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A Burdened Heart

“ A Message To Former Apostolic’s”

I Must say with tears in my eyes that after looking up some Old Apostolic’s(they shall remain nameless)
that I knew years ago. It is with great sadness to see the ones that I not more Than 5 feet from shouted
with, prayed with, spoke in tongues with, preached a preacher on with, screamed one God with, believed
holiness with. Are Out dotting the hills of the world and it, made me cry. I want to tell you something that
is burning on my heart now. (Please if you feel like I am taking aim at you IM NOT. Further More I
would never, don't think its just you I'm Talking about, all the dearly beloved ones that I have spent time
with that have departed from the faith) You had so much potential, you squandered it for this world. Your
were so pretty and Hansom, when you were Apostolic. You Could shout like no one I knew. You were the
definition of Shamefacedness, you were the epitome of Holiness, You were looked up to, Loved and
Cherished by you Pastor. When you Left you don't realize the Hours of Agonizing Intersession by your
Pastor's Wife and Pastor. The Prayers of your friends are still ringing in heaven, Your glimpse of world
fame and wonder are nothing more than a fading shadow on the horizon of time, When God took you in
you were Changed, The Finger prints of the potter are still on you, no matter where you may go or what
you many do, You will never be happy out side of God's protection and mercy. I beseech you that you
would answer this question... WHY? did you leave the greatest thing on the planet. God's Mercy,
Goodness, Protection, Provision, and Anointing, for what Drugs that can kill you. Alcohol that makes you
wake up regretting last night, profligate relationships that lead to broken families, and shattered dreams.
WHAT? is my second question: was so appealing that it pulled you from, Safety, Peace, Love, Godliness,
Holiness. I'm Not prefect by no stretch of the imagination, but I never wake up, wondering why I serve
God, because I look at where you are, and I see nothing but pain, heartache, and tumult. The Hollow
empty look in your eyes, that at one time radiated the Goodness of God, I'm tearing anyone down, nor
being a pastor(for I am not one) But The Lord Jesus Christ. Our Great and One God, is Coming back
soon, and very soon, and There is an old song that goes... "You Came One Day To Late, One Day Too
Late, Jesus Came And You've Been Left Behind to Wait, Yesterday you couldn't find time for Jesus, on
your mind, You Finally Came To Call his name but One Day To Late!" I will Never forget this song, It
was played by sister Riggen, the morning I prayed through and repented. I urge you with great
vehemency please don't come One Day To Late. I will never forget you. I will Always Love you, I will
still pray for you. But God is still here with His Arms wide Open, There Is nothing you have done that he
wont forgive, and put under the blood, I Came from this world I know what its like out there. Please This
Next Sunday or Midweek, you know where you belong, where Home is, I urge You Make your way back
to God, He Still Loves, You He Died For You. If You Feel That Burden That God Has Placed on my heart,
for our Lost Sheep. Please Pass This On Via Text, IM, Email, Twitter, FB. Etc. Your Prayer's Will Come
Up As A Memorial Before Almighty God. Unto Him That is Able To Do Exceedingly Abundantly Above
All That we can ask or Think.

With Prayers & Love

Joshua L. Jensen