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Karthik C.

Address: #5/17 KV LAYOUT,4TH Block east ,4th cross Jayanagar

Phone: 080-22452330
Mobile: +919886403664

An enthusiastic and hard working team player looking for a
satisfying role to play. Have the ability to co-operate with other
members of a team to produce quality work.

Ability to communicate effectively, adaptable, willingness
To learn, good presentation skills, positive thinking,
earnestness, sincerity and willingness to work hard.

Academic Qualification:

2008.2009 Master of science from University of Manchester

Branch: Advanced Computer science.
Aggregate: 61.6%

2004.2008 Bachelor in Engineering from Bangalore

Institute Of
Aggregate: 65.07%

2003.2004 Completed II PUC from Vijaya Pre University College.

Aggregate: 76%

2001-2002 Completed Tenth (ICSE Board) from Sri Kumaran

Public School Bangalore
Aggregate: 64%

Areas Of interests
1 Hardware platforms:
Win -2000,9x,XP,Vista,linux,Sun Solaris.

2 Software Programming Languages:

C,C++,Perl,XML,HTML,Basics of JAVA,Php,SQL.

3 Assembly level languages:

Project Details :
 Projects undertaken during undergraduation:
 File structures Mini project on Cosequential Processing
This involved co-ordination of two or sequential lists to provide one single
sequential list by matching and merging.
Duration: 6 months.
Group of 2 members.
 Implementation of Mobile Insta Banking software.
This involved developing a mobile application embedded with banking
software with all the various key features which helps us to access all the
information at anytime anywhere. We used a wireless nokia GSM modem
to help co-ordinate information between the clients mobile phone and the
Insta Banking server.
Duration:6 months.
Group of 3 members.

 Projects undertaken during postgraduation:

 Implementation of a Middleware Architecture for Visualisation in
grid Systems.
This involved developing a middleware architecture using VTK
(Visualisation Toolkit).The Middleware layer in our architecture is the core
grid infrastructure that handles the processing of large volumes of resources
Duration:1 month
Group of 3 members.
 Implementation of risk assessment Plan For VASIS(VA School
Information System).
This was an Individual Project involved creating an excel sheet to enlist
all the assets and the risks they posed. This also involved reading and
understanding the above case study and provide future plans for quality
assurance and business continuity.
Duration: 3 months
 Analysis of the Design of Acquisitonal Processor for Query Networks.
This involved analysis a research paper to derive a contemporary solution
prevalent in the traditional query processing systems with the introduction
of TinyDB which adopts an acquisitional approach.
Duration:1 month.
 Internet Service Provider Selection Using a Multiple Criteria Decision
This was an Individual project involved the analysis of the optimal ISP
using MCDA.This was possible by the use of a decision matrix,sensitivity
analysis,several 1-0 transformations taking into consideration three factors
which were speed, cost and download limit.
Duration: 3 months
Group of 5 members.
 Also undertook a mini project on building technologies which involved
developing several codes using JAVA and HTML to create applications
such as dictionary0,dictionary1 and dictionarydb and also create JSP’S.
Duration:2 months.
November 2008 – October 2009 Manchester United Football

• Worked as a Kiosk Assistant Involved carrying out a wide range of

duties including taking orders from customers, cash handling at tills, and
matching stock sheets at close.
• Developed excellent communication skills through constant interaction
with customers and the dynamic nature of work improved my ability to
work well under pressure.

September 2008 – September 2009 University of Manchester
Sport Volunteer
• Involved visiting schools in local areas to coach students in cricket, also included
event organizing and management.

November 2008 Getting Manchester Moving

Volunteer Coordinator
• Involved traveling around the city of Manchester and creating awareness among the
general public on issues relating to health and fitness.

June 2004 – June 2005 Art of Living Foundation

Volunteer Fund Raiser
• Negotiated deals with all forms of media including Radio Mirchi and ethnic

- Successfully completed The Duke of Edinburgh Award
Scheme, Bronze medal. Currently pursuing the silver
- Credit certificate from the Trust for rural upliftment
strategies (a registered voluntary organization).
- Credit Certificate from The Centre of Human Resource
Development for non-bio degradable waste management.


• Sport - Represented the “University of Manchester” cricket team in the British
Universities and College Sports tournament and the “Stretford Cricket Club” in the
Manchester and Division Cricket Association League during 2008– 2009.
• Music - Played bass guitar for “Shadows” and performed regularly in Sunday Jams
in Bangalore, India. Also played bass for the stretford cricket club band.

Personal Details:

Name Karthik C.S

Date Of Birth 16th July,1986
Father’s Name Mr. Srinivas C.D
Languages English, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi.

I hereby solemnly declare that all the above furnished details are correct to the best of
my knowledge.


Karthik Coorg Srinivas