramminginanewplaybook includes Cody Shirley, John Andrew McDermott *Maryville
61tackles,12PBUsand4 withdraw-upsthatwillfeaturefour-wide(receiver) andAndrewKropilak. MyVLT2 TV
INTslastseason),Dominic sets. “Theyalldosomethingreallyspecial,”saidMead- Oct.16
DiGiovanni(LB,junior,6-1, Williamson displayed his arm in last year’s state ows.“We’llleanonDorianandCodyquiteabit.But *West
championshipgameagainstMemphisMitchell,go- Ithinkallofthemcanhavespecialyears.” Oct.23
CodyShirley(FB,junior,5-11, *at Heritage
205;68carries,422yards, ing7-for-9for134yardsandtwotouchdowns. Catholic’swidereceiverswillbeSpencerMackle, Oct.30
6TDslastseason). If Meadows’ implementation of his new offense Jake Faris, Reed Back, Patrick Haun and Michael *Bearden
What’sGood:CoachScott goes as smoothly at Catholic as it did at William Bonfini. *Conferencegames
Meadowsinheritedadepth Blount, Williamson will double that production Division I recruit Zak Tait returns to anchor the allgames7:30p.m.
chartthathasqualityinthe eachgame. offensive and defensive lines. He missed most of
secondandthirdstrings. Former William Blount quarterback Tyler Bur- 2007andallof2008withanastykneeinjury. KEY GAMES
HelpNeeded:Amajorityof strom threw for more than 2,000 yards and more Meadows has been impressed how quickly his Sept. 3 at Farragut,
Catholic’splayerscame than 20 touchdowns in the 2007 season, his first teamhaspickeduponanewsystem. Sept. 11 vs. Austin-East,
throughafeedersystem Sept. 25 at Webb, Oct.
in the spread. He threw for roughly 500 yards the “I thought they’d be very smart players,” he said.
priorseason. “But they’ve exceeded that. They’re very well- 8 vs. Maryville, Oct. 16
wing-Toffense.Meadows vs. West, Oct. 30 vs.
installedaspreadoffense. “(Williamson) is special,” said Meadows. “You roundedkids.Theyworktheirrearendsoffanddo Bearden.
gotguyswhoplayfootballandthenyougotfootball alotofgoodthings.”

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
52 Alley, Ryan DL/OL 5-8 190 SR 20 Hall, Terrance DB/WR 5-7 150 FR 7 Ridgley, Ryan DB/QB 5-9 160 JR
5 Armstong, Matt DB/QB 6-1 170 SO 25 Harold, Michael DB/WR 5-9 155 FR 50 Riley, Zac DL/OL 6-1 210 SR
41 Aucker, Aaron DB/RB 5-10 155 FR 4 Haun, Patrick DL/WR 6-2 190 JR 86 Roberts, Kyle DB/WR 5-9 150 SR
27 Bacon, Reed DB/WR 6-2 190 SR 83 Howanitz, James DB/WR 5-7 130 FR 17 Roulier, Joseph DB/WR 5-9 145 SO
89 Blazier, Jacob DB/WR 5-9 155 SO 45 Julies, Jarod K 6-1 170 SR 65 Saah, Chris DL/OL 6-3 250 JR
35 Bonfini, Nick LB/RB 6-0 175 SO 37 Karlstad, Adam LB/RB 5-11 155 FR 53 Saah, Alex DL/OL 6-0 245 JR
3 Bonfini, Michael DB/WR 5-10 160 JR 26 Kennedy, Taylor DB/RB 5-10 160 JR 22 Saavedra, Gabriel K/LB 5-10 180 FR
2 Casey, Adam LB/QB 6-0 215 SR 75 Kerbyson, Kyler DL/OL 6-4 285 JR 23 Shirley, Cody LB/RB 5-11 205 JR
82 Clary, Jacob DB/WR 6-2 155 SR 29 Kropilak, Erik DB/RB 5-10 160 FR 58 Sholly, Richard Th. DL/OL 6-0 180 FR
85 Clary, John DB/WR 6-0 150 FR 16 Kropilak, Andrew DB/RB 5-9 175 SR 6 Smith, Jesse DB/QB 5-10 170 JR
74 Cole, Zach FR 10 Kurtis, Kyle DB/WR 5-7 140 SO 14 Smith, Stuart DB/QB 6-0 155 FR
13 Conaty, Patrick DB/WR 5-9 150 SO 99 Mackle, Matt DL/OL 6-2 180 SO 63 Smolens, Alex DL/OL 5-11 200 FR
59 Connors, Jack DL/OL 5-9 150 FR 11 Mackle, Spencer DB/WR 6-2 180 SR 39 Snapp, Landon DB/WR 5-10 165 SO
81 Cook, Joey DB/WR 5-4 130 FR 36 McDermott, John LB/RB 6-1 195 SR 42 Spivey, Taylor DL/OL 5-11 190 FR
77 Cooper, Zach DL/OL 6-3 275 JR 62 McElligott, Jake DL 5-11 210 SR 49 Staley, Reese DB/RB 5-9 160 FR
55 Coulter, Davis DL/OL 6-1 230 JR 31 Mishu, Mark K 5-11 135 FR 21 Stiles, Morgan DB/WR 6-3 170 JR
34 Coulter, Nolan LB/RB 5-11 165 FR 19 Mishu, Luke K 6-1 170 SR 57 Tait, Zak DL/OL 6-4 300 SR
88 Cox, Chris DB/WR 6-2 160 FR 30 Morris, Keegan LB/RB 5-11 170 FR 18 Thomas, Zach DB/QB 5-9 155 SO
1 Cozart, Dorian LB/RB 5-9 195 SR 84 Mosrie, Ben DB/WR 5-9 130 FR 89 Thompson, Nick DB/WR 5-10 165 SO
87 DeGennaro, Daniel DB/WR 6-0 165 JR 12 Perfetto, Tony DB/WR 5-9 130 SR 66 Townsend, Jack DL/OL 5-8 250 FR
91 Depp, Garrett DL/OL 5-8 150 FR 46 Petr, Luke LB/RB 5-10 170 SO 33 Valentine, Clayton DB/WR 5-9 150 SO
47 Digiovanni, Dominic LB/RB 6-1 210 JR 44 Pfleger, Jonathan LB/RB 5-10 195 JR 98 Varner, Hayden DB/WR 5-11 155 FR
51 Easley, Will DL/OL 5-11 260 FR 64 Pickering, Patrick DL/OL 6-1 270 SR 54 Whalen, Kyle DL/OL 6-3 250 JR
38 Erpenbach, Adam LB/RB 5-7 150 FR 28 Pickering, John DB/WR 5-6 130 SO 15 Williamson, Tyler DB/QB 6-2 210 SR
9 Faris, Jake DB/WR 5-10 175 SR 48 Pickering, Stan DB/WR 5-11 150 FR 80 Windoe, Brad DB/WR 6-0 155 SO
56 Gaston, Joey DL/OL 6-5 240 JR 72 Polakiewicz, Joey DL/OL 5-10 210 SO 67 Winters, Liam DL/OL 5-9 160 FR
32 Gillespie, Alex LB/RB 5-11 190 JR 68 Prater, Saxon DL/OT 6-0 240 SR 40 Zinkle, Allen DL/OL 5-11 160 FR
24 Greer, Conner DB/WR 5-9 145 JR 60 Quintero, Antonio DL/OL 5-9 155 FR
43 Hall, Micah LB/RB 5-9 160 FR 61 Raines, Dakota DL/OL 5-10 230 FR
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PX16 Coach: Joel Helton (191-88, 26th season) | Lastyear: 4-6 | ReturningStarters: 8 (4 on offense, 4 on defense)
Heroes: Central has a
host of players expected
Bobcats feeling better about ’09 SCHEDULE
to contribute, including Webb
tailback Johnny Saah, After being behind ’08 ball, Aug.28
quarterback Carl Mills,
linebacker/guard Cliff
more luck would be appreciated at Morristown West
Blair, linebacker/tackle BY JOHN SHEARER Sept.4
Gabe Inman, noseguard/ *at Oak Ridge
center Jeffrey Howard,
tight end/defensive Sept.11
During the previous two football seasons,
end Cory Waddell and *Anderson County
fullback/linebacker Phillip Central found itself in an unfamiliar position
— missing the playoffs. Inman Howard Saah
Saah. Sept.18
Breakout Players:
However, veteran coach Joel Helton believes *Karns
Sophomore Cody Blanc, shortcomings and luck — not in talent or atti- last year — are linebacker/tackle Gabe Inman,
tude — were the main reasons for a 4-6 record center/noseguard Jeff Howard, tight end/defen- Sept.25
a defensive back and a
slot receiver/tailback on in 2008. sive end Cory Waddell, tailback Carl Mills, and *at Hardin Valley
offense, is expected to “I don’t think the attitude was bad last year, fullback/linebacker Phillip Saah. Oct.2
make an impact, as is we just weren’t very good when all those people Sophomore back/receiver Cody Blanc could
offensive and defensive got hurt,” he said. be a surprise, as could lineman Darian Jack. *Clinton
tackle Darian Jack. “He is Among those who went down was tailback Several players say they feel more determined Oct.9
one of the leaders of the
team,” said coach Joel Johnny Saah, who tore his ACL for the second to get Central back as one of the premier pro- *at Campbell County
Helton of Jack. time. Quarterback Carl Mills was lost to injury, grams in the Knoxville area. Oct.23
What’s Good: The return
and linebacker/guard Cliff Blair was injured in “Everybodyhasjustbeendoubtingusthisyear
the jamboree. and that adds to the motivation,” Inman said. *Powell
of some key players in
the backfield following This year, the Bobcats are healthier, but still “People keep telling us we are going to win only Oct.30
injuries should be a young. two or three games.” *at Knoxville Halls
positive, as should the fact “We started some freshmen last year,” said Johnny Saah was even more to the point.
that a number of players Helton, in his 26th year. “We’ve got a really good “I hope we win,” he said. “That is pretty much *conferencegames
who contributed last year sophomore class. We have several sophomores it.” allgames7:30p.m.
as freshmen are more starting for us.” Helton simply hopes the team can stay
However, age also brings questions about healthy. KEY GAMES
Help Needed: With the depth. “I hope we do not get anybody hurt and get
young age of some of the Aug. 21 vs. Webb,
players, depth is a con-
“We have got to build some depth and learn better than we were last year,” he said. “We
how to play defense,” Helton said. weren’t any good.” Sept. 4 at Oak Ridge,
cern. Helton also believes Oct. 23 vs. Powell,
the Bobcats need to get Among those expected to contribute sig-
better at playing defense. nificantly — besides the three who were injured John Shearer is a freelance contributor. Oct. 30 at Halls

No. Name Pos Ht. Wt Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt Yr.
24 Adams, Gavin DB/RB 5-8 135 FR 75 Howard, Jeffrey DL/OL 5-11 280 SR 57 Rakestraw, Ryan DL/OL 6-0 185 JR
25 Agee, Allan-Michael CB/SE 5-9 165 SO 59 Hurd, Markale DL/OL 5-7 220 JR 22 Raley, Tanner LB/RB 5-8 155 SO
41 Banks, DocQuavius DB/SE 5-5 135 FR 53 Inman, Gabriel C/LB 6-2 225 SR 74 Reagan, Travis DL/OL 5-8 275 SO
10 Beeler, Gage FB/LB 6-0 165 FR 50 Jack, Willie DL/OL 5-10 220 JR 23 Saah, John WR 5-7 150 SR
54 Blaine, Zach DL/OL 5-10 160 SR 52 Jack, Darrion DL/OL 5-10 210 SR 32 Saah, Phillip FB/LB 5-11 205 JR
28 Blaine, Seth LB/TE 6-0 160 SO 84 Kirkland, Josh DB/SE 5-7 120 SO 1 Saah, Jonny DB/TB 5-8 160 SR
58 Blair, Cliff LB 5-11 200 SR 67 Lopez, Aaron DL/OL 5-8 170 FR 14 Stanford, Marcus LB/TB 5-11 200 JR
36 Blanc, Cody DB/TB 6-4 165 SO 46 Martin, AJ DB/RB 5-10 145 FR 39 Taylor, Geoffrey K/P 5-11 145 JR
42 Brock, Adam FB/LB 5-9 160 SO 87 Maybrier, Tyler LB/SE 5-10 165 JR 44 Thomas, Trey DB/SE 5-8 135 FR
35 Brummett, Wes DB/SE 6-2 175 SR 82 McBee, Matthew DE/TE 6-3 208 JR 47 Tippens, Jordan DB/SE 6-0 175 SR
34 Buell, Ben LB/QB 5-9 155 FR 3 McClemore, Devin DB/QB 5-7 140 FR 40 Turner, Brandon LB/TE 5-8 160 FR
38 Caldwell, Nate FB/LB 5-6 150 FR 65 McLemore, Cody DL/OL 6-0 270 JR 60 Varner, Luke DL/OL 6-0 185 SO
81 Caldwell, Cory DB/SE 5-10 140 FR 30 Merritt, Troy 6-0 150 SO 2 Waddell, Cory DE/TE 6-2 215 SR
37 Campbell, Josh DB/SE 5-10 150 FR 15 Miller, Samantha K 5-10 140 SR 4 Wade, D.J. RB 5-9 185 JR
7 Campbell, Carlos RB 5-8 170 JR 12 Mills, Carl DB/QB 5-11 215 SR 20 Wagoner, Matt DE/SE 6-1 175 FR
66 Drew, Jarvis DL/OL 6-0 260 SR 77 Moore, Josh DL/OL 6-0 275 SO 76 Wallace, Andrew DL/OL 6-3 270 JR
85 Farmer, Darrian FB/LB 5-11 200 SO 18 Morgan, Cody LB/QB 5-7 150 FR 55 Webb, Justin DL/OL 5-9 190 JR
33 Gamble, Mookie FB/LB 5-10 210 JR 72 Myrick, Dylan DL/OL 6-0 250 SR 8 Williams, Darnell DB/SE 5-11 160 SR
80 Graham, Thomas SE 6-3 195 SR 11 Oliver, Justin K/P 5-11 140 JR 9 Wilson, Jamel DB/WR 6-0 140 SO
62 Harbison, Alex DL/OL 5-11 190 SO 78 Oliver, Sean DL/OL 5-11 240 FR 51 Woodruff, Ashtin LB/OL 5-9 190 SO
56 Headrick, Cody DL/OL 5-10 210 FR 70 Powell, Landon DL/OL 6-0 195 FR
21 Holloway, CJ LB/RB 5-11 160 FR 16 Raby, Cody FB/LB 5-7 180 FR
Coach: Andy Shattuck (14-37, 6th season) | Lastyear: 6-5 | ReturningStarters: 18 (9 on offense, 9 on defense)

Heroes: Darian Stone (quarterback,
senior, 6-0, 180, Region 3-4A of-
It’s pay-off time for Dragons’ seniors
fensive player of the year with 1,852
passing yards, 908 yard rushing
Expectations high as team touchdowns in a game to
pull out a win. To do that,
yards and 31 touchdowns, 21 pass- returns nearly all of its players Stone made a concerted ef- Aug.21
ing); Nick Frazier (wide receiver,
senior, 5-11, 175, 31 catches, 652 BY JESSE SMITHEY fort during summer camps *at Halls
yards, 6 TDs in 2008); Joel Chapman to work on his pocket pass- Aug.28
(tight end/defensive line, senior, 6-3, ing — and his accuracy. Al- at Dobyns-Bennett
230, 22 catches, 385 yards, 2 TDs in InmidJuly,seniortightend/defensiveend though he was picked off
2008); Weston Hazelhurst (running JoelChapmanestimatedthat,onaverage,he’s only five times last season, Sept.4
back/linebacker, senior, 5-11, 210, 83 askedaboutthisyear’sClintonfootballteam Chapman he completed just 101 of 212 *Karns
carries, 701 yards, 8 TDs in 2008). three times per week. passes. Sept.11
BreakoutPlayers: Blake Williams As the season approaches that total will “At the next level, I want *at Hardin Valley
(safety, senior, 5-11, 170). “He has only rise. And for good reason. to be a quarterback,” said
really grown and developed and Sept.18
worked hard,” said coach Andy Clinton had a banner year in 2008, reach- Stone.“I’mtryingtoimprove
T.C. Roberson (NC)
Shattuck. “He’s so intelligent. He’s ing the playoffs for the first time since 1998. my stock on passing yards
always in the right place at the right With roughly 20 seniors returning and es- and completions. Sept.25
time. That’s a good quality to have.” sentially all of its skill set, Clinton and its fan “(And) losing games to *Campbell County
Camion Patrick (wide receiver/de- baseareexpectingaplayoffrunthatextends West and Powell (late in the Oct.2
fensive back, freshman). “He’s one beyond the first round. season) and then the first-
of the purest athletes we’ve had,” Hazelhurst *at Central
It all will hinge on the play of seniors Dar- roundgametoRheaCounty,
said Shattuck. “He’s one of those kids Oct.9
who people say, ‘He reminds us of
ian Stone (quarterback), Weston Hazelhurst we weren’t too happy with
(running back/linebacker), Nick Frazier that. We were determined, *Powell
Scotty Whitt as a freshman.’ ”
(wide receiver) and Joel Chapman (tight going into the offseason, Oct.23
What’sGood: Hazelhurst has packed
on 15-20 pounds in the offseason end/defensive end). to make a playoff run this *at Oak Ridge
to ensure he’s durable for his final “These guys have all been starters or year.” Oct.29
season after suffering a broken contributors since their sophomore year,” The X-factor may be the *Anderson County
collarbone in 2008. When healthy, said head coach Andy Shattuck. “There are health of Hazelhurst. As a MyVLT2 TV
Hazelhurst can impact a game on certain expectations when it’s a bunch of sophomore, he ran for 1,355
both sides of the ball, especially sophomores playing and a different expec- Stone yards and 15 touchdowns. *Conferencegames
opening up the air lanes for quarter- tation when they’re juniors. Now, these guys But his collarbone was bro- allgames7:30p.m.
back Stone who made waves during are seniors. And they understand. They’re ken in the fourth game of last season. He
the summer at collegiate camps with
his big arm. human. They hear the talk around the com- returned late in the year but wasn’t as effec- KEY GAMES
munity and on the Internet. tive.
HelpNeeded:“It’s no secret that Aug. 21 at Halls
defensively, we gave up points last “It’samatterofthemstayingfocused,con- The muscle bulk he carries shows the
centrating on the matter at hand, and going importance he’s placing on his final shot at (Clinton hasn’t
year,” said Shattuck. In fact, Clinton started 1-0 since
allowed 29.2 per game, putting the out and working hard every day and getting glory.
onus on the offense to outscore op- better every day.” “We’ve been talking about it since we 1996), Oct. 9 vs.
ponents each week. With little depth The Dragons averaged 30.1 points per were younger, trying to keep all our seniors Powell, Oct. 23 at
on the defensive line, Shattuck plans game last season while allowing 29.2. While together,”hesaid.“Wehaveabout18or19se- Oak Ridge; Oct.
to change the defensive scheme to a the defense should be improved this season, niors now. We kept them together, so I think 29 vs. Anderson
“base 30” defense to better utilize its
Clinton may still have to post five or more we’re ready.” County.
talent, size and speed.

No. Name Pos. Yr. No. Name Pos. Yr. No. Name Pos. Yr. No. Name Pos. Yr.
66 Alol, Vince DT/OT SO 58 Cook, Jordan DE/G JR 55 Mitchell, Dylan G/LB SR 5 Stone, Darian FS/QB SR
18 Ambrose, Shawn PK/QB JR 34 Dabney, Josh RB/SS SR 88 O’Neal, Shawn LB/WR SO 7 Tackett, Billie SS/WR SR
22 Bailey, Brodie CB/WR SO 51 Foster, Brandon G/LB SR 67 Phillips, Jr. DT/OT JR 65 Toney, Gene DE/G SR
53 Bainum, Marty DL/OT SR 4 Frazier, Nick CB/WR SR 25 Powell, Austin CB/RB SO 46 Ward, Chase LB/WR SR
75 Boies, Elijah DL/G SO 77 Galloway, Jarret DL/OT SO 78 Powers, Darian C/DT JR 80 Washington, Bran. DE/G SR
21 Bolinger, Dylan LB/RB SO 2 Hazelhurst, Weston LB/RB SR 74 Raja, Zohaib DT/OT SO 33 Washington, Cory SS/WR JR
54 Bridges, David G/LB SO 57 Hedges, Gunter DT/OT FR 9 Richards, Austin LB/WR JR 56 Webb, Zach C/DE SR
67 Bridges, David SO 68 Mann, Landon DT/OT JR 3 Shannon, Dee RB/SS JR 23 Willard, Josh CB/K/WR SR
6 Camion, Patrick CB/WR FR 24 Manning, Dusty CB/K/WR JR 20 Sharpe, Ryan LB/WR SR 12 Williams, Blake FS/WR SR
36 Carr, Eric RB/SS JR 27 Martin, Tanner RB/SS JR 61 Sissom, Bryant DT/OT SR 8 Williams, Bradley F/RB/SS SR
42 Chapman, Joel DE/WR SR 70 McLane, Spencer DE/OT SO 73 Stearns, James DT/G JR
PX18 Coach: Eddie Courtney (94-56, 12th season) | Lastyear: 11-2 | ReturningStarters: 11 (5 on offense, 6 on defense)
Heroes: Reese Browning (QB, senior,
Solid Admirals will be tested SCHEDULE
6-0, 215; 2,534 yards passing, 24 TDs
last season), Lee Van Dyne (WR, se- BY JESSE SMITHEY result.Typicalquarterback,eh? Aug.28 at Oak Ridge
nior, 6-2, 185; 54 catches, 977 yards, “Didhecatchthefootball?Thatwasthefirst
nine TDs in 2008), De’Andre Purty With arguably the toughest schedule in the question I asked,” said Browning, who threw Sept.3
(RB, senior, 5-11, 208; 1,265 yards, 13 state,Farragutisgoingtohaveplentyopportu- for 2,534 yards and 24 touchdown passes last *Catholic, MyVLT2
TDs last season). nitiestotestitsbest. season. Sept.18
BreakoutPlayers: Junior running back ArunthroughDistrict4-AAAwiththelikes His worry turned to a more serious nature *at West
Montre Hudson (5-8, 195) wowed of Catholic, Bearden, Maryville and West is a atthehospital,wherehewonderedifhe’dever Sept.25
onlookers during last season’s pre- task in itself. But Farragut also has bouts with play again. But he was released from his pro- at Riverdale
season scrimmages and the jambo- Oct.2
ree but injuries (torn medial collateral Riverdale, Kingsport Dobyns-Bennett and tective boot on July 15 and has been taking the
ligament, concussion) sidelined him OakRidge. necessarystepstoreturnbytheseasonopener *Heritage
for most of the season. Through ex- Good thing the Admirals are loaded. They Aug.21againstDobyns-Bennett. Oct.9
tensive offseason preparations, he’s mayneedeveryablebody. “He’s worked extremely hard to get him- *at Bearden
prepared to prove his worth — and “We look at it as an exciting opportunity to self back and remain positive,” said Courtney. Oct.16
durability. Senior wide receiver David playthosekindofpeople,”saidFarragutcoach “I know he was frustrated. He wanted to be *Maryville
Allen has the best hands on the team EddieCourtney.“Wefeellikeourkidsandour throwing a lot this summer. But he’s going to Oct.23
and was Browning’s second-favorite *at Lenoir City
target behind Van Dyne last season. coaching staff want to compete against those befine.
typeofteams. “Inoneway,itmightbeablessingbecausehe Oct.30
Allen caught 33 passes for 454 yards
and four touchdowns. “We came out of a region that we thought won’t be over-throwing. It’s helped our team, *William Blount
was one of the most challenging in the state. becauseit’sallowedustoworksomeotherkids *Conferencegames
What’sGood: Farragut has superb allgames7:30p.m.
depth at the skill positions on offense, We’ve learned from those experiences, and andseewheretheyfit.”
especially in the backfield with Purty, you seriously can only worry about one week SeniorwidereceiverLeeVanDynetookthe
Hudson and Chris Bass (5-9, 175). atatime.Yougottodothat.” snapsduringBrowning’shiatus.Buthe’smore KEY GAMES
HelpNeeded:A young offensive line Admiral Nation held its collective breath suited for catchingand keeping defenses from Sept. 3 vs. Catholic,
has much to prove. If Browning isn’t in April when rising senior quarterback Re- loadingthelinetostoprunningbacksDe’Andre Sept. 18 at West,
100 percent by the season’s start, the ese Browning had his left tibia broken in the PurtyandMontreHudson. Oct. 9 at Bearden,
linemen must mature quickly. spring’sfinalscrimmage. The backfield pair is arguably the best in Oct. 16 vs. Maryville.
All Browning cared about was the play’s EastTennessee,quitepossiblythestate.

