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PacketLight Networks, Ltd.

The PL-2000 boasts carrier feature set which include

remote monitoring and management (Inband or
Outband), link diagnostic tools and bi-directional
PacketLight Networks introduces performance monitoring on the client and service
PL-2000 – Multiprotocol/Multirate interfaces.
sub-10G service Muxponder over With the on-board OTN technology, FEC/EFEC (Forward
single or dual OTU2 uplink Error Correction) capability as well as integrated EDFA ,
PL-2000 can be used in long distance backbone
Tel Aviv, Israel – January 2nd, 2011 applications and is an ideal solution for carriers,
PacketLight Networks Ltd. a leading provider of alternative providers and ISP’s.
CWDM, DWDM and Dark Fiber connectivity solutions,
announced today that it has released the PL-2000, “PacketLight’s PL-2000’s flexible architecture and
the next generation multiprotocol/multirate sub-10G multiprotocol/multirate service support aggregation
muxponder in a 1U box. introduces a new era to the WDM backbone
infrastructure. It significantly simplifies configuration and
The PL-2000 provides efficient and flexible management of WDM networks by reducing the number
aggregation layer of multiprotocol/multirate sub-10G of optics, wavelengths , filters and regenerators needed,
services into single 10G OTU2 uplink trunk. The 10G while providing a unified pipe for the legacy and new
OTU2 uplink can aggregate simultaneously services over a common pipe ” stated Koby Reshef,
SDH/SONET, Ethernet, Fibre channel and Video PacketLight’s VP Marketing.
services, thus providing a perfect access platform for
multiple clients’ needs and allows merger of legacy The PL-2000 together with PacketLight’s PL-400 and PL-
and new services transparently. The rates and 1000EM, GbE Muxponder solutions, completes
protocols supported range from Fast Ethernet to GbE, PacketLight’s leading muxponders product line. .
1/2/4G FC/FICON, STM-1/OC-3, STM-4/OC-12, STM-
16/OC-48 and others. About PacketLight Networks, Ltd.
The PL-2000 supports two modes of operation. In PacketLight Networks offers a suite of Leading 1U Metro
the first mode, it can aggregate up to 16 CWDM and DWDM solutions, for transport of data, voice
multiprotocol/multirate services into a single and video applications, over dark fiber and WDM
protected 10G OTU2 uplink pipe. In the second mode, networks, featuring high quality, reliability and
it can aggregate up to 16 multiprotocol/multirate performance at affordable prices. Our products are
client services into dual independent OTU2 uplink distinguished with low power consumption ideal for CLE
pipes providing aggregated bandwidth of 20G in the (Customer Located Equipment) allowing maximum
smallest form factor available in the market today. flexibility as well as ease of maintenance and operation
and providing real Pay-as-you-grow architecture. For
Both operation modes are perfect fit for high product and reseller information, Please contact
bandwidth point to point and ring applications.

Koby Reshef, VP Marketing

PacketLight Networks Ltd.
Tel: +972-3-768-7888,