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Women of God-Ordained

V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 O C T O B E R 2 7 , 2 0 0 7

 Purpose and

Purpose and Significance


 Moving into
Purpose and
Women you are uniquely de- be reconciled to our Heavenly destiny that He has for you. As
 Consecration signed for purpose and destiny. Father. We were foreordained you begin to pursue the Lord,
for Purpose
You are not a mistake and it was by God to walk in holiness, to little by little you will gain revela-
and Destiny the praise of His glory. tion and insight to what it is that
not by accident you came into
existence. God has specifically planned and
 Not My Will, designed just for you.
But Your Will Many of you may feel you lack
You are a master piece, created
Be Done Lord significance and purpose. Some
by the Creator Himself.
of you may feel empty and void
 Developing
Uniquely designed, there is no
inside, some may feel worthless.
Your Poten-
one else like you.
Let me assure you, God has His
tial eyes on you, and how precious What has happened to you in the
you are in His sight. God has past or present does not deter-
loved you with an everlasting mine whether you have purpose
love. “For All My Days Are or significance. You are so valu-
Ordained By You O Lord” able in the eyes of God. Never
INSIDE Before the creation of the world
let anyone or anything else steal
THIS ISSUE: and the human race, God already
the perception of who you are in
had a plan for you and the rest of It is very important that you have
Purpose & Christ. You are most definitely
2 the human race. God’s plan
Destiny a strong sense of godly purpose. valuable, regardless of who
were to have a people to love
We all need God’s vision for our thinks so. “God demonstrated
and worship Him. Our primary
2 future. Ask God to give you a His love in this, that while we
purpose is to come into a rela- were yet sinners, Christ died for
understanding of the purpose and
tionship with our Lord Jesus and us.”
Consecration 2

Consecration 3

Not My Will 4 Moving into Purpose & Destiny

Developing 5 Several years ago, I received a could see myself doing those When you ignore the purpose
Potential very nice prophecy from an eld- things. Furthermore, if God and plans of God, sooner or later
erly lady in our church. She asked me to be an encourager to trouble will come knocking at
Healing of 6
talked about how God will use the younger women, what else is your door. You will either draw
Your Soul
me to encourage young married He going to ask me to do? Un- near to God or become dis-
women and some other things. I fortunately, I did nothing to pur- tanced.
thought about the prophecy, it sue the things of God. I contin- My troubles brought me near to
was a good prophecy and the ued on doing everything else, and God.
more I thought about it, the less I ignored what God desired to do.

Moving Into Purpose & Destiny

I began to sense that I was feat and failure will soon find experience. As I moved in
going through a wilderness you out. When I set my purpose and destiny, I begin to
experience. The Israelites heart to pursue God, little by see the faithfulness of God
were sent into the wilderness little significant changes begin through many miracles that He
because of disobedience and to take place in my life. The performed either in my behalf
unbelief. They wandered joy of my salvation was re- or on the behalf of my family.
aimlessly and many died there. stored, and intimate relation- Miracles that some day I will
They were assigned to be ship begin to develop. be at liberty to disclose by
there for forty years in the I purposed in my heart to obey testimony or a book.
desert because of unbelief and God and walk in His purpose I’ve chosen to love God and
disobedience. and destiny that He has as- worship Him, not just in song,
When we choose to do the signed unto me. but with my lifestyle.
For we had been things we want to do and ig- Did the road get easier? No, Never ignore the purpose and
foreordained in ac- nore the purpose and plans in fact the greater your calling plans God has for you. Submit
cordance with His that God has called us to, de- the more adversity you will and surrender your all to Him.
purpose….Eph. 1:11

Can we let go of

our well-worn
Importance of Purpose & Destiny
paths and follow  Pursuing purpose and  Walking in purpose and  Pursuing purpose causes
God’s destiny for you is destiny impacts the lives you to do the things Jesus
the one less of others said you would do and
an act of obedience
even greater things
traveled? …  It releases the peace of  Walking in purpose and
God, that garrisons and destiny causes you to be  Walking in purpose and
Discovering destiny a living epistle, you are an destiny releases the guid-
mount guards around
your mind and spirit open book to others ance and direction of the
is far from passive. Holy Spirit in your life
 Purpose releases focus on  Walking in purpose re-
Bill Thrall,
the kingdom of God leases the potential of  Pursuing purpose releases
Bruce McNicol, gifts and talents that God the joy of the Lord
 Pursuing purpose releases has deposited within you
Ken McElrath fulfillment and satisfaction

Consecrated for Purpose and Destiny

Strive to
live in peace As I began to pursue God I Peter 5:10—”And after you Word in our heart, but God
with every- and get into the Word, I have suffered a little while, the endows His people with
body and had this inner feeling that God of all grace [Who has anointing and power to go
pursue that God was up to something called you to His [own] eternal forth in His name. We are His
else. Yes, He wants you glory in Christ Jesus, will Him- true representatives of Jesus
to truly know Him. The self complete and make you Christ. We learn obedience
tion and
anointing that He allows what you ought to be, establish through the things that we
holiness … to come into your life is a and ground you securely, and suffer, just as Jesus did.
Heb. 12:14 direct result of the fellow- strengthen, and settle you.” It’s
ship of your suffering for Jesus. not enough for us to have the



