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Karen Grassle

Karen Grassle
Karen Grassle
Karen Grassle
Karen Grassle
Karen Grassle
Karen Grassle
She graduated from Ventura High School in 1959 (after skipping two grades), serving
as the student body's vice-president, and afterward enrolled in the University of
California, Berkeley. She graduated with two BA degrees in 1965, one in English, the
other in Dramatic Art. She received a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic
Art in London, and eventually became head of its Voice Department. Her first acting
job in New York City was in the short-lived 1968 play The Gingham Tree, and she
began calling herself "Gabriel Tree."
Little House on the Prairie
Grassle (as Gabriel Tree) auditioned for the role of the mother, Caroline Ingalls, in the
Little House on the Prairie TV series, and won the part against 47 other candidates.
Michael Landon convinced her to revert to her birth name.
The series ran for nine seasons, from 1974 to 1983. In an interview, Grassle said that
she loved playing the role of "Caroline Ingalls". She said it made her feel like she was
part of a great big family.
It was during this time period that she also played Kathy, the wife of Edward
Herrmann's title character in Harry's War, a 1981 feature film.
After the series ended, she moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where she remained
active in theater. She would later become co-founder of Sante Fe’s Resource Theatre
Company, also serving as the art director. Eventually, she moved back to California,
where she lives with her daughter.
In 1994, she also appeared in the movie Wyatt Earp, starring Kevin Costner.
In 2006, she performed in Driving Miss Daisy in the starring role of Miss Daisy at the
Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. In August 2008, Grassle
agreed to sign up as the promotional face for Premier Bathrooms, a supplier of
bathing products for the elderly and infirm due to her association with the character
of Caroline Ingalls' extolling care and family values.
Grassle has been married three times. Her first husband was actor Leon Russom. In
1982, she married J. Allen Radford, a real-estate developer, with whom she adopted a
daughter, Lily. In 1991 she married Dr. Scott T. Sutherland, a psychiatrist. Single, she
lives in Pacific Palisades with her adopted daughter, Lily.

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Karen Grassle

TSE First Section

Tokyo Bunkyo7F Nissei Building No. 6,
No. 15 Otowa Otsuka 2-chome

Establishment 1938June 30

Business Grocery

Manufacture and sale of food cake,

coffee shop and restaurant management

Noriyuki Yamada Ken (Chairman)

Sakurai Yasuhumi (President)

8,014 18.2 billion yen

(March 31, 2009)

Shares 6,590 million 5,784 million shares

outstanding (March 31, 2009)
Karen Grassle
63.1 billion yen, 57 million single
Sales 737 million yen, 7.8 billion consolidated
(March 31, 2009)

(Loss) 49 △ 8.1 billion million single

Net profit 54 △ 9.7 billion consolidated million
(March 31, 2009)

Single 630,000 22.7 billion yen

Net 232 million yen, 7.6 billion consolidated
(March 31, 2009)

42.9 billion yen, 42 million single

Total assets Consolidated 463 million 0.9 billion
(March 31, 2009)

Number of 965 people a single, consolidated 1257

employees Name (March 31, 2009)

March 31

Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.Ltd. (51.00%)

Nippon Life Insurance Co. Mutual
company( (2.68%))
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd.Ltd.
(Trust Account 4G) (1.97%)
Ltd.BANDAI( (1.94%) )
Fujiya 不二栄 Shareholding Committee
(March 31, 2009)

See item subsidiaries

Right Akazome Huzii Rin(Founder)
Karen Grassle

Karen Grassle

Fujiya Food Service Co., Ltd. is a nationwide chain of

confectionery stores in Japan. Its first shop was
founded in 1910 in Yokohama

Mascot Peko-chan

name comes from pups Cattle Dialect "Beko"

I have a smack from "starving" derived from a theory that is wrong.

Karen Grassle


Peko-Chan, advertising mascot for

Description Fujiya Co., a Japanese confectionery


Article Fujiya Co.

Karen Grassle
Fujiya's mascot is Peko-chan, a girl in pigtails with her tongue hanging out of the
side of her mouth.[1] Peko-chan is a well-known marketing icon in Japan, where life-
sized dolls of the mascot are commonly seen nationwide standing outside the
chain's stores.[2]

Peko-chan executive kidnapping gangs?

