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• Simple joining, drawing and bending

• Simple heat treating operations like hardening, tempering and annealing

• Rivet lap and butt joint

• Position making, fit contours and geometrical figures and make male and
female parts.

• Drill Holes, counter bore and spot face

• Sharpen drill bits

• Operate a bench drill and to drill ream holes

• Use of taps and dies

• Fit dowel pin, studs, bolts and dovetailed sides etc

• Re-metal, scrap and assemble bearings

• Make simple jigs and fixtures

• Repair broken gear tooth

• Make simple drilling jig.

• Follow safety measures at the company

2. Electrician

• Various safety measures involved in the company.

• Implementation of various safety measures in the shop floor.

• Demonstration of Trade hand tools.

• Identification of simple types- screws, nuts & bolts, chassis, clamps, rivets
etc. Use, care & maintenance of various hand tools.

• Practice in using cutting pliers, screw drivers etc. skinning the cables, and
joint practice on single strand.
• Demonstration and identification of types of cables.

• Demonstration & practice on using standard wire gauge.

• Practice on crimping thimbles, Lugs.

• Examination and checking of cable and conductors and verification of

materials according to the span.

• Handling simple electrical circuits and problems.

• Practice on installation and overhauling common electric accessories.

• Installation of batteries, charging of batteries by different methods.

• Charging of a Lead acid cell, filling of electrolytes- Testing of charging

checking of discharged and fully charged battery.

• Practice in casing, Capping.

• Conduit wiring with minimum to more number of points.

• Installation of conduit pipe wiring for lighting and power circuits for both 230V
& 400V.

• Laying and installation of overhead and underground cables.

• Practice of fixing lightening arrestors and lightening conductors, Horn gap.

• Practice on Auto wiring.

• Carryout wiring for lighting and power in commercial vehicles.

• Connect, run, test and rectify the faults of electrical appliances / Installations.

• Traces the faults and rectify them of the Auto Wirings.

• To identify and trace the simple electronic, test them and replace the faulty

• Carryout commercial lighting for decoration etc.

3. Painters

• Use of simple handle tools such as mallets scriber, steel rule, ships etc.

• Use of ferrous sheet metals for the following operations marking, cutting,
bending, folding.

• Development of surfaces from blue prints.

• Identify various types of sheets metals used in company.

• Know the pre-treatment process and handle the tools and equipment.

• Mix various types of paints to produce different colours.

• Use various types of painting brushes.

• Paint different metal surfaces.

• Handel sprays painting equipments.

• Paint metal surface by spry painting.

• Test different paint and varnishes for specific gravity, viscosity and hardness

• Remove paints; prepare surface and paint machine tools and equipments.

• Do spray painting in different surface like corner, round, curved cylinder etc.

• Do spray painting with different type of spray guns.

• Do spray painting on different types of booths.

• Store paints and painter tools and equipment.

4. Welder

• Should be able to weld ferrous and non-ferrous metals to a reasonable

• Producing jobs as per drawing.

• Cutting sheet metals in size

• Preheating and post heating for welding

• Use of protective appliances

• Reading blue print and welding symbols

• Welding of stainless steel

• Pipe welding

• Copper welding

• Bronze welding

• Welding of aluminum

• Eliding and cutting CO2 welding process

• Setting of welding machine for production

• Stress relieving operations of weldments

5. Mechanic Diesel

• Remove jammed bolts, nuts and prepare maintenance schedule

• Start and stop diesel engine and observe its performance.

• Test compression and vacuum and analyze the results

• Measure Bore, piston. Ring clearance, valve clearance, bearing clearance,

crank shaft main journal, crank pin journal and fillet radius, war page of
cylinder head and block

• Overhaul oil filters, oil coolers, oil pump, water pump and radiator. Test
thermostat valves.
• Fit new shell bearings in main and connecting rod and set bearing.

• Set timing of fuel injection pump.

• Diagnose engine noises of different nature and rectify

• Repairs leaks of diesel, oil and air lock in fuel lines and bleed air from the

• Follow safety precautions while doing work

• Check and adjust injector on test

• Repair and maintain equipments and instruments used for repairing diesel

6. Mechanical Motor Vehicle

• Dismantling and assembling of different components of the engine

• Repair operations of engine, valve re-facing, valve seat cutting,

decarburizing, fitting of bearings, piston rings, gudgeon pins

• Overhauling of water pump, oil pump and petrol pump

• Follow safety precautions while doing work

• Locate troubles and rectify in cooling, lubrication and fuel feed system of the

• Identifying defects in clutch assembly, gear box, universal joint and rear axle.

• Forming series and parallel circuits in motor vehicle

• Trace fault in electrical wiring and accessories and rectify them.

• Diagnose noise and faults in engine and rectify them.

• Undertake servicing, rectification and installation of Air condition system in
motor vehicles.

Behavioral Skills

• Time Management

• Co-ordination & Communication

• Attendance & Punctuality

• Sensitive to Customer Requirements (Ext / Internal)

• Knowledge about safety

• Attitude and Commitment towards work

• Good communication skills

• Good team member