No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr.
9 Allen, David WR 6-0 165 SR 60 Honey, Matt LB 5-10 185 SR 33 Pitcher, Daniel LB 5-10 155 JR
55 Aranada, Miguel G 5-11 230 SO 3 Hudson, Montre RB 5-8 195 JR 10 Ponce, Christian K 5-9 175 SR
94 Arcada, Anthony DE 5-10 180 SO 37 Ishak, Devin LB 6-0 185 SR 67 Poplawski, Justin OT 6-3 265 JR
21 Bass, Chris RB 5-7 180 SR 39 Jackson , Thomas LB 5-11 200 JR 31 Purty, De’Andre RB 6-0 215 SR
78 Beauchamp, Grayson OT 6-2 220 JR 5 Jetton, Elliott CB 5-8 160 JR 85 Rivera, Aldo LB 5-10 170 SO
64 Belasco, Michael G 5-9 225 SO 26 Johnson, Jacob RB 5-9 150 SO 4 Rule, Cody QB 5-9 150 SO
25 Bodack, Jason WR 6-0 180 JR 19 Joyce, Kevin DB 5-10 155 JR 72 Savell, Zach G 6-0 270 JR
7 Bowdle, Garrett QB 5-11 175 SO 41 Klenkel, Brian LB 5-10 180 JR 59 Sellers, Kevin 6-3 285 SR
23 Bradley, Tyler DL 5-11 205 SR 79 Knipp, Daniel G 6-0 280 SO 91 Simmons, Zach DL 5-10 250 SR
35 Brooks, Harper LB 6-2 220 JR 68 Koonce, Will DE 5-6 165 SO 95 Storms, Nathan K 6-3 160 SR
49 Brown, Madison TE 6-1 190 SO 27 Landguth, Drew LB 5-8 160 SO 48 Taylor, Connor LB 5-9 175 JR
15 Browning, Reese QB 6-0 215 SR 8 Landguth, Dillon QB 5-7 150 SO 44 Taylor, Addison K/WR 5-9 140 SO
88 Burnette, Tanner CB 6-1 155 JR 53 Lee, Matt C 5-10 195 SO 14 Tillman, Bryan QB 5-10 160 JR
13 Colwell, Ben RB 5-11 150 JR 17 Leon, Zach LB 5-7 145 SO 11 Tindal, Andrew DB 5-9 150 JR
80 Cook, Bo DB 5-3 110 JR 71 Leon, Manuel G 6-1 280 SO 43 Tracey, Luke LB 5-10 165 SR
89 Cooper, Austin CB 5-9 140 SO 58 Leonard, Robbie LB 5-11 195 JR 61 Twigg, Jay DE 5-4 160 SO
32 Crone, Tyler DE 6-5 215 SR 90 Lewis, Cameron DE 5-3 125 SO 34 Urevick, Braden WR 5-6 140 SO
29 Dreyer, Christian CB 5-11 155 SO 70 Manhardt, Austin LB 5-10 175 SO 20 Van Dyne, Lee WR 6-2 190 SR
30 Frazier, Zach LB 5-5 145 SO 65 Mann, Tommy G 6-0 260 SR 77 Vance, Scott OT 6-3 215 SR
56 Fricks, Bobby C 5-10 200 JR 63 Mays, Cody G 6-1 246 SR 28 Walker, Ryan LB 5-10 190 SR
12 Galloway, Brad K 5-10 140 SR 66 McDonald, Kaleb DL 5-7 185 JR 42 Watson, Zach LB 5-10 150 SO
18 Gibson, Nathan FS 5-11 180 SR 82 McPhearson, Kenneth WR 5-10 160 SR 45 Weaver, Thomas LB 6-1 155 SO
22 Giles, Britain DB 5-8 150 JR 57 Michael, Parker DL 5-7 185 SO 84 Whatley, Joe WR 5-8 145 SO
73 Gilliam, Jacob 6-4 240 SR 74 Michael, Preston DE 5-9 225 SR 99 White, Gabe DE 6-0 220 SR
51 Grieco, Greg DE 6-0 200 SR 40 Mitchell, Calvin LB 5-9 180 SO 96 Whitney, Caleb DE 5-10 185 SO
38 Hannay, Zack RB 5-11 200 SO 6 Moore, Dylan WR 5-8 150 JR 69 Wilke, Gavin OT 6-1 225 SO
1 Hartman, Devin CB 6-0 160 SR 87 Moroz, Mikol DB 5-7 145 SO 47 Wrinkle, Robert LB 6-1 185 SO
92 Haskins, Guy DB 6-0 170 SR 16 Nguyen, Bao CB 5-9 170 JR 93 Yeary, Zach DE 5-10 230 SO
46 Haynes, Tyler DL 5-6 170 SO 24 Nugent, Tyler LB 5-4 160 SO 81 Yoo, Dylan LB 5-11 170 SR
54 Hemsley, Cameron C 6-0 215 SO 36 Parker, Drake DL 5-6 115 SO
52 Hensley, Josh LB 5-9 180 JR 2 Perez, Taino CB 5-10 165 JR
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PX20 Coach: Buck Coatney (129-82, 18th season) | Lastyear: 4-6 | ReturningStarters: 15 (7 on offense, 8 on defense)
Putting an off season behind SCHEDULE
5-10,173;1,009all-purposeyardslast at Morristown West
season),BenWinters(QB/LB,junior, Rebuilding over, Falcons I was like, ‘It was a rebuilding year for us.’ I
determined to regain success andgoon. at Powell
topreturningtacklerswith82). BY JESSE SMITHEY “But it was motivation for Sept.4
BreakoutPlayers:MarcoGolliday(RB/DE, us to see Catholic go to state
senior,6-0,181)hastremendous andwinning.Theywereour *at Austin-East
speedandscored12TDslastseason. Thanksgiving dinner didn’t sit too well biggest rival. After we saw Sept.10
SophomoretailbackAmirChapman with Fulton head coach Buck Coatney last that, we were like, ‘Man, we Alcoa
(6-2,193)passestheeyetestandwill November. have to do something about
onlybolsteratalentedbackfield.“He’s MyVLT2 TV Game
Since 2002, when Fulton finished state thatnextyear.’”
runner-up, it has been the Falcons’ goal to al- Fulton returns 15 starters Sept.18
wayspracticeonThanksgivingDay.Doingso Coatney tohandlethejumpinclassifi- *at Pigeon Forge
adidas7-on-7atUT.”SeniorDavidTaylor would mean they had at least made the state cation(3Ato4A)andasched- Sept.25
(5-9,161)andjuniorBrandonTaylor quarterfinals. ulewithsixroadgames.
at West
(6-0,164)haveturnedthecornerand Lastseasonended4-6—Fulton’sfirstnon- Most importantly, junior
areexpectedtomakenicecontributions playoffcampaignsince1992. quarterback Ben Winters is Oct.2
aswidereceivers,alongwithAntonio “I’ll just say this: I don’t think (the players) more game savvy and has *at Gibbs
Barfield,BuddyBridges,DevinWilliams want to work out in November or December threeofhisoffensivelinemen
andMicahPitchford. Oct.9
ever again,” said Coatney. “This was the first back and three over-quali-
What’sGood: Fulton’sAchillesheellast time in about 15 years that we’ve had to lift fied tailbacks (Dametrius *Gatlinburg-Pittman
season—toomanysophomores—is weightsinNovemberorDecember. Thomas, Marco Golliday, Oct.16
nowitsstrength—experience.Atany Barfield
“It’soneofthosesituationswhereitmakes Amir Chapman) to relieve *Carter
eightunderclassmengracedFulton’s youlookatthingsandappreciatewhat’shap- himofanyplay-makingpres-
pened (in the past). But you have to tighten sures. Oct.30
inexperienceoftprovedastumbling up your belt buckle and go back to work. “Last year, I didn’t have *Union County
block.ButtheFalconsarehungrierthan When you get knocked down, you got to see much experience and I was *conferencegames
ever.Adeep,speedydefenseandstellar what kind of man you are to get back up, you just getting used to things,”
rungamethatfeaturesthreereturning allgames7:30p.m.
know?” saidWinters,whopassedfor
startersupfrontshouldpavetheirway TheFalconshavebeengoinghardsincethe 320 yards and three TDs in
wintermonthsundertheweight-roomdirec- his final game last season. “I KEY GAMES
HelpNeeded:Fultononlyhasfourhome tion of coach Micaiah Smoker. Coatney said Winters go into this year and I know
games,thefirstnotcominguntilSept. Aug. 22 at
more than 80 kids have been showing up for things. I’ll be able to learn
10againstAlcoa.Threeroadgames Morristown West,
followtheboutwiththeTornadoes. volunteer workouts during the summer, just newthingstoimprovemygame.
Sept. 4 at Austin-
Fultonstillhasafewholestofillonthe more evidence that the passion to return to “Last year was heart breaking. It was frus-
East, Sept. 10 vs.
linesandneedstoimproveonitsfourth- prominenceisthere. trating. We’re Fulton. We’re expected to go
Alcoa, Sept. 25 at
downdefense.Lastseasonitallowed “(Last season) was difficult,” said senior to the playoffs and get to state. We just didn’t
opponentstoconvert55percent(15of West, Oct. 16 vs.
widereceiverAntonioBarfield.“Alotofpeo- haveitlastyear.Thisyear,we’llbeabletoget
27)fourth-downattempts. Carter.
ple said, ‘What happened to y’all this year?’ backonourgameandgettotheplayoffs.”

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Sr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Sr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Sr.
2 Allen, Steven DB/QB 5-10 173 JR 24 Elder, Fred LB/RB/WR 5-11 173 SO 12 Lethgo, Nick QB 5-11 171 SR
9 Barfield, Antonio DB/TE/WR 6-1 187 SR 52 Fair, Averon DE/OL 6-0 209 JR 54 Mathis, William DL/OL 5-9 263 JR
77 Blair, Kadayle DL/OL 6-3 309 JR 76 Flemming, Tyrell DL/OL 6-0 296 SO 57 Miller, Aaron DL/OL 5-11 273 JR
10 Bridges, Xavier DB/WR 5-10 170 SR 26 Foster, Bob K/PK 6-0 173 SR 5 Mynatt, Jared FB/LB 5-8 177 SR
25 Brown, Jerron FB/LB/TE 6-0 197 JR 81 Foster, Jason DE/TE 6-0 171 SR 4 Pitchford, Micah DB/WR 6-2 201 JR
14 Carroll, Denzel DB/WR 5-10 167 SO 66 Garcia, Brandon DL/OL 6-2 271 SO 65 Reilly, Jake DL/OL 5-11 256 SR
56 Cason, Mychal DL/OL 6-3 242 JR 3 Golliday, Marco DE/FB/RB 5-11 189 SR 32 Roach, Allen DE/TE 6-2 202 FR
28 Castle, Jolante LB/RB 5-11 183 FR 51 Gray, Hakeem DL/OL 6-0 232 JR 18 Satterfield, Bart DB/RB/WR 5-10 173 JR
13 Chaney, Sialas DE/TE 6-2 173 JR 72 Higgins, Richard DL/OL 5-9 233 JR 17 Taylor, Brandon DB/WR 5-11 167 JR
6 Chapman, Amir DB/DE/RB 6-2 203 SO 15 Jackson, Bruce DB/WR 6-2 173 SO 11 Taylor, David DB/WR 5-9 167 SR
35 Clark, Ethan LB/TE 5-9 161 SO 80 Johnson, Octavius DE/TE 6-2 203 JR 1 Thomas, Demetrius DB/LB/RB 5-10 187 JR
59 Clark, Christian DL/OL 6-1 268 SR 55 Johnson, Jarius DL/OL 6-2 279 SR 21 Vinson, Quintest FB/LB 6-2 221 SR
7 Cotner, Javonte FB/LB 5-9 190 JR 88 Johnson, Quez DB/WR 5-9 181 SR 23 Williams, Devon DB/WR 5-11 171 JR
19 Deathridge, Brian DB/QB/WR 5-10 167 SO 75 Kennedy, Chance DL/OL 6-2 226 SO 8 Winters, Ben LB/QB/TE 6-1 193 JR
Coach: Benny Hammonds (288-115, 38th season) | Lastyear: 9-2 | ReturningStarters: 10 (5 on offense, 5 on defense)

Heroes: ElijahCasey(DT,OT,
New schedule, new challenges SCHEDULE
starterin’08),BillHuskey(OT, Highlanders strong, but new Oneida
opponents present trouble “We’ll just get in there
sophomore),SpencerWilliams BY DAVE LINK and grind, let the chips Cosby
’08,mayplayonDLalso). fall as they may.” Sept.11
BreakoutPlayers:TyMarshall Gatlinburg-PittmancoachBennyHammonds
(QB,junior,5-11,180),Ron BennyHammonds, at Sullivan East
isn’t a big fan of the TSSAA’s recent reclassifica- Gatlinburg-Pittman coach
Durbin(WR,junior,6-1,180). Sep.18
MarshallreplacedstartingQB tion.Thenagain,theHighlanders’veterancoach
TaylorOgle,nowawalk-onat hasdealtwithitbefore,andwilldealwithitnow. *at Gibbs
Clemson,whenOglebrokehis The Highlanders play only one team from Sept.25
thumbintheninthgameof their 2008 schedule, Pigeon Forge, and landed in As far as rivals, the Highlanders have trouble at Unicoi County
theseason.Inabouttwoand the same region, Region 3-3A, with Austin-East, getting them, and the players and coaches know
ahalfgames,Marshallthrew Fulton,Gibbs,Carter,andPigeonForge. little about their opponents, except that they’re Oct.2
35passesandcompleted60 “It’s terrible for us, (playing) those inner-city goingtobeprettydarngood. *Union County
What’sGood: TheHighland- schools, Knox Fulton and Austin-East,” Ham- “Changing the schedule that drastically is Oct.9
ershaveexperienceonthe mondssaid.“It’llbehardforustocompete.We’ll pretty rough when you have nine out of 10 new-
have a good football team, but nobody else beats comers,” Hammonds said. “It’s hard to estab- *at Fulton
withthereturnofCasey, themmuch,either.” lish strong rivalries because we’ve been moved Oct.16
Huskey,andWilliams,buttheir Hammondsfeelslikehisteamhasbeenavaga- aroundsomuch.” *Austin-East
bestathletesareinthewide bondovertheyears. Hammonds will rely on a balanced offense to
receiversandsecondary.They Oct.23
“We’ve been down there before (to play Aus- competewiththenewteamsonhisschedule.His
includejuniorwidereceiver/ tin-East and Fulton). It’s been a few years,” Ham- quarterback, Ty Marshall, gained valuable expe- *at Carter
receivercornerbackJeremy monds said. “We’ve been to Loudon and Moun- rienceattheendofthe2008seasonwhenstarter Oct.30
Hibbard,seniorwidereceiver/ tain City. They (the TSSAA) just send us where TaylorOglegothurt. *Pigeon Forge
cornerbackPierceMcCarter, they need us to be. It’s tough. It’s all right. We’ll SeveraloftheHighlanders’bestathletesplayed
andjuniorwidereceiver/tight do the best we can. It’s gonna be tough with our as sophomores, and although his team lacks ex- *conferencegames
endRyanTaylor,anall-purpose schedule.We’lldoourbest.” perience at some positions, there is no shortage allgames7:30p.m.
playmaker. It’s really going to be tough toward the end of oftalent.
HelpNeeded:Replacing theschedule.Gatlinburg-Pittman’slastfourregu- Hammonds doesn’t expect his team to back
Pittser,whosignedwithCar- lar-seasongamesareagainstAustin-East,Fulton, downfromthenewchallenge. KEY GAMES
son-Newman,willbedifficult. Carter,andPigeonForge. “Welookforwardtoit,”hesaid.“We’reexcited
Hammondshasyettofigureouthowthepost- about getting started. We’ll just get in there and Aug. 20 vs. Oneida,
seniorsHunterDouglas(5-11, season will work when teams from his region grind, let the chips fall as they may. We may bust week 7 vs. Austin-
230)andCalebBrien(5-9,170) couldmoveintoadifferentsetofplayoffs. oneof’em,youneverknow.” East.
willneedtostepup. “Idon’tlikeallthatsillystuff,”hesaid.“Nobody
canexplainittome.” DaveLinkisafreelancecontributor.

No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos Ht. Wt. Yr.
73 Bales, Billy OL 6-3 310 JR 11 Horner, Justin TE 5-5 170 FR 40 Ogle, Brandon RB 5-8 140 SO
39 Ball, D.J. TE 5-9 190 SO 32 Howard, Paul RB 5-9 170 SR 51 Patel, Dev OL 5-7 170 SO
22 Benedict, Jacob WR 5-8 155 SO 70 Huskey, Billy OL 6-2 295 JR 56 Patel, Mahavir OL 5-8 205 JR
89 Bilbrey, Dusty TE 5-11 170 JR 60 Joslin, Luke OL 5-10 185 FR 34 Patterson, Grant RB 5-10 185 FR
36 Brien, Caleb RB 5-8 180 SR 15 Latham, Shane WR 5-7 155 SR 65 Patton, Michael OL 5-11 220 JR
66 Byerly, Aaron OL 5-11 200 SO 77 Ledford, Chris OL 6-0 220 SR 42 Phillips, Terry RB 5-9 190 SO
58 Casey, Elijah OL 6-1 230 SR 25 Lowery, Michael WR 5-8 165 SR 5 Pullium, Joseph WR 5-7 135 SO
55 Davidson, Jacob OL 6-0 165 JR 3 Marshall, Tye QB 6-0 175 JR 28 Reagan, Dillon RB 5-10 155 JR
20 Douglas, Hunter RB 6-0 200 SR 6 McCarter, Pierce WR 5-10 145 SR 64 Rosco, Robert OL 5-11 235 FR
10 Durbin, Ron WR 6-1 173 JR 50 Meier, Hunter OL 5-10 180 SO 33 Russell, Josh RB 5-6 175 FR
2 Durbin, Blade QB/WR 6-1 165 FR 21 Meier, Colin WR 5-8 160 SR 80 Smith, Ty WR 5-8 155 SO
18 Eltzroth, Dakota WR 5-5 130 SO 38 Merritt, Turner TE 6-3 210 JR 30 Spearman, James RB 5-11 185 JR
24 England, Clay WR 5-11 145 FR 19 Merritt, Brandon WR 6-0 160 SO 84 Stewart, Brandon WR 5-11 150 SO
7 Foster, Jamel QB 5-5 115 FR 52 Moore, Alex OL 5-8 200 SO 14 Taylor, Ryan TE/WR 5-11 160 JR
88 Green, Cody TE 6-3 160 JR 57 Morris, Joe OL 5-9 175 FR 67 Thomas, Jared OL 6-2 220 SR
62 Green, Casey OL 6-1 155 FR 12 Myers, Ryan QB 5-11 190 SO 75 Williams, Spencer OL 5-11 225 SR
53 Herrell, Ty OL 6-3 245 SO 76 Neave, Joey OL 6-1 305 SO
4 Hibbard, Jeremy WR 5-11 160 JR 74 Ogle, Andy OL 6-1 200 FR
PX22 Coach: Brad Conley (3-8, 2nd season) | Lastyear: 3-8 | ReturningStarters: 12 (6 on offense, 6 on defense)
Heroes: Justin Treadway (WR,
Banking on the triple option SCHEDULE
senior, 6-1, 180), Chayse Lyon (RB,
senior, 5-8, 165), Brenton Bates (DT,
senior, 6-0, 250). Treadway had
Experience with new offense baseball,includingBrentonBates,whostarted Grainger
at defensive tackle and also will play center
a team-high 15 catches in 2008, should be plus after 3-8 season this season.
Lyons led the team with more than at Claiborne
BY DAVE LINK BatessaystheEagles’work
400 rushing yards, and Bates was a Sept.3
standout on the defensive front and in the weight room should
will do double-duty as the starting help make up for the depar- *at Pigeon Forge
center. BradConleyspentnineyearsasanassistant ture of five senior linemen Sept.11
Breakout Players: Seth Brewton footballcoachatGibbsHighSchool,wentinto from 2008.
(slotback, senior), Ryan Oakley (DE, administrationforfouryears,andgottheitch “I feel a lot more confi- Grace Christian
senior, 6-0, 175). Brewton doesn’t to get back into coaching in 2008 after Eagles dent this year,” Bates said. Sept.18
have much size, but he’s a shifty, coach Randy Carroll stepped down. Bates “We’ve been working hard
elusive runner, and that will give
Conley is more than happy with his move. in the weight room. Our of-
the Eagles another look to throw at Sept.25
defenses. Oakley has added some “I missed it (coaching),” Conley said. “I’m fensivelineisalotstrongerthanlastyear.Ifeel
still glad to be back. I tell the kids, high school everybody’salotstronger,morephysical,and at Cumberland Gap
muscle in the offseason, and his
hard work will lead to playing time football,there’snothinglikeFridaynights;and in better shape this year. We’ve worked hard Oct.2
this season. beingwiththisgroupofkidshasproventobe and we expect better things.” *Fulton
What’s Good: There is plenty of expe- asmuchfunasIcouldhopefor.Obviouslywe So does Justin Treadway, the team’s lead-
rience returning in the offensive and wanttowinmoreandourexpectationsareto ing receiver and a starting cornerback last Oct.9
defensive backfield, the byproduct win more, but all things considered, last year season. *Carter
of playing sophomores in 2008. wasalotoffun.Itwasaveryresilientfootball “With everybody getting to know the of-
Quarterback Chris Legg was forced Oct.23
into duty as a sophomore and has a
team. That’s how I came away with it.” fense and with most of our offense coming
Conleyinstalledatriple-optionoffenselast back, our quarterback and skill players, I feel *at Union County
season of running the triple option
under his belt. His top target returns year, and had a full season, a spring practice more confident this year,” Treadway said. Oct.30
in Treadway, as well as the top run- and a preseason to fine-tune it. Junior Chris “We have good seniors and we’re confident *at Austin-East
ning back in Lyon, along with junior Legg was forced into action as the starting with the offense. We hope to do good things *conferencegames
running back Andy Hibbitt, who ran quarterbacklastseason,sohisfamiliaritywith with it.”
for 200 yards. Defensive line is solid the offense is a plus. One thing’s for sure: Conley is glad to be allgames7:30p.m.
with the return of Bates, DT Nick “In the triple option, (Legg) did a really back on the sidelines, and he likes the feel of
Brown, and end Brice Clark.
goodjob,”Conleysaid.“Cominginasasopho- butterflies in his stomach as the season ap-
Help Needed: Conley spent much
more, he wasn’t going to be the starter. Situa- proaches.
of the preseason working on the Aug. 21 vs. Grainger,
kicking game, one of his primary tions occurred, and (the job) fell into his lap. “To be a year along with our offensive
concerns heading into 2009. Also In this offense, the quarterback has a lot of installation, I feel like we’re further along,” Aug. 28 at Claiborne,
of major concern: the Eagles lost opportunities. We hope he gets even better. Conleysaid.“You’realwaysexcitedandalittle Sept. 3 at Pigeon
five senior linemen from the 2008 He’s got to be better and step forward.” nervous as the season begins.” Forge.
offense, so Conley is counting It was a good spring practice, even though
on some young linemen to step a couple of key players missed it because of Dave Link is a freelance contributor.
forward and fill that void.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
36 Armstrong, Cody DB/WR 6-2 165 SR 2 Goad, Andrew DB 5-5 130 SO 40 Richards, Josh LB 5-10 180 SR
3 Bales, Brad DB/WR 5-10 160 JR 80 Guynes, Samuel WR 5-9 170 SR 26 Riffey, Paul DB 5-11 175 JR
68 Bales, Quentin DT/OL 5-11 230 SO 56 Hall, Erik G/LB 5-9 175 SR 29 Scott, Zach LB/WR 5-11 160 JR
77 Bates, Brenton C/DT 6-0 250 SR 74 Henry, Rocky DT/OL 6-1 305 SO 61 Shipley, Taylor DL/OT 5-10 220 JR
88 Batts, Derrick DB/WR 6-1 155 SO 20 Hibbett, Andy DB 5-11 180 JR 72 Simmons, Eric DL/OL 6-1 235 JR
5 Batts, Zack DB/QB 6-0 160 JR 7 Hunley, Ryan PK 5-11 145 FR 75 Steele, Brandon DL/OT 6-0 230 SO
70 Boles, Tyler DE/OL 6-0 175 SO 24 Iddins, Josh DB/WR 5-9 160 JR 4 Treadway, Justin DB/WR 6-0 180 SR
78 Boling, Josh DE/OT 6-0 220 JR 63 Jackson, Stephen DT/OL 6-3 285 N/A 55 Tuggle, Jordan G/LB 5-11 175 SR
10 Brewton, Seth DB/SS 5-8 140 SR 66 Jacobs, Rob LB/OL 5-8 180 SO 34 Turner, Austin LB 5-10 175 JR
69 Brown, Nick DT/OL 6-1 230 SR 1 Johnson, Ty DB/WR 5-9 145 SO 76 Varner, Cooper DL/OL 6-5 210 SO
73 Bryson, Austin DL/OL 5-11 210 SO 8 Legg, Chris DB/QB 5-11 165 JR — Wampler, Tyler LB/OL 5-11 215 SO
59 Buckner, Matt DT/OL 6-2 235 JR 33 Lyon, Chayse DB 5-8 170 SR 16 Watson, Blake DB 5-9 150 JR
82 Capps, Bradley DB/WR 5-8 130 JR 71 Mallicoat, Ben 6-0 180 JR 99 Webb, Will DL 6-4 220 JR
12 Clabough, Phillip DB/QB 5-11 165 JR 65 McElreath, Leif DT/OL 5-10 180 N/A 92 Wells, Steven DL 6-2 175 SR
49 Clark, Brice DE/WR 6-0 175 SR 62 McLemore, Dylan DT/OL 5-10 225 SO 21 Whitt, Brady DB 5-8 165 SO
64 Dalon, Blake DT/OL 5-10 190 SR 50 Oakley, Ryan DE/OL 6-0 170 SR
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Vi s i t w w w. e t c h . c o m / s a f e k i d s . c f m
PX24 Coach: Randy McKamey (16-7, 3rd season) | Lastyear: 10-2 | ReturningStarters: 14 (6 on offense, 8 on defense)
Heroes:Grace has several
Plenty of skill to go around SCHEDULE
players expected to step up
and be leaders, including end Talent at many key positions “We may not produce a lot of
points, but we feel our defense
Eric Williams, who is being
courted by several Division
has Rams ready to go is going to hold the opponents at Grace Baptist
I schools. Atticus Frank, a BY JOHN SHEARER down to a couple of scores or Academy
four-year starter, is expected less.” Sept.4
to create some worries for Anchoring the defense will
opposing coaches on the of- Not only does the math say Grace Christian be two-way lineman Atticus *at Tellico Plains
fensive and defensive lines. Academy should be competitive this year, so Frank. Sept.11
BreakoutPlayers:Cornerback also does coach Randy McKamey. McKamey “He is a four-year starter
and running back Chris Camp- at Gibbs
The Rams finished 10-2 last season and re- for us,” said McKamey. “He
bell is expected to excel after turns 14 starters. keeps getting better every Sept.18
breaking his collarbone in the
fourth game last year, as are “We are going to try to go deep in the play- year. He has kind of anchored *at Midway
running back Blake Hester offs,”saidMcKamey,inhisthirdyear.“Wefeel our line.” Oct.2
and defensive end Davis like this year could be a good year for us.” Frank, whose brother, Da-
Frank. Sophomore receiver Among the team’s strengths are several re- vis, will be playing defensive
and defensive back Jake turning skill position players on offense. end, also is optimistic that the Oct.9
Minga also shows promise. The top of the list includes end Eric Wil- defense can be strong. Taft Youth Center
“He really turned some heads liams, 6-foot-5, 230 pounds. “I think we are going to
this spring,” said coach Randy Campbell Oct.16
McKamey. “He is getting attention from Division I have a real good defense,” he
schools,” said McKamey. “He has great hands said. “We are going to have *Harriman
What’sGood:A number of and he puts a big stress on defenses.” to really step it up because the Oct.23
good offensive skill position
players should help. However, Running backs Chris Campbell, who is re- last few years it has been all Johnson County
if the offense is struggling, turning from a mid-season broken collarbone, offense.”
Austin McReynolds, and Blake Hester are oth- Campbell, a starting corner- Oct.30
the defensive front should still
help keep the Rams in games. er keys on offense. Sophomore receiver Jake back, believes the secondary *at Greenback
“We have been very good at Minga had an impressive spring practice. can contribute as well. Help- *conferencegames
creating turnovers, and we “We have gotten stronger and that will help ing him in the backfield will be
are gong to build on that,” said allgames7:30p.m.
our running game,” McKamey said. “And this Frank Minga and McReynolds.
year we can be more diverse in the run-pass McKamey hopes the team
HelpNeeded:Grace Christian ratio.” can get off to a good start with a win Aug. 21 KEY GAMES
has some young guys in key Jordan Hopkins and Gunner Thorpe were against CAK, not only for bragging rights, but
areas on the offensive line, Aug. 21 vs.
according to McKamey. Also, battling during the preseason for the quarter- also to set a good tempo going into district CAK, Sept. 18 at
juniors Jordan Hopkins and back job. Thorpe is stronger, while Hopkins is play. Midway, Oct. 30 at
Gunner Thorpe are competing smaller and shiftier. “That game could be the catalyst for us,” he Greenback
for the starting quarterback The offensive line is a little inexperienced said, “if we go out and compete.”
position; both are young and but not so on defense, McKamey said.
inexperienced. “We may win games defensively,” he said. John Shearer is a freelance contributor.