Wakayama arrested for theft

Ginza, Tokyo "Ginza Museum Peko-chan" Peko-chan has been exhibited

Peko-chan executive kidnapping gangs? Wakayama arrested for theft

Wakayama Higashi Police Station on September 1, Fujiya stores in Wakayama city,
"Peko-chan dolls," no fixed address, on suspicion of theft for stealing creature, Inaba
Hiroshi suspected gang leaders (42) were arrested.
Suspect arrested around 3:30 pm on February 12 this year, have invaded the
headquarters of Fujiya Arimoto, Wakayama City, Peko-chan dolls were in the store
(about one meter high and market worth 04 million yen) stole . Some have denied the
Wakayama Higashi Police Station said, the duo visited the shop with another man, eh
Kaka look like Peko-chan embraced the clerk ran away tactics. And other cities since
January this year and Iwade Wakayama Prefecture, about 10 series of theft and Peko-
chan, are chasing the man with the complicity of the police investigate the
According to police, one body - that sell 200,000 to 150,000 yen at a high price mania.
• BoyfriendAsPoco-chan(Age 07) exists.
• Peko-chan as her Poco Mutual Friend, the name of DogDogHave.
Karen Grassle

"Wait, don't eat that: candy scandal stuns Japan"

ISE, Japan, Oct. 26 — It was supposed to be a celebratory year for Akafuku, a

confectioner that had been selling bean-jam sweets here since 1707. On its 300th
anniversary, its top-selling sweets were still indispensable gifts to bring back home
or to the office after a trip to Ise Shrine here, Japan's holiest religious site.

Japanese bakery head quits over use of expired milk, eggs

The president of a major Japanese cake and candy maker said Monday he was
stepping down after acknowledging the company had repeatedly used old milk and
other ingredients in products, including cream puffs.

Comm-oddities: Japanese bakery head quits over use of expired milk, eggs"

Fujiya - Official Japanese Website"

The company, home of the founding family Fujii, "Wisteria" and the
JapaneseSymbolA "Mt. Fuji"And" Two and no presence "(Fuji) and from the
meaning. Mark is a symbol of family F, Fujiya, as well as the initials of Fujiya, Familia
(friendly), flower (flower), fantasy (dream), fresh (fresh), fancy (pretty expensive) five
contain meaning. DesignersRaymond Loewy[1]。
In the 1960s,Industrial engineering (IE) orCorporate Identity(CI) of the time, the
introduction of innovative management techniques, to expand the franchise chain-
ImageMascotThePeko-chanAndPoco-chan。 。Slogan, "The taste is towards
happiness" is. Poko Peko-chan chan,Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan Ltd.OfColonel
Sanders statueFollowed,3D markAs1998June 19Registered to.
Headquarters,TokyoBunkyoOtsukaNissei Building No. 6, No. 15 Otowa
2-chome.Problems using expired ingredients belowTo minimize performance
degradation by former TokyoChuo-kuGinzaThe demolition company had sold 17
items of the second seven-chome, has moved to its present location on July 1, 2008.

• 1910 - FounderRight Akazome Huzii RinAt the age of 25,YokohamaMotomachiAddress at the

