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SMART partners
for communications
New technologies in the realm of telephony
bring us advancement in communications
which in turn influence changes in business
from large-sized enterprises to small ones.
However, traditional imperatives in the SOHO
telephony market stand fast asking for values
like cost effectiveness, easy Operation &
Maintenance (O&M) at the forefront.

ARIA SOHO is latest offering,

delivered on LG-Nortel’s digital technologies,
to selectively address to needs of communications in
small- and medium-sized enterprises and homes.

SMART partners for communications

SMART telephone system with As one of basic components, LG-Nortel has
developed an integrated device and implemented it
Managing communication costs Empowering analog extensions
Plug& Play facility into a basic cabinet of ARIA SOHO making some of ARIA SOHO provides services to monitor and restrict As cost can be a primary issue for most small offices,
ARIA SOHO is designed to be a user-centric services costless. outgoing traffic (as needed) in order for a manager to digital telephones could be selectively given to only a
telephone system in regard to installation and O&M. control communication cost. few employees.
With Plug & Play facility thru a full-hybrid | Call Processing Tone Detection Accordingly, the majority of system features should
| SMS / Caller ID Sending / Receiving be easily supported to SLT users rather than digital
architecture, the ARIA SOHO gives a maximum
| DTMF Processing
flexibility in selecting types of user terminals whether proprietary telephones users.
| Fax Tone Detection
dealing with Analog SLT, FAX or Digital phone. And In ARIA SOHO, the upgraded services represented by
when connecting external lines, ARIA SOHO SMS, CID and several PC applications are analog
recognizes varying signals identifying FAX from voice extension focused.
and automatically delivering them to the appropriate
types of terminals.
In fact, this facility can especially satisfy the needs of
small- to medium-sized enterprises as well as home
users with little-to-no engineering background.

Sophisticated service options Customer driven system

On users’ requests, ARIA SOHO can provide additional Small enterprises or home users may want to have
LG-Nortel DIGITAL Affordable scale to sophisticated options usually offered in larger full-control to manage the system for themselves.
ARIA SOHO gives hands-on methods for M&O like
Technologies: 48 extensions
telephone systems.
PC-Admin (On-line / Off-line) software and Speed
Making services cost less Due to its digital architecture, ARIA SOHO easily and | TAPI interface for integration with 3rd party applications Editor for updating the User database.
| PC based attendant : ez-attendant
Traditionally in the small telephony environment, affordably expands up to 48 extensions without
| TAPI based PC phone : ez-phone
fundamentals in technology seem to be beyond the wasting initial investment. | Built-in voice mail / Auto Attendant
interest of users as long as basic services are | Modem unit for remote maintenance
satisfied. | LAN interface for Ethernet connection
This nature often keeps users from evolving to an
upgraded environment for smarter communications
and also forces them to resort to a separate payment 3/16
for additional services. 3/8

SMART partners for communications

ARIA SOHO detects caller identification information Call Cost Control/Monitoring PC Applications
(CID) from the CO Line and displays it on CID capable
SLT as well as digital telephone. Telecommunication cost seems to be one of
Compatible CID signals for CO line are FSK-type, the major issues that takes a big place in the
Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) type and ANI. cost sheet for running a small enterprise.
For extension side, a SLT user should have a CID
capable SLT supporting FSK or Dual Tone ARIA SOHO provides a variety of Call Cost
Multi-Frequency (DTMF) type protocol. Control/Monitoring facilities.

Short Message Service (SMS)

Messaging has become a very useful tool for modern
lifestyles. No wonder that Its applications in the
business environment is recently being identified as Due to its digital architecture, ARIA SOHO can be
an effective way for sharing information. activated to run as an application service platform by Conferencing
ARIA SOHO recognizes SMS messages sent from implementing proper key codes.
PSTN ARIA SOHO gives two ways of conference which are
PSTN, where available, and sends them to SMS
“Multi-party conference (max. 15 parties)” and as an
capable SLT or LG-Nortel’s TAPI phone (ez-phone). TAPI Interface (1st / 3rd party)
upgraded conferencing method - “Conference
The compatible specification for SMS in ARIA SOHO | The most commonly used CTI interface from Microsoft

SMART Features for

Call Cut-Off Timer for each extension rooms”.
is “Protocol type I of ETSI ES 201 912”. –can
| Activated and set by system programming; when the
be enabled that extensions can use TAPI compatible
timer expires, the on-going call will be disconnected.

