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Volume 1, Issue 11 October 1, 2006

To succeed in business personally &
professionally through Networking &
education while building key relationships &
having fun!

Y o u A r e W h a t Y o u T h i n k
F r o m o u r P r e s i d e n t — K a t h y
H a r d t k e

Be careful what you Everything we think, fested it into reality.

wish for. This is truer speak and hear is ex-
now more than ever. tremely powerful.
Everyday we are learn- If you want to know
Think about the things
what goes on in your
ing more and more you have thought and
about the power of our mind, slow things
said with conviction in
down a bit. Take a
thoughts and how they the past. Maybe it was
are creating our lives. moment, be quiet, and
something like "that
I N S I D E TH I S listen. Listen to the
I S S U E : We become what we job is mine" or "I will
think, what we dream random, fleeting
never get that job".
as well as what we thoughts going
WLN Success Story 2 Did it come true? Did
through your mind.
fear. As our world you find yourself say-
You Are What You Think
2 changes, faster and ing "I knew that would Continued page 2
faster each day, we happen" or "I was
September’s Photo Collage 3 are forced to keep up right"? Of course you
or to adapt to the were right as your
Member Spotlight
world we live in. In thoughts are very
Lora Cantele, R.A. other words, we have powerful. The simplic-
a choice to either ac- ity of this process is
Calendar of Events 5
tively create our reality the power of choice
or passively let reality through these
Meet the Board 6 create us. thoughts. You created
it. Hence, you mani-
Ambassadors 6

M e m b e r s h i p P e r k
O c t o b e r H i g h l i g h t
T o v i e w a l l o f t h e p e r k s a v a i l a b l e v i s i t
A B W A ’ s w e b s i t e a t w w w . a b w a . o r g is a web-based prospecting tool designed by InfoUSA, the

leading provider of business and consumer leads and information. Sign up for
your FREE 7-day trial at or call 866-872-0057 with
unlimited access to 12 of InfoUSA's proprietary databases, including 14 mil-
lion US businesses and 210 million U.S. consumers.
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W L N S u c c e s s S t o r y
"I have been searching for months for pads of paper - I had particular ones
in mind based on some that I have and now running out of. This to most was
probably a small thing but to me, I really wanted quality paper for the com-
ing busy season. I asked several contacts in different fields when one men-
tioned to ask a printer. Well, I did not know any printers until Sue from
Alphagraphics came to our group. I spoke to her after the September meeting and she knew
exactly what I was talking about. We met the next morning at her office - she had already
come up with three possibilities and several pricing options for me to choose from. I sup-
plied her with a sample of what I had been using and in 15 minutes was able to make my se-
lection and place the order. Within a few days of emailing questions, she emailed me a sam-
ple of what it would look like - without having my logo to copy, her designer came up with
my logo exactly as it looks on my business card! Within a week of that, they were ready for
pickup. Sue is willing to bring them to our October

meeting and accept payment at that time. This

was one of the smoothest and easiest business
transactions I have been involved with.
I look forward to a wonderful relationship
with Sue and Alphagraphics.
Thank you for all your help!

Pat Kolodziej, PK Tax Services, L.L.C."

Y o u A r e W h a t Y o u T h i n k
F r o m o u r P r e s i d e n t — K a t h y H a r d t k e — C o n t i n u e d

Continued from page 1 need to replace the subtle sub- future perceptions and reali-
Do not try to control, force or conscious and reactive ties? What thoughts are you
change these thoughts, sim- thoughts with conscious proac- going to change that have
ply listen. Be still, be aware tive thoughts, repeatedly and been limiting you in the past?
and take it in. These are the consistently, over time. Ironi-
thoughts that are manifesting cally, we don't even have to
your destiny, today and into believe these new thoughts.
the future. Our mind believes what we tell
it to believe. We merely need
to consciously change our old
The good news is that we all limiting thoughts and choose
have the power to control this new empowering thoughts.
thought process. We simply
need to become aware and
then change course. We What thoughts are you going to
begin thinking to create your
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V o l u m e 1 , I s s u e 1 1 Page 4

M e m b e r S p o t L i g h t
L o r a C a n t e l e , R . A .

