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Series 860
Relief Valve Kit
Sizes: 212" 10" (65 250mm)

Installation Instructions
Kit No.: 905294
This repair kit contains the following parts: (4) 516" x 214" lg cap screws (8) 516" washers (2) 278" ID x .139W O-rings (1) relief valve assembly (2) 516" x 114" lg cap screws (6) 516" hex nuts (1) extension (1) gasket
Gasket (2) Washers (4) Washers Extension (2) O-rings (2) Hex Nuts (2) Washers

(4) Hex Nuts

 Refer to illustration to the right for proper location of components. Locate washers as shown and tighten nuts to 120 inch/pounds.

(2) 114" lg Capscrews (4) 214" lg Capscrews

Relief Valve Assembly

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FEBCO, 2008

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