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Cover Letter

Dear Employer, I am making plans to move out of state of California before the year 2008 ends.

My wife and I are both excited about the change to relocate to Kentucky and just to enjoy life,
There. My sister and her husband have moved there and have never regretted it. I have always
strived to better myself at everything I do. I refuse to give up on any task until it’s completed. No
matter how difficult it is. I can adapt to any situation I come across and I can work independently
as well as in a group setting and I am not afraid to ask for help if need be. Most of my past
history has been dealing with driving. I feel it’s the best kind of work for me because it’s my
passion. Also to let you know my middle name is Miles. How one cans beat that! I believe it was
meant to be.

Timothy Miles
Shipley Objective
109 Hamilton Ave.
Lancaster. Ky.
40444 1-

To obtain a dependable full time job with benefits. And also I Need to mention I have a
5yrs. Experience Commercial Driver License with class B with Passenger endorsement
on it, and a medical examiners certificate as Well.

Work Experience

1. Ace parking shuttle bus driver for San Diego International Airport
1. 645 ASH. Sr. San Diego Ca.92101 3/23/2005 -12/3/08
,1.Loading and unloading passengers and their luggage’s to their designated

2. Laid law Transit.

800 Fesler St. El Cajon Ca. 92020 1/15/2003-4/1/2005
1 Drove designated routes which included dial-a-ride service in Spring Valley,
La Mesa, El Cajon, also drove Flex Routes, Which included special
attention and care for their safety. Which those whom had wheelchairs to be
Strapped down for safety reasons

3.San Diego Convention Center.( Civic Center Theater ) 202 C Street San Diego
Ca.92101 5/11/1983-6/1/1998
1. Jr.Usher Directing people to their designated seats

4. Computer Inventory Services.

23011 Moulton Parkway Blvd Building! suit 2
Laguna Hills Ca. 92653
Part-time work on call 3/1996 - present time

9/5/1970 – 9/5/1977 Avondale elementary school
9/5/1977 – 9/5/1983 Home School

1. Volunteer at my church working with the Video & sound system, adjusting tones and
volume along with the computer skills to produce quality sound control throughout the
services also to produce a copy of the sermon of the day to be used for the Library on
DVD’s and CD. 1974-present time
2. Also worked in a Family Owned Business a Novelty shop, Waited on Customers,
Restock shelves, Worked the cash register, Open & Closed the Doors at store’s hour,
Answed phone and took down messages as well. 1984-1985
3. Still active at my church playing the drums during praise and worship services. 1977-
Present time.

References. (Personal)
1. Mrs.Kathryn Laffoon & her belated husband known For 38yrs.they
Lived at 8146 Blossom Ln. Lemon Grove Ca. 91945 now Relocated
to Tennessee.2001 Orlomar Court, Spring Hill,37174
Phone# 619-414-4251
2. Jack Guerard Known for 30yrs. He lives at
747 ADA St.Chula Vista Ca.91911
Phone #619-423-0659
3. Freeda Minier known for 20yrs. She Live at 7747 Tommy Dr. Apt.17
San Diego ca. 92119 Phone # 619-337-1884
4 . John knefler Known him for 25 yrs. Live at 951 Sycamore Ln. El Cajon
Ca.92019 Phone# 619-840-6954
5. Timothy Liming known him for 25yrs. Live at 1431 Walbollen St.
Spring Valley Ca. 91977 Phone #619-464-1819
6. Delcie Bjork known her for 11yrs. Live at 8249 Vernier Dr. Lemon Grove
Ca. 91945 Now My Wife and so Happy.

7. Ernest & Cathy Lear for 2 yrs. Live at 148 Jessice Way
Standford Ky.40484 1-606-365-7186

8. Jon Henderson for 2yrs. Live at 107 Hamilton Ave

Lancaster Ky. 40444 1-859-792-8983

9. Glenn Daugherty for 2yrs. Live at 103 Crimson

Court. Lancaster Ky. 40444 1-859-792-9599 (H) OR 1-
859-583-5152 ( cell)