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Mobile #: +92-333-9380373

To flourish my programming skills using the best of my potentials by adding value to
your Organization with a challenging role ahead.


• 1.5+ years of professional experience on Open Source / Java / J2EE / J2SE Platform.
• Good command over Coding Standards, Formatting and Best practices.
• Experienced in developing W3C Standardized HTML, CSS & JavaScript contents.
• Professional experience on JSP, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Spring
• JDBC, JDBC, JavaScript, Swing, HTML, MyEclipse, Netbeans, SVN, Velocity etc.
• Hands on experience on JBoss Application Server and Apache Tomcat Application
• Professional experience on implementing MVC Architecture in Web Applications.
• Good knowledge of Oracle 9i, MySQL, SQLYog.
• Experience of giving Dynamic Support to Customers in case of sudden Issue over the
client’s Production Environment.
• Good communication skills and the usage of Business Communication Techniques.
• Fine concepts of Organizational Behavior, working in groups, teams and their
• Familiar with the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process to include
design, development, implementation and quality assurance.

• Strong concepts of OOP
• Sound programming skills of J2SE
• Sound Knowledge of GUI development in Swing
• Database manipulation (JDBC)
• Good hand on HTML and JavaScript ( client side scripting)
• Sound skills of CSS.
• Servlets, JSP, Velocity and Application Servers

Development Frameworks
• Hibernate: good knowledge of the Object Relational Mapping framework.
• Spring: Intermediate knowledge of Spring MVC framework for J2EE.
Web/Application Server
• JBoss, Apache Tomcat

• Oracle v 9i.
• Intermediate knowledge of RDBMS, Microsoft Access, and sound knowledge
of SQL.
• Used MySql in multiple educational projects.

Design Patterns
• Singleton, Session Facade, DAO and IOC

Version Controls

Development IDEs
• NetBeans IDE 6.1
• Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers

Operating Systems
• Windows98, Windows XP/2000/2003 server, LINUX

• Dream weaver
• PlSql Developer for Oracle
• SQLyog for MySql database

IBL(International Brands Limited)
Worked at IBL Karachi Pakistan as a Java Developer Internee 05th April 2009 to
2nd Aug 2009

MIT Pvt Ltd(Micro Innovations & Technologies)

Worked as a junior java developer at MIT Pvt Ltd. from 14th Aug 2009 to 28 Feb
Working as a J2EE developer at from 2nd March 2010 till 31st till
Professional PROJECTS:

Project: LMS - Learning Management System
Role: Software Engineer

The Learning Management system (LMS) is the client reporting toolkit for
virtual university.
You can gain detailed information on your account revenue and student progress by using the
various reporting tools within the LMS. The LMS complements the virtual university system and
information gathered through user registration is available for reporting using the LMS.


• Designing and developing the survey tool.

• Development of SCORM package upload module.
• Performance tuning of the product and improving data management.
• Integration of modules into final app.

Company: MIT Pvt Ltd(Micro Innovations & Technologies)

Project: LIMS(Laboratory Information Management System)
Role: Junior Java Developer

LIMS is a flexible, powerful, secure and stable laboratory information management system
designed for small to mid-sized labs. Maintaining well organized, secure, instantly accessible
and easily reported laboratory data are just a few of LIMS' benefits.


• Customization in the current version.

• Client side requirement gathering.
• Deployment of the application on linux based server.

Father Name Muhammad Karim
Date of Birth 17-09-1986
Domicile & PRC Karachi
Contact # 0333-9380373
N.I.C # 42401-1968088-9
Nationality Pakistan
Religion Islam
BS (Software Engineering)
University of Karachi, 2006 Evening Program (In 2009)

Govt. College For Men Nazimabad, Karachi (In 2005).

Matriculation (Computer Science)

Standard Secondary School, Karachi (In 2003)

Available on request.