Pre-paid Call for making calls.
| Works with the optional Call Metering Unit (CMU) that
LG-Nortel's TAPI based PC phone (ez-phone)
recognizes specific billing signals sent from the PSTN
| Improves individual call controls and provides a handy tool
and give each extensions limited minutes for
out-going calls.
send/receive/save SMS.
Barge in
PC Attendant (ez-attendant)
| Enables a designated extension to intrude in on-going
Caller ID for conversations after a warning tone is presented.
| PC based attendant console running on MS-Windows will
CO lines & analog extensions SMDR a good supplementary option replacing an attendant
| For billing in ARIA SOHO, up to 1000 calls be logged in console.
before being printed out or downloaded to a PC. Normally, running the software attendant is preferred in
Least Cost Routing (LCR) larger
| Automatically uses LCR tables and types of operation to scale configuration of ARIA SOHO consisting of 2 cabinets
identify the least expensive routing for outgoing calls. rather than a small configuration.

SMART Features for Communication

A SMART way for
Proprietary digital telephones LDP-7224D
As the basic scheme of ARIA SOHO, As proprietary digital terminals, ARIA SOHO offers ㆍTriple line LCD (3 x 24) 1 Triple line LCD & 3 soft keys
customers several choices - LDP-7224D, 2 Headset jack 3 Navigation key
Its simplified architecture allows easy connection ㆍ3 soft keys
to terminals, networks and its peripherals. LDP-7208D, LDP-7248DSS as desk top telephones ㆍNavigation key
and LDP-DPB as a door phone. ㆍHeadset jack
LDP-7224D can be normally used as a programming ㆍ24 flexible buttons
*Ext. Battery terminal as well as an attendant console. ㆍ7 fixed function keys
Backup For accommodating an user’s convenience, wall ㆍSpeaker phone
mount brackets are provided as an option for ㆍDual LED
PSTN desktop digital phones. ㆍ Wall mount brakets
Wall-mount brackets 4

Loud Speaker/Paging
External MOH
Loud Bell or
Door open (Relay)

*Built-in Voice Mail

*Auto Attendant
Alarm Detection

PC Admin.
SMDR Printer ㆍDual line LCD (2 x 24) ㆍ48 Programmable keys ㆍDigital door phone
ㆍ8 Flexible buttons ㆍDirect Station Selection ㆍRotary type volume
ㆍ5 Fixed function keys ㆍDimension (mm)
ㆍSpeaker phone : 99 (W) * 132 (L) * 33.1 (H)
*LAN Interface (10 Base-T) ㆍSingle LED
ㆍPC Attendant
ㆍTAPI Softphone ㆍHeadset jack
ㆍ Wall mount brakets 3