No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr.
62 Arnold, Austin 5-10 175 SO 77 Herbst, Ryan 6-2 245 JR 33 Palmer, Harley 5-7 200 SO
52 Arowood, Chad 5-11 236 SR 8 Hester, Blake 5-10 175 JR 39 Reynolds, Landon 5-7 145 SO
31 Beck, Josh 5-8 180 SO 15 Hopkins, Jordan 5-10 150 JR 78 Roberts, Isaiah 6-0 250 SR
6 Belcher, Jacob 5-8 150 JR 11 Hutchinson, Eli 5-6 125 FR 18 Shelton, Parker 5-8 145 SO
25 Bowery, Sterlin 5-8 160 FR 9 Jared, Carlton 5-8 140 SO 79 Steward, Christian 5-8 201 SO
2 Campbell, Chris 5-11 195 SR 84 Johnstone, Steephen 6-0 150 SR 59 Taylor, Jacob 6-1 200 SO
44 Carlton, Johnathon 5-10 180 SR 55 Kendrick, Brett 5-11 225 FR 23 Taylor, Ben 5-8 150 SO
53 Conner, Joshua 5-11 200 FR 22 McCoy, Michael 5-10 155 SO 56 Thompson, Landry 5-9 237 FR
58 Covington, Dylan 5-10 220 SO 24 McKamey, Will 5-7 130 FR 76 Valentine, Ethan 5-11 320 SO
10 Dixon, Bill 5-8 140 FR 20 McReynolds, Austin 5-10 170 JR 3 Waters, Trent 6-1 179 FR
65 Dixon, Max 5-11 150 JR 19 Melton, Caleb 5-11 160 SO 5 Williams, Eric 6-5 220 SR
16 Duggins, Tyler 5-9 140 FR 14 Meyers, Tyler 5-10 143 FR 80 Willis, DD 5-8 130 JR
75 Frank, Atticus 6-0 225 SR 4 Minga, Jake 5-11 140 SO 57 Zockall, Peter 5-9 190 SR
12 Frank, Davis 6-3 210 JR 63 Morris, Preston 6-1 230 SO
99 Griffith, Jonathan 6-0 142 FR 54 Newsome, Chase 5-9 180 FR

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Coach: Kevin Julian (24-19, 5th season) | Lastyear: 4-6 | ReturningStarters: 7 (4 on offense, 3 on defense)

Heroes: James O’Laughlin (RB,
Red Devils riding on wing-T SCHEDULE
junior, 5-10, 155; 586 yards and
four TDs as a sophomore), Zack Young offensive line must CalebLeonard,anAirForcesignee.Inaresopho- Aug.28
Dowdy (QB, senior, 5-11, 175),
Garrett Greshman (WR, senior,
perform to make system work “We have some good competition going on
Sevier County
there,” said Julian. “If they can come on like Sept.4
5-10, 160; played most of last BY JESSE SMITHEY
season with a cast but now in they’resupposedtoandwecangetourplaymak- *Powell
full form physically). erstheball,we’llbeOK.” Sept.11
BreakoutPlayers: Zack Gibson With the first pick of the 2008 NFL draft, the ZackDowdywillstartatquarterbackaftertwo at Webb
— coach Kevin Julian said the MiamiDolphinsselectedoffensivelinemanJake yearsbackingTylerTurner.Dowdydoesn’thave Sept.18
senior running back “has an Long. experience as a starter, but he did play. Turner’s
opportunity to put up some *at Oak Ridge
Whenpicked,hewas6-foot-7and317pounds career featured a few injuries. In Halls’ offense,
yardage” this season. He ran for large. thequarterbackdoesn’tneedtomake25throws Sept.25
409 yards and six TDs on 45 car- *at Anderson County
ries last season. Linebacker Jake
Halls High School has a Jake Long who will pergametopileuppoints.Heonlyneedstoturn
Long (5-8, 175), who doubles as play offensive line this season. What are the andmakeacleanhandoff. Oct.2
an offensive lineman, is gunning chances,right? ButwhenDowdydoesthrow,he’llhaveagood *at Karns
for 100 tackles. But... receivertofindinGarrettGresham.
What’sGood: With O’Laughlin, “I’m 5-8 and about 175 pounds,” the senior Gresham was a threat last season, even with
Gibson, Gresham and fullback said. acastonhishand.Withtwohands,he’llbeeven *Hardin Valley
Jared Burton, Halls has the play- That’s a benefit of running a wing-T offense, morereliable. Oct.23
makers it needs to compete in though. Halls head coach Kevin Julian doesn’t “Wehavetogethimtheball,”saidJulian.“He’s *at Campbell County
District 3-AAA. They are speed need five NFL Jake Longs to get running backs explosive.”
guys and will make an impact on Oct.30
JamesO’Laughlin,ZackGibsonandfullbackJar- JulianspokesimilarcommentsofO’Laughlin, *Central
the perimeter. Julian praised the
senior leadership. “They’ve really
edBurtonoffandrunning.Hejustneedsahand- a shifty, dynamic back who show flashes of bril-
fulofmobilelinemenwithgoodtechnique. lianceasasophomore. *conferencegames
taken the bull by the horns and
pushed the guys through the “I have to have really good technique,” said “He’saspecialguy,”saidJulian.“He’sgottoget allgames7:30p.m.
winter, spring and summer.” Long, “because you got guys out there who are stronger,whichhe’sworkedonoverthesummer.
HelpNeeded:The offensive and 250 pounds and I weigh 175. I just stay low and He’sgottostayawayfrominjuryandrealizethat
defensive lines aren’t, pound for maketheplays. youhavetoputonthestrengthandmusclemass KEY GAMES
pound, on par with those from “Wedoalotofpulling.I’marealquickguy,and tocompeteonthislevel.He’sgotagiftforrunning Aug. 21 vs. Clinton,
previous season — and they’re Icangetoutsideandblockthoseendsoroutside thefootball,andwehavetogethimtheball.” Sept. 4 vs. Powell,
not battle tested. Senior Ben Mc- linebackers.” Halls had great expectations for success last Sept. 18 at Oak
Falls is the only returning starter Everyoffense’ssuccesshingesontheoffensive seasonthatnevermaterialized.Thistimearound, Ridge, Sept. 25 at
on the offensive line, which he Anderson County,
will anchor.
line,butit’sevenmoresoforHalls.Itreturnsonly ithasadifferentmindframe.
one starter from its line. Gone is 275-pounder SaidLong:“Wehaveapointtoprove.” Oct. 30 vs. Central.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
20 Alley, Sam DB/RB 5-8 165 SR 46 Fitzpatrick, Corey LB/RB 5-10 175 SR 41 Pelle, Michael DB/WR 2-10 163 SO
39 Anderson, John DB/WR 5-9 145 SO 99 Gass, Jacob DL/TE 6-2 225 JR 25 Penida, Antonio DB/WR 5-4 125 JR
81 Bankhead, Aaron LB/WR 5-10 150 JR 3 Gibson, Zack DB/RB 5-9 165 SR 61 Pollard, Alex DL/OL 5-9 175 SR
1 Batts, Zack DB/QB 6-0 152 JR 58 Gresham, Ryan DL/OL 6-0 225 SO 30 Potter, Jake LB/WR 5-11 165 SO
16 Beeler, Will DB/WR 5-10 150 SR 10 Gresham, Garrett DB/WR 5-10 155 SR 22 Raley, Tanner DB/RB 5-7 160 SO
9 Belew, Tyler LB/RB 5-11 211 JR 17 Griffen, Jeremy DB/WR 6-1 165 SR 85 Rogers, Allen DB/WR 5-6 148 SO
13 Bridges, Blake DB/WR 6-0 165 SR 24 Henley, Donovan DB/WR 5-8 150 JR 50 Shaddix, Zack DL/OL 6-2 345 SR
37 Bright, Chad DB/WR 5-10 150 SR 83 Herrell, Holden DB/WR 5-8 130 SO 40 Shuler, Blake LB/RB 5-11 175 SO
51 Brown, Jonathan DL/OL 5-11 175 JR 66 Holloway, Cameron DL/OL 6-0 250 SO 54 Shultz, Steven DL/OL 5-10 240 JR
12 Brown, Brady DB/QB 6-0 185 SO 23 Jacobs, Davin DB/WR 5-10 135 SO 90 Smith, Cody K 5-8 140 JR
80 Bryant, Rico DB/WR 6-1 175 SO 26 Kahn, Jared K 5- 145 SR 5 Smith, Austin DB/WR 6-0 175 SO
71 Bullard, Chris DL/OL 6-2 275 JR 94 Keesee, Jonah LB/RB 5-9 157 JR 33 Stansberry, Logan LB/RB 5-10 170 JR
84 Bunch, Chad DB/WR 5-9 140 JR 78 Keith, Allan 6-0 225 SR 42 Starnes, Austin DB/WR 5-11 180 SO
34 Burton, Jared DL/RB 6-0 205 SR 31 King, Hunter DB/WR 6-3 168 SO 86 Starrett, Alex DL/RB 5-10 171 SR
7 Cochran, Spencer DB/WR 6-0 165 JR 36 Kitts, Casey LB/WR 6-3 208 SO 70 Steinke, Bobby DL/OL 6-1 172 JR
11 Coffman, Josh DB/QB 5-11 190 JR 59 Lam, Wesley DL/OL 6-1 223 JR 64 Sumlin, DJ DL/OL 5-11 230 JR
29 Collins, Cody LB/WR 5-9 150 SO 21 Long, Jared RB SO 75 Tatum, Trevor DL/OL 5-11 230 SO
72 Conner, Alex DL 6-2 280 SO 56 Long, Jake DL/OL 5-8 170 SR 63 Turner, Jeremy DL/OL 5-8 200 SR
19 Corcione, Thomas LB/WR 6-0 185 SO 35 Lucas, Spencer LB/RB 5-10 176 SO 69 Varner, Jake DL/OL 5-9 165 SR
89 Dailey, Alex DB/WR 5-6 140 JR 79 McFalls, Ben DL/OL 6-1 215 SR 32 Welch, Wesley DB/WR 5-9 155 SO
15 Delaney, Tyler DB/WR 5-9 150 JR 77 Norton, Zack DL/OL 6-1 270 JR 18 Williams, Dalton DB/WR 5-8 140 JR
14 Dowdy, Zack DB/QB 6-0 190 SR 6 O’Laughlin, James DB/RB 5-11 168 JR 44 Woods, Aaron LB/TE 6-0 204 JR
66 Extine, Corey DL/OL 5-8 230 SO 8 Painter, Grant DB/RB 5-10 175 SO
53 Farmer, Josh DL/OL 5-9 175 SO 55 Paul, Chris DL/OL 5-8 160 SO
PX42 Coach: Wes Jones (0-0, 1st season) | Lastyear: 5-2 (played a jayvee schedule)
Heroes: Jake Bishop (QB,
Hawks can’t wait to get started SCHEDULE
at Carter
junior, 5-11, 175), Adam
Schlosser (WR/DB, junior, New team wants history to ning back Dorian Eskridge can Aug.28
all make things happen, Jones
6-1, 175), Dorian Eskridge
(RB, sophomore, 5-7, 165),
record a winning first season said.
Josh Krebbs (LB/FB/Slot, BY MIKE BLACKERBY “Jake manages the game real CSS TV
junior, 6-2, 190). well and is truly a student of the Sept.11
BreakoutPlayers:Take your game. He does a really good job *Clinton
pick of the Hawks’ roster Sure, Hardin Valley Academy coach Wes at quarterback. He stays inside
of five seniors, 35 sopho- Jones would like to go 10-0 in the school’s sec- the offense and executes what Sept.18
mores and 35 juniors as ond year of existence and first year of varsity Jones we do. *at Campbell Co.
they embark on their first football. “Adam is going to be a pos- Sept.25
season of varsity play.
But Jones knows that probably won’t happen. session receiver. He has great *Central
What’sGood: Hardin Valley For the Hawks, 2009 is all about legacy. hands and was somebody we re-
might surprise some “OurmindsethadbeenfromDay1—ifthey’re ally went to in our junior varsity Oct.2
people with its skill play- *at Powell
ers. Bishop is a steadying gonna keep score, we want to win it,” said Jones, season last year.
force at quarterback and who previously was an assistant at Austin-East “Dorian had a great season at Oct.9
Eskridge is a big-play and the head coach at Cocke County. running back and is truly a great *at Halls
running back. Center Jared “But that’s not the most important thing. It’s playmaker for us.”
Bolin (junior, 6-1, 230) about building a program.” On defense, the Hawks are Oct.16
anchors the offensive line. It’s apparent that Jones’ Hawks have tapped built around linebacker Josh *Oak Ridge
The Hawks are deep and into the legacy concept. Krebbs. Oct.23
talented at linebacker with
Krebbs, Ricardo Winston
Wide receiver and defensive back Adam “He’s a phenomenal athlete,” *at Anderson Co.
(senior, 6-0, 185), Lee Schlosser said this season will be long remem- said Jones.
bered by the Hardin Valley Academy players. “We’ll move him around and Oct.30
Warren (sophomore, 6-2,
215) and Zach Clevenger “Everybody involved with it is truly excited,” put him at different positions *Karns
(junior, 6-3, 185). said Schlosser. — he’ll play fullback, linebacker *conferencegames
HelpNeeded: The Hawks “The closer and closer we get to the season and slot.” allgames7:30p.m.
are young, inexperienced opener the more we see this is a once-in-a-life- Jones said he can’t ask for a
and under-sized along the time opportunity. The last time a high school Schlosser better group of young men to
offensive front. HVA needs opened basically from scratch in Knoxville was start a football program. KEY GAMES
Ritchie Howser (senior, 40 years ago.” “These kids have done everything they could
6-1, 230), who has limited Aug. 21 at Carter,
football experience, to
Like Jones said, the Hawks don’t plan on for- possibly do to get ready for the season. It’s every- Sept. 18 at Campbell
come through on the line feiting any games this fall despite their new-kid- thing you can expect … and more.” County, Oct. 30
this fall. on-the-block status. Karns.
Schlosser, quarterback Jake Bishop and run- Mike Blackerby is a freelance contributor.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
77 Armstrong, Zach DL/OL 6-5 245 SO 33 Echols, Thomas LB/TE 6-0 210 SO 23 March, Keith DB/RB 5-9 170 SR
78 Barnes, J.T. DL/OL 5-10 220 SR 42 El Ajam, James DE/TE 6-4 190 JR 80 McNair, Blake DE/TE 6-1 195 SO
2 Barnes, Korrie DB/WR 5-8 160 SR 71 Ellis, Tylor DL/OL 6-2 185 SO 11 Miller, Josh DB/WR 5-4 125 SO
22 Barnett, Ben DB/WR 5-6 145 SO 64 Embler, John DL/OL 6-2 220 JR 67 Mitchell, Matt DL/OL 5-11 225 SO
24 Batallie, Ryan DB/WR 5-9 165 JR 25 Eskridge, Dorian DB/RB 5-9 160 SO 61 Mitchell, Trey DL/OL 5-5 245 JR
4 Beggs, Jackson DB/WR 5-8 120 SO 21 Fercho, Del DB/WR 6-1 170 SR 52 Monroe, Zach DL/RB 6-1 270 JR
1 Belletini, Anthony DB/WR 6-1 170 JR 65 Fielden, Taylor DL/OL 6-3 240 JR 14 Newport, Jordan DB/RB 5-7 160 SO
8 Bishop, Jake DB/QB 6-1 180 JR 63 Fredette, Daniel DL/OL 6-0 235 SR 48 Rowan, Graham DL/RB 5-7 210 JR
66 Bishop, Tyler DL/OL 6-0 240 SO 54 Fuller, Christian DL/OL 6-3 215 JR 26 Scott, Travis DE/WR 5-10 155 SO
84 Blascoe, Cody DB/WR 6-1 150 SO 46 Gallaher, Jake LB/WR 5-10 175 SO 3 Smith, Theo DB/WR 5-7 140 JR
51 Bolin, Jared DE/OL 6-0 215 JR 74 Herron, David DL/OL 5-8 295 SO 60 Stupariu, Emmanuel DL/OL 6-0 240 JR
17 Brown, Josh DB/QB 5-10 165 JR — Hinkle, Jason DL/OL 5-8 180 SO 13 Tran, Peter DB/WR 5-11 160 JR
28 Burton, Devon DB/RB 6-0 195 SR 27 Honken, Reed DB/RB 5-10 175 SO 10 Transue, Mitchell LB/QB 6-1 170 SO
34 Butler, Alex DB/WR 6-1 220 JR 55 Houser, Richie DL/RB 6-0 220 SR 7 Tuck, Lance DB/WR 6-0 170 JR
40 Byrd, Trey DE/TE 6-3 165 JR 38 Howley, Luke DB/WR 6-2 160 JR 53 Vaigneur, Ben DL/OL 6-0 190 JR
75 Catapano, Joe DL/OL 6-2 290 SO 83 Jaudon, Jack DB/WR 6-0 140 SO 19 Vara, Tim DB/QB 6-0 155 SO
9 Clevenger, Zach DB/QB 6-3 180 JR 44 Krebs, Josh LB/TE 6-2 185 JR 29 Vesco, Daniel DB/RB 6-2 165 JR
43 Dale, Nick DE/OL 5-5 160 SO 12 Laggis, Joey DB/WR 5-6 125 SO 5 Warren, Lee LB/RB 6-0 210 SO
15 Dees, Gary LB/QB 6-2 175 SR 16 Lambert Jr., Josh DB/WR 5-7 150 SR 45 Weaver, Jacob DL/OL 5-8 155 SO
85 Detiveaux, Andrew DB/TE 6-2 190 JR 39 Lee, Dakota DL/WR 5-5 165 SO 49 Winstead, Matt DB/OL 5-6 170 SO
32 Dillon, Jordan LB/TE 6-0 170 SO 76 Leuciuc, Chris DL/OL 6-1 280 JR 20 Winston, Ricardo LB/RB 5-11 195 SR
82 Donovan, Matt DB/WR 6-1 135 JR 56 Leverett, A.J. DL/OL 6-1 190 JR
68 Dweik, Majdy DL/OL 6-1 215 JR 6 Lunsford, Quinton LB/QB 5-8 155 SO
Coach: Brint Russell (0-0, 1st season) | Lastyear: 1-9 | ReturningStarters: 12 (6 on offense, 6 on defense)

Heroes: Insidelinebacker
Constructing a new attitude SCHEDULE
at Karns
New coach trying to overcome “We have put in a lot of time on
andoveralljustagreatkid a mountain of disappointment changing attitudes ...” at South Doyle
BY JOHN SHEARER BrintRussell, Sept.4 first-year Heritage football coach
Russell.AnotheriscenterLuke *at Lenoir City
Eldridge,theoffensiveleader. New Heritage coach Brint Russell has been Sept.11
BreakoutPlayers: Russellis tryingtoserveasteamtherapist,physicaltrainer Wide receivers as Clayton Shell and Chris at Seymour
expectingrunningbacks andon-the-fieldtaskmaster. Ropwillbebusyinthenewspreadoffense.
JordanCorrellandChaseCline Heistakingoveraprogramthathasstruggled Freshmen Jalyn Haley and Jerrell Bledsoe Sept.18
toshine. “(Cline)isgoingto andhasfacedalotofdoubt. alsowillcontributeatrunningbackand/orwide *Maryville
besomethingspecialbefore “We have put in a lot of time on changing receiver. Sept.25
itisallsaidanddone,”Russell attitudes and letting them think they are good Russellalsohassomenewassistants,includ-
said.Freshmanskillplayers enoughtocompeteandthattheycanbesuccess- ingassistantheadcoachBrandonWaters,offen- *William Blount
JalynHaleyandJerrellBledsoe ful,”saidtheformercoachofCrestHighSchool sivecoordinatorAdamHendricksanddefensive Oct.2
mayalsosurprise,ascould inShelby,N.C. coordinatorChipCasteel. *at Farragut
AlcoatransferTylerHartleyat Hehasbeenpleasedwiththeresults. Russell believes the strength of the team
quarterback. “Theyhaveworkedhardtogetbetter,”hesaid. shouldbeatoffensivelineandatlinebacker.
“Ireallyfeelthinkthisyearisgoingtobeagood “We have a lot of experience there, and they *at Bearden
What’sGood: Theoffensiveline
andsecondaryareconsidered yearforus.” arecoachedreallywell,”hesaid. Oct.23
strengths,whileapositive Another reason for his optimism is the num- Ateamcomingoffa1-9seasonalsoislikelyto *Catholic
attitudeamongthewhole berofgoodfootballplayershehasseenwearing have a few weaknesses, and Russell has found
thelightblueandred. them. Oct.30
helptheteamimprove. Ondefense,whichRussellhaschangedfrom “Weneedtogetalittlebetterinthesecondary,” *West
a3-5toa3-4alignment,heexpectsseniorinside hesaid.“Andweneedtodoabetterjobofgetting *conferencegames
HelpNeeded: Thesecondary, linebacker Michael Cermak to be a leader, with ourrunningbackstotheiraimingpoints.”
despitehavingstandout help from linebackers Minh Tran and Evan However,heishopefultheteamwillreachits allgames7:30p.m.
safetiesAndyEldridge Brown,linemanCodyEngramandsafetiesAn- goals, which include recapturing the bell given
andTylerEdmonds,needs dyEldridgeandTylerEdmonds. tothewinneroftheannualgamewithrivalWil-
help.Therunningbacksare KEY GAMES
CenterLukeEldridgeshouldbethesamekind liamBlount.
strugglingontechnique, ofnaturalleaderasCermakisondefense.Alcoa “We want an opportunity to bring the bell Aug. 21 at Karns,
despitethepotentialof transferTylerHartleytakesoveratquarterback. home,” Russell said. “It hasn’t been home in a Sept. 18 vs.
CorrellandClineandfullback Running backs Jordan Correll and Chase Cline longtime.” Maryville, Sept. 25
John–LukeClick,whodidnot and fullback John-Luke Click are expected to vs. William Blount
playlastyear. helppickupyardage. JohnShearerisafreelancecontributor.

