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USD20 Million Business Development Platform

aimed at helping the innovative internet entrepreneurs, by satisfying their greatest Capital
requirement at the lowest cost. LV USD20 million HOVER FUND – provides a jumpstart for
entrepreneur by solving their cash flow problem. In doing so LV also realize it’s own aspiration in
building up a cross-regional capital resource integration platform.

How to Apply for LV HOVER FUND


1. Supported Targets of LV Hover Fund

1. LV Hover Fund supports projects which meet the below requirements:

1. The internet projects which are in accordance with the development direction of LV
blueprint, technology orientation and highly innovative.
2. The website concept developments which have large market potential, strong
competitiveness, and good social economic returns.
3. The developed project achieving a certain level of maturity and preferred those research and
development projects in astagemore than 1 year.

Projects under development stage: Mean the experimental projects that develops the new
technologies, new concepts, new features, new methods, new devices or technology enhancement
that boost efficiency and effectiveness of internet, and its results can be consider as a prototype that
presented essential features of a new function or technology. (Website, concept development)

Projects under ALPHA phase: Mean the implementation of the practical projects with the initial
results of process, technology from prototype development and taking on stereotype by creating a
website, collecting the necessary technical parameters for practical purpose, which includes website
trial and design, practical test and close-loop operation testing.

Projects under BETA phase: Means the technology adoption from the pilot phase, exploiting results
consistency and conduct a large-scale operation to meet widespread needs. (Website launching)

2. Qualification need of individual or entity Applicant of LV Hover Fund:

(1) Applicant or it’s owner shall be internet entrepreneur.
(2) Mainly engaged in the research, development, production and service of internet projects.
(3) Applicants shall possess strong ability in market development and operation management, and
have great sense of sustainable innovation.
(4) Individual who didn’t have any legal and criminal offence records.

2. LV Hover Fund Supportive Manner:

Depending on the actual stage of it’s operation, the entrepreneur applicant basically should be a
starter businesses. In order to facilitate and increase the responsibilities of internet entrepreneurs in
running the business, LV Hover Fund will inject fund into the target enterprise and also manage it’s
finance in helping the entrepreneurs develop their business

Equity Injection: Normally by injecting LV Hover own fund in exchange for equity control not
exceeding 50%.

At the same time LV will also assist and support the applicants in various aspects which included,
company expansion procedures, company taxes issues, operation management trainings and related

3. The Application of LV Hover Fund

LV Hover Fund only supports one single project for each internet entrepreneurs.
Applicant should choose an appropriate support formula best fits it’s stage of development and

a. Application Period
There’s no deadline for LV Hover Fund. Internet entrepreneurs with business development plan and
ambitions are welcomed to apply.

b. Application Procedures
For those projects which conform to the LV Hover Fund’s conditions, applicants may apply through
bellowing steps:
E-mail the draft application proposal to LV Industry Platform Development Department.
E-mail : (Subject: Apply for LV Hover Fund)
Website :

c. Draft Application Proposal

Internet entrepreneurs who apply for LV Hover Fund shall submit the documentation stated as

① Applicant’s IC or corporate business license (photocopy).

② The company operation over 1 year. The company shall submit the copy of corporate annual
audited financial statement and report, plus the current year latest month’s financial report that
includes Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and statements and etc. The copy of which
must be certified by it’s Auditor.
The new established company shall submit proof of capital registration and copy of latest monthly
financial statement.
Individual who intend to establish a new company, shall submit the related documentations during
the procedure for registration of the company.

③ Documentary evidence of project progress (such as the copy of technical reports, patent or
novelty search, identification certificates, test reports, user reports etc).

④Documentary evidence of intellectual property right or authorized usage right (such as the copy
of patent certificate, copyright attorney, approval authority, technical contract and etc).

⑤ The project and business references (such as the copy of award certificates, order receipts and
website development).

⑥ Certification of individual working performance and letter of recommendation and reference etc.

The information provided by the applicants shall be authentic andaccurate. If fraud is found, the LV
Industry Platform Development Department won’t accept any application from the related internet

4. Application Acceptance
a. Acceptance Unit
LV Industry Platform Development Department responsible for all LV Hover Fund applications.

b. Acceptance Procedures
LV Industry Platform Development Department fully responsible in accepting and reviewing the draft
application proposals.

For the unqualified projects. LV Industry Platform Development Department will inform the
applicants through e-mail or phone contact within 2 months starting from the date of proposal

For the acceptance projects.LV Industry Platform Development Department will organize the
relevant professionals and institutions for project inspection.

For the reviewed but pending projects.LV Industry Platform Development Department will inform
the applicants through e-mail or phone contact within 4 months starting from the date of proposal

The draft application proposal will not be returned, the applicants shall backup a copied if needed.

5. Review and Supervision

For those accepted and reviewed projects, LV Industry Platform Development Department will
inform the applicants through contactable method, within 20 days from the date of acceptance, and
signed “LV Hover Fund Proposal Agreement” with him/her. LV Industry Platform Development
Department will conduct supervision and inspection during the implementation process of the
project, and the scrutiny content and requirements shall include:

a. The LV Hover Fund projects shall incubate under LV capital resource platform otherwise will not
be considered for providing supports.

b. The supported amount from LV Hover Fund not exceeds 50% of the applicant invested amount.

c. The applicant shall operate and manage the project by his/her own will once successfully joint. LV
Industry Platform Development Department will conduct a periodic accounting verification upon
his/her company. Once found the company violation in law and transferring the company assets, the
LV Industry Platform Development Department will take further legal action against the related