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Secoroc Rock Drilling Tools

Secoroc PARD system

Percussion Assisted Rotary Drilling

Secoroc PARD System
– a boost for rotary drilling
Atlas Copco has been in the mining and con-
struction market for many years and is commit-
ted to innovative, productive, market leading
solutions such as QL technology for DTH
hammers. Thanks to that we now present
our latest innovation for Rotary drilling - the
Secoroc PARD System - designed to boost
rotary drilling performance.

Combining the best of DTH and Rotary

drilling technology
Targeted at mines seeking step-change technology that
yields lower operating costs, the Secoroc PARD System
opens new potential for rotary drillers. We’ve developed
lightweight, fast cycling, low impact DTH hammers
with specially adapted tricone drill bits and added it onto
standard rotary drill rigs and drill strings. The result?
A combination of percussive power and rotational force
that increases ROP up to 50%.

The most cost efficient

holes in the market
Thanks to our DTH expertise, we
can fine tune the Secoroc PARD ham-
mer with the aid of a unique parallel air-
flow system. By operating as low as
50-110 psi, drilling costs are reduced and kept down
to a minimum, by drilling more holes per shift than ever
before. That means better productivity, not to mention
lower total drilling costs!

Easy to install and operate

We’ve also thought about the operator. Installing the
Secoroc PARD System is easy and requires nothing
to be changed on the existing drilling operation. This
simple installation merely means adding an oiler and
a starter drill pipe. Once the correct starter drill pipe,
hammer and bit are in place, just tune the airflow and
you’re underway. And we’ve also found that Secoroc
PARD System makes collaring a lot smoother!

Specially designed for

Let's take a look at the technology behind the
Secoroc PARD System:
High energy output hammer
The Secoroc PARD hammer has been developed to
increase rotary drilling productivity. This low impact
hammer has a special short stroke lightweight piston.
A synergy combination is formed between this tuned
hammer and the rotary forces which results in the
Secoroc PARD system creating a higher level of energy
than a DTH hammer or rotary power alone. And that
means a lot more holes per shift.
Available in two models
The Secoroc PARD system is de-
signed for drilling medium to hard
rock blastholes from 9 7/8” to 12
¼” (25cm-31cm) in diameter.
They are available in two models:
Secoroc PARD 10 and Secoroc
Special tricone drill bits
PARD 12 with a selection of
There is a fine line between high Secoroc PARD tricone bits.
penetration and long service life.
That’s why we designed Secoroc
PARD tricone bits to retain the
same service life as standard tricone
bits while increasing ROP by up to
50%. We’ve achieved this by adapt-
ing Secoroc PARD tricone drill bits
to withstand additional stresses and
strains. All this adds up to greater
productivity and lower cost per foot

Unique airflow system

The Secoroc PARD system has a
unique parallel airflow system that
directs the air down two paths. One
path goes into the hammer and
facilitates the percussion action.
The other path channels the air, via
the properly installed bit nozzles,
through the Secoroc PARD tricone
drill bits and cleans out the hole.
This facilitates efficient cuttings
removal, excellent hammer cool-
ing and optimal efficiency. And the
Secoroc PARD system operates at
the same pressure as conventional
compressors, being 50–110 psi.
Tried and tested
– here are the views of a few customers
North American Gold Mine, USA Aitik Mine, Sweden
At a mine in northern Nevada, parameters used to test Prior to testing with the Secoroc PARD 12 System, bits
the Secoroc PARD 10 System were exactly the same as were taking 45-60 minutes to drill 17 m holes. This
those used for standard bits. The only exception was air means a ROP of around 22.7 m/hr at the most.
pressure. With the Secoroc PARD 12 System, the first 10 holes'
The first hole of 45 ft was drilled in 8 minutes. The ROP was increased by an average of 48%. The bit ran a
driller was impressed, mentioning the area being drilled total of 1,110 m, which was approximately 10% greater
normally takes about 10-13 minutes to drill the same than the normally expected bit life.
depth. He also commented that using the Secoroc PARD
System was definitely faster than using a standard rotary
drill bit. He also felt that the hammer was smoother to
collar the hole since it suppressed some of the vibrations
experienced with a standard rotary bit during the first 10
ft of the hole. Compared to conventional rotary drilling,
the Secoroc PARD System is drilling 100 ft/hr or 30%
System Drilling
Holes Footage Drilling rate
used hours
PARD 15 705 2.2 323.1
 8 375 2.0 190.1
”...drilling five holes to one, compared to other bits”

