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Steel vs Concrete
The best structural system for multi-story work very well for storage buildings,
(three or above) residential, high-rise indoor sports facilities, work shops, and
office buildings and parking garages is aircraft hangers, but they are less suited
steel and is often the best value on the for higher-trafficked buildings.
basis of cost per square foot, scheduling, Comparatively speaking, steel walls are If the owner decides to sell the property,
useable space, and design flexibility. less durable than concrete walls. This they will most likely find that a concrete
Steel offers benefits of improved time holds true in the face of natural forces building depreciates less and than a steel
building will. The location of the project
schedules due to its quicker frame (hurricanes, earthquakes) as well as for
will also influence whether a steel
construction time. Steel also offers more truck or forklift accidents. For owners
building is even an option. Buildings in
useable space and broad flexibility. Pipes who want to build a warehouse or other
lightly populated areas generally have
and ducts can run easily through joist facility where trucks or forklifts will be fewer code restrictions placed on them.
webs and stanchion webs. Steel used, this can be a very important The closer a building is planned to a
construction is easy to inspect because it consideration. densely populated area, the more
is exposed. While steel is reasonably durable, stringent the fire codes, and building
Design flexibility of long spans is concrete remains the material of choice permitting requirements become. In some
possible with steel construction. Spans of for buildings that require less upkeep and cases steel buildings can not be used in
over 100 ft are not uncommon. This is maintenance over the years. Concrete is certain areas for this reason. Other times,
also an important factor in remodeling. less pervious to corrosion than its steel fire codes may require steel buildings to
The greater number of support columns competitor. Hence, the reason that the be built further apart than concrete
needed in concrete construction often majority of buildings found in the structures, requiring a larger plot of land
limits the moving of walls and partitions, Caribbean on the windward coastline are for the project. The availability of steel
and they reduce the amount of useable in concrete. The dominance of single- and concrete has sparked much debate. In
square footage. story commercial projects in the our region there are few steel mills so
Cantilevering with concrete is expensive, Caribbean indicates that concrete getting steel on to a job site in a non-
demanding form set-up and carpentry to buildings are cost-competitive and manufacturing territory like Dominica
hold the concrete until it cures. extremely durable. involves some process. However,
Cantilevering with steel means only When factoring in potential repairs and concrete is readily available across the
specifying an extended end. ongoing maintenance, the added fire region and projects in concrete tend to
The intended use for a building will also safety and durability of a concrete involve much less material procurement
influence whether steel or concrete is the building will usually be reflected in lower stage.
best choice. In general steel buildings insurance premiums.

Construction CONSULTING:
Management: Engineering &
A Profession in Architecture
A skillset in management

cost-effective plans and codes and other regulations.

Every firm, government project schedules. The increasing complexity of
agency, or other type of Management of resources construction projects is
organization must have some (both equipment and labour) boosting the demand for
sort of management and time is crucial to the Would you go shopping and
structure in order to function management-level personnel
successful outcome of purchase half of what you
effectively in the competitive within the construction
construction projects. The want. Well why be satisfied
marketplace. Over the years industry. Sophisticated with only some technical
construction manager must technology, increased
managers have proven to be a measure long term success services.
crucial part in the execution competition, and the
through achievement of short proliferation of laws setting
of business development term calculated goals. Come to SORELL we are
strategies and problem standards for buildings and your one stop
In addition they oversee the
solving techniques. The construction materials, Engineering/Architectural
selection of general
construction industry offers worker safety, and full service store.
contractors and trade
similar challenges to its contractors to complete environmental protection
managers. specific pieces of the project have further complicated the AT SORELL SOLUTIONS
A construction manager is a construction process. Many ARE OUR BUSINESS
which could include
person who plans, directs, everything from structural construction firms are now
and coordinates a wide metalworking and plumbing equipping their team with
variety of construction to painting and carpet construction managers to de-
projects from residential to installation. They determine mystify this process.
commercial to industrial. the labour requirements and, Ironically, the complexity in
Construction managers have in some cases, supervise or the process is not eradicated Sorell Consulting Ltd.
the ability to oversee a monitor the hiring and for firms embarking on small
construction process from the dismissal of workers. projects and so all firms alike 6 Fort Lane
conceptual development Further, Construction must engage in hiring P.O. Box 1232
stage through to final managers watch over the professional staff to provide Roseau, Dominica
construction. delivery and use of materials, the competency required to
Construction managers, who tools, and equipment; and the become competitive. (767) 449-9030 phone
are often engineers or quality of construction,
architects, work with owners, (767) 448-1733 fax
worker productivity, and SORELL has realized this
and others who are involved
safety. They are responsible need and offer construction
in the construction process to for obtaining all necessary
evaluate and design management services to
permits and licenses and, firms not having proper
appropriate construction depending upon the
delivery systems, such as, management structures or
contractual arrangements,
not being able to afford these
direct or monitor compliance
professional services on a
with building and safety
fulltime basis.


In April 2006, Director Alistair Grell was elected President of the Dominica Association of Professional Engineers. Sorell congratulates
Mr. Grell on his appointment. Staff of Sorell also congratulates Director Clive Sorhaindo on his recent marriage. Sorell is expected to
undergo staff changes toward the end of 2006 with the departure of some staff and the addition of others.