No. Name Yr. No. Name Yr. No. Name Yr. No. Name Yr.
32 Adams, Dylan SR — Burkett, Matthew FR 78 Headrick, Andrew JR — McCollum, Joe FR
— Adams, Aaron FR 10 Cermak, Michael SR — Hernandez, Jose FR — McCormick, Dillon FR
70 Allen, Caleb SR — Copeland, Zack FR 34 Herron, Cody JR — Meeker, Daniel FR
14 Bachman, Noah JR 17 Correll, Jordan SR 55 Hopkins, Josh JR 72 Merriman, Todd SR
82 Bailes, Brandon JR — Crowe, Cody FR — Huff, Jesse FR 51 Mize, Justin SR
86 Barbra, Clint JR 8 Cutshaw, Ryan JR — Huizingh, Nathan FR — Morris, Joe FR
25 Bayless, Dallas JR 1 Edmonds, Tyler SR — Jett, Jonah FR — Nava, Dillon FR
— Bledsoe, Jerrell FR 3 Eldridge, Andy SR — Jimenez, Codie FR 42 O’Brien, John SR
— Boring, Skyler FR 44 England, Cody SR — Kagay, Tyler FR 77 Ogle, Alex SR
36 Boring, Casey JR — Evans, Joey FR — Keeble, Sy FR — Olvey, Jake FR
— Brantner, Cameron FR — Gray, Cody FR — Ladner, Brad FR 37 Overstreet, Chris JR
— Bright, Bobby FR — Griffin, Aaron FR — Lovell, Josh FR 6 Rop, Chris SR
— Brock, Tyler FR — Haley, Michael FR — Majors, Austin FR 2 Shell, Clayton SR
90 Brown, Evan JR — Haley, Jalyn FR — Malone, Jake FR 5 Teaster, Devan JR
— Burchfield, Casey FR — Harris, Dylan FR — Matlock, Keagan FR 27 Weeks, Brad JR
60 Burchfield, Cody SR — Hawn, Kevin FR — May, Troy FR
PX44 Coach: Justin Anderson (9-11, 3rd season) | Lastyear: 3-7 | ReturningStarters: 11 (6 on offense, 5 on defense)
Expecting junior achievement SCHEDULE
at Greeneville
rushedformorethan1,300 yardson
Patriots looking for return Andersonsaid. Aug.28
Junior quarterback Anthony Goins and run- Bearden
Goins(QB,junior,6-0,185,penciledin to their dominant days ningbackZachKountswillbecountedon. Sept.4
asGame1starterafterlimitedtimein Goinsstartedjustonegameatquarterbacklast
2008),BrantStooksbury(OL,junior, BY MIKE BLACKERBY *at Sevier County
6-0,250,latestinalonglineofout- seasonandhasbeengiventhekeystowhatcould Sept.11
standingJeffersonCountyoffensive beahigh-poweredsplit-backveerattack. at William Blount
linemen). Jefferson County’s return to football promi- “He’s a very smart quarterback and probably
nencemayfinallybeathand. thefastestkidontheteam,”Andersonsaid. Sept.18
BreakoutPlayers:TravisTolliver(RB, *Seymour
senior,5-10,175,732yardsrushing Once a dominant East Tennessee large-class Kounts, who had a big sophomore year at
and10TDslastseason):Tolliver,who power, the Patriots have suffered six losing sea- linebacker last season, has been moved to run- Oct.2
playedinjustfourgamesdueto sonssince1998andarecomingoffa3-7campaign ningback. *Cocke County
injuries,willbeafeaturedbackwith in2008. “We’re excited about what he brings to the Oct.9
thegraduationoftwo-time1,000- ButJeffCounty’sfortunesappearontheverge table,”Andersonsaid. *at Cherokee
yardrusherWillBrooks.Alsolookfor ofturning,thankstoatalentedjuniorclassof40- KountsandTravisTolliverprovideapotent1-2
DakotaWright(WR/RB/KR,junior, Oct.15
5-6,160,300yardsrushing)tolineup plusplayers. punchatrunningback. *at Morristown West
anywhere. “We’rerealclose,”saidcoachJustinAnderson, Bo Asmus, a 6-2, 170-pound junior wide re- MyVLT2 TV
What’sGood:Stooksburyleadswhat who was a two-way standout at linebacker and ceiver,isanotherweapononoffense. Oct.23
shouldbeastrongoffensiveline.Cen- centerinthelate1990s. JeffersonCounty’sfootballtraditionisasource *Morristown East
terDamonHarmon(6-0,220)isthe “We’restartingtogettheathletesbackoutand ofpridetoKountsandGoins,whovowtodotheir
lonesenioronthejunior-dominated ournumbersarewayup.We’veprobablygot125 besttobringthePatriotsback.
unitthatalsofeaturesStevenJenkins to140playerscountingthefreshmen.” “Our class can lead this team and bring back *South Doyle
(6-3,260),CameronLietch(6-1,250) There’s no disputing the talent in the junior thisprogram,”saidGoins.
andChrisCoffey(6-4,290). class, whichwent11-0twoseasonsagoasfresh- Ditto,addedKounts. KEY GAMES
Helpneeded:ThePatriotshave men and allowed only two teams to cross the “They (Jefferson County) were really good Aug. 28 Bearden,
shuffledthedeckondefense,switch- 50-yardline. back in the ’80s with players like Todd Collins. Sept. 4 Sevier
ingtothe3-5-3alignment.Amongthe Manyofthosejuniorswerethrustintoaction People like me and Anthony want to bring the
County, Oct. 9
arenoseguardBradleyColin(5-11, lastseason. glorydaysback.” Morristown East,
195)andNathanTrower(5-11,180). “We ended up playing seven or eight sopho- Oct. 16 Morristown
morestarterswhogotgreatlearningexperiences,” MikeBlackerbyisafreelancecontributor. West.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
34 Alexander, Steve DE 5-10 175 SO 87 Eldridge, Josh WR 5-11 150 JR 15 Miller, Tyler 6-0 180 JR
6 Asmus, Bo WR 6-1 175 JR 86 Eldridge, Nathan WR 5-11 155 SO 42 Moore, Jordan DB 5-11 155 SO
2 Bailey, Tyler QB 6-0 160 SO 51 Farr, Christian LB 6-1 175 JR 25 Myers, Josh WR 6-0 150 SO
84 Bales, Colton WR 6-1 190 SO 61 Foster, Thomas OL 6-0 205 JR 39 Powell, Erin DB 5-10 175 SR
59 Ball, Blake OL 5-9 265 SO 37 Frison, Justin WR 5-9 155 SO 60 Rich, Chase 5-10 190 JR
98 Basinger, Jairus DE 6-1 187 JR 10 Goins, Anthony QB 6-0 185 JR 31 Rinard, Kegan DE 6-0 223 SR
40 Bell, Jim TE 6-2 207 JR 70 Green, Mitchell OL 6-1 228 SO 82 Roberts, Billy WR 6-1 160 SO
48 Bennett, Chris DB 6-2 180 SR 71 Harmon, Damian OL 6-0 213 SR 76 Russell, Josh OL 5-9 195 SO
17 Bible, Bristoe QB 5-11 180 SO 24 Hopkins, Jalen WR 5-11 155 JR 30 Sanford, Andrew LB 5-11 175 SO
53 Bradley, Colin 5-10 195 JR 43 Houser, Brandon RB 5-5 165 JR 57 Schuchart, Andrew LB 6-1 221 SR
20 Branner, Will DB 5-8 150 SO 96 Humbard, Trey TE 6-3 187 JR 69 Shelley, Matthew OL 5-9 205 SO
22 Brewer, Tom TE 6-2 185 JR 99 Inman, Jordan DE 6-2 200 JR 1 Simpkins, Eric DB 5-8 170 JR
36 Broyles, Jared DB 6-0 175 SR 73 Jarnigan, John OL 6-1 276 SR 45 Simpson, Charlie LB 5-9 180 SO
46 Bullins, Brandon DB 5-7 155 JR 38 Jarvis, Cody RB 5-8 145 SO 7 Smiley, Brandon LB 6-2 180 SO
54 Cain, Eric LB 5-10 202 JR 74 Jenkins, Stephen OL 6-4 242 JR 63 Stooksbury, Brant OL 5-11 245 JR
4 Carlson, Tucker TE 6-0 190 JR 67 Johnson, Brock DE 6-2 236 SO 72 Swanger, Alex 6-1 220 SO
11 Chapman, Jake DB 5-10 155 SR 8 Keena, Eric WR 5-11 135 SO 50 Talley, Will LB 5-10 195 SR
77 Coffey, Chris OL 6-3 286 JR 3 Kirkpatrick, Evan DB 6-4 180 SR 21 Tolliver, Travis RB 5-10 168 SR
58 Collins, Austin OL 5-9 240 SO 44 Kounts, Zach RB 6-1 207 JR 18 Trower, Nathan LB 5-11 190 JR
32 Cook, Thomas LB 6-0 191 SR 27 Kountz, Chris DB 5-10 170 SR 29 Turner, Casey DE 6-2 203 JR
94 Cox, William DB 6-0 205 SR 23 Lane, Jean-Luke RB 5-7 155 JR 49 Unger, Kenny RB 5-8 160 JR
35 Crigger, Derrick TE 5-11 190 SR 79 Large, Drew OL 5-11 220 SO 14 Webster, Austin WR 5-9 140 SO
9 Denton, Parker DB 5-8 168 JR 66 Levin, Alex OL 5-10 288 JR 56 Winstead, Aaron LB 5-10 180 SO
16 Denton, Trevor QB 5-10 175 SR 62 Lietch, Cameron OL 6-0 253 JR 85 Woodard, Tyler WR 5-8 155 SO
83 Denton, Barry DE 6-3 187 SR 5 Mason, Brad DB 6-1 195 JR 33 Wright, Dakota RB 5-6 160 JR
26 Dodson, Trey RB 5-9 150 SO 55 Massey, Zach OL 6-2 184 SO
28 Dube, Garrison DB 6-1 165 JR 13 McFall, Evan DB 6-0 180 SO
Coach: Robert Reeves (3-17, 3rd season) | Lastyear: 1-9 | ReturningStarters: 5 (2 on offense, 3 on defense)

Heroes: Kyle Boden (QB,
senior, 6-1, 180, 1,800 yards
Talking about a turn for better SCHEDULE
passing last year and 14
TD passes), Barrett Frazier Young Beavers think they can “We run a pretty complex of- Heritage
fense. Kyle has a lot of responsi-
(C/MLB, senior, 5-10, 220,
leader of offensive line that build new tradition of winning bility and he does a great job of
gave up just six sacks in 236 leading it. Hisstrengthiswhat’s at William Blount
pass attempts in 2008), between his ears — he’s very Sept.4
Michael Puckett (LB, senior, intelligent. Barrett makes all of
5-11, 195, 38 tackles last *at Clinton
“Close” won’t be good enough this season for our offensive protection calls.
season). Sept.11
Karns coach Robert Reeves and the Beavers. We only gave up six sacks last
Breakout Player: John Costar Boden *Campbell County
Although Karns wound up with a 1-9 record year. That’s a tribute to Barrett
(H-back/safety, sophomore):
Costar is a do-it-all type
in 2008, the Beavers were an agonizing play and the kids we had last year.” Sept.18
player who figures to benefit or two away from victory in several of their Boden said he has come *at Central
from the senior leadership of losses. lightyears as a quarterback in
Boden at quarterback. “We’re closer to learning how to win,” said his three seasons. Sept.25
What’s Good: Karns should Reeves. “I feel like there’s no com- *at Powell
keep opposing defenses “We lost three games by one point — one of parisonbetweennowandwhen Oct.2
guessing this fall as its versa- them in triple overtime — another by eight and Iwasasophomore,”saidBoden,
tile attack includes elements another by seven. We could have easily been who accounted for more than *Halls
of both the veer and spread 7-3. We have a lot of kids that think we can win Frazier 2,200 total yards. Oct.9
offenses. The Beavers have a this year.” “I want to lead as our quar-
quiet confidence that the law *Oak Ridge
of averages will sway in their
The Beavers will count heavily on a pair of terback and feel I’ve come so far with the help Oct.16
favor after losing so many seniors — quarterback Kyle Boden and center/ of my teammates and coaches.”
close games last season. linebacker Barrett Frazier — on an underclass- BodenandFrazierbothfeelstronglythatthis *Anderson County
Help also is on the way from men-laden team. could be the season that changes the football Oct.30
their outstanding freshman Karns has only eight seniors to go with 20 culture at Karns for years to come. *at Hardin Valley
team that finished 8-1 last juniors and 28 sophomores. Reeves predicted The Beavers haven’t finished above .500 in
season. as many as 16 of his sophomores could wind up a season this decade and have qualified for the *conferencegames
Help Needed: Depth. Accord- starting as the Beavers begin play in District playoffs just once (2004). allgames7:30p.m.
ing to coach Robert Reeves, 3-AAA. “This is the hardest-working team we’ve
this is the year that Karns That’s where the senior leadership of Boden had, but we’ve still got to get over the hump,”
will feel the effects of having KEY GAMES
students re-zoned to Hardin
and Frazier comes into play. Both are three- said Barrett.
year starters coming off All-Region seasons “This is an opportunity not many seniors Aug. 21 Heritage,
Valley Academy. The Bea- Oct. 9 Oak Ridge,
vers — who have just eight in 2008. have — the opportunity to change a pro-
seniors — are particularly “Both are great leaders, but more than gram.” Oct. 30 at Hardin
shy in numbers at running anything else they’re good young men,” said Valley.
back and in the secondary. Reeves. Mike Blackerby is a freelance contributor.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
8 Boden, Kyle QB 6-1 180 SR 79 Hinkel, Josh DT/OT 5-11 230 SR 76 Pelletier, Michael DT/OT 5-3 205 SO
64 Bowman, Jacob NG 6-3 210 JR 78 Hodge, Daniel G 5-10 200 FR 31 Puckett, Michael LB 5-10 190 SR
42 Bright, Henry HB/LB 6-1 185 JR 37 Holt, Timmy LB/TB 5-8 160 SO 66 Ray, Cutavius DT/OT 5-11 230 SO
73 Calhoun, Chris C/DE 5-10 210 JR 80 Houseal, Bryce WR 5-10 165 JR 16 Shephard, Xavier CB 5-8 150 SO
68 Campbell, Phillip C 6-0 225 SO 9 Houston, Tyree CB 5-11 160 SO 54 Shidi, Tristian NG 6-0 215 JR
22 Carter, Amariyuan LB 5-9 180 SO 46 Joiner, Brian LB 5-10 210 SO 83 Sommers, Frankie WR 5-10 160 SO
3 Costar, John HB 5-10 165 SO 84 Lenderman, Seth WR 6-0 160 SO 23 Stevens, Jake SS 5-8 150 SR
2 Dameron, Curtis WR 6-0 160 JR 63 Lobetti, Joey DE 5-8 165 SO 7 Stewart, Tyler WR 5-10 165 SO
26 Dixon, Thomas CB 5-9 155 SO 55 Long, Austin G 5-10 225 SO 49 Sweat, Dakota DE 5-10 175 SO
67 Drummond, Eric G 5-9 275 JR 40 Malbrue, Christian DE 5-10 185 SO 4 Thomas, Drew C 5-10 180 SR
71 Escobar, David DT/OT 6-1 239 SR 45 Manning, Chuckie NG 6-0 230 JR 17 Tutu, Munir WR 6-0 170 SO
51 Frazier, Barrett C/LB 5-10 220 SR 70 Martin, Jacob DE/OL 5-10 215 JR 69 Vineyard, Matt DE/DT/OT 5-10 175 SR
32 Gentry, James LB/SS 5-8 155 JR 6 Mathis, Michael HB 5-8 150 SO 28 Ware, Gabriel RB 6-0 185 SR
82 Goforth, Chris WR 6-1 185 SR 29 Matthews, Shawntez DB 5-10 160 SR 19 Warren, Reggie TB 6-1 180 JR
12 Guinn, Kevin CB 5-9 155 SR 15 Matthews, Steven DB 5-10 160 JR 52 Wilson, Michael DE 6-1 200 SO
58 Hargreaves, John DT/OT 6-0 190 SR 77 McGraw, Gary DE/NG 6-1 235 JR 10 Winningham, Matt QB 5-9 155 SO
24 Harper, Xavier TB 5-8 160 SO 11 Morrow, Tyler DB 6-1 175 SR 72 Worsham, Matt G 6-0 260 JR
1 Harris, D’Andre WR 6-2 160 SO 14 Oakes, Austin LB 6-0 190 SR 44 Wright, Jacob DE 6-4 205 JR
18 Heynes, Jared LB/TB 5-8 165 JR 21 Ogg, Michael LB 5-10 165 JR
25 Hicks, Corey CB 6-1 160 JR 61 Oster, Alex C/DT/OT 5-10 200 JR
PX46 Coach: Mike Zeller (1-9, 2nd season) | Lastyear: 1-9 | ReturningStarters: 11 (5 on offense, 6 on defense)

Heroes: Linebackers Josh
Layfield, Josh Courtney
Panthers getting stronger SCHEDULE
and Tanner Wilson at Loudon
should be among the Quarterback job among positions “Our No. 1 goal is to make the MyVLT2 TV
stalwarts on defense,
while running backs
to be filled by newcomers playoffs, and just to improve every Sept.4
Wilson and Elijah Cook
should also stand out.
game and improve as the season Sept.11
Other big contributors
are expected to be wide
goes along, and hopefully we can Sequoyah
Lenoir City has hit the weight room since last
receiver/defensive back
Derrick Pratt and tight year’s 1-9 season. peak at playoff time.” Sept.18
Second-year coach Mike Zeller hopes that *at Bearden
end/defensive end Pres- MikeZeller,
ton Craig. and the other improvements can Lenoir City coach Sept.25
Breakout Players: Defen- make the Panthers more power- at Kingston
sive end/fullback Tim ful on the field.
Hassett, wide receiver/ “We have definitely gotten Oct.2
defensive back Austin stronger from last year,” he said. should also be a positive, Zeller said. *Catholic
Dotson and defensive “And they know the system, and He said his team does have a number of areas Oct.9
end/tight end Matt that will be a definite plus.” in which it still needs to improve, including the
Studwell are expected to According to Zeller, who for- offensive line. *at West
excel. Oct.16
merly coached at Greeneville, Youth and overall numbers are also concerns,
What’s Good: Besides the Pratt Lenoir City will line up on of- even though the Panthers return 11 starters.
running game and the *at William Blount
defensive front, the Pan-
fense in a pro I, which should al- “We don’t have a whole lot of players, but we Oct.23
thers have an improved lowstandoutrunningbacksTan- willbeimprovedfromlastyear,”hesaid.“OurNo.
work ethic, particularly ner Wilson and Elijah Cook and 1 goal is to make the playoffs, and just to improve *Farragut
in the weight room. Cook blossomingfullbackTimHassett everygameandimproveastheseasongoesalong, Oct.30
said the coaches have to display their abilities. and hopefully we can peak at playoff time.” *Maryville
definitely taken the team However, Zeller is still trying Pratt has similar hopes and expectations.
to the next level in off- tofindaquarterback,withjuniors “It is a combination of winning more games,
season workouts. “They CodyWrightandSheldonGreco improving as a team and coming together at the *conferencegames
are out there to train with
us and they are definitely Cook and sophomore Wes Copeland end of the year,” he said. allgames7:30p.m.
working us hard,” he said. battling for the starting job. All Lenoir City seasons are measured by the
Help needed: The team
“It’s up in the air,” he said. “If we could put gameagainstrivalLoudon,andthePantherswill
needs help in the them all together, they would make a good quar- line up against the Redskins on the road Aug. 27. KEY GAMES
offensive line and at terback.” “IwouldreallyliketobeatLoudon,”saidCook. Aug. 27 (Thursday)
quarterback, where Cody Other key offensive players are expected to be “We beat them my freshman year (in the JV at Loudon, Oct. 2 vs.
Wright, Sheldon Greco tight ends Preston Craig and Matt Studwell and game), but we have never beaten them on var- Catholic, Oct. 23 vs.
and Wes Copeland are wide receivers Derrick Pratt and Austin Dotson. sity. Farragut, and Oct.
trying to win the job. On defense, the Panthers will be led by line- “Even if we don’t beat Loudon, I would like to
Lenoir City could also 30 vs. Maryville
backers Wilson, Josh Layfield and three-year go out on a winning season.”
use a few more players,
particularly experienced starter Josh Courtney. Craig, Hassett, Dotson,
ones. Pratt and Studwell also will contribute. John Shearer is a freelance contributor.
Besides better strength, better team unity

Note: a 2009 roster was not submitted before press time. Players
ROSTER shown are from last year’s roster minus departed seniors.
No. Name Yr. No. Name Yr. No. Name Yr. No. Name Yr.
3 Akins, Jake N/A 40 Craig, Preston SR 20 Ingram, Nathan N/A 66 Pratt, Charles N/A
28 Andel, Jack SR 13 Currier, Ryan N/A 79 Johnson, Ryan N/A 1 Pratt, Derrick SR
33 Ball, David N/A 64 Cusick, John N/A 9 Johnson, Chris SR 31 Rhymes, Mick N/A
11 Berry, Kevin N/A 41 Dotson, Austin N/A 51 Layfield, Josh SR 17 Rutherford, Brandon N/A
35 Blevins, Shaquille N/A 54 Eickelberger, Adam N/A 78 Liles, Brandon N/A 72 Shultz, Tevin N/A
19 Cardwell, Jacob SR 2 Frye, Zac SR 30 Manners, Steven N/A 32 Tallent, C.J. N/A
14 Carter, Michael N/A 56 Galyon, Andrew N/A 60 McCall, Keegan N/A 69 Thomas, Tyler SR
23 Cook, Elijah SR 16 Greco, Sheldon N/A 59 Moats, Brad SR 80 Trout, Lee N/A
4 Cook, Daniel SR 41 Green, Alex N/A 21 Needham, Evan N/A 22 Wright, Cody JR
43 Courtney, Josh SR 25 Hanthorn, Grant N/A 8 Pardue, Jordan SR 70 Zeitoun, Joe N/A
Coach: Jeff Harig (45-34, 8th season) | Lastyear: 8-5 | ReturningStarters: 13 (7 on offense, 6 on defense)

