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Nera ce Perey aU race - Tal Oke Tia sible for mental and even physical healing to take place through the use of language alone? If so, how and why? What was the basis of Sigmund Freud's “talking cure” for the symptoms of hysteria and neurosis? What is the relationship between Freud’s work and modern psychotherapeutic models? How can his methods help deal with everyday problems or assist people to change limiting beliefs? What made Leonardo da Vinci such a prolific scientific researcher as well as an exceptional artist? Is it possible for an average person to be as inventive as Leonardo? What made it possible for Nikola Tesla to build an entire machine using only his mind’s eye? How does a person learn to visualize if he or she is not already able to do it naturally? ‘These questions and many others are explored and answered in this third volume of Strategies of Genius. NLP developer, trainer and author Robert Dilts studies the cognitive strategies of Sigmund Freud, Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla to uncover unique strategies for healing, change and creativity. This fascinating inquiry into the minds of these three exceptional men unveils the strategies by which they were able to explore and uncover the ‘deeper structures’ of the mind, nature and the future, and in doing so, change our world. Examine Freud's strategies for observation, analysis and interpretation by focusing on seemingly trivial details. Investigate Leonardo's strate- gies for stimulating his imagination, improving his memory and probing the ‘first principles’ of nature by ‘chunking’ and synthesizin—*vore elements of a system. Learn how Nikola To) yto visualize to the degree that the only labor develop his incredible inventions was the By combining the power of NLP with the bri of history’s greatest geniuses and innovators, ete present simple but effective techniques for a Belieeandbetavior Strategies of Genius Volume III Sigmund Freud Leonardo da Vinci Nikola Tesla by Robert B. Dilts