A SMART way for Communications

Product Components HOW TO GET INCOMING CALL CALL BARRING FEATURE Forced Hands free Mode All-Call page / Meet-me Page
Ring Assignment Account Code Hot Desk Pre-recorded MSGSOS Paging
PLA (Preferred Line Answer) Authorization Code Call Log
CO *Ext. In-Room Indication
DISA (Direct Inward System Access) Automatic Call Release LINKED STATIONS
BKSU 1 CHB308 / CSB316 / SLIB8 6 1D+15H 3 CO lines & 8 Ext.(1 Digital + 7 Hybrid)
CCR (Customer Call Routing) COS (Class Of Service) Chime Bell
(Basic Key Service Unit) 1 VMIU/AAFU / 1 Alarm detection
Emergency Intrusion Executive/Secretary
1 LANU 1D+7H+16A 1 Door open relay with VMIB System Speed Zone
1 MODU 1 External MOH Interface CO Line Name Walking COS Forced Trunk Disconnect
1 CMU 1 USB (USB 1.0 and 1.1 compliant, Slave) CLI on Analog SLT
1 RS-232C SMDR Door Opener
1 Power failure transfer circuit HOW TO ACCESS OUTGOING CALL Display / Print-out Door Phone
EKSU 1 CHB308 / CSB316 / SLIB8 6 16H 3 CO lines & 8 Hybrid Ext.
Basic access
(Expansion Key Service 1 DPU2 / 1 Alarm detection
Call time restriction Recording System
Unit) 1 CMU 8H+16A 1 Door open relay CALL HANDLING VMIB Announcement ATTENDANT SERVICE
1 Power failure transfer circuit CO Line Queuing
CO Step Call Absent Text Message Remote Control
Expansion CHB308 1 CMU 3 8H 3 CO Lines and 8 Hybrid Ext. Assign Attendant
Board 1 Power failure transfer circuit Emergency Call service Custom Message Two-way Recording
Attendant Call & Queuing
CSB316 1 CMU 3 16A 3 CO Lines and 16 SLT Interface Board Hot Line & Warm Line Pre-selected Message Two-way Recording via SMDI
Attendant Forward
1 Power failure transfer circuit
LCR (Least Cost Routing) Alarm Two-way Recording via VMIB
Attendant Intrusion
SLIB8 N/A 0 8A 8 SLT Interface Board
ACNR (Auto Call Number Redial) Automatic Privacy Recording User
function VMIU N/A N/A N/A Voice Mail Interface Unit - 4 ch. / 2 hrs Attendant Override
Last Number Redialing BGM (Background Music) VMIB Announcement
Unit AAFU N/A N/A N/A Auto Attendant Function Unit, 4 channels Attendant Recall
Save Number Redialing Camp-on VMIB Announcement for
LANU N/A N/A N/A LAN interface Unit Change LCD Date/Time display
Station Speed Dialing Change Ring Type Auto Attendant
: 10 Base-T Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Day/Night service
MODU N/A N/A N/A Modem Unit (33Kbps) System Speed Dialing Data Line Security VMIB Message Transfer
Disable Outgoing Access
DPU2 N/A N/A N/A 2 Door Phone interface Unit & relay Private Line Dialing Security VMIB Message with CLI
ICM Box Music Selection
CMU N/A N/A N/A Call Meeting detection Unit (3 channels) DND (Do Not Disturb) Station Feature Cancel
A : Analog extension
D : Digital extension
H : Hybrid extension Flash Terminal Group TRAFFIC ANALYSIS
Call Forward Flexible Button
Other Specification : Unconditional, Busy, No Answer, Circular Group Traffic Analysis - Attendant
Headset Ring Group Traffic Analysis - Calls
ITEM DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATION Busy/No Answer, Follow-me Intercom Signal Mode
Call Forward Station Off-net Voice Mail Group Traffic Analysis - CO
PSU AC Voltage Input 230 +/- 10% Volt AC @47-63Hz Intercom Tenancy Group UCD Group (Unified Call Distribution) Traffic Analysis - H/W Unit
AC Power consumption 90W : Unconditional, No answer Message Wait / Call Back
Call Forward Station Off-net with Tel No. ACD
AC Input Fuse 1.25A @250Volt AC MOH (Music On Hold) (Automatic Call Distribution) SOFTWARE UPGRADE
: Unconditional, No answer 13 Internal melody sources
DC Output Voltage +5, -5, +27, +30Volt DC
Call Forward, Incoming CO Off-net Mute USB
External Input Voltage +24 Volt DC(+12VDC x 2ea) CONFERENCE FEATURE
Backup Battery SLT Call Forward On-Hook dialing LAN
Battery Fuse 5.0A @250Volt AC
Preset Call Forward Station Name Confer ence - SERIAL(COM port)
Charging Current Max. 200mA Call Transfer to CO Line / Station MODEM
Station Program SLT (BROKERS Call)
Battery Load Current Max. 3A Hold Station Program Menu Paging Conference
Operating Temperature 0 (oC) - 40 (oC) Hold Preference Station Relocation Conference Room
Environment Humidity 0 - 80% (non-condensing) Automatic Hold Station Serial Call
Dimension KSU 339mm(W) x 288mm(H) x 85mm(D) Park Voice Over PAGING FEATURE
Weight Basic KSU 2.0 Kg Directed Call Pick Up Wake-up
Group Call Pick Up Internal page / External page /
Expansion KSU 1.9 Kg Extend CO-to-CO Connection