Heroes: Wade Plemons
Redskins leaning on Plemons to lead way
(QB, junior, 6-2, 175,
700 yards passing last QB undisputed leader; SCHEDULE
season, 500 rushing),
Matthew Wallace
tailback up for grabs
(TB/DB, senior, 850 all- BY MIKE BLACKERBY
purpose yards), Chad at Campbell County
Purdy (OT/DT, senior, Aug.27
6-3, 260, three-year Last season Wade Plemons
starter). Lenoir City
was just one of many pieces MyVLT2 TV
BreakoutPlayers: Josh to the puzzle for Loudon High
Berry (WR/DB, senior, School’s offense. Sept.4
6-1, 155): Berry had *Alcoa
only three catches last
In 2009, there’s no doubt that
season after joining theRedskins’juniorquarterback Sept.18
the team late. Big has the keys to Loudon’s attack. *at CAK
things are counted on “Oursuccessrevolvesaround
from Berry, who also how (Plemons) operates our of- Sept.25
plays basketball. fense,” said Loudon coach Jeff at Bradley Central
What’sGood: Led by Harig. “As he goes, we go.” Oct.2
All-Region performer Even Harig admitted he was WADE PAYNE/SPECIAL TO THE NEWS SENTINEL
Purdy, the Redskins surprised as Plemons’ running Loudon quarterback Wade Plemons looks to pass against Alcoa last sea- *Stone Memorial
have lots of talent and ability last season. son. Plemons will lead the Redskins offense this season. Oct.9
depth in both lines.
Plemons and Wallace
Splitting time at quarterback at Sweetwater
are proven perform- withBrandonJohnson,Plemons be our big-play threat.” Othertoplinemen:AaronAn- Oct.16
ers, who should be had his coming-out-party early Attailback,theRedskinshave derson (6-3, 230), Cory Lawson
able to make up for against Christian Academy of several options — led by Mat- (6-0,235),MattKleinschmidt(5- *at Scott County
the loss of graduated Knoxville. thew Wallace and Jake Brown 10, 245) and Brandon Whitfield Oct.23
running back D’Andre Plemons continually burned — to replace D’Andre Miley. (6-0, 235).
Miley (132 carries, 875 at Sequoyah
the Warriors on option keepers, “We’re kind of doing it by On defense, Wallace is Loud-
yards). rushing for 107 yards on 17 car- committee at tailback when you on’s big-play guy. An All-Region Oct.30
HelpNeeded:Loudon’s ries and sparking a 23-7 upset. loseakidwithD’Andre’sspeed,” defenderin’08,Wallaceblocked *Kingston
depth at the skill posi- “We didn’t see that (Plemons’ Harig said. six kicks and led the Redskins’
tions is shaky and the *conferencegames
overall numbers are
running ability) coming,” said Loudon should have no special teams.
Harig, who is looking for his trouble moving the ball on the Among other key returnees allgames7:30p.m.
way down. Coach Jeff
Harig, who normally quarterback to be more of a du- ground, thanks to a deep pool of on defense are linebackers Luke
fills out a roster of al-threat. linemenledbythree-yearstarter Newman and Jeffrey Nichols. KEY GAMES
about 70 players, had “He has worked hard on his andAll-RegionperformerChad Newman was second in tackles
only 43 (including passing in the offseason and Purdy at tackle. with82stopslastseason.Nichols Aug. 21 Lenoir City,
freshmen) for the start shows good arm strength. As a “We have great depth in our also will see time at tight end. Sept. 4 Alcoa, Sept.
of fall practice. juniorwewanthimtobemoreof offensivelineanddefensiveline, 18 at Christian
a big-play threat and get the ball so we’re going to rely on them a Mike Blackerby is a freelance Academy
to the right people. He’s going to lot,” Harig said. contributor

ROSTER Note: a 2009 roster was not submitted before press time. Players
shown are from last year’s roster minus departed seniors.
No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr.
2 Anderson, Aaron 6-5 225 SR 17 Graves, Justin 5-11 180 SR 55 Purdy, Chad 6-5 259 SR
4 Barnett, Ian 5-9 165 SR 25 Grissom, Devon 5-8 138 SR 50 Roach, Nick 5-9 170 SR
80 Berry, Josh 5-10 130 SR 68 Jones, Preston 5-10 275 JR 41 Russell, Andrew 6-2 166 SR
10 Brown, Nick 5-7 155 JR 59 Kleinschmidt, Matthew 5-10 254 JR 83 Tallent, Justin 6-0 191 JR
— Brown, Jake SR 69 Lawson, Cory 6-1 225 SR 16 Townson, Trey 5-10 158 JR
64 Cash, Hayden 6-1 241 JR 23 Maples, Noah 5-9 155 JR 5 Wallace, Matthew 5-9 160 SR
34 Collis, Jordan 5-10 200 SR 31 McCulley, Jason 5-7 171 JR 51 Wells, Spencer 6-0 220 SR
61 Crass, Cody 6-0 183 JR 11 Newman, Eric 5-3 135 JR 14 West, Nathan 5-11 154 JR
79 Enright, Bryan 6-0 234 JR 8 Newman, Luke 5-9 175 JR 56 Whitfield, Brandon 5-10 246 JR
3 Franklin, Zach 6-3 208 SR 81 Nichols, Jeffrey 6-4 200 SR 53 Wyckoff, Gabriel 5-11 175 SR
58 Geagley, Scott 5-8 199 JR 60 Phillips, Brenden 6-0 242 SR
86 Gentry, Cody 5-6 147 JR 13 Plemons, Wade 6-0 152 JR
PX48 Coach: George Quarles (138-10, 11th season) | Lastyear: 14-1 | ReturningStarters: 6 (4 on offense, 2 on defense)
This win streak starts at ‘0’ SCHEDULE
yardsrushing,16totalTDs),Buddy pride in finishing second.
“Most teams didn’t even make it to the Sept.4
yardsrushing,10TDsin2008), A handful of years have passed since the playoffs,” he said. “We lost as many games as *West
kickoffsweretouchbacks;9-for-16 last time George Quarles started a season rid- some teams won.” Sept.11
FGs,longest44,misseswere47 ing a one-game losing streak. But Juhlin (pronounced Yoo-LEEN) took McMinn County
47yards)ormore. The Rebels’ 74-game win streak ended the necessary steps to diversify himself to Sept.18
BreakoutPlayers:JacobWest(RB, in a 10-7 defeat to Hillsboro in the Class 4A better the Maryville offense. Last season,
state championship game in December. It Juhlin excelled as a roll-out passer. This time *at Heritage
timelastyearwasnotduringmop- was Maryville’s first loss since the 2003 state around, he’s more comfortable dropping Sept.24
upduty,showinghistalentand semifinals. Sandwiched between were four back and waiting in the pocket for a play to Oak Ridge
potential.Hecanplayreceiver,as state titles. unfold. If he does take off — he rushed for MyVLT2 TV
well.OffensivelinemanBrandon In late July, Quarles wouldn’t predict how more than 600 yards last season — his speed Oct.2
Guy(6-2,275)alsoplayedasa the program would respond to losing. Un- has improved.
freshman.Juniorwidereceivers *Bearden
DesmundHorne(6-0,170)and certainties abound. Maryville is replacing a Juhlin lacked confidence in his abilities
gaggle of graduated starters and is moving up last year; Quarles said that’s not the case Oct.8
seniorsKodyHarrisandLeeBristol in classification. nowadays. *at Catholic
enterthefold.ZachSkipworth(DL, “I feel our expectations are really high and “He was one of the only ones on our team MyVLT2 TV
senior)hadagoodspring.Drew we will be a target for people,” Quarles said. last year who didn’t think he was really, re- Oct.16
Hood(DL,6-4,270)willmakean “But it may not be quite as bad, because we ally good,” said Quarles. “But I think that’s *at Farragut
impact. haven’t won however many games in a row. changed.” Oct.23
What’sGood:Maryvillehasan Right now, we’re 0-1. We lost our last game. Maryville’s schedule is brutal, but Juhlin
experiencedleaderinJuhlin, “In some ways, that may make it easier. feels up for the task. *William Blount
whowasrefinedbythefiresand I don’t know how much pressure (the win “I have a little bit more pressure this year,” Oct.30
pressuresofplayingunderthe *at Lenoir City
spotlightlastseasonasafirst-year streak) put on our kids, but it may be nice to he said. “If I start messing up, then there’s not
starter. not to have that burden of having to win ev- someone with experience to come in and help *conferencegames
ery game because, ‘Oh my gosh, we’ve won me out. I’m the only upperclassman quarter- allgames7:30p.m.
receivingcorpsisgreen,and so many in a row and we’ve got to keep win- back. If I mess up, I have to correct it as I’m
theRebelsreturnfewstarters ning.’ It may be nicer not to have that burden playing. I can’t come off the field and get a
oneithersideoftheball—not on you.” talking to by the coach. KEY GAMES
goodenteringanewdistrictand While he split snaps last year with Mark “I have to fix everything out on the field. I Aug. 28 at Alcoa,
classification.Graduationdepleted Young, senior quarterback Philip Juhlin willbeallright,becauseIhavetheexperience. Oct. 9 at Catholic,
secondaryandlinebackers. (6-foot-1, 180 pounds) was the starter when The learning process wasn’t just last year. It’s Oct. 16 at Farragut.
Maryville finished runner-up and took some been all the years I’ve been at Maryville.”

No. Name Pos. Yr. No. Name Pos. Yr. No. Name Pos. Yr. No. Name Pos. Yr.
1 Anderson, Sam LB/RB SR 63 Harrison, Tyler LB/OL SO 72 McCoy, Dane DT/OL SR 92 Sharp, Zach K JR
75 Beets, Dylan DT/OL SR 45 Harveston, Brent DB/WR SO 37 McGill, Angus DE/TE JR 96 Skipworth, Zach DT/TE SR
8 Bivens, Gabe DB/WR JR 76 Heard, Caelen DT/OL SO 10 Miller, Jared LB/WR JR 61 Smith, Cory DT/OL SO
56 Bradley, Steven DT/OL SO 73 Hendricks, Giovonie DT/OL JR 52 Miranda, Nathan LB/OL SO 87 Starritt, Chase DE/WR SO
3 Bristol, Lee DB/WR SR 46 Hendricks, Justin LB/RB JR 81 Moore, Kaleb DE/TE SR 5 Steadman, Brandon DB/WR JR
44 Brock, Jaron DE/RB SO 19 Hendrix, Matt DB/WR SR 70 Morgan, Shawn DE/OL JR 68 Talley, Jamie DT/OL SR
22 Burnett, Preston DB/WR JR 42 Hendrix, Jared LB/RB SO 85 Morsch, Robby DB/WR JR 84 Thomas, Taylor DB/WR SO
39 Bustin, Ross K/PK SR 78 Hibbard, Jordan DE/OL JR 57 Murphy, Dillon DT/OL SR 90 Tiner, Jacob LB/OL JR
7 Canfield, Austin DB/QB JR 74 Hood, Drew DT/OL SR 21 Myers, Justin DB/RB JR 27 Toby, Evan K SO
82 Clarence, Langley DB/WR JR 48 Hood, Chad DB/WR SO 98 Niethammer, Kevin DE/TE SO 18 Turner, Joseph DB/WR SO
31 Cobb, Steven DB/WR JR 41 Horne, Desmund DB/RB JR 67 Norton, Cody DT/OL SR 30 Utt, Hughes LB/RB JR
47 Colquitt, Greg P JR 38 Hunt, Chris DB/RB SO 53 Owsley, Tevin DT/OL SR 66 Utt, Matt DT/OL SO
32 Coode, Nick LB/RB JR 34 Isaacs, Tyler DB/WR SO 36 Pederson, Robby DB/RB JR 79 Venters, David DT/OL SO
35 Cooper, Brandon DT/RB JR 93 Jenkins, Josh DE/TE SO 86 Pekala, Jarred DB/WR SO 59 Watson, Joeseph LB/OL SO
33 Cox, Clint LB/RB SR 29 Johns, Brandon DE/WR SO 69 Phegley, Thomas DT/OL SO 2 West, Jacob LB/RB SO
17 Curtis , Dalton DB/WR SO 89 Johnson, Lucas DB/WR JR 65 Phillips, Brayden DT/OL SO 71 Whaley, Earl DT/OL JR
24 DeMarcus, John LB/RB SO 25 Jones, Buddy LB/RB SR 55 Quinn, Bobby DE/OL JR 54 Wilkinson, Tommy LB/OL JR
62 Dineen, Tyler DE/OL JR 15 Juhlin, Philip QB SR 28 Rice, Cody LB/OL SR 13 Wilks, Trent DB/WR SO
88 Elmendorf, Tyler DE/TE JR 23 Kimsey, Laken LB/RB SR 14 Roberts, Will DB/QB SO 43 Wol, Angelo DB/WR SO
51 Evick, Jamey DT/OL SO 83 Kolarik, Cameron DB/WR SO 12 Robinette, Patton DB/QB SO 16 Wyatt, Shawn DB/WR SR
6 Graumann, Dalton DB/WR JR 26 Lamon, Chad DB/WR SO 9 Romberg, Stian DB/WR JR 20 Yoakum, Jay DB/WR SO
77 Guy, Brandon DT/OL SO 60 Locke, Jeremy DT/OL SR 58 Ryding, Connor LB/OL SO
4 Harris, Kody DB/WR SR 64 Long, Robbie DT/OL SR 11 Shaffer, Will DE/WR SR
80 Harrison, Matthew DB/WR SO 49 McCall, Landon LB/RB SO 50 Shaffer, Aaron DT/OL SO
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PX50 Coach: Dwayne Hatcher (23-14, 4 season) | Lastyear: 9-3 | ReturningStarters: 9 (5 on offense, 4 on defense)
Heroes: Tee Howell (QB, RB, WR,
1969 team still yardstick for Hurricanes
CB, senior, 5-10, 185, 925 rushing
yards, 15 TDs), Matt Helton (LB, se- Howell big part of the plan to fourseries,Howellthrewfortwotouchdowns, SCHEDULE
ran for a touchdown, and caught a touchdown
nior, 5-10, 225, top returning tack-
ler), Justin Sandifer (WR, junior,
build on recent improvements pass.ThatputtheHurricanesup28-0,andthey Aug.22
6-3, 190, led team in receiving). BY DAVE LINK coastedtoa28-14victory. Austin-East
BreakoutPlayers:Cody Ricker (QB, Hatcher says Howell is as good a Division Aug.28
sophomore, 6-0, 205), Terrell I prospect as former linebacker Demarcus
Warren (RB, sophomore, 5-10, Itwasthe1969footballseason,thefirstyear Knight,whosignedwithOleMiss. at Anderson County
175). Ricker was the quarterback of the TSSAA had state football playoffs, and “We’ll line (Howell) up Sept.4
Morristown East’s freshman team, MorristownEastHighSchoolwon. everywhere,” Hatcher said.
and if he can handle the starting *South Doyle
“Every team since then, that’s the team “That’s the thing I said: I want
job, it will allow coach Dwayne
you’recomparedwith,”MorristownEastcoach him to have the opportunity Sept.11
Hatcher to use Howell all over
the field. Warren, cousin of the DwayneHatchersaid.“Going9-3(in2008)was to show what kind of athlete at Cleveland
University of Tennessee’s Brandon a good year, but until we get back to that level, heis.” Sept.18
Warren, will get a shot at running you’re never quite as good as that 1969 team. Two other senior run- *Cherokee
back. That’swhatyou’remeasuredby.” ning backs, Dee Dee Johnson
What’sGood: Hatcher plans to That’satoughmeasuringstick. and Tavin Blanton, will al- Oct.2
two-platoon 90 percent of his Hatcher, a history teacher in his fourth sea- Howell low Hatcher to move How- *at Morristown West
players. Tee Howell is an exception; son as head coach, has done some research on ell around in their quest to do Oct.9
he played only two games at cor- MorristownEast’sfootballhistory. whatthe1969teamdid.
nerback last year, but the plan is for “We’vemadesomeprogress,”hesaid.“In41 Forty years have passed, and Hurricanes *at Seymour
him to play both sides this season. Oct.16
Howell is a Division I prospect,
seasons, we’ve had four seasons when we’ve fansstillrememberit.
and the Hurricanes plan to get won nine games, and we’ve done it two of the “It’s a point of pride,” Hatcher said. “It’s *Cocke Co.
him the ball any number of ways past four years. We’ve made progress to get somethingwestrivefor.Wehave12teamgoals.
backwhereweneedtobe.” Numberoneistowinthefirstgame,andnum- Oct.23
in the multiple option offense.
Defensively, the Hurricanes should Senior quarterback Tee Howell will be a ber 12 is to win the state championship. That’s *at Jefferson County
be solid, led by Helton, defensive huge part of the 2009 team, and he has a con- whatwestrivefor.” Oct.30
tackle Cesar Penalba, and nose nectiontothat1969team.Hisgreatuncle,Allen The Hurricanes will be put to a stern test in
guard Goose Christian. *at Sevier County
Howell,wasamemberoftheHurricanes’state theseasonopenerwhentheyplayhosttoAus-
HelpNeeded: The offensive line championshipteam. tin-East in the Lakeway Area Kickoff Classic *conferencegames
needs to develop. There will be CanHowelldowhathisgreatuncledid? on Saturday, Aug. 22. It’s the second game of a allgames7:30p.m.
three new starters on the offensive
line to go with returning Zac Lynch,
“I think we should be able to do it, if we doubleheader that starts at 5 with Morristown
who started all 12 games at tackle; execute,” Howell said. “We prepare for it con- WestplayingFulton.
Drew Yount, a starter at guard; and stantly.” “Itwillbeagreatatmosphereforhighschool KEY GAMES
Jeff Fields, a starter at tight end. All Howell is a play-maker. In the second game football,”Hatchersaid. Aug. 22 vs. Austin-
three are seniors. of the 2008 season, against David Crockett, East, Oct. 2 vs.
Howellplayedonlythefirstfourseries.Inthose DaveLinkisafreelancecontributor. Morristown West.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
58 Alonso, Angel DL 5-10 185 SO 21 Hartman, Kyle RB 5-10 170 JR 81 McDaniel, Nolan K 6-0 165 SR
20 Bell, Johnny LB/RB 5-9 180 JR 61 Hatfield, Isaac OL 5-10 200 SO 3 Palmer, Devonte DB 5-7 145 SR
2 Blanton, Tavin RB/WR 5-9 165 SR 68 Haun, Eric OL 6-3 250 JR 54 Penalba, Cesar DL 5-10 245 SR
83 Burchfield, Eric WR 5-11 175 SR 65 Hayes, Tyler DL/OL 6-1 225 SR 15 Ricker, Cody QB 6-0 210 SO
26 Campos, Ronnie DB/RB 5-8 170 SO 52 Helton, John OL 5-9 165 SO 4 Rutherford, Austin SS 5-11 185 JR
55 Christian, Chandler DL 5-8 235 SR 18 Helton, Brandon DB/WR 5-11 175 SO 23 Sandifer, Justin WR 6-2 185 JR
84 Clark, Demetrius DB/WR 6-0 165 SR 40 Helton, Matt LB 5-10 220 SR 17 Solomon, Kameron SS 6-0 175 SR
31 Cole, Riley RB/SS 5-11 165 SO 43 Hill, John LB/RB 5-10 175 SO 27 Steele, Anthony DB/RB 5-9 180 SR
59 Creed, Blake DE 5-11 195 JR 10 Howell, Tee DB/QB 5-10 185 SR 75 Stubblefield, Josh OL 6-3 300 SR
11 Dewitt, Travis PK 5-11 180 JR 14 Johnson, Jaylen DB 5-8 155 SO 12 Turner, Austin DE 6-1 225 SR
24 Elkins, David DB 5-9 160 JR 33 Johnson, Dee Dee RB 5-9 185 SR 30 Vaughan, Bradley RB/SS 5-10 165 SO
39 England, Josh DE/TE 5-10 165 SO 16 Jones, Ruston DB 5-8 145 SO 1 Warren, Terrell RB 5-9 165 SO
87 Field, Jeff TE 6-2 190 SR 66 Keith, Matt OL 5-9 190 SO 64 Webb, Dillon DL/OL 5-11 250 SO
80 Franks, Zack WR 5-11 180 SO 34 Kimbrough, James DL 5-8 175 SR 5 Wheeler, Aaron DB/WR 6-2 180 SO
35 Free, Nick LB 6-0 210 SO 82 Laton, Jag SS/TE 5-11 190 FR 88 White, Logan LB/TE 6-2 200 SO
— Garretson, T.T. OL 6-5 300 SO 53 Lee, Justin DL/OL 5-10 245 JR 74 Yount, Drew OL 5-10 235 SR
29 Gilbert, Phillip DB/WR 5-10 165 FR 76 Lynch, Zac OL 5-9 225 SR 71 Yount, Kenny DL/OL 5-10 225 JR
7 Graham, Alonzo DB/WR 6-0 170 JR 6 Majors, Chris SS 5-10 170 JR
8 Haney, Adrian SS 5-10 180 SO 67 Martin, Nick DL 6-2 215 JR
Coach: Lamar Brown (14-10, 2nd season) | Lastyear: 7-5 | ReturningStarters: 14 (6 on offense, 8 on defense)

