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Physics B (Advancing Physics)

OCR Advanced GCE H559 Unit G496 (a) Practical Investigation
Coursework Assessment Form

Examination session June Year 2 0

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A copy of this sheet must be attached to each candidate’s work as a record of the assessment.
The full criteria on which the assessment should be based can be found in the Teacher Support:
Coursework Guidance.


1 Each of these forms should be completed for each candidate for each of parts
(a) and (b) of this unit.

2 Please ensure that the appropriate boxes at the top of the forms are completed.

3 Enter the mark awarded for each coursework task in the appropriate box.

4 Add the marks for all the coursework tasks together to give a total out of 20.

5 Sign and date the forms.

GCW260 Revised August 2009 CAF/G496(a)

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations
5 3 1
A (i) Initial plan
There is a clear analysis of The definition of the The problem has been
Approach and the problem in terms of problem is sound but lacks defined in simple terms.
experimental skill underlying physics. some detail. There are Help is needed to get
Appropriate variables are limited ideas about how to started.
identified. The initial get started.
approach and methods are
well chosen

(ii) Careful methodical

work Methods and approach are There are shortcomings or
Methods and approach are adequate for the task. limitations in the approach
well chosen. An Safety may be adequately chosen. Safety may not be
appropriate risk addressed considered.
assessment is carried out.
The work is done
methodically and
systematically, and with
data recorded carefully
and accurately as they are

(iii) Practical
competence and skill
Considerable skill and Competent practical work There is limited attention
care is used to obtain with attention to practical to practical detail and little
results that are as good as detail is demonstrated attempt to deal with
possible, and to reduce interfering effects.
uncertainty and avoid
systematic error.

B (i) Use of physics
The student uses sound Some knowledge of The work is largely
Progress, knowledge of physics to relevant physics is empirical.
independence, use make decisions about the demonstrated, but is not
of physical thinking progress of the fully utilised in making
investigation beyond the decisions about the
initial plan. progress of the

(ii) Independence
The student makes very The student requires some The student requires
good progress, showing guidance in order to considerable guidance
initiative and actively progress, or is limited in or demonstrates little
seeking and making use of progress due to not engagement with the task.
advice. seeking guidance when

(iii) Progression of
A good range of A related set of Experimental work is
experiments showing experiments, or several limited or lacking in
progression and variables in one demand.
development, responding experiment are
to problems or effects investigated
found. The work will often
be limited only by the time


GCW260 Revised August 2009 CAF/G496(a)

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations
5 3 1
C (i) Collection and
recording of data
Quality and A good range of data, A satisfactory range of The data may be limited in
presentation of including repeated data is collected and quantity or range. There
observations where displayed clearly. There may be serious
observations necessary, is collected may be inconsistencies in shortcomings in the clarity
and displayed clearly with the use of headings, units of the presentation of the
correct headings, units, or significant figures. data.
tolerances and significant
figures. Thought is given
to design and presentation
of tables.

(ii) Graphical plots and

other representations of
data Graphical plots are clear Graphical plots may be
Graphical plots are well and without distracting inappropriate, unclear or
chosen to display the data elements. incorrect. Uncertainties are
to best effect. Labelling, Some possibly incomplete not represented, or are
uncertainty bars and best attempt is made to represented implausibly.
fit lines are used represent uncertainty. It is
appropriately. The not always clear what
message conveyed by message is conveyed by a
plots is stated clearly plot.
(perhaps in a caption)

(iii) Quality of the report

The report is concise, well The report is a legible The physics of the
written and adds value to account of the experiment is explained
the investigation with good investigation but may poorly or incorrectly.
structuring and clear feature shortcomings in The report has serious
illustrations and structure, length or quality flaws in content and
referencing of English. structure.

D (i) Analysis of data
The data is analysed in Some valid calculations of The analysis is limited to
Conclusions and depth to allow the student derived quantities are direct comparisons or plots
evaluation to propose relationships attempted and outcomes of measured data.
between the variables stated
under investigation. Where
possible results of analysis
are cross-checked against
other analysis or data.

(ii) Interpretation of data

There is a detailed There is an attempt to There is little attempt to
discussion of the discuss the outcomes in explain the outcomes in
outcomes of the terms of physical terms of physical ideas.
investigation explaining explanations with few There may be major flaws
them in terms of relevant major errors. in use of physics.
physics. Uncertainty of Some qualifications arising
measurements and is from uncertainty or
estimated from spread of systematic error are made.
data or from tests on
instruments. Possible
systematic errors are
identified, and if possible
corrected for.

(iii) Evaluation
Uncertainties in The main limitations of the Discussion of the
conclusions are discussed procedures used are limitations of the
in terms of the limitations discussed. Any obvious procedures or of the
of the procedures used. anomalies are noted. results obtained is missing
Anomalies are noted and or incorrect.
discussed or dealt with.

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GCW260 Revised August 2009 CAF/G496(a)

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations