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Second Edition - January 30, 2010 News | Page 1

police today
Weapon License are now being Issued Detective Service

and the first license was issued... Professional private

detective services being
Weapon Licenses are being issued offered. Want to catch
a criminal or a spy?
Want to get some
Today the first Weapon license information? Profess-
was issued to Mr. Azumi, a ional private detective.
Private Detective, he was really Experienced by
happy, and indeed, this man working in the Police.
also sent a letter to the Police
so that they could start issuing Expert Services offered
this licenses. by Tsuyoshi Azumi.

The sheriff proved that he is Call 544-333 for more

really happy by saying: information regarding
-”I am really happy to be this porfessional
in the managment that service.
has started to issue this
licenses, this will allow Azumi’s photo for the Weapon License
more security, indeed”.

Mexican Gang Incident Recommended

by the
The Police department is This gang is know because In a long time, please Chief of Police
still on the look of a of it’s several murders that any information is Matthew Striker!
mexican gang that usually they made. Including the important, report it.
wears bandana, they are murder of Kenji. We need your help.
considered as heavily We consider this suspects
armed and epicly are still on the town although
dangerous. they haven’t been seen

criminal status officers down this week

This week the Number of Officers down has raised to 3 officers down.
Criminality %: +52% This includes 150$ that have been used from the Police Account to
Arrests Today: 1 Arrests pay this deaths to their families, donations are welcomed.
Chases Today: 3
Criminals Caught in Chase: 1 The police pays the families 50$ to the families per death, as this is
Criminals Lost: 2 included as a benefit.
Wanted Criminals: 2
___________________________ The respective ceremonies to this fallen officers will be made.
Week Rating: AVERAGE
Second Edition - January 30, 2010 Breaking News | Page 2

Finally they are here

“And the people is loving it” Choppers Used
The Police choppers
Finally the Weapon Licenses are being issued, are being used by the
the Application was created. After long waiting Bone County Police
from the people, the applications are online. Department.
The Sheriff is making
The members are happy to be able to have a a great use to this
firearm for security purposes, Congratulations power full force.
to all the persons that have been applying.
This choppers are of great aid when chasing a suspect,
The sheriff expressed his happiness by basically this choppers are equipped with high-powered
saying: lights, this lights help at night to identify a suspect.
-”Yesterday, the Police DEpartment
started issuing Weapon Licenses, Sheriff Striker uses them alot while on duty, as he trained
I feel completely happy to provide to become a pilot in the LVPD.
the citizens a method to protect
themselves.”, and Cadet Diego.

We have been always at your service,

Now we need your service.
Bone County Police Department, Always at your service.
APPLY TODAY, don’t waste time!

Your country needs you

Second Edition - January 30, 2010 Arrests | Page 3

Swimming Chase Failed

A 1 hour chase started yesterday at night and finished
today at Approx. 00:02 A.M. between the Police
Department and a Tow Trucker, the chase started
because a undercover vehicle saw he had a light off,
so he started evading. The police suspects a car jack
or that he was driving with no license.
He then jumped with his vehicle to the water and
started swimming, the criminal was transported to the
Hospital, but a wrongful managment of the Local
Doctors he could escape from their custody.
He is on the Most Wanted List as the N°1 list after the
Mexican Gang that are called in Codename “The
Killers”. We warn the civilians as this suspect is
highly dangerous, a description has been published
On the Website of the police department and all the states are searching for this man, he is considered as
highly dangerous and heavily armed, so be aware and don’t attempt to capture him.

Arrested for Vandalism and

Today the local police had a shootout with 2 bikers,
one biker died and the other was arrested for
several charges including:
Vandalism, Perjury, Evading, Dangerous Driving,
The suspect declared that his borther, the one that
died, made the Vandalism, but the Witness did not
say the same, he was arrested for Vandalism,
Perjury, Evading and Dangerous Driving.

All Started when 2 bikers started vandalising a

SANN van, the 2 suspects instantly stopped
vandalising the van when they saw the Police
Department arriving to the scene, 2 officers
including Sheriff Striker and Cadet Sentosa

Responded to the scene code 3 after

sayign the following radio message: fall down started running thinking they
As he kept saying he was innocent
“6d23 and C-Sentosa, enroute code 3 to would be distracted, but he was not
the BCPD decided to call the
command post, possible vandalism right as the officers started shooting,
witness, Tom Johnson, Director of
situation, over”, the Command Post is now at his legs, he fell down, injured,
the News Network.
clearly, the city hall. the officers quickly called DOES,
His declarations were a vital key to
The 2 officers quickly took their weapons Department Of Emergency Services,
decide that the criminal had to be
out and aimed at both of the suspects, which responded quickly and quickly
arrsted. He vandalised the vehicle.
one started running and Sheriff Larrabure controlled the situation.
took him down, but he continued running After this the criminal was transported
Although it was a simple crime witha
and Diego Sentosa, Cadet of the BCPD by the Police Vehicle to the Police
fine, he decided to evade.
took him down. Department where they started taking
The other brother, after seeing his brother into account all his charges.
Second Edition - January 30, 2010 Lifestyle | Page 4

the department of emergency services

Finally they are here...
The Medical Department
And Fire Department
United to do the...
Department Of Emergency Services

The DOES has just opened, featuring 3 medics and firefighters,

they are professional by all means. The Police Department is proud
to announce his partnership with this Department and to
co-operate with them for the security of the Country,

Sheriff Strikers