Heroes: Jordan Bishop (RB, senior,
5-11, 185, 500 rushing yards and four
Seniors are making big plans SCHEDULE
touchdowns), Curt Duncan (PK, senior,
son of former Tennessee kicker Alan Veteran team won’t be happy thefirst-roundhump. Aug.28
“We have so many seniors, we want to
Duncan); Michael Cantwell (ILB, junior,
5-11, 220, leading tackler in 2008). with first-round playoff exit get back to where we were,” Bishop said. Sept.4
BreakoutPlayers: Jarek Berry (ILB, BY DAVE LINK “We’ve pushed all of our teammates, us as a *at Cherokee
sophomore, 6-1, 225), Austin Greene seniorclass,andwewanttogetbacktowhere Sept.11
(OLB, sophomore, 5-11, 230), Wesley Morristown West makes a deep playoff run. Science Hill
Goins (TB, sophomore, 6-1, 195). First-roundplayofflossesaren’tcommonat I think we’ve got a lot of talent and experi- Sept.18
Coach Lamar Brown says all three MorristownWest,butthat’swheretheseason ence.”
are “really good.” Berry’s size and *at South Doyle
hasendedthepasttwoyears. Last year’s first-round loss motivated the Oct.2
speed should help him impact an
experienced defense, and Greene is
Second-year head coach Lamar Brown Trojans. How did they respond to the loss at *Morristown East
expected to get significant playing hasbeenaroundtheprogramlongenoughto TennesseeHigh? Oct.9
time, if not a starting job. Goins will know those early exits aren’t up to par. “We came right back in the weight room
*at Sevier County
give the Trojans a one-two running “I’ve been on the staff for 12 years,” said as a team,” senior defensive tackle Nathan
punch with Bishop. Brown, the former defensive coordinator Bushsaid.“We’vedonedifferentthingswork- Oct.15
who took over for longtime head coach Don ing out as a team. We’ve gotten to know each *Jefferson County
What’sGood: Coming out of spring
practice, the Trojans’ strength was Woods. “(The 2008 season) didn’t live up to othermore.” MyVLT2 TV
the offensive line and running backs. expectationsatWestHighSchool.Weexpect Their hard work in the weight room didn’t Oct.23
Brown expects that to carry over into togodeeperintheplayoffs.Alotoftheseguys go unnoticed. Brown was impressed with *at Cocke County
the season. Four starters are back played on that (2006) team. Expectations are whathesaw. Oct.30
on the defensive line: tackles Nathan *Seymour
Bush and Brock Smith, nose guard
highthisyear.” “We’veprobablyhadthebestoff-seasonthat
Brant Porter, and end Seth Collins. That2006teamreachedtheClass4Astate we’vehadinthelast10years,”Brownsaid. *conference games
Three starters are back in the second- semifinals before losing to state champion Bush has been playing alongside defensive all games 7:30 p.m.
ary: cornerbacks Clark Vandergriff Maryville. In 2007, the Trojans lost to Sul- tackle Brock Smith and nose guard Brant
and Chase Holder, and safety Tyler livan South 41-21 in the first round. Last year, Porter since they were freshmen. They were KEY GAMES
Hunsucker. they lost to Tennessee High 49-35 in the first aroundwhentheTrojansmadetheruntothe Key Games: Aug. 22
HelpNeeded:The Trojans need to find round. semifinalsin2006. vs. Fulton, Oct. 2 vs.
a replacement for quarterback Sean SeniorrunningbackJordanBishopexpects Morristown East
Jones, a senior last season. senior leadership to help get the Trojans over DaveLinkisafreelancecontributor.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
16 Ashford, Patrick QB 5-11 165 JR 37 Gilbert, Vick LB 6-2 215 SO 51 Musick, Jeremiah OL 6-2 260 JR
13 Berry, Jarek LB 6-0 215 SO 2 Goins, Wesley TB 6-1 195 SO 87 Ostrowski, J.T. WR 5-11 160 JR
30 Bishop, Jordan FB 6-1 210 SR 40 Green, Austin LB 6-0 215 SO 61 Parkey, Desmond LB 6-0 190 SO
47 Blas, Chris DB 5-8 135 JR 8 Green, Preston DB 5-9 160 SO 54 Perry, Chad LB 5-11 185 SR
89 Bragg, Mitchell WR 5-11 165 SR 66 Hill, Trevor OL 6-1 250 SO 90 Porter, Brant DL 5-7 210 SR
20 Brimer, Andrew RB 5-10 155 SO 4 Holder, Chase DB 5-10 140 JR 85 Pressey, Jett WR 6-0 160 SO
6 Brock, Tyler DB 5-7 145 JR 82 Holt, Matt WR 6-0 160 JR 76 Roach, Stacey DL 6-2 255 SR
12 Brooks, Chad TB 6-0 160 SR 19 Hunsucker, Tyler DB/K 5-10 145 SR 31 Roberts, Logan TE 5-9 145 JR
99 Bush, Nathan DL 6-4 255 SR 79 Hunt, Thomas DL 6-0 330 JR 95 Ross, David DL 6-1 225 JR
15 Callahan, Laith WR 5-9 150 SR 73 Joesph, McAmis DL 6-2 250 SO 68 Rubio, Christian OL 5-7 235 SO
28 Cantwell, Michael LB 5-10 175 JR 43 Johnson, Ryan DB 6-0 190 SR 60 Rudd, Brandon DL 6-0 200 SO
57 Carter, Keller OL 6-1 240 SR 3 Kelley, KJ LB 5-10 180 SR 46 Sammons, Justin DB 6-0 150 SO
11 Clawson, Stephen DB 5-9 155 SR 56 Kennedy, Donivan OL 6-2 250 JR 78 Schaffner, Shawn OL 6-0 265 SO
34 Collins, Seth LB 6-2 205 SR 86 Knight, Aaron WR 5-8 130 JR 94 Shaftner, Jered DL 6-4 230 JR
64 Collins, Chet DL 5-11 275 SR 42 Kyle, Avery DB 5-8 145 SR 96 Smith, Dylan DL 6-2 280 SR
88 Cook, Thomas WR 6-1 160 JR 70 Lancaster, Zak OL 6-2 260 SR 98 Smith, Brock DL 6-1 240 SR
83 Craine, Bowe TE 6-0 185 JR 7 Lassister, Zach WR 6-0 155 SR 5 Spivey, Jake TE 6-3 225 SR
45 Dalton, Luke DB 5-11 155 SO 18 Lee, Andrew QB 6-2 170 SO 53 Staples, Kyle DL 5-10 175 SO
91 Davis, Derek DL 5-10 250 SR 71 Lee, Tyler OL 6-1 220 SR 9 Stone, Elliot QB 6-3 185 SR
52 Dillon, Brody OL 6-0 225 SO 75 Maloney, David OL 6-0 200 JR 80 Swain, Tyler WR 5-10 170 SR
23 Duncan, Kurt K 5-10 160 SR 77 Mann, Blake OL 6-0 240 SR 33 Torres, Steven WR 6-0 155 SR
48 Earl, Damon LB 5-11 190 JR 63 Marcum, Charles LB 5-10 165 SO 65 Trent, Ryan OL 6-1 240 SR
17 Elkins, Daniel LB 6-1 190 SO 62 Mathews, Brody OL 5-8 230 JR 41 Vandergriff, Clark DB 6-0 170 SR
55 Epps, Zach DL 5-10 215 SR 84 McCoy, Robert DB 5-10 155 SO 27 Vandergriff, Cory RB 6-0 185 SR
72 Epps, Pete OL 5-11 260 JR 14 McKinney, Will QB 6-0 200 SR 59 Walker, Lucas LB 5-10 180 SO
69 Eubanks, Johnathan OL 6-2 260 SO 24 McKinney, Isaiah DB 6-0 175 SO 36 Wells, Jerru LB 5-7 150 JR
22 Evens, Chris WR 6-1 125 JR 35 Mellon, Zach LB 5-9 205 JR 25 West, Josh RB 6-0 185 JR
10 Everhart, Justin TB 5-10 160 SR 81 Morgan, Justin DB 5-11 155 SR 21 Whitt, Michael FB 6-1 225 JR
97 Fleshman, Seth DL 6-1 280 SO 38 Mullins, Derek WR 6-1 155 SO 58 Woods, Christian OL 6-1 225 JR
PX52 Coach: Scott Blade (1st season) | Lastyear: 4-6 | ReturningStarters: 6 (4 on offense, 2 on defense)
Heroes: James Normand (OT/DT,
New coach provides new hope SCHEDULE
senior, 6-3, 270, rare four-year
starter for the Wildcats), Zach
Zulliger (QB, senior, 5-11, 180,
Wildcats called on to catch dearthofplay-makers. Sept.4
missed 2008 with torn anterior on quickly to new system thelongroutethisseason.
cruciate ligament), Morgan Sept.11
BY MIKE BLACKERBY “If I had to describe our offense it would be
Guymon (WR/DB, senior, 5-9, ‘methodical,’”Zulligersaid. *at Powell
160), Zach Witherspoon (RB/ Sept.18
LB, senior, 5-10, 175). “We’renotateamthat’sgoingtojumpoutand
ScottBladeappearsjustthecoachtoresurrect break a 90-yard run every play. We’ll get three Halls
BreakoutPlayers: Jordan Woul-
lard (WR, senior, 6-0, 155) and the sputtering Oak Ridge High School football yards,fouryardsandfiveyardsaplay—andeat Sept.24
Rian Hall (WR/DB, freshman, team. awayatthedefense.” at Maryville
5-10, 144): Woullard and Hall Blade,whocomestoOakRidgefromNashville LedbyJamesNormand,theoffensivelinecer- MyVLT2 TV
could lend immediate help at Hillsboro, takes over the traditional power that tainlyappearscapableofdoingjustthat. Oct.2
wideout. Woullard, a baseball hasfallenonhardtimes. “Ithinkthestrengthofourteamwillendbeing
standout, didn’t play football *at Anderson County
Sincemakingthe2005state5-Achampionship ourlines,”Bladesaid.
last season. Hall, younger gameundercoachStantonStevens,theWildcats The Wildcats have lots of quality linemen on Oct.9
brother of former OR quarter- *at Karns
back Adrian Porter, could be a arejust17-15withnoplayoffvictories. both sides of the ball, including Ben Fuller (6-2,
much-needed big-play threat. Howlongittakestogettheprogramturnedin 225,senior),AaronKrzak(5-11,240,senior),Rob- Oct.16
What’sGood:Oak Ridge figures
therightdirectiondepends,saidBlade. ertAustin(6-4,230,senior),JoseValedon(6-5,250, *at Hardin Valley
to be able to hold its own “Thechallengeistogetthekidstobuyin,”said junior)andJonathanHairston(6-1,275,senior). Oct.23
against just about anybody up Blade, who is known for his discipline and no- On defense, Blade said his front seven has a *Clinton
front. The Wildcats’ front seven nonsense approach. “The quicker they do that, chance to be pretty good with linebackers Chris
on defense could be especially thequickerthewholethingtakesoff.” Harder (5-9, 195, senior), Zach Hughes (6-2, 195, CSS TV
stout and Normand keys a solid Quarterback Zach Zulliger bought in as soon junior) and Geoff Card (6-0, 192, junior) backing Oct.30
offensive line. Also, don’t under- asBladesteppedoncampus. uptheline. *Campbell County
estimate the impact of first-year “Alotofpeoplearereallyexcited,”saidZulliger, WithteamsontheWildcats’schedulelikeFar-
coach Scott Blade in terms of
discipline and execution. whomissedthe2008season(kneeinjury). ragut,MaryvilleandClintondrawingmorepre- allgames7:30p.m.
“Everythingiscompletelydifferentwithcoach season attention, Zulliger said Oak Ridge might
HelpNeeded:The Wildcats are
Blade.Everythingissomuchmorestrictandwe surprisesomepeople.
as devoid of big-play threats as
havetoexecuteeverythingperfectly.We’llruna “Ibelievethisyearwe’llhaveabigturnaround KEY GAMES
any team in recent Oak Ridge
history. Don’t be surprised to playtwohoursuntilwegetitright.” because of coach Blade. We will be ready – we Aug. 28 Farragut,
see young receivers, such as Execution might just be the catch-word of the don’thaveachoice.” Sept. 24 at Maryville,
Hall, emerge as play-makers. 2009 season. That’s because Oak Ridge, which Oct. 9 at Karns, Oct.
graduated big-play guy Demarcus Rogers, has a Mike Blackerby is a freelance contributor. 23 Clinton.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
68 Abbott, Lee DL/OL 6-2 250 SR 82 Guthrie, Alex DL/WR 6-1 170 SO 72 O’Farrell, Jared DL/OL 6-2 180 JR
64 Austin, Robert DL/OL 6-4 230 SR 5 Guymon, Morgan DB/WR 5-9 160 SR 14 Porter, Nick LB/WR 5-11 165 SR
14 Beeler, Brett K/P 5-8 157 FR 56 Hairston, Jonathan DL/OL 6-1 275 SR 24 Rivera, Royce DB/WR 5-8 145 SR
62 Bennett, Patrick DL/OL 5-10 180 SO 25 Hall, Rian DB/WR 5-10 144 FR 55 Roach, Cody DL/OL 6-1 240 JR
67 Bingham, Sam DL/OL 5-11 172 JR 78 Hall, Tony DL/OL 6-0 216 SO 29 Roberts, Tyler DB/WR 5-11 165 JR
61 Brickey, Emory DL/OL 5-5 160 SO 47 Harder, Chris LB/RB 5-9 195 SR 6 Smith, Trevez DB/WR 6-0 162 JR
80 Brisk, Ryan DB/WR 5-0 93 SO 32 Henderson, Tyrus DB/WR 5-6 136 JR 34 Stokes, Drew K/P 5-5 141 FR
54 Burcham, Brandon DL/OL 6-4 230 SR 26 Hillert, Donald DB/WR 6-0 158 SR 53 Tinch, Justin LB/OL 5-10 168 JR
63 Card, Geoffrey LB/OL 6-0 192 JR 42 Hughes, Zach DL/OL 6-2 195 JR 21 Turner, Joseph LB/RB 5-6 165 SR
44 Cobb, Joseph DB/WR 5-9 155 SO 23 Hull, Brady DB/WR 5-7 135 SO 19 Underwood, Nathan DB/WR 6-0 155 SR
33 Cook, Robert LB/RB 5-7 160 SR 22 Hunt, Tracey DL/RB 6-1 196 SR 59 Valedon, Jose DL/OL 6-5 250 JR
57 Crane, Kevin LB/OL 5-9 205 SO 16 Ingham, Alex DB/RB 5-10 156 SO 85 Vann, Jared DB/WR 5-10 130 JR
35 Davidson, Kaseen DB/WR 5-11 151 SO 76 Jackson, Shink DL/OL 6-2 249 JR 84 Vann, Josh DB/WR 5-10 130 JR
28 DiGregorio, Tai DB/WR 5-8 140 FR 51 Jarnigan, Tyler DL/OL 5-9 235 SO 2 Vann, Johnny WR 5-11 160 SR
41 Fitzgerald, Seth K/PR 5-9 150 JR 46 King, Harrison DL/OL 6-0 195 SR 58 Wesh, Bryce DL/OL 5-9 200 SO
71 Flowers, Aron LB/OL 6-4 190 SO 52 Krzak, Aaron DL/OL 6-0 240 JR 75 Williams, Deron DL/OL 6-0 216 SO
11 Fludd, Rocky DB/WR 5-10 175 JR 83 Lenior, Craig DL/WR 6-2 190 SR 50 Williamson, Justin DL/OL 5-10 175 JR
74 Forester, Chase DL/OL 6-3 165 SO 13 Loeffler, Brian DB/WR 5-10 180 SR 9 Witherspoon, Zach LB/RB 5-10 175 SR
77 Frame, Mitchell DL/OL 6-1 255 SO 8 Luttrell, Ryan LB/WR 6-2 180 SR 7 Witt, Austin LB/RB 6-0 185 SR
66 Fuller, Ben DL/OL 6-2 225 SR 36 Mason, Jeffrey LB/RB 6-0 185 JR 3 Woullard, Jordan DB/WR 6-0 155 SR
20 Funk, Brett K/P 5-10 150 SR 31 McCoy, Ryan K/P 6-0 148 SO 12 Wright, David 5-11 160 SR
73 Garcia, Blake DL/OL 5-10 185 SO 17 McLaughlin, Jake DB/QB 5-10 155 JR 30 Young, Austin LB/WR 5-9 160 SO
37 Gibson, Samuel LB/OL 5-10 160 SO 46 Meares, Romolus LB/RB 5-11 160 SO 1 Zulliger, Zach DB/QB 5-11 180 SR
81 Gray, Rashad DB/WR 6-1 155 FR 4 Miller, Zach DB/WR 6-2 169 SR 15 Zulliger, Bradley DB/QB 5-11 170 SO
27 Gregg, Cameron DB/WR 6-1 170 JR 65 Normand, James DL/OL 6-3 270 SR
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PX54 Coach: Lee Hammonds (7-14, 3rd season) | Lastyear: 3-7 | ReturningStarters: 8 (4 on offense, 4 on defense)
Heroes: Despite being a
Tigers’ inexperience an issue SCHEDULE
at Greenback
sophomore, running back
Chase Travis is expected to Transfer quarterback Holland eight starters on offense and defense. How- Sept.3
be an offensive workhorse. ever, Hammonds is excited about some of the
Fellow sophomore Seth called on to help lead team players.
Munasque should use his Headlining the offense is sophomore run- Sept.11
strength and good work effort ning back Chase Travis, who stood out last Cosby
to anchor the front, while Sept.18
wide receiver and defensive year as a freshman.
back Justin Burnworth should Pigeon Forge coach Lee Hammonds has “He’s got some speed and *Fulton
be impressive on both sides had to deal with youth and inexperience at talent,” said Hammonds. “He Sept.25
of the ball. “We expect him to work and home in recent weeks. is a good football player.”
at Grainger
step up and make some plays Shortly before two-a-day practices began, Expected to play quarter-
as a junior,” coach Lee Ham- his wife gave birth to a boy. back is junior Edward Holland. Oct.2
monds said. Once he returned to the practice field, he A transfer from Seymour and a *Carter
BreakoutPlayer: Edward was reminded that many of his players are region wrestling champion, he Oct.9
Holland, who already has pretty young as well. had to sit out last season.
received headlines for his Meigs County
“We’ve got some young talent that is going “He is 100 percent ready to
wrestling ability, should step Hammonds Oct.16
forward as the quarterback to have to step up and play a little more mature go and worked at quarterback
than their grade,” said Hammonds, who is in last spring,” said Hammonds. *at Union County
after sitting out last season as
a transfer from Seymour. his third year at the helm. “We’ve got some “We expect him to provide a lot of leader- Oct.23
What’sGood: According sophomores that are going to have to play ship.” *at Austin-East
to Hammonds, a positive older than they are.” Also likely to contribute significantly is Oct.30
attitude is by far the best If the ages of his players concern him, the Seth Munasque, another sophomore, whom at Gatlinburg-
attribute of the Tigers. He attitude does not. Hammonds called the strongest player on the Pittman
said players have made no “I am excited about this bunch of kids,” he team and an extremely hard worker. Junior
excuses for finishing 3-7 each said. “We’ve got some kids who are going to wide receiver and defensive back Justin Burn- *conferencegames
of the last two years and are work hard and do the right things to help us worth should make some plays. allgames7:30p.m.
ready to improve upon that
record this year. win some games.” Hammonds knows his team’s youth could
The Tigers have gone 3-7 each of the last be a detriment. KEY GAMES
HelpNeeded:The team is two seasons. During that stretch, Hammonds “We are going to be young in certain posi-
lacking in leadership and Aug. 28 at
experience in the skill areas. said, the team had some tough losses and often tions, but we are not using that as an excuse,”
played down to the opponent’s level. he said. “We’ve got some kids who are not Greenback, Sept.
“We are going to be young 3 (Thursday) vs.
in certain positions,” Ham- “We weren’t as mentally tough as we should making excuses and not bellyaching.”
monds said. have been,” he said. Gibbs, Oct. 30 at
This year, Pigeon Forge returns a total of John Shearer is a freelance contributor. Gatlinburg-Pittman

No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr.
31 Aleman, Oscar 5-11 220 JR 73 Hampton, Corey 5-10 230 JR 87 Ownby, Timothy 5-7 140 JR
42 Aviles, Mario 6-0 155 JR 82 Holland, Edward 5-1 135 JR 48 Parton, Logan 5-8 130 SR
63 Ball, Shane 6-1 238 SO 81 Holmes, Craig 5-11 165 JR 38 Parton, Scott 5-9 145 SO
56 Beck, Jared 5-4 160 JR 62 Huffaker, Justin 6-2 275 JR 35 Parton, Nathanael 5-1 145 SO
88 Belgarde, Josh 6-2 200 SR 9 Hutchens, Michael 5-7 130 JR 50 Pildner, Eric 5-8 130 SO
80 Bodder, Matt 6-0 165 SR 14 Jinnette, James 5-8 120 SO 55 Reppert, Jake 5-9 250 JR
28 Boyd, Austin 5-9 148 SO 74 Johnson, Brian 6-1 250 SR 77 Sabido, Alex 6-1 240 SR
18 Brackins, Cody 5-11 160 JR 58 Jolley, Logan 5-6 242 JR 24 Sandelier, Steve 5-7 143 SR
44 Breighner, Gage 6-0 210 JR 71 Jones, Dylan 6-0 205 JR 10 Shahan, Shane 6-0 140 SR
61 Brooks, Travis 6-2 230 SR 12 Knight, Lee 5-6 165 JR 6 Soliman, Julio 5-10 165 SR
2 Burnworth, Justin 5-10 152 JR 60 LeBar, Honre 5-6 168 SO 54 Stallings, Jarrett 5-6 220 SR
67 Buster, Thomas 5-10 160 JR 79 Lenhart, Jeb 6-4 280 SR 66 Stelzer, Brett 5-8 218 SO
86 Clasby, Donnie 6-0 150 SR 17 Lloyd, TJ 5-6 137 SO 7 Stiles, Zach 6-3 202 SR
21 Coello, Miguel 5-6 138 SO 30 Lombrana, Michael 5-7 190 SO 59 Sunderland, George 5-8 230 JR
33 Davis, Cody 6-0 165 SO 75 Martin, Mike 6-4 270 SR 40 Sutton, David 5-10 160 JR
64 Dykes, Kacey 6-0 260 JR 15 Matthews, Trevor 6-4 170 SR 5 Todd, Tommy 5-10 160 JR
4 Faulkner, Cameron 5-6 135 JR 72 McCreary, Ben 6-0 220 SR 25 Travis, Chase 5-9 143 SO
23 Ferrell, Dale 6-2 205 SR 70 Munasque, Seth 5-9 260 SO 19 Vanvaleurde, Joseph 5-5 130 SO
84 Grier, Curtis 5-8 125 SO 57 Nehr, Anthony 6-0 262 SR 52 Willis, Josh 6-1 240 SR
Coach: Matt Lowe (19-15, 4th season) | Lastyear: 9-3 | ReturningStarters: 8 (4 on offense, 4 on defense)

Heroes: Tyler Powell (WR, senior),
Old system has new parts SCHEDULE
at South Doyle
Dyshawn Mobley (5-11, 185, WR/RB,
sophomore). Powell had 600 Houston leads list of departed ers.ThePanthers’topthreefromthe2008team Aug.28
receiving yards and six touchdown
catches, despite being a third target
Panthers in need of replacing Senior offensive tackle Michael Norman, a Fulton
behind seniors Devin Collins and Ty- BY DAVE LINK starterlastseason,hopestheteam’sstrongwork Sept.4
ler Drummer. Mobley was the team’s ethicwillpayoff. *at Halls
third-leading rusher with 600 yards “Itwillbedifferent.Itwillbehardwithsomany
and six touchdowns. Sept.11
If some newcomers want a chance to show inexperiencedplayers,”Normansaid.“We’llhave
BreakoutPlayers: Darian Logan (5-7, their stuff, they’ll certainly get their chance this to come out, work hard and fire off the ball and *Oak Ridge
155, TB, sophomore), Justin Wood, seasonforPowell. make big plays. We’ve been working hard. We Sept.18
(5-10, 165, WR, sophomore), Austin The Panthers’ lost plenty of play-makers at hopetohaveaspecial,youngteam.”
Schwinge (WR, sophomore). With *at Anderson County
the departures of Collins (800 re-
the skill positions, starting with quarterback Senior defensive end/linebacker Hunter
KierHouston,who’splayingforFortScott(Kan.) Cooke said it’s not as if the new starters don’t Sept.25
ceiving yards, 10 TDs) and Drummer
(650 yards, seven TDs), Wood and CommunityCollege.Houstonwasadualthreat knowthesystem. *Karns
Schwinge should get plenty of balls in 2008, throwing for 2,000 yards and rushing “Weallpracticetogether,”hesaid.“It’ssome- Oct.2
thrown their way. Logan, likewise, for1,000yards. thing new. We don’t have a lot of starters back,
should get plenty of carries as the “We won’t have a kid step in and have 3,000 butwealwaysplayhard.Weexpecttobeableto *Hardin Valley
Panthers replace 1,000-yard rushing yards, but we hope to have a bunch of kids step stoptherunninggame,andwe’llplayhardevery Oct.9
quarterback Kier Houston. up,”PowellcoachMattLowesaid. game. I want to get to the playoffs. Every high *at Clinton
What’sGood:Three of the Panthers’ One of them is junior quarterback Hunter schoolteamwantstogotostate.”
four returning starters are on the Oct.16
Hodge, Houston’s backup the past two seasons. Loweagrees.
offensive line (senior tackle Michael *Campbell County
Norman, junior tackle James Ussery,
Although his playing time has been limited, “That’s always the goal,” he said. “Once you
and junior guard/center Austin Hodge has spent three years learning the Pan- get to the playoffs, you never know how it will Oct.23
Smith), so coach Matt Lowe expects thers’ spread-option offense, and he’s a student go.Wehaveextremelygoodleadershipfromour *at Central
the rushing game to be solid. There is ofthegame. seniorsandsomejuniors.Themainthingwillbe
talent at wide receiver. “Hecanbeextremelyeffectiveinthisoffense,” howquicklythesekidsadjusttobeingunderthe *conferencegames
HelpNeeded:There will be a bunch of Lowesaid.“Heprobablywon’tputupabunchof lights. I think we have the talent. I don’t know if allgames7:30p.m.
new starters on offense and defense, yards,buthecandistributetheballtothereceivers we’llbereadybyweekoneorweekseven.We’ve
so a lack of experience is a concern. andrunningbacks.He’sbeeninthesystem.This gotanewregion,andyouneverknowhowthat
Junior quarterback Hunter Hodge is his third year in the system. He’s a very good willpanout.” KEY GAMES
(6-1, 170) will try to fill the void left by decision-maker.” Sept. 4 at Halls, Sept.
Houston, a senior last season. 11 vs. Oak Ridge
Hodge will be looking for some new receiv- DaveLinkisafreelancecontributor.