Like many natural health care providers, my desire to become an ·Who is your perfect
Aromatherapist was born out of a personal experience with pain client? My perfect cli-
and recovery after a couple of car accidents. A friend had pur- ent is someone who is
chased massage oil from an Aromatherapist he knew and gifted it open to the idea of
to me to help me with my back pain. I felt relief within 8 minutes of aromatherapy and has
using it. I spent a day with the Aromatherapist who made it and a willingness to follow
learned all about this wonderful healing art. I felt as though it was through with the recom-
the best kept secret ever! I started reading all the books I could mendations I present.
find on the subject and eventually enrolled at a highly regarded Most people want a
college of health sciences. I became a Certified Aromatologist in “miracle pill” and have
2003 and a Registered Aromatherapist in 2005. I continued my no desire to take the time to take care of themselves. We live
studies in the areas of herbalism, bodycare, nutrition and relaxa- in a hurried world. Everything is made to be “convenient” or
tion to enhance my aromatherapy practice. I continue to study with “fast”. Aromatherapy is a pleasurable way to improve your
my mentors in the U.K.-Shirley, Len & Penny Price. health and well being. A perfect client is someone who is will-
ing to take the time to “stop and smell the roses”…pun in-
I am very diversified in the work I currently do. I am now an aro- tended.
matherapy educator, teaching the curriculum of the Penny Price
Academy at the McHenry County College, as well as my own work- ·What keeps you ahead of your competition? I take the time to
shops. I am the exclusive U.S distributor./partner for Penny Price thoroughly review a client’s intake form. I research their con-
Aromatherapy. I manufacture my own line of all natural personal ditions and medications before creating an essential oil blend
care products under my company name, Enhancements Aro- for them. I take the time to advise them on safe practice. I
matherapy, as well as my preservative and synthetic free line of also offer recommendations for dietary changes, relaxation
products called ‘True’ for Penny Price Aromatherapy-USA. What is and exercise. I also offer a method of administering essential
nearest and dearest to me though, is my work as a practitioner. oils called “Swiss Reflex Therapy-SRT”. SRT is a means of
assessing a client’s health through the reflexes of the foot,
Aromatherapy is the controlled and knowledgeable use of essential provides a nice method of administering the essential oils and
oils to promote health and well being! My clients fill out an exten- empowers the client to be more proactive in their own health-
sive intake form that covers the basic questions your doctor would care. I am only one of three certified Swiss Reflex Therapists
ask, as well as additional information about your diet, exercise, rest in the U.S. SRT is currently being practiced throughout Europe
& lifestyle. My “treatment program” includes not only the use of and Asia as a complementary therapy to other traditional
essential oils, but herbs, water, exercise and breathwork. I am methods of care.
more interested in the root cause of a client’s condition, not just
the symptoms. All of my recommendations are created to be “user
friendly” and with your lifestyle in mind. ·Who is your perfect power partner? My perfect “Power Part-
ner” is an integrated healthcare provider. That can be a doc-
tor (allopathic or natural health) that integrates a variety of
I think what makes me successful is that I educate my clients and complementary methods within their practice or office setting,
other interested people in what I do. Once they have a clearer nurse, massage therapist, chiropractor, osteopath or naturo-
understanding of what true aromatherapy is they become informa- path.
tion junkies like myself and come back for more. With regard to my
Penny Price customers, I offer some of the finest quality oils and
education available. Penny Price Aromatherapy is a well respected ·What tip can you give to a business looking for your services?
company that maintains a high level of integrity in their product Be sure to investigate the credentials of anyone who sells or
and practices. With the products I manufacture, I don’t just offer works with essential oils. There are a lot of “practitioners” out
soap, for example. I offer a face wash that is gentle, aromatic, and there with little formal training; i.e. weekend seminar or 2
made from the finest organic ingredients available. The products month correspondence course. Certified aromatherapists
are made with a specific therapeutic intent, so not only will the typically have a minimum of 225 contact hours of study; aro-
soap cleanse your face, it will elevate your mood, refresh and heal matologists have over 300. Registered Aromatherapists
your skin and will not leave any toxins behind that will build up in (RA’s) have taken a national board exam and passed with
your system and become damaging over time. higher than 70%. I, myself, have almost 800 contact hours.