”...reduces overall vibration experience”

”...smoother to collar the hole”

”...drills faster than any of our other bits”

Cerro Verde Mine, South America

The Secoroc PARD 10 System was tested at Cerro Verde
Mine starting in a hard rock formation of around 200 to
250 MPa and a RQD of 75–90%.
The bit life in this area is generally 900 to 1200 meters,
with a ROP of 16 to 20 m/hr.
At this particular place in the mine, it was taking 60
minutes to drill each hole to a depth of 16.5m. With the
Secoroc PARD system, the time was reduced to less than
30 minutes.
The penetration rate had been 20 m/hr, while with
the Secoroc PARD System, 40 meters per hour was
acheived – no less than twice the ROP!.
Secoroc PARD System specifications
Tricone rotary drill bits
Weight Operating
Size Product No. Product code IADC Product Special features Circ. PIN conn. suggestions
lbs kgs WOB/RPM

Conical inserts, Armor, 29,625-49,374 lbs

9 7/8" 91002046 1B6-3251-54-PA-CAH-02 5-4-2 PARD 10 Jet 120   60 6" BECO
Hard nose on cones / 50 to 150 RPM

Conical inserts, Armor,

39,500-69,125 lbs
9 7/8" 91002143 1B6-3251-64-PA-CAHW-02 6-4-2 PARD 10 Hard nose on cones, Jet 120   60 6" BECO
/ 50 to 120 RPM
Wear resistant carbide

Conical inserts, Armor,

42,500-74,375 lbs
10 5/8" 91002065 1B6-3270-64-PA-CAHW 6-4-2 PARD 10 Hard nose on cones, Jet 148   67 6" BECO
/ 50 to 120 RPM
Wear resistant carbide

Conical inserts, Armor, 49,000-85,750 lbs

12 1/4" 91001815 1B6-3311-62-PA-OAH-02 6-2-2 PARD 12 Jet 225 102 6 5/8" API
Hard nose on cones / 50 to 120 RPM

General specifications Secoroc PARD 10 Secoroc PARD 12

9851 2743 01a  Subjected to alterations without prior notice. © Atlas Copco Secoroc AB. All rights reserved.  2011.01
Product No. 52354538 52354637

Product code 9710-09-95-00 9712-09-95-00

Connection - backhead 6 5/8" API Reg. Pin

Connection - shank adapter 6" BECO Box

Outside diameter - hammer 8.6 inch 218.4 mm 9.5 inch 241.3 mm

Outside diameter - shank adapter 8.6 inch 218.4 mm 10.0 inch 254 mm

Length w/o shank adapter - shoulder to

35.0 inch 889 mm 39.6 inch 1005.8 mm

Length with shank adapter - extended 44.7 inch 1136.4 mm 48.8 inch 1239.5 mm

Length with shank adapter - retracted 42.9 inch 1090.4 mm 47.2 inch 1198.9 mm

Weight w/o shank adapter & drive pins 414.3 lbs 187.9 kg 543 lbs 246.3 kg

Weight with shank adapter & drive pins 570.7 lbs 258.8 kg 770.0 lbs 348.8 kg

Backhead flat dimensions 1.75 x 7.6 AF 44.45 x 209.55 1.75 x 8.25 AF 44.45 x 209.45

Shank adapter flat dimensions 2.25 x 7.6 AF 57.15 x 193.8 2.25 x 8.45 AF 57.15 x 214.6

Bore 6.46 inch 164.1 mm 7.1 inch 180.8 mm

Piston weight 60.9 lbs 27.7 kg 81.7 lbs 37.1 kg

Piston diameter 6.46 inch 164.1 mm 7.1 inch 180.5 mm

Tricone rotary bit size 9 7/8", 10 5/8" 12 1/4"

20,000-60,000 psi / 100-400 MPa / RPM & WOB will be normal

Recommended operating parameters
for bit type being used

Please contact your local sales office to obtain quote for your Secoroc PARD solution.

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