No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Ht. Wt. Yr.
42 Azambuja, Corbin 5-8 170 SO 81 Hamilton, Sammuel 5-10 165 SO 25 Schewmake, Doscher 5-10 160 JR
46 Bell, Thomas 5-9 160 SO 31 Hammond, Nick 5-9 160 SO 19 Schwinge, Austin 5-11 170 JR
96 Benson, Austin 6-0 200 JR 98 Harris, Karl 5-8 130 SO 14 Skeen, Colby 5-11 190 SO
99 Bolden, Christain 5-9 175 SO 61 Harris, Jeremy 5-9 180 SO 94 Slagle, Steven 5-10 190 SR
87 Booth, Alex 6-1 180 SR 62 Hersha, Bobby 5-9 170 SO 95 Slagle, Zach 5-9 170 SO
41 Bunch, Gray 5-10 170 SO 10 Hodge, Hunter 6-1 180 JR 65 Slattery, Ryan 5-9 171 SO
94 Caruthers, Paul 5-8 115 SO 60 J.D., Warfield 5-9 175 SO 43 Smith, Brandon 5-6 130 SO
28 Catlett, Jeremiah 5-11 165 JR 21 James, Dalton 6-0 180 SR 67 Smith, Austin 6-1 235 JR
74 Cintron, Jacob 5-9 200 SO 54 King, Andrew 5-10 230 JR 85 Smith, Cade 5-5 120 SO
37 Clemons, Nathan 5-10 150 SR 17 Logan, Darian 5-8 155 SO 58 Smith, Ben 5-10 200 SR
22 Coffer, Andre 5-10 170 SR 11 McPhetridge, Dustin 6-2 175 JR 68 Sparks, Wesley 5-9 220 SO
30 Coleman, Jeremy 5-8 150 SO 16 Meade, Matt 5-8 160 JR 32 Staggs, Jonathon 5-10 150 SO
44 Cook, Hunter 6-2 215 SR 2 Mobley, Dyshawn 6-0 180 SO 24 Tripp, Austin 6-1 175 SR
53 Crisp, Koby 5-11 200 SO 89 Moneymaker, Zach 5-8 112 SO 4 Walker, Bernard 6-2 175 JR
33 Crouch, Drew 5-7 150 JR 27 Morrow, Zach 5-11 205 SR 93 Warren, Brad 6-0 215 JR
18 Duncan, Matt 5-9 160 JR 97 Myers, Sinjin 5-8 175 SO 98 Waters, Tyler 6-1 190 JR
40 Duran, James 5-10 180 JR 55 Norman, Michael 5-11 200 SR 15 Webb, Nick 5-9 190 JR
51 Easterday, Chris 5-9 220 SO 57 Owenby, Drake 6-0 180 SO 47 White, Cameron 6-0 160 SR
38 England, Logan 6-1 180 JR 35 Palacios, Jose 5-10 150 JR 83 Williams, Brady 5-6 130 SO
90 Foster, Tony 5-11 260 SO 45 Peacock, Michael 5-8 160 SO 59 Wilson, Christopher 6-2 375 SR
80 Frank, Aaron 5-10 160 JR 42 Petree, Cameron 5-11 200 SR 36 Wood, Justin 5-11 160 SO
34 Fuller, Jared 5-10 155 JR 6 Powell, Tyler 5-8 165 SR 48 York, Sean 5-8 145 SR
78 Grissom, Jake 6-0 230 SR 75 Ridge, Doug 5-7 205 SR 76 York, Andrew 5-6 180 SO
93 Guzman, Raul 5-8 150 SO 91 Ross, Stephen 6-1 205 JR 56 York, Zach 5-9 170 SO
26 Hamilton, Devante 5-9 160 JR 49 Savage, Austin 5-8 145 SO
PX56 Coach: Steve Brewer (117-75, 18th season) | Lastyear: 5-5 | ReturningStarters: 12 (6 on offense, 6 on defense)
Heroes: Matt Spangler
A surprise brews in the Smokies SCHEDULE
William Blount
(FS/WR, senior, 6-2, 185,
led Sevier County with Ten years after state title, Bears “Once you come together, everything Aug.28
85 tackles last season),
Ross Heatherly (OG/DT,
try to emulate 1999 champions just clicks. I think we can be great.” at Knoxville Halls
senior, 6-2, 290), Zach BY MIKE BLACKERBY RossHeatherly, Sept.4
Flynn (QB, senior, 5-11, Sevier County lineman *Jefferson County
170, completed 122 of 236
passes for 1,769 yards and Sept.11
Ten years ago Sevier County came out of
12 TDs in 2008). nowhere to win the state Class 5-A football at Dobyns-Bennett
Breakout Player: Jeremiah championship. about 1,800 yards last year and has a good core Sept.18
Foster (WR/DB, senior, Steve Brewer was at the helm in 1999 and the of receivers to throw to.”
5-7, 145, one of several *at Cocke County
outstanding athletes, the
longtime Smoky Bears coach While Flynn no longer has the graduated
would certainly like to cele- Patrick Miller (35 catches, 890 yards, 8 TDs) as Oct.1
speedy Foster was also a
standout for the SC track brate the 10th anniversary of a target, track men Matt Spangler and Jeremiah *Seymour
team, finishing fourth in that achievement by capturing Foster are ready and able to step in at wideout. MyVLT2 TV
the state Class AAA 110 lightning in a bottle once again. Spangler, who runs a 4.45 40, was also the Oct.9
hurdles). “We had no idea going in,” Smoky Bears’ leading tackler as a defensive
What’s Good (team said Brewer, recalling the mod- back. *Morristown West
strengths): Coach Steve est expectations for ’99. “Matt has started for us since he was a soph- Oct.16
Brewer appears to have Heatherly Sevier County actually start- omore. He was 11th in the state in the 100 (me- *at Cherokee
his best collection of skill ed 4-3 that season, but caught ters) and was on our 4x100 relay team that
players in years, led by Oct.23
Flynn at quarterback. Se-
fire thanks to the leadership and made the state. That (qualifying for state in
athletic ability of quarterback those events) may be a first for Sevier County. *South Doyle
vier County, with Spangler
leading the way, also has Shane Kelley. The Smoky Bears Obviously, we’ll depend on Matt’s speed in the Oct.30
talent and depth in the ripped off eight wins in a row secondary to make plays for us.” *Morristown East
secondary and at wide and defeated Nashville Glencliff Mammoth lineman Ross Heatherly said
receiver. Brewer says his 31-27 to win the state title. the Smoky Bears need to learn from last year *conferencegames
group of linebackers is the Like that ’99 team, this year’s when mistakes proved costly. Heatherly said allgames7:30p.m.
best in years. Smoky Bears might just be fly- although most of the pieces are in place for
Help Needed (weaknesses): Spangler ing under the radar. SC to make a run, it’s all about going out and
Sevier County graduated There are some other simi- executing. KEY GAMES
all of its starting defensive Aug. 21 William
linemen. While Heatherly
larities: Sevier County has a better-than-usual “We’ve just got to play smart and play to-
has played mostly on the collection of athletes and another talented gether,” said the 290-pound senior. Blount, Sept. 4
offensive line the last quarterback in Zach Flynn. “Once you come together, everything just Jefferson County,
three seasons, he may be “Zach is back after a year of (starting) expe- clicks. I think we can be great.” Oct. 9 Morristown
pressed into double-duty. rience,” Brewer said. West.
“Zach is a very coachable guy who threw for Mike Blackerby is a freelance contributor.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
8 Anderson, Brad DB/QB 6-2 175 SR 62 Hamilton, Thomas DE/OL 5-10 190 JR 54 Miller, Bo DL/OL 5-10 235 SR
85 Beal, Kendall LB/WR 5-11 195 JR 30 Hansen, Tyler DB/WR 5-9 155 SO 87 Miracle, Devin DB/WR 5-7 145 SO
88 Berry, John DE/TE 6-1 195 SO 71 Heatherly, Ross DL/OL 6-3 285 SR 4 Nave, Austin DB/WR 6-2 190 SR
12 Brent, Michael DB/WR 5-8 135 SR 31 Heilig, Luke LB/RB 5-10 150 SO 38 Norris, Josh LB/TE 6-1 170 JR
5 Chastain, Danny DB/QB 5-11 160 JR 81 Homerding, Ronnie DL/OL 6-2 255 JR 65 Park, George DE/OL 6-1 205 JR
57 Childs, Jacob OL 5-10 275 SR 34 Horne, Matt DE/RB 6-2 180 JR 76 Peppers, Zach DL/OL 6-6 380 SR
80 Cline, Brandon DE/WR 6-3 180 SO 17 Hurst, Dustin DB/WR 5-9 145 SR 22 Pippin, Brett DB/WR 5-10 155 SO
2 Cogdill, Dakota LB/RB 5-11 205 JR 20 Hutton, Mikey DB/WR 5-11 145 SR 51 Reppert, Jake DL 5-9 235 JR
36 Cupp, Trey LB/RB 6-1 210 JR 1 Johnson, Josh DB/WR 6-0 155 JR 19 Ritter, Casey DB/WR 5-10 140 JR
35 Deitz, Austin LB/RB 5-10 150 SO 60 Kreceman, Brad DE/OL 6-2 205 JR 64 Robbins, Jake DL/OL 5-8 205 SO
28 Driscoll, Max DB/WR 6-2 165 SO 15 Kyker, Storm DB/WR 5-9 165 SR 61 Ruff, Joseph DL/OL 6-2 260 SR
26 Floyd, Bubba LB/RB 5-9 165 SO 11 Lavoi, Cullen DB/QB 5-10 155 SO 21 Spangler, Matt DB/WR 6-1 180 SR
3 Flynn, Zach QB 5-11 150 SR 10 Lewis, Zac LB/TE 6-1 180 JR 84 Tinker, Brandon DE/TE 5-9 180 JR
74 Fossum, Ryan DL/OL 5-11 185 SO 52 Maples, Bryson DL/OL 5-9 230 SR 7 Whaley, Bryce DB/WR 5-10 155 SR
14 Foster, Jeremiah DB/WR 5-8 150 SR 25 McCarter, Kel LB/RB 6-0 190 SR 42 Whitelaw, Robert DL/RB 6-1 210 SR
89 Garcia, Jeremy DB/WR 5-9 145 JR 50 McGill, Dustin DL/OL 6-2 230 SO 49 Wischer, Tyler LB/WR 6-2 160 JR
32 Garrett, Nick LB/RB 5-4 165 SO 47 McMahan, Isaac LB/RB 6-0 205 SR 68 Yaldua, Ryan DL/OL 5-8 220 SO
53 Gibson, Dustin DL/OL 5-8 195 JR 46 McMahan, Joseph DL/TE 6-0 220 JR
24 Gilson, Bryant DB 6-2 175 JR 18 Meehan, Kevin DB/WR 5-10 150 JR
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PX58 Coach: Jim Moore (0-0, 1st season) | Lastyear: 8-3 | ReturningStarters: 6 (4 on offense, 2 on defense)
Heroes: Keegan Newport
is expected to lead a top
Start of a new era at Seymour SCHEDULE
group of linebackers. Daniel Boone
“Keegan is a very good Moore replaces Householder; “We are also going to Aug.28
athlete,” coach Jim Moore 30 seniors gone from 2008 at CAK
said. Others expected to
be standouts include run-
have a lot of speed and Sept.4
ning back Blake Overton,
offensive lineman Joe a lot of experience from *Cocke County
McCarter, tight end/line- Seymour High School’s football team has lost our seniors.” Sept.11
backer Hunter Crain, Heritage
nose guard Wes White valuable experience both on the coaching staff JimMoore,
and quarterback Ryan andtheroster. Seymour coach Sept.18
Chadwick. Gary Householder retired as head coach after *atJeffersonCountry
Breakout Players: Chase 34 years. Offensive line coach James Cotter, who
hadbeenonthestaffsince1971,alsoretired.Thirty tightend/linebackerHunterCrain,andoffensive Oct.1
Ketron, a 6-foot, 200-
pound running back, seniors on last year’s 8-3 team linemanJoeMcCarter. *at Sevier County
should help after being graduated. Among the concerns for Moore are youth and MyVLT2 TV
injured in the first game However, first-year head inexperience.
last year. “He has speed coach Jim Moore is optimistic, “When you have 30 seniors (graduate), you Oct.9
and good size,” said even though only six starters arelosingalot,”hesaid.“Andthosewereallgood *Morristown East
Moore. Cody Sands (6-1, Oct.16
230) played in every game return. kids.”
last year, although he was “I think we are going to have However, the team does seem to have the in- *at South Doyle
not a starter. a strong team,” said Moore, who tangibles. Oct.23
What’s Good: The team is had been the Eagles’ defensive “Theattitudehasbeengreat,andthekidshave
McCarter coordinator for the last four sea- come in and bought into it,” he said. “But it is that *Cherokee
expected to be strong at
linebacker and running sons. “We are also going to have youth and inexperience that you will have to put Oct.30
back. Kicker/punter a lot of speed and a lot of experi- onthefield.” *at Morristown
Stephen Martin is being encefromourseniors.” Moore said the Eagles will be using the same
courted by several col- West
Akeyplayeramongthesenior defensiveschemes,whileoffensivelytheywilluse
leges. Seymour has 20 class of nearly 20 is kicker and amixtureofoldandnewplays. *conferencegames
seniors and an overall allgames7:30p.m.
positive attitude. “We’ve punter Stephen Martin, who has “Wearedoingafewthingsthatadapttothekids
just got a good group of received interest from Middle basedonwhatwehavetoworkwith,”hesaid.
kids,” Moore said. Tennessee State and Furman as ReplacingtheretiredcoachesareSteveGordon,
apunter. who will work with outside linebackers, and Josh KEY GAMES
Help Needed: Youth and Martin
inexperience will have Defense is another strength, Turner,whowilltutortheoffensiveline. Aug. 28 at CAK,
to be overcome, as will Moore said, led by linebackers Keegan Newport, Theplayerssaytheyhavebeenimpressedwith Sept. 18 at Jefferson
getting used to several Cody Sands and Hunter Crain, who also plays Moore. County, Oct. 1
changes on the coaching tightend. “He is going to bring a lot of enthusiasm,” Mc- (Thursday) at Sevier
staff. Seymour also will be TherunninggameissoundwithBlakeOverton Cartersaid. County
playing against a number andChaseKetron. Added Martin, “He strives for us to work
of schools with larger
enrollments under the Others who should play key roles in trying hard.”
new alignments. to help Seymour return to the playoffs are nose
guard Wes White, quarterback Ryan Chadwick, JohnShearerisafreelancecontributor.

No. Name Yr. No. Name Yr. No. Name Yr. No. Name Yr.
58 Absher, Tyler SO 23 Evans, Derek SO 60 Knight, Hunter SO 6 Overton, Blake SR
24 Bailey, Chad SR 12 Evans, Brad JR 26 Knight, Lee JR 20 Overton, Taylor SO
57 Bennett, Dylan JR 17 Fain, Dustin JR 62 Lonas, Cody SO 39 Owens, Bradley JR
50 Bridges, Dalton JR 45 Fitzgerald, Michael JR 61 Long, Joey SO 70 Payne, Evan SO
19 Brown, Hunter SO 73 Floyd, Cody SO 8 Long, Justin JR 25 Price, Michael SO
15 Brunson, Dane SO 48 Flynn, Colton JR 28 Marschal, Brad JR 10 Rutherford, Logan JR
5 Call, David SR 81 Gilbert, Michael SO 14 Martin, Stephen SR 36 Sands, Cody SR
18 Chadwick, Ryan SR 46 Hawker, Brandon SO 52 McCarter, Joseph SR 43 Satterfield, Ashton JR
68 Chipley, Shane JR 49 Hilton, Drake SO 79 McDonald, Kevin SR 66 Smith, Nick SR
1 Clark, Corey JR 71 Humes, Wes SR 9 Medley, Levi SO 11 Taylor, Billy SR
65 Clark, Craig SO 67 Humphrey, Chris JR 59 Michaels, Mitch SO 22 Todd, Corey SO
41 Cota, Jamie JR 30 Hurst, Jonathan SO 80 Miller, Mitchell SO 21 Watson, Cody SR
3 Crain, Hunter SR 54 Ilic, Brandon SR 78 Murr, Brett JR 53 White, Wes SR
7 Egan, Zach JR 4 Kennedy, Kevin JR 51 Napier, Cameron SR 63 White, Eric SO
55 Estes, Justin JR 2 Ketron, Chase SR 44 Newport, Keegan SR 85 Willison, Anthony JR
Coach: Clark Duncan (120-75, 1st season at South-Doyle) | Lastyear: 4-6 | ReturningStarters: 6 (2 on offense, 4 on defense)

Heroes:Second-year starting
Duncan brings fundamentals SCHEDULE
quarterback Jason Conley is key
to getting South-Doyle’s offense South-Doyle goes back to basics TheplayerssaytheylikeDuncan’sstyle. Aug.28
“He teaches the fundamentals of football, Heritage
untracked. “We have put a lot
on his shoulders,” coach Clark
to build a successful program how the game should be played,” said senior Sept.4
Duncan said. Running back/line- BY JOHN SHEARER linebackerBlakeWhitt. *at Morristown East
backer Blake Whitt, linebacker Added Conley, “He has more energy in Sept.18
and offensive lineman Latarian the weight room. We work hard when he is
Thomas, lineman Drew Wolfen- *Morristown West
South-Doyle High School coach Clark Dun- around.” Sept.25
barger, kick returner Bryce Berry can missed coaching, and the Cherokees have On paper, the Cherokees appear challenged
and receivers Jordan Cornack
missedtheplayoffsinrecentyears. in 2009. The team returns only two offensive at Carter
and Daniel Caughorn also should Oct.2
be impressive. As a result, players and supporters hope the startersandfourdefensivestartersfromasquad
newenthusiasmaroundhishiringcanre-ener- thatfinished4-6in2008. *Cherokee
BreakoutPlayers:Sophomore of- Oct.9
fensive lineman Joseph Romines gizetheprogram. Conleyisbackasstartingquarterbackforthe
and junior defensive end/ of- “We would really like to go to the playoffs second year, and he has a couple of good wide *at Cocke County
fensive tackle Kory Godfrey are this year,” said senior quarterback Jason Con- receivertargetsinsophomoreJordanCormack Oct.16
expected to have an impact. ley. “We haven’t been since 2001. That is our andjuniorDanielCaughorn. *Seymour
What’sGood: While the Chero- maingoal.” DrewWolfenbarger,LatarianThomas,Kory Oct.23
kees are not big, they do have a Duncanhasthesamedesire. GodfreyandJosephRomineswillbeanchoring *at Sevier County
lot of speed. Duncan also sees a “We want to win them all,” the former Ten- theoffensiveline. Oct.30
great desire to want to get better nesseeVoldefensivebacksaidwithasmile. Whitt, Wolfenbarger, Thomas, and Godfrey
among the player who have *at Jefferson County
“Actually, our goal will be to be competitive alsowillbekeymembersofthedefenseupfront,
grown significantly in numbers
on Friday night. If you get the right breaks and withCormackandCaughornprovidinghelpin *conferencegames
since last season. allgames7:30p.m.
youarecompetinghard,you’vegotachance.” thesecondary.
HelpNeeded:The biggest ques- DuncancoachedPowellthrough2002,taking BryceBerrywillbeasolidkickreturner.
tion mark is experience. “We
have grown to over 100 kids in thePantherstotheplayoffsseveraltimesbefore Duncan said he is counting on Conley and KEY GAMES
the program, but if anything, it is becomingassistantprincipalatSouth-Doyle. Whitttostepforwardasleaders. Aug. 21 vs.
lack of experience,” Duncan said. Duringtheoff-season,hewashiredtoreplace “They have got to be leaders on the practice Powell, Sept. 4 at
thedepartingErikHutchins. fieldandFridaynight,”hesaid. Morristown East.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
37 Allen, Justin LB/QB 5-7 135 FR 22 Hendrick, Steven DB 5-6 117 FR 17 Riley, King DB 5-11 145 JR
73 Arp, Brandon DL/OL 6-2 177 SO 6 Hickey, Sterling LB/QB 5-11 162 SO 21 Rogers, Evan LB/RB 5-6 157 JR
20 Bennett, Kyle LB 5-10 144 JR 60 Hicks, Jonathan OL 5-10 190 FR 57 Romines, Joseph DL/OL 6-5 362 SO
11 Berry, Bryce DB 5-9 155 SR 83 Hollifield, Jonah DL 5-7 140 FR 59 Rood, Corban DL/OL 5-9 223 SO
53 Bliss, Madison OL 5-11 190 FR 64 Huasain, Hasan LB/RB 5-9 160 SO 45 Rule, Jacob LB/OL 5-8 140 FR
32 Brown, Darvin LB/RB 5-10 175 SR 91 Hunley, Nick DL/OL 5-11 216 FR 67 Rush, Nick DL/OL 5-11 210 SO
15 Brown, Darrell DB 5-11 150 JR 36 Hunt, Torie DE 6-0 182 SO 50 Settles, Martinus DL/OL 5-5 219 JR
76 Brymer, Gabe DL/OL 6-0 201 JR 13 Jerrolds, Holden DB 6-0 148 JR 63 Simmons, Darrell DL/OL 5-9 165 SO
99 Bunch, Corey LB/OL 5-7 211 FR 29 Johnson, Quinton DB 5-10 153 JR 70 Smelcer, Tommy DL/OL 6-6 274 SR
75 Burnette, Logan DL 5-11 225 SR 42 Jones, Elijah DB 5-8 131 SO 62 Smelcer, Dillon LB/OL 5-10 163 JR
81 Carideo, Jake DB/RB 5-10 150 FR 97 Jordan, Jermiah DE/OL 6-1 168 FR 61 Smelcer, Dustin LB/OL 5-10 169 JR
7 Caughorn, Daniel DB 6-0 148 JR 46 Kerlin, Tanner DB 5-2 90 FR 71 Smelcer, Tyler DL/OL 6-1 250 SO
44 Chatman, Jeffrey DB 5-7 130 JR 16 Kurtz, Hayden LB/QB 5-10 146 SO 56 Stansberry, Taylor DL/OL 6-3 252 SO
27 Coach, Lakeem LB/RB 5-10 175 SO 39 Layman, Travis DB 5-10 143 FR 5 Stanton, Josh LB/RB 5-7 162 SR
12 Conley, Jason DL/QB 6-0 184 SR 4 Ligon, LaDarius DB 5-5 117 SO 79 Strader, William LB/OL 5-9 215 JR
44 Connolly, Chance LB 5-10 155 SO 33 Mascaro, Mitchell 5-10 148 SR 77 Swaggerty, Alex DL/OL 5-8 214 SO
8 Cormack, Jordan DB 6-1 160 SO 14 Mason, Brian LB 6-1 171 SR 2 Tate, Barin DB 5-5 112 JR
69 Dills, Mark DL/OL 6-1 250 FR 19 Mason, Taylor LB/QB 6-3 161 SO 54 Thomas, Laterian LB/OL 5-10 221 SR
28 Evans, Josh LB/OL 5-10 154 JR 94 McCullough, Aaron DL/OL 5-10 230 FR 85 Tipton, Ruebin DB 6-2 130 SO
84 Everett, Blake DB 5-9 130 FR 92 Mongan, Dennis DL/OL 6-1 260 FR 86 Tornow, Shane CB/QB 5-8 168 FR
66 Finchum, Shawn DL/OL 6-0 207 SR 95 Montgomery, Bradley FR 40 Walters, Dalton DB 5-7 137 FR
35 Finchum, Gabriel DE/OL 6-0 177 FR 82 Moore, Gerrod DB 6-0 170 JR 96 Ward, William DL/OL 5-11 240 FR
26 Frye, Jay LB 5-10 144 JR 30 Morgan, Andrew 5-10 146 SO 31 Wender, Chase DB 5-9 140 SR
47 Gibbs, Lance DL/OL 5-6 175 FR 52 Olson, Chris DL/OL 5-11 175 JR 72 Wheeler, Cody LB/OL 5-8 178 JR
51 Godfrey, Kory DL/OL 6-0 215 JR 98 Pellon, Joseph DE/OL 5-7 220 FR 43 Whitt, Blake LB/RB 5-7 159 SR
55 Goodin, Charles DL/OL 5-10 195 JR 18 Perry, Samuel LB/RB 5-9 176 FR 34 Wilkerson, Jewan LB/RB 5-10 160 FR
41 Hall, David DB 5-2 100 FR 10 Raby, Landon DB/QB 5-9 130 FR 3 Williams, Zac DB/RB 5-6 130 FR
23 Handy, Jarquez DB/RB 5-8 154 SO 48 Rancy, Wesley LB/RB 5-7 157 FR 9 Wilson, Stevean CB/RB 5-9 183 FR
25 Harschall, Drew LB 5-10 170 SR 93 Reed, Lucas DL/OL 5-10 180 FR 58 Wolfenbarger, Drew DE/OL 6-1 178 JR
88 Helms, Cody LB 6-0 196 JR 68 Ricker, William DL/OL 5-11 277 SO 80 Wyckoff, Alex DB/WR 5-10 141 SO
PX60 Coach: David Meske (172-101, 24th season) | Lastyear: 4-6 | ReturningStarters: 10 (4 on offense, 6 on defense)
Heroes: CalebBlance(TB,sopho-
Spartans like their new home SCHEDULE
at Central
yards),ParkerWormsley(QB, Reclassification gives Spartans time and finished 7-4 after losing to eventual Sept.4
state champion MBA, 49-14, in the playoffs.
realistic shot to win a state title Last season, the Spartans missed the play- *Ezell-Harding
three-yearstarter),JakeSaas(DT, BY DAVE LINK offs, but were close against McCallie and Sept.11
senior,5-10,235) Baylor. Halls
BreakoutPlayers:AaronBlance Now, Webb will be playing teams it was
(WB/CB,freshman,5-6,150), For the past few years, Webb School’s foot- facing before the previous reclassification
BryanBerube(RB/CB,freshman, ballteamdidn’thavearealisticchanceatwin- that put them in with the big schools. Other *at Franklin Road
5-7,145).They’retheyounger ning a Division II Class AA state champion- teams in the Spartans’ region include Da- Academy
brothersoftwoSpartansandwill ship — not against schools with enrollment vidson Academy, Franklin Road Academy, Sept.25
twice its size. Donelson Christian Academy and Ezell- Catholic
isareturningstarteratlinebacker That changes this season as the Spar- Harding. CSS TV
andalsoarunningback.Aaron tans move into Division II Class A after the “Those are the people we’ve played in the
Blance’sbrother,Caleb,hada TSSAA restructured its classifications for past,” Meske said. “They’re very competitive Oct.2
breakoutyearasafreshmanlast all sports. programs.” Lancaster Christian
season.AaronBlanceandBryan “What it does is it gives us a chance to com- Meske knows those teams, but many of his Oct.9
Berubeshouldplayinthesecond- pete for a state championship,” Webb coach players don’t. Their goal is simple.
ary,andAaronBlanceshouldmake and athletic director David Meske said. “You “Ourobviousgoaliswinningastatecham- *at Mt. Juliet
may not win one, but you have a chance. Play- pionship this year,” senior wide receiver/free Christian
ingteamslikeMontgomeryBellAcademyand safety Clark Johnson said. “We don’t really Oct.16
BrentwoodAcademy,withWebbSchool’sphi- know much about any of these teams. … Last Zion Christian
son(6-1,178)andseniorstrong losophyforfootball,wedidn’thaveachanceto year was a hard year. We had high expecta- Oct.23
safetyMikeCarillon(6-1,175)are compete for a state championship.” tions.Wehadstrengthatthelineandthought
outstanding.SeniorJustinAlexan- MeskesaidWebb’splacementinthereclas- we could ride them. This year our strengths at Davidson
der(5-9,180)returnsasastarting sification is only fair. are reversed. We’re tremendous at the skill Academy
cornerback.Thelinebackercorps “Firstofall,WebbSchoolhasalwaysplayed positions. We feel that will override our in- Oct.30
isstrong,ledbyseniorsJason where it was placed by the TSSAA,” he said. experience on the line.”
BerubeandGrahamCampbell, *DCA
“I think it’s a numbers game. When you have Meske isn’t taking his new opponents
bothstartersin2008. Wormsley *conferencegames
returnsforhisthirdyearrunning 450 kids and 230 boys, it’s hard to be competi- lightly, but he does believe state title aspira-
thewing-T,andtheSpartanshave tive with schools like (Chattanooga) McCal- tions are realistic. allgames7:30p.m.
plentyofrunningbacks,including lie, which has 600 boys. Instead of being one “What this does is allow us to compete for
CarillonandfullbackJarvisJones,a ofthesmallerschoolsinourleague,we’reone astatechampionshipwithsixorseventeams,
seniorandstarterlastseason. of the larger ones (now). (Evangelical Chris- and we’re one of them,” Meske said. “When KEY GAMES
HelpNeeded:Webb’sbiggestcon- tian School) is the largest in our division. we were in the large division, we weren’t one Sept. 4 vs. Ezell
cernwillbehowthedefensiveline They’ll be the team to beat in our division. of those seven just because of the size of our Harding, Sept. 25 vs.
develops.Saasistheonlyreturning They’ll be very good this year.” school and our philosophy for football.” Catholic, Oct. 30 vs.
starteronthedefensiveline. In 2007, Webb posted victories over Mc- Donelson Christian
Callie and Chattanooga Baylor for the first Dave Link is a freelance contributor. Academy.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
4 Alexander, Justin CB/RB 5-9 180 SR 63 Daley, Patrick DT/OT 6-4 255 JR 34 Matthews, Dave CB/LB/RB 5-5 135 FR
24 Arnold, Bower DE/TE 5-11 160 SO 56 Dickson, Kyle DT/OT 5-11 185 FR 7 McCallister, John DB/QB 6-3 185 SR
8 Beeler, Brett CB/QB/WR 5-11 160 SR 30 Dolinack, Jim FS/LB/RB 5-9 170 SO 73 McGarr, Matthew DT/OT 6-0 170 FR
26 Berube, Bryan DB/RB 5-7 145 FR 77 Garner, Skip DT/OT 6-0 245 FR 83 Miller, Gaines CB/WR 5-7 146 FR
1 Berube, Jason LB/RB 5-10 180 SR 14 Grayson, Jack DB/QB 5-8 144 FR 6 Nabors, Chad CB/RB 5-9 150 SO
17 Blakley, Trey K 5-8 140 SR 52 Greaves, Jackson DE/G 5-11 185 SO 32 Peterson, Gordon DE/LB/TE 5-11 190 SR
3 Blance, Aaron DB/RB 5-6 150 FR 59 Harrison, Tyler G/LB 5-11 195 SO 75 Prince, Taylor DE/G 6-1 200 SR
20 Blance, Caleb DB/RB 5-6 165 SO 44 Harrison, Chance FB/LB 5-10 180 JR 57 Saas, Jake DT/OT 5-10 235 SR
68 Bosse, Alex G/NG 5-5 150 SO 43 Ilager, John Paul DE/TE 5-9 145 FR 85 Thomas, Kelly DE/TE 6-2 190 JR
74 Brodnax, Pete NG/OT 5-8 200 FR 35 Isaacs, Zack CB/FS/WR 5-11 145 FR 31 Valliant, John DE/TE 5-11 170 SO
50 Broussard, Austin DE/OT 6-2 200 SR 70 Jenkins, Dakota DT/OT 6-4 270 JR 81 Vogel, Gus DE/TE 5-11 165 FR
80 Butler, Neil LB/WR 5-10 175 SO 23 Johnson, Clark FS/WR 6-1 178 SR 33 Waters, Tre’ LB/RB/WR 5-10 165 SR
54 Campbell, Graham G/LB 6-1 220 SR 22 Jones, Jarvus LB/RB 5-6 180 SR 71 Werner, Jay C/DT 5-10 215 JR
27 Carillon, Michael RB/SS/WR 6-1 175 SR 55 Letsinger, Luke G/LB 5-11 195 SR 18 Whiteside, Donovan DE/TE/WR 6-3 180 SR
28 Carter, Chase DB 5-10 155 SO 45 Little, Hunter DE/TE 6-4 200 JR 5 Wilhoite, David LB/WR 6-0 165 JR
16 Congleton, Yates DB/QB 5-10 160 SO 9 Liu, Brennan CB/RB 5-11 160 JR 10 Wormsley, Parker QB 6-0 165 JR
21 Congleton, Brewer LB/TE 5-10 160 SO 13 Longnecker, Ben K/LB 5-8 130 FR
Coach: Scott Cummings (40-40, 8th season) | Lastyear: 5-7 | ReturningStarters: 15 (9 on offense, 6 on defense)

