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COE Colleagues are invited to attend any and all of the following demonstrations and/or hands-on work-

shops using a variety of technologies. Come learn best practices and ask questions of other COE faculty
Quick Tips - Outlook Web
members. For more information and to RSVP, please email Not a fan of the new Outlook Web interface?
1. Launch Outlook (
FEBRUARY WORKSHOPS FOR FACULTY 2. Click the Options button on the right and
choose See All Options
GUIDE: Online Tools Whiteboard Web 2.0 Microsoft Office 3. Click Settings > General
4. Click the checkbox “Use the blind and…”
5. Click Save
Getting to Know Blackboard feedback and can enhance student 6. Sign out of Outlook then sign back in to see
Tuesday Feb. 1st 9:00am-10:00am reflection and teacher assessment of student previous version of Outlook Web.
work. Using Audacity, you and your
Wednesday Feb. 16th 2:30pm-3:30pm students can quickly record feedback and
HH 110 - Amy Chase Martin email or post it.
Blackboard is changing but the basic Professional
functionality remains the same. Come get Wikispaces E-Portfolios
your questions answered and work directly Wednesday Feb. 23rd 2:00pm-3:00pm Development
on your course sites. HH 110 - Amy Chase Martin Day
Test Drive the SMART Board E-portfolios are online collections of
Tuesday Feb. 1st 1:00pm-2:00pm
artifacts and student reflections. Wikispaces Over 80 faculty
is being used by many COE educators to
and staff members representing 13
HH 110 - Amy Chase Martin host their student work.
The SmartBoard is an interactive alternative different departments on campus
to projecting your PowerPoints and websites Jing & Prezi participated in the College of
on a screen. No experience necessary! Friday Feb. 25 th 10:00am-11:00am Education’s Professional Development
HH 110 - Amy Chase Martin Day held in Hawkins Hall on Tuesday,
Blackboard E-Portfolios
Jing is a screen capture and screen recorder January 11th. With nine workshop
Thursday Feb. 10th 2:00pm-3:00pm tool; Prezi is the web-based alternative to offerings to choose from, participants
HH 110 - Amy Chase Martin PowerPoint. Discover instructional were able to hear from peers on topics
E-portfolios are online collections of arti- implications for both. related to writing, classroom
facts and student reflections. Blackboard is
Tech. Lunches management, learner response system
being used by many COE educators to host
their student work. Thursdays in February 11:30am-12:30pm devices, effective instruction,
HH 110 - Amy Chase Martin Blackboard, online learning and
Informal, hands-on sessions on a variety of presentation tools.
Monday Feb. 14th 2:00pm-3:00pm web 2.0 tools, Blackboard, interactive white- Valuable feedback on participant
HH 110 - Erin Crisp boards, etc. RSVP to find out the week's evaluations indicated the desire among
Gain experience using ActivExpressions planned topic or request one! Bring your
student response devices. We will demo the lunch and your questions. Dessert provided! faculty members for further professional
device and allow time for hands-on practice. development in engaging students in
FOR STUDENTS—Get to Know discussion, the use of Web 2.0 tools like
Using Audio for Assessment Blackboard Prezi and Jing, and the use of wikis,
Thursday Feb. 17th 1:00pm-2:00pm Wednesday, February 9th 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm blogs and other online collaboration
HH 110 - Amy Chase Martin HH114—Amy Chase Martin tools. When asked about their level of
Audio feedback is an alternative to written Blackboard help for students! satisfaction with their learning
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Spring Cleaning for Blackboard!

Link of the Month
Spring semester is a great time to unclutter and streamline your
technology use. Here is a request from the Office of Technology Services : A collection of blog posts that demonstrate
various Web 2.0 tools being used by teachers
Archive unused course sites - store copies of your course for later use: for educational purposes. Tools explained include Livescribe, Prezi, podcasting and
Instructor_Responsibilities/FacInstructorResponsibilites.pdf more. The author describes why these tools
are beneficial in addition to how they can be
Email for more information. accessed.
COE Professional February’s Faculty Innovator
Development Day Dr. Stephen Mogge, EDTL
(continued from page 1)
Dr. Mogge taught REED 601 Reading
experience for the day, Theory and Practice in a 75-100%
94% of participants online format for several years using
Blackboard and other multimedia. He
responded that they were
recently used the Digital Media Class-
either moderately or very room to record several of his lectures
satisfied. which allowed him to feel comfortable
moving to a mostly online Dr. Steve Mogge
Organizers for the day version of the course. Now his
(Dr. Barbara Bass leads a workshop) wish to thank the course includes traditional readings from textbooks
presenters for sharing their expertise, the participants for their (including eReserve readings linked through Black-
willingness to collaborate, and the COE for providing resources and a board), PowerPoint lectures, classroom practice videos
delicious lunch. linking practice to theory, and whole class as well as
small group discussions—all online. The online format
Next steps for participating COE faculty might include contacting the affords Dr. Mogge’s students freedom to learn
team in the Education Innovation Lab for further instruction or anywhere. He says “In the past we have had students
information. Requests for assistance and professional development logging in from the Caribbean, the Pacific Northwest,
suggestions are always welcome; please email Costa Rica, Egypt, and a rest stop on the New Jersey

So you would like to poll your students but do not want to use or do not have access to student
response devices such as “clickers”. Try one of the free online survey services which use the web and cell
phones to log responses.

We suggest You create a free poll, without creating any type of account, and your students may
respond using a web link or text messages.

Try this sample poll at

Using your cell phone type in the number provided, in this case, 22333, then choose to send a text message with the contents
106421 or whichever response you want to send. Send the message and you will instantly see your vote displayed in the poll.

Education Innovation Lab Education Innovation Open Lab Hours

Frequently Asked Questions for February
Monday 9-2 Tuesday 10-3:30
How can I get help with Blackboard, Powerpoint, Wednesday 10-3 Thursday 12-4
“clickers”, etc ? Friday 9-12
A. Come visit us in HH110! We have several computer Twilight Hour - 2/23 4:30—5:30 pm
stations where you may work independently or with the Open Lab refers to times when walk-in support is available to
support of one of the professional development group. faculty in HH 110. The lab may be unavailable during scheduled
We have a tea station where you may grab a hot drink events. Faculty may also make appointments for
and space to meet with a colleague to plan or explore assistance by contacting
various technologies.
Do I need to make an appointment to get help in the What the Faculty are saying about the COE Professional
lab? Development Event -
A. No. If you wish to contact us with specific questions or
to set up a one-on-one appointment, please do. You “I am already thinking this open professional development day
may also just drop in during open lab hours. for using instructional technologies is a great idea and this is
only my second session.”
Who may use the lab?
“The workshop was exceptionally well done. Rarely have I
A. The Education Innovation Lab is intended to be a experienced exposure to technology in such a clear and concise
faculty resource. A limited number of grad students way. Thanks”.
have used the lab with their faculty members on a case- “This was great. I am inspired!”
by-case basis.