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Jennine Meyer Krauchi. (b.

Jennine is a participating artist in Walking With Our Sisters project. Walking With Our Sisters is an installation art project of 1, !! pairs of "occasin tops or #$a"ps% co""e"orating an& representing an esti"ate& '() *boriginal +o"en an& girls +ho ha$e been "ur&ere& or gone "issing in ,ana&a since 1961.

Jennine -rauchi sho+s .in&a .a"iran&es bea&+ork at a bea&/in hel& at 0eechi ,o""ons. 1he e$ent +as hel& to support the Walking With Our Sisters art e2hibition. Jennine3s 4etis roots go back to her "other3s gran&parents, 5ierre 4c.eo& (b. 1'59) an& Jane 4onk"an (b. 1'5)) +ho +ere original resi&ents of the 4etis co""unit6 of Oak 5oint, 4anitoba. 1heir na"es appear on the 1' !s public notice broa&si&e listing the #chil&ren of 7alf 8ree& hea&s of fa"ilies% a&"itte& for scrip &istribution in the 5arish of St. .aurent. Jennine +as born 4a6 9, 1956 in Winnipeg, 4anitoba of a 4:tis "other an& a ;utch father. She initiall6 learne& bea&+ork fro" her "other an& se+ing fro" her father, +ho ran a shop "aking a $ariet6 of *boriginal clothing inclu&ing "ukluks, "occasins, bea&e& jackets, fur parkas etc. She lo$es &oing bea&+ork an& also porcupine <uill+ork an& "aking clothing +ith a focus on =irst 0ations an& 4:tis &esign. -rauchi has "a&e coats for se$eral 4etis lea&ers an& =irst 0ations ,hiefs as +ell as for the pre$ious 5ri"e 4inister of ,ana&a, 5aul 4artin. She also has se$eral ite"s in 1he 4anitoba 4useu" as +ell as else+here. >ecentl6 she +orke& +ith her "other, Jenn6 4e6er, on a bea&e& $est, +hich is no+ on &ispla6 in -el$ingro$e *rt ?aller6 an& 4useu" in ?lasgo+, Scotlan&. 1

1he6 both participate& in 0orth *"erican *boriginal "aterial culture +orkshops hel& at the 4arischal 4useu" (@ni$ersit6 of *ber&een, Scotlan&) in *pril (!! .

Jennine sho+s off one of her recent &esigner creations, a +o"en3s bea&e& &eer hi&e jacket. An (!!', Jennine "a&e a consi&erable nu"ber of pieces of her clothing creations an& bea&+ork a$ailable to the >e& >i$er ,ollege, School of An&igenous B&ucation for #* 4etis =ashion Sho+.% 5ictures fro" the resulting sho+ appeare& in a (!!9 #4etis =ashion ,alen&ar% +hich +as sol& as a fun&raiser for the *boriginal Stu&ent3s *ssociation. O$er the 6ears Jennine has been acti$e in pro&ucing historicall6 accurate bea&+ork an& clothing for 5arks ,ana&a (4etis, ,ree, Ojib+a an& Siou2 st6les) for their interpreti$e &ispla6s. She has also +orke& at >iel 7ouse 0ational 7istoric Site for "an6 6ears as an interpreter, pro$i&ing &e"onstrations of bea& +orking at the sa"e ti"e. She has offere& "an6 classes in intro&uctor6 an& inter"e&iate bea& +orking to stu&ents at the 4etis >esource ,entre an& at the .ouis >iel Anstitute. Jennine is recogniCe& as one of the $er6 finest *boriginal clothing &esigners an& bea&ers in ,ana&a. She an& her "other an& late father ha$e kept the tra&itional *boriginal &ecorati$e arts ali$e b6 teaching these arts. She also unselfishl6 assists those +ishing to learn these art for"s.

44= 5resi&ent ;a$i& ,hartran& +earing one of Jennine3s coats. Jennine has also "a&e "an6 of the beautiful presentation sha+ls that are a+ar&e& to *boriginal +o"en at the Ka Ni KanichihkD -eeping the =ires 8urning *+ar&s. 1his annual a+ar&s night honours Okiijida Ikwe or #8ig 7earte& Wo"en.% Jennine has acti$el6 gi$en back to the co""unit6 b6 &onating her &esigner bea&+ork to groups to use in fun&raising projects +ithin the *boriginal co""unit6. An (!1( Jennine has again pro&uce& ,hrist"as the"e& ite"s for the 7u&son3s 8a6 ,o"pan6, na"el6, the 78, Signature ,ollection 8lanket 8ea&e& Stocking. 1he 78, &escription is as follo+sE 1his li"ite& e&ition ,hrist"as stocking is han&"a&e in ,ana&a b6 a 4:tis craftsperson for the 78, Signature ,ollection. 1he stocking is "a&e out of the iconic 78, 5oint 8lanket an& &ecorate& +ith tra&itional bea&+ork an& han&"a&e po"po"s. (sho+n belo+).

*n e2a"ple of fra"e& bea&+ork

Wo"en3s jacket

Shirt "a&e for ,le"ent ,hartier

4en3s buckskin coat, e2a"ple of a bea&e& 6oke

. B2a"ple of a "an3s bea&e& buckskin coat.

B2a"ple of a +o"an3s cape.

,o"pile& b6 .a+rence 8ark+ell ,oor&inator of 4etis 7eritage an& 7istor6 >esearch .ouis >iel Anstitute

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