·How did you get involved with the If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more
WLN? I was invited by Laurie Bu- please contact Lora directly:
chanan (HolEssence) to come to
the first WLN meeting and see Enhancements Aromatherapy
what it was all about. I knew that Lora Contele, R.A.
this was no ordinary networking
group. I joined the first night!
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October 2006
Are you a member of a women’s networking
or support group that is not listed? If
so—please email me and we will add to
next month’s news letter.
Ginger Imes—

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

1 2 3 11:30 APW 4 8:15 MCPWG 5 6 7

Luncheon Bi-Monthly Mtg
Cassie Pat Van
Augustin Slyke

8 9 10 7:30 Crystal 11 5:30 WLN 12 13 14

Clear Toastmas- Monthly Meeting
ter Meeting

15 16 6:30 WLN 17 11:30 WIM 18 8:15 19 20 21

Board Meeting McHenry Co Mo MCPWG Bi-
Mtg Monthly Mtg

22 23 24 7:30 Crystal 25 26 27 28
Clear Toastmas-
ter Meeting Ginger

29 30 31

Schedule of Events
• 10/03/2006—Alliance of Professional Women Networking Luncheon: Bonefish Grill in the Algonquin Commons. 11:30 am to
1:00 pm. Call Theresa to reserve 847-658-5300

• 10/4 & 18/2006—McHenry Cook Professional Women’s Group meeting: Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce, Route 14, Crystal
Lake, IL. 8:15 am to 9:15 am. No reservation required.

• 10/10 & 10/24/2006—Crystal Clear Toastmasters meetings (2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month). Nick’s Pizza & Pub, 856
Pyott Road, Crystal Lake. 7:30 am to 8:30 am. Call Terri Williams 847-854-7775

• 10/11/2006—Women’s Leadership Network Monthly Meeting: Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiono, South Randall Road, Algonquin. 5:30
pm to 7:30 pm. $35 Call to reserve 847-489-5053

• 10/16/2006—Women’s Leadership Network Board Meeting: Irish Currough, Algonquin Commons, Algonquin. 6:30 pm to 8:30

• 10/17/2006—Women in Management McHenry County monthly meeting: Bull Valley Country Club, Woodstock. 11:30 am to
1:30 pm. 815-363-2693
President: Kathy Hardtke
American Home Mortgage

President Elect: Anne Ward

Monthly meetings are located at: Creative Core
Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiono
1524 South Randall Road
Algonquin, IL 60102
VP of Membership: Pat Kolodziej
2nd Wednesday of each month PK Tax Services
5:30 pm — 7:30 pm 847-608-6451

If you should have any questions please

contact one of the board members listed or
visit us on the web.
VP of Finance: Sandra Larkin
Lost & Found Life Coach

New Members—September: VP of Programs: Kris Freeman

Body Talk Practitioner
Rita Slawek—Huntley Chamber of Commerce 847-975-9406

VP of Marketing: Ginger Imes

DS&P Insurance Services
Ambassadors: 847-485-2408

Ambassador of Membership: Siree Sandberg

Ambassador for Visitor Welcoming: Norine Wiebmer
Ambassador of Events: Carol Palframan
Ambassador of Programs: Terri Williams VP of Administration: Robin Braga
Ambassador of Marketing: Mary Anne Muscat Silpada Designs
Ambassador of Events: Kathy Glink 847-961-5526
Ambassador of Membership: Lisa Davidson
Ambassador of Visitor Welcoming: Gwynne Knutson
Ambassador of Membership: Susan Skawinski

*Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador? If so, VP of Events: Kim Gaxiola

AG Edwards