Consecrated For Purpose and Destiny

Before I and chosen. fice, holy and acceptable unto God. A
formed Ephesians 1:4, says, consecrated believer will not live con-
thee in the “According as he formed to the ways of this world, but
hath chosen us in transformed through the renewing of
belly, I
him before the foun- the mind to the Word of God. It re-
knew thee;
dation of the world, quires utmost obedience.
Jerem. 1:5 that we should be
What are the benefits of a conse-
holy and without
crated life? You will see the interven-
blame before him in love.”
Jeremiah was set apart, conse- ing hand of God in many situations,
crated by God for purpose and Is it easy living a consecrated life? especially through prayer. God said, he
destiny. While he was yet in his Some days are easy, some are not would even deliver the one who is not
“I will only
mother’s womb. He was destined so easy. Consecration requires innocent through the cleanness and
to be a prophet to many nations. living a lifestyle dedicated to God pureness of your hands. I have wit- reveal myself
above all else. Presenting your nessed it many times, God’s hand inter-
As a believer, you also are called body daily to God as a living sacri- vening. to those who

love me and

Not My Will, But Your Will Be Done Lord

obey me. The

Father will love

them too, and

In times of adversity and testing, strong as a good soldier. You need When God deals with us in the
we will come
your prayer should be not my will to be fully armed as the scripture midst of adversity, it is for our
be done, but your will Lord. These admonishes us in Ephesians Chap- benefit. We are admonished to to them and
times can be painful and the enemy ter 6. Cast down negative thoughts submit to and endure [correction]
takes advantage of these vulnerable from the enemy and bring your for discipline; God is dealing with live with them.
times. The key to passing your test thoughts into obedience to the you as with sons. When we come
Anyone who
and persevering is a right attitude. Lord Jesus. Spend much time in out victorious, there is an increase
Never succumb to doubt and unbe- prayer, the Word and praising God. of God’s anointing upon your life doesn’t obey
lief. Satan will use these times to “Men ought to always pray and not because you submitted to Him and
throw oppression against your walked with a right attitude. May me doesn’t
faint and give up.”
mind, I admonish you to stand there be a greater anointing on you.
love me.”

John 14:23-24

Develop Your Potential

Many of us do not have an inkling of He has and its time to use that you neglect developing
the great potential that God has treasure. “However, we possess your speaking gift. Who
placed within us. So many gifts and this precious treasure [frail, human] wants to listen to some-
talents; so much wisdom and vessels of earth...II Corinth. 4:7 one who is absolutely
knowledge He has given unto us. Develop and cultivate your gifts and boring ?
You have the potential to do the talents. If you are a singer, take Your gift may be assisting
impossible! “Everything is possible vocal lessons and practice your in administration, your
for him who believes.” (Mark 9:23) songs and excel in that gift. If you gift be prophesying, learn
are a speaker, just because you may about prophesying.
Exercise your potential and
Do you believe God has placed
be anointed, that does not mean share it with others!
great treasure within you? Well,
Cynthia Wilson Ministries, Inc. Cynthia Wilson Ministries, Inc.
This is a ministry of healing and deliverance.
Cynthia’s heart is to reach out to the broken-
hearted, proclaim the good news of the gospel.
Winning the lost to Jesus Christ and nurturing
believers in the Word of God.

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Pursue Healing For Your Soul

Many have experienced being deeply defeated marriages. your soul. Why is it important to
wounded, emotionally and possibly When you come into a relationship experience the healing power of God
physically. The good news is that with the Lord Jesus, it is His will that in your soul? Unhealed wounds lead
Jesus came not only to heal us physi- you pursue Him for the healing of to a host of negative personalities; a
cally, but to heal the broken-hearted. your soul. Your mind, will and emo- root of bitterness takes root and
Satan’s strategies are to afflict those tions, makes up your soul. Never defiles and contaminates your whole
who are the most vulnerable, often it neglect seeking God for your system. This opens the door to a
is young children. Children should be wounded heart. As you submit to stronghold of unforgiveness, disobedi-
able to live within the safety and secu- God, He will release a healing balm in ence, rebellion, unresolved anger,
rity of their homes, unfortunately jealousy, self pity, pride and malicious
millions of children are abused physi- behavior. It opens a spiritual door to
cally, mentally and sexually. Those mental torment , oppression and
wounds manifests in the soul in dev- insanity. When there is a stronghold
astating ways. As the children grow of unforgiveness, a barrier is erected
into adulthood, the unhealed wounds between you and God. The Lord will
have so distorted the personality of no longer release His blessings of
the person, many bondages are the prosperity, healing and deliverance
end result. Depression and oppres- into your life. Until you choose to
sion usually consumes the individual, forgive and obey, your blessings are
leading to continual life dysfunctions. “For I will restore health to you, blocked and a curse is in operation.
Many carry their baggage into other and I will heal your wounds, says Choose to seek God for the healing
relationships, leading to failed and the Lord….” Jeremiah 30:17 of your soul as you pursue destiny.