Heroes: Austin Sowell (DL, senior,
6-5, 235) is a Division I recruit with
Francis must limit hard hits SCHEDULE
Sullivan South
a high intellect. His GPA almost is
equivalent to his 40-yard dash time Avoiding injuries a priority means putting a shoulder down and taking Aug.28
one for the team, he’s willing to do that. My
of 4.77. Brad Reid (DL, junior, 6-0,
220) had 10 tackles for loss during
for West’s option quarterback problem is: he wants to do that too much
at Hardin Valley
the 2008 regular season. “He has BY JESSE SMITHEY sometimes.
a motor that doesn’t quit,” said “He needs to be smarter about when to Sept.4
coach Scott Cummings. Offensive take that shot and when not to.” *at Maryville
lineman Isaac Mobley (6-1, 334) is Scott Cummings couldn’t watch it much With the amount of talent West returns,
powerful and more fit. He squats Sept.18
600 pounds and bench presses more. Francis can defer some of the pressure to *Farragut
more than 300 pounds. TheWestHighSchoolcoachadmiredthat others. Running backs Marquis Simmons,
his 150-pound sophomore quarterback was Nick Williams, Ivan Freeman and Tanner Sept.25
Breakoutplayers: Junior quarterback
Christian Francis started last season willing to run the option and absorb shots Thompson all logged playing time last sea- Fulton
but has packed on 15 pounds to fromolderandlargerdefend- sonandshouldbenefitfromthereturnofthe Oct.2
handle the trials of District 4-AAA. ers, but midway through last offensive line. Receivers Stephen Gyebison, *at William Blount
Stephen Gyebison (WR/DB, senior, season, Cummings tugged Jordan Fulton and D’Andre Parkey can sus-
5-9, 180) is getting college looks, on Christian Francis’ jersey tain a drive. Oct.9
and he will be Francis’ main target and offered advice. Or maybe the defense can chalk up a *Lenoir City
along with juniors Jordan Fulton and “I said, ‘It doesn’t mean touchdown here or there. By the end of the
D’Andre Parkey. Oct.16
you’re a wimp when you season, it’ll be a highly touted bunch led by *at Catholic
Also watch for linebackers Preston get what you can and then senior defensive lineman Austin Sowell (6-
Williams (6-3, 200) and Sam Purkey Oct.22
(6-2, 200). Cummings get out of bounds or slide,’” 5, 235).
Cummings recalled. Nevertheless, Francis has beefed up to *Bearden
What’sgood: West returns all five Butitwasthatgung-homentalitybyFran- about 170 to withstand what hits may come. MyVLT2 TV
of its offensive line starters. Its 3-4
defense is more than solid with cis and the rest of the Rebels that pushed “Last year, he knew he was going to take Oct.30
Sowell and Reid. Cummings also a sophomore-laden squad into the second some bumps as a sophomore,” said Cum- *at Heritage
returns his backfield (Marquis Sim- round of the Class 4A playoffs for the third mings. “He’s definitely prepared himself
mons, Nick Williams, Ivan Freeman consecutive season. Cummings would like mentally to be more of a leader, and he’s *conferencegames
and Tanner Thompson). West has Francis to pare back a bit for this upcoming definitely worked hard enough in the weight allgames7:30p.m.
plenty of size at linebacker and runinDistrict 4-AAA, which is arguably the room where he’s going to see the rewards.”
experience in the secondary with state’s toughest. With his teammates following suit, West
Gyebison and safeties Thompson
“Wereallydonotneedhimtogetinjured,” might be in for another playoff trip. KEY GAMES
and Dylan Baylosis. Sept. 4 at Maryville,
he said. “That’s just a reality. He needs to “We’re the underdogs for the season with
Helpneeded:West has skill-position understand the situation. If the situation our schedule,” said offensive lineman Char- Sept. 18 vs. Farragut,
players but doesn’t have much Oct. 16 at Catholic,
depth. An injury here or there could dictates that we need a first down and he lie Kolinsky. “But we’re expecting to have a
be damaging. sees the marker, he needs to get to it. If that really good year this year.” Oct. 22 vs. Bearden.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
67 Akinleye, L’Derrias DL/OL 6-0 279 JR 15 Fulton, Jordan LB/WR 5-8 184 JR 72 Poston, Farris DL/OL 5-8 245 SO
55 Alvarado, Carlos LB/OL 5-10 205 JR 34 Garner, Jimmy LB/RB 5-9 192 SO 6 Price, Jeffery DB/WR 5-10 156 JR
10 Bardsley, Patrick DB/WR 5-11 148 JR 54 Gates, Michael DL/OL 5-7 170 SO 38 Purkey, Sam LB/WR 6-2 180 SR
18 Baylosis, Dylan DB/WR 5-11 165 SR 81 Green, Trammar DB/WR 6-2 185 JR 60 Reid, Brad DL/OL 6-0 230 JR
37 Bennett-Cosley, Pierson DB/WR 5-8 166 JR 23 Gross, Nolan DB/WR 6-0 165 SR 9 Savoy, Alex DB/WR 6-0 181 SR
21 Beverly, Brandon DB/WR 5-6 131 SR 45 Gryder, Bobby LB/TE 5-6 146 JR 49 Shattuck, Alan DE/TE 6-3 195 SO
22 Boseman, Christian LB/RB 5-10 165 SO 16 Gyebison, Stephen DB/WR 5-10 162 SR 26 Simmons, Marquis LB/RB 5-8 181 SR
44 Bowman, Adam LB/TE 6-0 220 SR 11 Hale, Chandler DB/WR 5-11 143 SO 27 Simmons, DaQuawn LB/RB 5-6 132 SO
36 Bright, Anthony LB/RB 5-9 177 SO 4 Hamilton, Thomas WR 5-10 154 JR 17 Sloan, Jeamill DB/WR 6-0 150 JR
74 Brown, Cardeem DL/OL 5-11 240 SR 12 Hedges, Josh DB/QB 5-10 134 SO 47 Smith, Chris DE/TE 6-6 185 SO
43 Bullock, George K 6-1 180 SO 68 Hedges, Jacob DL/OL 5-11 200 JR 46 Sowell, Austin DE/TE 6-5 240 SR
57 Bushnag, Kareen LB/OL 5-9 197 JR 30 Jackson, Nicky LB/RB 5-7 157 SO 71 Spencer, Chris DL/OL 6-0 278 SO
19 Chait, Mickey LB/QB 5-9 160 SO 84 Jones, Ray DB/WR 6-2 172 SR 28 Stinson, Antonio DB/WR 5-10 155 SO
35 Chandler, Corey LB/RB 5-7 204 SO 50 Jones, Steven DL/OL 5-8 187 SO 31 Thomas, Colton DB/WR 5-10 150 SO
25 Clemons, Nathan LB/RB 5-7 153 SR 5 Karnes, Tucker LB/RB 5-8 177 SR 40 Thompson, Tanner K 5-11 183 SR
66 Cowart, Denzel DL/OL 5-7 176 SR 64 Kolinsky, Charlie DL/OL 6-0 250 SR 13 Tucker, Tawayne WR 5-9 165 SR
65 Dandridge, Bradford DL/OL 6-3 290 JR 61 Maupin, Kyle DL/OL 6-0 215 SR 82 Whitehead, David DB/WR 5-7 115 SO
32 Dockery, Demetrius LB/RB 5-11 180 JR 3 Miller, Alex DB/WR 6-1 159 SR 7 Williams, Preston TE 6-3 208 JR
62 Farmer, Deon DL/OL 5-11 192 JR 83 Mills, Chad DB/WR 5-10 150 JR 20 Williams, Nick LB/RB 5-10 171 SR
29 Flood, Robbie LB/RB 5-9 141 SO 76 Mobley, Isaac DL/OL 6-2 334 JR 86 Williams, Josh DB/WR 6-1 162 SO
14 Francis, Christian QB 6-0 159 JR 52 Northcutt, Andrew DL/OL 6-2 263 SR 8 Worles, Antonio DB/WR 5-8 130 SO
33 Freeman, Ivan LB/RB 5-8 171 JR 2 Parkey, D’Andre DB/WR 6-2 164 JR 56 Wright, Will DL/OL 6-1 264 JR
PX62 Coach: David Gregory (0-0, 1st season) | Lastyear: 1-9 | ReturningStarters: 11 (6 on offense, 5 on defense)
Heroes: Randall Davis (OT/DT, senior,
6-2, 285, the heart and soul of the
Gregory provides stability SCHEDULE
at Sevier County
Govs’ offensive line), Caleb Elkins BY MIKE BLACKERBY Aug.28
(RB/LB, senior, 5-10, 190, one of
to believe in somebody — but this is where I
William Blount’s toughest players, wanttobe,”saidGregory,whowaspreviously Karns
Elkins is slated for double duty at First-year William Blount coach David an assistant at Daphne (Ala.) High School. Sept.4
two demanding positions), Robbie Gregory said it’s no wonder the Governors “With all of the adversity they’ve been *Bearden
Irwin (RB, senior, 5-5, 160, blessed finished 1-9 last year. through, hopefully it has just made them Sept.11
with 4.38 speed, Irwin could be the If you look up “tumultuous” in the diction- stronger.” Jefferson County
next Garner). ary, it might just refer to William Blount’s William Blount seniors Randall Davis and Sept.18
BreakoutPlayer: Zach Witt (QB/FS, recent football history. Caleb Elkins are remarkably optimistic. *at Catholic
junior, 5-11, 170) Witt is battling for Sept.25
starting quarterback and should Just before the 2008 season, coach Scott “Wehaveplentyoftalentifwecanjustkeep
Meadows took a personal leave of absence awayfrominjuries,”saidDavis,theGovs’best *at Heritage
lead the secondary.
What’sGood:William Blount’s and was replaced by defensive coordinator offensive lineman. Oct.2
front-line skill players appear solid. Richie Wilhite. Elkins pointed out there are 19 seniors on *West
Davis leads what should be a strong TheGovs,whowerepenciledinasapoten- the roster. Oct.16
offensive line. Look for the emer- tialplayoffteamheadingintotheseason,were “We have a lot of seniors who played last *Lenoir City
gence of sophomore tackle Michael hit with an avalanche of injuries. year and our underclassmen had good reps Oct.23
Brown (6-3, 280) up front. Junior Meadows returned after the season and on the varsity,” said Elkins, a running back *at Maryville
kicker Grayson Beason (6-0, 175) is Oct.30
another weapon. wentthroughspringpractice,butleftinApril and linebacker.
to accept the head coaching job at Catholic. Gregorysaidhe’slookingforbigthingsout *at Farragut
Helpneeded:Depth is an issue and
the Govs certainly can’t afford Gregory, who was slated to be the Govs’ of Davis and Elkins.
another injury-filled season. The defensive coordinator, was named coach in “I expect senior leadership from Randall KEY GAMES
unsettled coaching situation and May. and Caleb, and expect them to hold the team Aug. 21 at Sevier
late naming of David Gregory to After a year of turmoil, Gregory hopes to together.” County, Sept. 18 at
replace Scott Meadows has sped up provide much-needed stability. Catholic, Oct. 23 at
the learning curve for the players. “With all that happened, it’s hard for them Mike Blackerby is a freelance contributor. Maryville.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr. No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
8 Anderson, Robert DB/WR 5-6 136 SR 51 Glover, Lee LB 5-8 175 SO 81 Opper, Will WR 5-11 180 JR
17 Baldwin, Harrison DB/WR 5-11 155 SO 10 Green, Tim DB/QB 5-9 181 FR 15 Owens, Zach LB/QB 6-3 205 SO
3 Barnes, Hunter CB/WR 5-10 150 FR 56 Gross, Douglas DE 6-0 213 FR 15 Pack, Matt LB/QB 6-2 170 SO
17 Bartl, Jonathan WR 5-10 160 SR 52 Hartline, Chad G 6-1 240 SR 59 Peck, Mitchell OT 6-0 270 SO
45 Beason, Grayson K 6-0 180 JR 38 Hartsell, Bradley WR 6-2 180 JR 54 Phillips, Matt DE/G 5-9 160 SO
12 Bell, Justus CB/WR 6-1 145 FR 21 Hasenstaub, Matt FS/RB 5-10 168 SR 71 Poole, Daniel RG 6-2 266 SR
— Bloom, Lane LB/RB 6-1 160 FR 21 Hasenstaub, Vinnie WR 5-7 156 FR 76 Rake, Cameron OT 6-2 288 FR
— Bourdin, Anthony FR 14 Hawkins, Wesley DB/WR 5-5 125 SO 1 Ridout, Jonathon DB/WR 5-11 160 SR
— Breeden, Taylor FR 43 Henry, Cole LB 5-8 175 SO — Roach, Wesley LB 5-8 185 SO
54 Bright, Kyle DL/OL 5-11 235 JR 85 Holliday, Russell CB/WR 5-7 147 SR 45 Robinson, Joel SS/WR 5-8 140 FR
— Brown, Jonathan FR — Howell, Evan G 5-3 145 FR 35 Rogers, Blake LB/WR 5-10 160 SO
72 Brown, Michael OT 6-3 292 SO 31 Hurd, Maurice RB 5-8 147 JR 18 Rohn, Joshua LB 6-1 170 FR
47 Burk, Khris NG 5-8 180 SO — Irwin, Cory WR 5-6 145 FR 4 Rosenow, Travis WR 5-6 120 FR
5 Burton, Josh LB/QB/RB 5-10 175 SR 22 Irwin, Robbie RB 5-7 147 SR 53 Roulette, Dylan C/NG 6-2 240 JR
16 Bush, Justin QB 6-4 170 SO — Jenkins, Jesse FR 80 Schrock, James WR 5-9 150 JR
75 Clark, Landon OT 6-0 200 FR 2 Jones, Trevor WR 5-9 140 FR 2 Shope, Cody LB/RB 5-7 160 SO
— Clifton, Dylan FR 4 Keith, Dylan LB/WR 5-10 170 SR — Simpson, Caleb FR
14 Clore, Michael CB/WB 5-10 162 SO 11 Laforty, Justin FS/RB 6-0 140 FR 11 Thomason, Zach RB/SS 6-1 190 SR
26 Cook, Greg SS/WB 6-2 160 SO 77 Lambert, Jonathan NG 6-2 279 JR 89 Thompson, Tanner CB/WR 5-8 140 SO
25 Cooper, Bryan FB/LB 5-10 200 SR 50 Landers, Derrick SR 40 Walker, Devin DE 6-2 195 SO
33 Cooper, Bradley ML 5-10 215 JR 44 Latham, Caleb RB 5-10 145 SR 6 Watkin, Bryce DB/WR 5-6 130 SO
3 Crisp, Jesse DB/WR 6-1 160 JR 63 Lowery, Jonathan C/NG 6-0 225 SO 79 Webber, Jordan DE 5-9 185 SO
52 Cupp, Devin G/LB 5-10 210 SO 73 Maples, Justin NG/RG 5-10 225 JR 74 Whitehead, Clay NG 6-4 315 JR
60 Davidson, Donnie G 6-1 187 SO 75 Matula, Blake DL 6-1 203 JR 28 Williams, Brandon DE 6-1 197 SR
57 Davis, Randall DE/OT 6-4 275 SR 30 McClain, Chase DB/WR 5-10 160 SO 64 Williamson, Terrell RB 5-9 179 FR
58 Eagan, John DE/LB 5-11 189 SO 36 McGill, Devin DE 6-0 175 SR 9 Willocks, Chris LB 5-8 162 JR
27 Elkins, Caleb FB/LB 5-10 200 SR 66 McGill, Brad DE 5-9 165 SO 29 Willocks, Cody FB/LB 5-7 170 JR
25 Fortson, Jordan LB/RB 5-10 205 SO 19 Michael, Tyler LB/WR 6-2 169 SO 12 Witt, Zach FS/QB 6-1 175 JR
— Fuller, Shawn DL FR 84 Miller, Brandon DB/WR 6-3 180 SR 42 Woodby, Aaron ML/NG 5-9 220 SR
23 Gaff, Trey DB/WR 5-10 140 SO 22 Mixon, Devin DB/WR 5-6 160 SO 7 Woods, Nick FS/WR 5-9 148 SO
— Garcia, Freddie DB/RB 5-5 130 FR 53 Mohney, Jimmy G/LB 5-9 185 SO 70 Wyatt, Cole DE 5-11 200 SO
67 Garner, Cody NG 6-0 245 SR 61 Morris, Devin DE 6-2 200 JR 41 York, Logan FB/LB 6-1 180 SO
37 Gentry, Ty LB 5-11 185 JR 34 Muckleroy, Bryce WB 5-5 125 SO 11 Young, Logan DB/WR 5-4 110 SO
32 Glass, Nolan LB 6-0 185 JR 64 Noe, Zach DL/OL 5-6 200 JR