pastry shop founded 86 Fujiya 2-chome.
• 1922 - Japan's firstShortcakeStarted selling.ISEZAKICHOOpened the first store in the
• 1923 - GinzaOpened a shop in Tokyo advance.
• 1930 - PartnershipFujiya established.
• 1938June - Ltd.Fujiya establish the second.
• 1938September - The second Fujiya Co., a Fujiya partnershipMerger(De factoEntity)。)。
• 1938December - the second Fujiya Co., Ltd.Ltd.The FujiyaBusiness nameChange.
• 1946August - No. 17 moved to No. 2-chome, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Head Office 7.
• 1948 - Huzii Seizi(Son of Akazome Huzii Rin right) became president of the second generation
(Year - 1969).
• 1950 - Peko-chan mascotCharacterAdopted.
• 1951 - Candy. "Milky"Launch of.
Karen Grassle
• 1956October - The food partnership Fujii, Fujiya partnership (second generation) changed its
name to.
• 1958,November - The Fujiya Co., Fujiya partnership (second generation) merged.
• 1962June - Tokyo Stock ExchangePart 2Osaka Securities ExchangePart 2Nagoya Stock
ExchangePart 2Listing。 。
• 1963October - FranchiseChainBegin to expand.
• 1964 - Peach drink, "FujiyaNectar"Launch of.
• 1965February - Tokyo Stock ExchangePart 1Osaka Securities ExchangePart 1Nagoya Stock
ExchangePart 1 specifies sort.
• 1969 - General Shiro Fujii(4 men Akazome Huzii Rin right) became president of the third
generation (Year - 1985).
• 1973 - UKMcIntosh RontoriInc. (1988NestleAcquired by) a partnership withKitKatTo be released.
• December 1973 - United StatesBaskin RobbinsWith the companyJoint VentureAs Earl Bee
Japan KK (now Thirtyone BR ice cream, Inc.), founded chain ice cream "ice cream Thirtyone"
Start of new stores.
• 1977 - USAPepsi Co., Inc.The joint venture withJapan Frito-LayEstablished (in 1990 dissolve
• 1978March - Rodosaidoresutoran Fujiya Co., Ltd. established a subsidiary.
• 1985 - Huzii Kazuo(6 men Akazome Huzii Rin right), president of the 4th (- 1989), Huzii Gorou (5
male right Akazome Huzii Rin) is inaugurated as president (1989 -).
• 1989 - Huzii Toshikazu(Son Goro Fujii) became the fifth president of the (- 1995).
• June 1989 - as a joint venture company with Nestle confectionary, Nessurumakkintosshu Inc.
(laterNestle MackintoshCorporation. Sale of shares in October 2000) is established.
• October 1989 - SubsidiaryDarowaiyojaponEstablished.
• 1995 - Huzii Rintarou(Huzii Seizi son) became the sixth president of the (- 2007).
• 2003 - Huzii Masao and Huzii Yoshio (son of General Shiro Fujii both) the board.
• 2004 - The Rodosaidoresutoran Fujiya Co., the restaurant division into the Fujiya Co., Ltd.Fujiya
Co.(Current Co. FFS) inBusiness nameChange.
• 2005 - Huzii Ryuuzou (Huzii Kazuo's son) became president of the Fuji house food service.
• 2007January 11 - Expiration dateWas reported that the production of confectionery was made
out of some material, suspended all manufacturing and sales of confectionery products
(DeutomeriteIn writing.)
• 2007January 15 - Problems using expired ingredientsPresident resigned in the form of
abandoned responsibility in Huzii Rintarou.
• 2007January 22 - Sakurai YasuhumiBecame the seventh president of the board.
• 2007March 26 - Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd. with capital and business alliance.
• 2007April 11 - For Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.Allocation of new shares to a third
partyImplemented, itsEquity method affiliate(35% stake) will be.
• August 1, 2007 - (old) about the restaurant business Fujiya Co., Ltd.DemergerWe, the business
succession Efuandobii Corporation. Simultaneously, the Efuandobii Inc. (New) to Fujiya Co.
Ltd., (formerly) Fujiya Co., Ltd. Incorporated in FFS, renamed, respectively.
• 2008July 1 - Chuo-ku Tokyo headquarters building since 1946 hadGinzaFujiya to sell
headquarters building, the Tokyo headquartersBunkyoOtsukaTransfer (left Ginza 4-chome
• 2008November 7 - Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd. and a new alliance of shareholder capital.
• 2008November 27 - Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd. to conduct a private placement, the
companySubsidiary(51% owned) will be.

Cake cake
• Shortcake
◦ Short selling is a pioneer of Japanese style, is a notable
contribution to the spread of points unbaked cake.
Karen Grassle
• Raw Chocolate Cake
• Scotch Cake
•  Milky
•  Look Chocolate
•  Parasol Chocolate
•  Pop Candy
•  Kantorimaamu
•  Home Pie
•  Chocolate pencils
•  Suitsutorute
Beverage DivisionSapporo BeverageThey contracted to sell.
• Fujiya Co., Ltd.Nectar
• Fujiya Co., Ltd.Lemonade
• Fujiya MilkCocoa

• 金太郎飴Structure, swirling cross sectionSoft Candy)

North Carolina (金太郎飴 )
• Soft Eclair(Vanilla, chocolate, coffee and soft candy cream three)
• Melody
• Paipaibisuketto(For young childrenBiscuit) )
• Sofutopaipai(Biscuits for babies)
• High cup(EnrichmentLactic acid bacteria beverage) )
• Sacre(Chocolate snacks)

Was to be put on sale for Fujiya Peko-chan dolls1950From the front and back. The
first figure isSun TheatreThe props were made by the hands of staff. At the
timePapier-macheHas been made,Poco-chanFigures were also found. The dolls came
to be placed as the current plastic1960Around. According to the report of 2009, 110
highCentimeter, Weight 11Kilogram[1], Equivalent to 40,000 yen price[2][3]In the body
that is leased by one from Fujiya stores[3]。
InitiallyPants穿 穿I had not, because the skirt is often blind to the streets of her child
doll skirt, is said to have the pants later Behind the boulder [4]. Some large
offices,Hamamatsucho StationOfManikin PissAs the statue, there figures to change
clothes with the seasons. Reinvented itself in eight years basically in charge of
costumesOnward Kashiyama Co., Ltd.[5]。
19983D markWas observed in the Patent Office as the first.
Degree in a few cases[3]OfTheftThat victim.2004The body 31[6]、2009Bodies from
January to February 11[1]Stolen after another.

