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Nursing Case Nursing

Assessment Diagnosis Planning Rationale Evaluation

Background Intervention
Subjective: Risk for infection The client has After 8 hours of Observe for To note changes After 8 hours of
related to increased risk for nursing localized signs of of appearance in nursing
“Paminsan Steinmann pin being invaded by intervention, the infection at the and around the intervention, the
minsan po, insertion pathogenic patient will: insertion of site. client
nalilinis yan.” organisms Steinmann pin. demonstrated
(pointing towards because of -demonstrate proper aseptic
the Steinmann broken primary proper aseptic technique in
pin) defense due to technique in Stress proper A first line cleaning the site
Steinmann pin cleaning the site handwashing defense against of the insertion
Objective: insertion. of the insertion. techniques nosocomial and verbalized
Osteomyelitis especially when infection. understanding
Broken primary would likely to -be cleaning the about the
defense due to occur if ever knowledgeable insertion site. possible
Steinmann pin infection takes about what outcomes.
insertion place at the site. possibilities will Cleanse incision To remove
be most likely to site daily and prn pathogenic
Messy and humid occur. with hydrogen microbes thus
environment. peroxide first reducing
then betadine. occurrence of

Cover it with To prevent

dressing, sterile contamination.
gauze around the
site and change it
prn. Do not use
adhesive tapes.