• Peko-chan is outTongueOrientation is not constant but initially were drawn

to the illustrator of several1968Aligned to the left since.
• Fujiya RestaurantPoint "Peko-chan Restaurant"There is a saying.
• TokyoShinjukuKagurazakaFujiya'sIidabashiKagurazaka store is "Peko-chan
yaki"It was the face of Peko-chanImagawa bakedA kind of being sold. Peko-
chan yaki is the first release were sold in 10 stores nationwide, and currently
only being sold in franchise stores Iidabashi Kagurazaka. [7]Visual impact
that has some blog[1]Such as the "horror Kimokawaii rather than" being
Karen Grassle
• TBSFujiya was broadcast systemsOne company provides[FrameFujiya
timeGuide provides in August 1965 - During March 1969, anime TV
seriesObake no Q-Taro』、『』、『Paman』、『 』、『Mr. Monster』 』Ending the opening
of the characters are played with their hero. The ending [Paman 』is a duet
song was No. 1 and Parman Peko-chan.
• 1965Were produced for promotional Christmas cakes, a Fujiya saleFlexible
discs[Homusuitokurisumasu, by comparison,Q-Taro(Voice:Soga Matiko)
AndPopeye(Voice:Urano Akira) And Peko-chan (voice: Saitou Takako)
[singJingle BellWhich contains an 』. Popeye Q Taro is above both
television time Fujiya 』[anime was broadcast in the frame connection.
• Fujiya house, the representation of the spirit and philosophy of making
products consisting of preamble and 08 chapters Charter "Peko-chan" has
been established[8], As of October 2008, the official site of the Charter
described the Fujiya is observed.
Parody and
• Tokyu Tamagawa LineAnd had been inDEHA 200 type trainFrom the shape of "Peko-chan" was
• Kenji Hamaoka[CartoonOriginal! Steel Urayasu Family』 』13 volumes," the Fujiya Pero chan "that
also said the man appeared to model the Peko-chan.
• Yomiuri Television[ProgramCommission says there's dust to Takao』 』In the FujiyaProblems
using expired ingredientsTaskforces times the (episode 4 February 2007), "on page chan"
character appeared in a parody.
• [The MovieChie gravel child icon』 』Parents' day at the scene," says Fujiya "characters appeared
directly conflicting with the form of a Peko-chan[9]。
• Akira Toriyama[CartoonDr. SlumpMushroom 』mother Sarada characters is a Peko-chan, Lester
is like her father Poco[10]。
1. ^ a b 200,000 yen per body? "Peko-chan dolls," a group of gangsters stealing(Yomiuri Shimbun,
September 2, 2009)
2. ^ Peko-chan executive kidnapping gangs? Wakayama arrested for theft(MSN Sankei News,
September 02, 2009)
3. ^ a b c Peko-chan Abduction! Sell off! Group gang leaders arrested(Sports Hochi, September 03,
4. ^ Pop Dolls [The Secret of the street 』(Matida ShinobuBy 1998Fuso Publishing,
Inc.Published)ISBN 978-4-594-02500-7
5. ^ Matida Shinobu by popular culture scholars. Source:Shogakukan『 『Seven women, No. 8
February 2007
6. ^ Man Peko-chan theft gang leaders acquaintance of Wakayama wanted(MSN Sankei News,
September 02, 2009)
7. ^ Asahi Shimbun, November 10, 2006 Story "gem" on March 6, 2010 Views
8. ^ Fujiya FC (Kuroiso store) mission statement
9. ^ In the original versionAkushonkomikkusu( (Futabasha), The fourth volume "of her abacus
flounder," has appeared in only one frame.
10. ^ CopyrightOr from problems in the face animation has been changed.
Karen Grassle

"Little House on Prairie"


0:15 March 01, 2008
「大草原の小さな家」が好きな子は勉強できる子が多かっ た。(
Karen Grassle

Karen Grassle Fujiya Kantorimaamu CM

Karen Grassle

大 草原の小さな家
NHK イ ンガルス ロー ラ
Little House on the Prairie OP
I saw a child well before dinner, too. Very reliable man Mr. Ingalls said the father and I
Karen Grassle
feel Temashita ideal father. . Yahoo auction won in international TV version

<object width="640" height="505"><param name="movie"

name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"
value="always"></param><embed src="
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always"
allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="505"></embed></object>


1985 日清 たこ焼きラーメン

Octopus Ramen Biker
1985 日清 たこ焼きラーメン
懐 かしい
かしいCM CM 懐 かCM japanese old ad commercial
Karen Grassle


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